Did Reggie Bush “cheat” on Kim Kardashian?

Photo by: LVP/starmaxinc.com 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2/13/10 Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bu

I can’t believe we’re still talking about Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush’s breakup, but here we are. Now, according to Bossip and other sources, Reggie and Kim have been broken up for several weeks. According to Kim’s pity party and some other sources, they just broke up a few days ago, and it was either because Reggie dumped Kim because she was “too ambitious” (too famewhore) or Kim dumped Reggie because he was a “big kid” who wouldn’t get serious. This timeline is important, because Radar and Star Magazine are reporting that Reggie “cheated” on Kim with a some random blonde named January Gessert. Both Star and Radar have the photo evidence (here and here) of January leaving Reggie’s house the morning after they allegedly hooked up, the night of March 16. Here’s more:

Kim Kardashian’s on-again off-again boyfriend, Reggie Bush, is the latest star to become embroiled in a cheating scandal, after being linked to January Gessert.

Gessert reportedly spent the night at Reggie’s house on March 16th, after the two met at Sunset Strip bar-restaurant Red Rock. She was spotted leaving Reggie’s house the next morning at 7am. Now RadarOnline.com can bring you the world exclusive photos of the pretty blonde waitress and the New Orleans Saints Football star.

Reggie has reportedly set up an elaborate system to hide his cheating from Kim – including the use of multiple cell phones, but the camera never lies, and Kim is bound to be left devastated and in tears following the release of these photos.

The National Enquirer reports that when January was asked about Reggie, following their tryst at his Hollywood Hills home where Kim usually stays with him, January smiled and claimed she didn’t know him. But then became flustered and contradicted herself – saying that she went to his house, but he wasn’t there, before adding, “I know him from TV”.

Shockingly, another publication, Star magazine, claims this wasn’t the first hook-up for Reggie and January. The magazine reports that January told a friend she would be seeing Reggie and spending the night, quoting the source, “It wasn’t the first time she had gone out with him!”

And it seems that January isn’t the only lucky girl to share some bed time with Reggie, reportedly Reggie has also hooked up with a beauty named Crystal in Las Vegas, a Danielle in New Orleans and sexy Miami model Carmen Ortega.

In the days before the Enquirer story hit newsstands, Kim and Reggie’s relationship imploded and as RadarOnline.com exclusively reported, Reggie broke it off because Kim wants to get married and he doesn’t.

[From Radar]

Was Reggie cheating? Maybe. Of course that’s a possibility. But I have another theory. My take is that Kim and Reggie did break up a while ago (let’s say, beginning of March) and Kim, for various famewhore and sisterly-competition reasons, asked Reggie to either keep the breakup on the downlow, or convinced him that they were just on a temporary “break” rather than a full split. Reggie was all “whatever” and went about enjoying his life as a newly-single guy, and thus, “cheated” with some random blonde girl. And now that people are all, like, “Of course Reggie broke up with Kim, she’s a f-cking idiot” Kim starts playing the wounded victim, the wronged woman, as if she was cheated on. Yes, this is just a theory. But it sounds totally plausible, right?

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34 Responses to “Did Reggie Bush “cheat” on Kim Kardashian?”

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  1. Other Laura says:

    If you go back on the history of Bossip, you’ll see that the reason why they broke up the first time was because he was cheating on her!

    The girl went on the radio and had proof of his house and it was just really bad. I wonder why no one picked up on it…

  2. Lem says:

    DUH! is that news?

  3. bite me says:

    yeah the other laura… i remember Superbowl weekend Reggie jumpoff was showing off his house

  4. lena says:

    @ other laura…you are absolutely correct…that carmen ortega chick released a tape from inside reggie’s house claiming to just have had a threesome with him…she videotaped things around the house including his cars as proof that it was indeed reggie’s house…yet no one really paid attention to it….and that was a couple months ago.

    kim is actually better off without him

  5. Kate says:

    Holy crap that last picture is awkward.

  6. Roma says:

    Kaiser, your theory is exactly what happened to my good guy friend. They broke up but hooked up casually still and she busted him also hooking up with another girl. He was like “whatevs, we’re not together.” She told everyone he cheated on her and then punched him in the face. She still throws hysterics when she sees him.

    I totally believe it.

  7. EMV says:

    For some reason even if he did cheat on her I’m still on his side…is that bad? I just can’t stand these Kardashian women. Fame whores

  8. bite me says:

    and according to another site There’s been ample proof that he has jumpoffs in Miami (Carmen Ortega), a chick named Danielle in New Orleans, and another named Crystal in Vegas

  9. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Who cares, she’s a loser.

  10. Slymm27 says:

    Blah blah blah, how can it be news that a young, rich, goodlooking, famous athlete cheats on his wife/girlfriend? Puhlease, they all cheat, every living one of them. 99.9% of men cheat on their wives/girlfriends, how much more a famous, rich one who has the women throwing themselves at him.

  11. I can’t believe until now this still came out. This is already an old news. So what if he really cheated on her?

  12. guesty says:

    she better stop tweaking her face or she’s going to end up looking like a cat or quite possibly a turtle.

  13. ogechi says:

    To hell! Kim is better off without him

  14. Toe says:

    @ Slymm27
    How could you say that? 99.9%??
    I think it’s 90% of men and 55% of women.
    I always laugh how people are “shocked” of this kind of news. A Brothel is one of the oldest companies on earth.

  15. may says:

    she is just ugly – she looks like a praying mantis…why do people think she is “hot”

  16. Chelly says:

    If a gorgeous female like Kim K wld get played what chance in hell does a cute female like myself have…shit. Not lookn good, not lookn good at all. Dammit.

  17. christina says:

    Well if he did at least he had the decency to break up with Kim before instead of having affairs & I would believe him if he said he didn’t cause she never gave him any attention

  18. Vajayjay says:

    The exact reason why this vaj will never date anyone in the “entertainment” industry. Cheaters they are!!!!! And Im a secure woman, but no matter how good-looking, smart, or perfectly plastic you look (Kim K.), they will cheat!!!!!

  19. gg says:

    Is anyone really surprised these two attention-seeking whores are unfaithful? Please.

    @ Slymm27 – I am sorry but it seems you have issues with all men. There are good ones out there, but if they haven’t worked out for you, don’t blame all men in the world – you’ve not met all of the men. Try women then?

  20. ogechi says:

    Anybody who thinks Kim does not look cute is very jealous and ugly. Am a lady and i have to admit that Kim is so so beautiful.

  21. Mrs. Kalifornia says:

    Two things: 1. Regie does not seem to enjoy the media attn that she attracts.
    2. I do not think a man of color could handle marrying a woman who the entire world has seen having sex on video. He is not from a hollywood family where its the norm. He is from a regular working class family and I KNOW they talk about that sh#t.

  22. Luci says:

    the guy looks a bit er, full of himself
    but he’s seriously hot

  23. Julia says:

    99.9%? Really? Please cite your source for that. I’d help, but I’m not sure how to use MLA or APA format to cite pulling something out of your ass.

    Even 90% is ridiculous, especially because people have different concepts/definitions of what constitutes cheating.

    The best you’d be able to find would be a poll from some stupid publication like Cosmo and I take issue with the selection bias of crap polls like that.

    Cite a legit source or stop making global statements that are offensive. Geez, no wonder so many guys get peeved.

  24. Julia says:

    To “Kalifornia”–“A man of color”? Being able to “handle” being with a chick who’s done it on camera has nothing to do with skin color. I’m pretty confused by that logic.

    He never seemed that into her, but then she is so much about appearances that it is hard to tell if she ever cared.

  25. Other Laura says:

    @ Julia

    Think what @Kalifornia was trying to say is that the dynamic in a black family is…different. Much like in Jewish families where we hear that the mother won’t give her blessing/let her son marry a woman if she isn’t Jewish and isn’t planning on converting. (Luckily, I don’t think my bf’s mother cares…but I’m not holding my breath)

    Reggie’s mom is a very proud black woman and contrary to reports (from Kim K’s payroll: InTouch and Life&Style) she hated Kim. She and everyone else in his family DID NOT like her for the precise reason of the sex tape.

    She was only supposed to be his jump-off but when she got to gf status, everyone was surprised, including his teammates who constantly ribbed him for it.

    If you read YBF or Bossip, you’ll understand what I’m saying.

    And yes, 99.9% is very inflated.

    Statistically speaking, 47% of men will enter into an extra-marital/extra-relationship affair. They don’t have to break up to make the stat true. They just have to do it. And that includes things such as making out to full-blown sexcapades.

    For women, it’s about 37%, I think, give or take a few percentage points. I’ll find where I read it on and post it later today.

  26. Slymm27 says:

    @gg and @julia, so sorry if it seems like i am lumping all men together. Its just that every guy i know has cheated, is cheating or is planning to cheat on his woman, and to have these celebs doing it too, just seems like all hope is lost. But hey, i think i am starting to get paranoid about it, but WTH, maybe there are still some good guys out there.

  27. Kim says:

    If he couldn’t handle seeing her on video than why did he get with her and stay for 3 years off an on the. Sex tape was out when they got together

  28. stinabelle says:

    A big kid who won’t settle down? He’s 25 years old ffs!

    Also, you’re made up statistics are just that. Made up. 90% of men cheat? Bad experience much?

  29. Cinderella says:

    If the guy is extremely good-looking and rich like Reggie, the over 90% figure wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    Women are all over hot, rich guys like flies on shit, so it’s just too easy to cheat. What will slow these men down is either old age or an empty wallet.

  30. Tru says:

    I’ll go with YOUR theory but I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t pay that trick.


    she has no talent, just a plastic surgeon on speed dial.

  31. melly says:

    He probably did her a favor. Since he wasn’t going to marry her, he broke it off so that she can find someone who will. When she stops acting so thirsty, then maybe he might have a change of heart.

  32. cobra says:

    Who cares? i thought he was a man but he is young so he gets a pass. she can get another reggie in a heartbeat

  33. ruhama says:

    i thought reggie bush wasn’t like that but i thought wrong kim kardashian is better with out him trust me!!:)

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