Beyonce is not pregnant, says her rep (updates)

Beyonce seen hugging fans outside the Phoenix House Foundation in Brooklyn after unveiling her Cosmetology Center

Media Takeout seems to be the first one reporting this news: Beyonce Knowles is pregnant. Allegedly. No one has confirmed anything, but Media Takeout claims to have a “ROCK SOLID source”. And considering the CAPS, I’m thinking the “source” is totes Kanye “KING OF CAPS” West. Also, considering the sheer number of legit media outlets running with the story within a matter of minutes, I’d say that at the very least, this report might have legs. ALLEGEDLY. Here you go:

March 25, 2010. It’s been a long time waiting . . . but now it’s finally happened. just learned from a ROCK SOLID source that legendary singer Beyonce and her hip hop mogul husband Jay Z are expecting their first child together.

According to our source Beyonce is doing fine and resting (for now), but she’s expected to continue working throughout her pregnancy. And we’re also told that Jay Z is EXTREMELY happy to be having his first child with Bey.

We and the entire staff want to wish the happy couple CONGRATS!!!

[From Media Takeout]

Well, if it’s true, congrats and God bless. When Jay-Z spoke to Gotham Mag late last year, he said that “baby-making” was his top priority, BUT in one of Beyonce’s last interviews (to Allure in February), she once again put off the idea of babies, telling the magazine “I definitely want to have a child, but I know from my nephew it’s a lot. I hope that those things will just happen naturally. I still haven’t had time to relax.” So is she relaxed? I don’t know. I’m still thinking that perhaps Media Takeout got some names mixed up and this whole thing is about Beyonce’s dad’s new baby, perhaps? Now I’m just being negative. If Big B is knocked up, good for her. Maybe she’ll take a break!

UPDATE: For what it’s worth, Gossip Cop has an unnamed source who is denying Big B’s pregnancy. Still no official word either way from anyone’s rep though.

UPDATE #2: Yeah, now Beyonce’s rep is denying this.

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Press Conference for Beyonce Cosmetology Center at Phoenix House!

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  1. Birdie says:

    Congratulations to them if this is true. They were very sweet with Beyonce’s nephew at the Grammy’s.

    Can’t help but notice how the article emphasizes this is Jay-Z’s FIRST child… Since there are rumors he has a son from a one-night-stand whose mother he is paying off…

    Nevertheless, Congratulations to them both, babies are exciting.

  2. Maritza says:

    She better watch her weight, she tends to get really fat but I bet she’ll be an excellent mother.

  3. ! says:

    Mediatakeout is the worst. But still, congrats if true.

  4. Confuzzle says:

    There’s something so very creepy about him…will he be the next one exposed as a wife beating cheater?

  5. nnn says:

    Congrats if true !

  6. Bam says:

    Birdie, it doesn’t say his first, it says “his first child with Bey” and “their first child together”. Neither of these rule out him having any other exsisting children.

  7. georgiagrl says:

    Beyonce gets “fat”????
    What planet do you live on? If her 5-10 lb weight gain is considered “fat”, I’d trade places with her in a NY minute. Especially if her $200 plus million fortune comes with it!!!!
    At her “heaviest she’s what… size 8???
    Real fat!

  8. ronniiiiie says:

    Is it just me or does Jay-Z look like a grown up version of Urkel in that last shot?

  9. Madisyn says:

    B.F.D., a happily married woman is pregnant!

  10. SpreadLove says:

    Congrats to them both. Be will be a beautiful mum.

  11. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    Well let’s stop the world! Great for them, but is it that big of a deal. Women get preggo all the time!

  12. benny says:

    I hope the kid takes after her, looks-wise. (But either way, that kid will have a LOT of gums when s/he smiles).

  13. Shay says:

    For MTO a “rock solid source” could be the guy who checks the bags at the airport.

  14. imo says:

    @ Maritza, I dont think I’ve ever seen B fat at all so idk what you’re talking about. Congrats to them if its true

  15. Ron says:

    Basement Baby has been flapping her jaws again!

  16. mr. stinky fishface says:

    Call me crazy but I find JayZ so freaking sexy.

    Congrats though if its true! This will be one talented baby!

  17. canadianchick says:

    Congrats-so her new half sib would be this baby’s uncle or aunt? Crazy…

  18. Aussie Mama says:

    Here comes another Illuminati Baby

  19. Aussie Mama says:

    Jay Z is rumored to have a peen the size of a 1.25 litre pepsi, he’s a favorite amongst the groupies!!!

  20. Zelda says:

    WHEN is that girl gonna give up the spray tan-coloured hair?

  21. Michelle says:

    I don’t think the baby will be attractive in the classical sense, I bet it’ll take after JayZ. People are only making a big deal about it because they’re really careful about keeping their personal lives private, a pregnancy rumour isn’t that big a deal.

  22. Dhavy says:

    I wonder what ridiculous ghetto name he/she is going to get

  23. Sincerity says:

    I’ll believe it when an official announcement is made by reps from either Jay-Z or Beyonce’s camp. There could possibly be a mix-up involving her father’s new son. If this is true, congratulations to Jigga & Bey. It’s always welcomed news when happily married couples are expecting a baby. May GOD bless them with a beautiful, healthy child. This is the sort of news that I really enjoy reading. Perhaps this may initiate a much more pleasant trend in celebrity relationships. Overall, within the last year or two, the news has not been that positive.

  24. CB Rawks says:

    Good lord some people are weird and bitter.
    No one actually suggested stopping the world for this news, but it IS happy news KittenTail, and if it threatens you somehow then you might need a therapist.

  25. annaloo says:

    I have to wonder what pregnancy will be like for a woman who’s been 27 for 9 years?

    I kid, I kid. Congrats B, if it’s true.

  26. Lway says:

    Oh Wow!! That’s awesome news!! Congrats to them

  27. jojo says:


  28. lena says:

    @ maritza what the heck are you talking about… beyonce has never been fat…she’s the definition of a “curvy” woman, but I’m aware some people prefer celebrity women to look prepubescent boys

  29. naye in VA says:

    Good. I didnt want that heifer stealing my baby’s sunshine. October 22!!! lol

  30. JENNIFER says:

    I get a creepy Ike Turner vibe from him

  31. Corina says:

    I would gladly trade my own personal “fat” for Beyonce’s “fat”! Plus in my opinion pregnancy gives any woman free reign to get as fat as she wants…not saying you should aim to get fat, or that it’s the healthiest thing, but if you get fat while pregnant, hey, enjoy yourself!

  32. filthycute says:

    Legendary singer? In what universe? I just choked on my bell pepper and hummus reading that.

  33. RHONYC says:

    *chicken bones rattling in the background*

    chil’…. i can just hear glam-mama tina knowles workin’ some of that down-home creole voodoo juju to make sure that baby’s dna is representin’ s-t-r-o-n-g from ‘their’ side of the family in the LOOKS department!


  34. Kim says:

    I dk why anyone would believe MTO they have claimed Mary J Blige was pregnant about 10 times

  35. GrrrrlGrace says:

    @maritza–When you’re done drinking your lemon juice and cayenne pepper tonic, we need to talk!

  36. kai says:

    I certainly hope this worthless, talentless POS is not pregnant because I am, and if we had our babies on the same day I would go ballistic. I absolutely loathe this lowest common denominator, derivative hack and wish and pray that she will be abducted by aliens so I never have to look at her stupid horsehair weaves, nasty tree trunk legs, see her retarded flailing that she calls “dancing”, or hear her screechy shrill voice ever again. Talentless tw@t.

    Aussie Mama-

    Yep, Illuminati. It’s nice to know that someone else knows what’s up. I still hate Beyonce though, don’t care if she’s MK’d, she sucks so bad.

  37. I’m a mother myself and can completley relate to this blogger and post. When I was pregnant, I had was really scared and just didn’t know what to do at times. If you were like me, try out this ebook Pregnancy Fear, trust me, you won’t be dissapointed. I know the author personally and shes a great writer and mentor. Give her a try!

  38. dd says:

    @ kai you seem like an ignorant person, is your like that meaningless that you have to spend your entire life worrying about beyonce, you’re pregnant this should be the happiest time of your life, you should be so lucky that a nameless person like yourself, who nobody cares about, should have a baby on the same day as a superstar. You seem very miserable and beyonce is probably more happier than you would ever be in a million years. Find something constructive to do with your life, your about to bring a child into the world.

  39. Nikky says:

    F**k beyonce and all her fellow illuminaite!