Angelina Jolie’s latest balcony jaunt: Viv throws an epic tantrum


Oh no! Angelina Jolie finally brought out both Vivienne and Knox for a little time on the balcony, and Vivienne had herself a little tantrum! Perhaps Vivienne didn’t want to go on the balcony in the arms of her nanny? She just wanted to be held by her mom? Could be. She calmed down considerably when she got into her mama’s arms.


First, this makes me think that Knox is the more “chill” baby, considering his face his all “whatever, Viv, take it down a notch” during his sister’s tantrum. Maybe that’s why Knox/Mystery/Fax was the one to get all of that awesome balcony time with his mom over the past two days. And you hardcore Brangeloonies were right, you can tell Knox and Viv apart. But I can only do it when I can see their hair, otherwise I’m still totally confused. Viv does have very blonde hair, where Knox has a hint of ginger in his dirty blonde/pale brown hair. Oh, Viv is in white over black, and Knox is just in black, or course. Because black clothes get issued to Jolie-Pitts at birth. It’s the Jolie-Pitt signature color.


You can tell just by looking at these photos that Viv is a wailer. My uterus just closed up shop, because you know Viv got all pitchy screaming “MAAA-MMMAAAA!!!” LaineyGossip warns: “A Holy Twin wept. Just… be extra cautious while you’re out and about today. You know.”



Angelina and the twins (and a nanny?) out on the balcony in Venice on March 26, 2010. Credit: WENN and

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  1. Sumodo1 says:

    Um, Viv has earrings. That’s enough right there.

  2. bite me says:

    thats a nice watch the nanny is wearing

  3. fizXgirl314 says:

    that’s a pretty early jump start on ear piercings… though i know that’s common in my culture i didn’t realize it was accepted in american culture…

  4. Kirsten says:


  5. the truth says:

    my daughter got her ears pierced at 6 weeks, whats the big deal???? or are you guys always looking for a way to bash angelina..

  6. nycmom10024 says:

    Tantrum is a stretch. Crying because she wants mommy, when brother has her pretty standard stuff.

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    aw, poor little thing just wants her mum to hold her, that’s all.

    regarding the ear piercing, I’m willing to bet it was so that, early on, they could tell them apart.

    (smart Angie, she didn’t hire a “hot” nanny, I see!)

  8. naye in VA says:

    Yea my ears were pierced very early. most little girls I know, at least the African American ones, have their eirs pierced around the fourth or fifth month depending on how much Mom really cares aobut that stuff

    Knox is so freakin adorable idk what to do. I didnt think he could be cuter that Shiloh but he is. He makes the sweetest little faces. awww

    Vivienne is pretty, you can tell she will be a doll.
    You know how people names tend to fit their personality. I think thats what happened here.
    Vivienne is a little princess and Knox is the cool kid.

    They both look just like mommy!!

  9. Melanie says:

    What a spoiled lil brat.

  10. rachel says:

    Staged photos again. Yerk.

  11. The Damn Nation says:

    “my daughter got her ears pierced at 6 weeks, whats the big deal???? or are you guys always looking for a way to bash angelina..”

    a). Erm… it’s painful, unnecessary, cosmetic body-modification on infants, with risks of infection and scarring.

    b). No, I regard all parents who’d inflict painful, unnecessary, cosmetic body-modification on infants the same way.

    I got my ears pierced at 16, bein’ a consenting adult an’ all…

  12. anon says:

    Balcony again? She thinks she’s Evita or something?

  13. Janeth says:

    @ Rachel

    I have to agree… can it be anymore obvious! She had to take Viv out next after people didn’t know if it was Viv or Knox in those last pictures. Over it! next

  14. Azurea says:

    Knox is looking an awful lot like a mini
    Jon Voight!

  15. RobN says:

    I thought they were still pretending that they don’t use nannies, that one works while the other stays home, have they given up on that little PR line?

  16. teri says:

    Crying for mommy is now considered being a spoiled rotten brat? 100 percent of children cry.

  17. Chelly says:

    Wow @ The Truth…Sound like a bit Brangaloonie urself there, haha.

    I think that person seemed surprised is all, relax. Now…those kids r so adorable, I love them so. Wheres Shiloh??? Shes the cutest of them all!

  18. Alex says:

    If you think that’s an ‘epic’ tantrum you must not be around kids – ever! That’s barely noticable.

    As for the b*tching that she’s on the balcony again… what Mom wouldn’t take their kids out for some air when she could. Not like she can take them for a walk without being mobbed!

  19. teri says:

    Angelina’s hair is so gorgeous.

  20. *Lee* says:

    There’s no controversy here. One kid always wants mom, especially if another kid has her.

  21. guesty says:

    hilarious…viv just wants her momma! imo they really look like they inherited angie’s forehead & eyes.

  22. michellllle says:

    What a pair of cuties, almost as beautiful as my twins.

    Despite cultural norms earrings on someone so young is clearly about the self serving parents. Usually desperate to prove their offspring is a girl. Why else would one risk discomfort & potential infection?

  23. Risa says:

    My mom had my ears pierced at 6 weeks- that was back in 88’… I didn’t think it was a big deal here in America- I know a lot of kids with pierced ears at a young age..

  24. mooncake says:

    me likey the nanny’s watch!

  25. Corina says:

    My parents got my ears pierced when I was a few months old, and my said it was because she didn’t want me to remember the pain. I don’t think it’s a huge deal either way, but I certainly understand parents who oppose it. My dad says it was because I looked like a boy but I’ve seen pictures and I was very girly I swear!

    In other news, I wonder if Angie is doing the balcony routine so the kids can get some exposure to sun and fresh air without being attacked by cameras. I’m assuming they have a backyard (or two or three, my goodness) though, so maybe it’s to appease the paparazzi? If I were them I would let the paps get shots like that so they wouldn’t be so rabid (hopefully) when they had the chance to be up close and personal in public. Just a thought…

  26. Stephie says:

    “My uterus just closed up shop”

    –heheh, yea, wailing babies will do that! 😉

  27. andrea says:

    i love the little coquette look on viv’s face when she gets into her mom’s arms. like she’s making a mental note: tantrum – successful. cute.

  28. Maddie says:

    I got my ears pierced when I was five or six and the weird thing is my mom wanted me to get them, I didn’t, so she bribed me with getting a hamster.

  29. lucy2 says:

    I get the idea behind letting photos like this be taken to curb the rabid paparazzi later, but unfortunately I’ve never seen any evidence that actually works. I’ve yet to see paparazzi get a photo like this and then walk away and leave them alone when they walk down the street with the kids.
    The best thing would be for tabloids to stop buying photos with the kids in them, but sadly that will never happen.
    It’s a shame they’re not in a more private place. I’m sure the neighbors aren’t too thrilled by the camped out paparazzi either.

  30. TG says:

    I know I am in the minority here, but I think piercing a babies ears is trashy and not right. I think a child should get that choice of whether or not they want a hole punched in their ear. It is their body after all.

  31. If the babies were just a bit bigger the three (Know, Viv, and Shiloh) of them could easily pass off for triplets. They are adorable and I agree I don’t think she was having a “tantrum”. She was simply doing what babies do, crying for mommy.

  32. Wow says:

    Those kids sure do have huge foreheads.

  33. Melanie says:

    I will hate to see that kid in 10 years. Outta control.

  34. hatsumomo says:

    Well, just to throw in my two cents worth…

    My mom pierced my ears when I was six weeks and both my sisters too. And when my sister had my niece she did the same thing. Now keep in mind, I have an extremely girly four year old niece with a penchant for jewelry and no reservations about asking for more when we go to the mall and she sees certain gold studs or simple hoops that catch her eye! And really, I see nothing wrong with it, if and when I ever reproduce and I have a girl, she’ll have pierced ears too..

  35. CC says:

    OMG! A BABY? was CRYING? SCANDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But seriously, all babies cry, she’s fine. Prob all the snappers below didn’t help much.

  36. anon says:

    ugh i think piercing babies ears is horrible. you’re causing unnecessary pain and forcing your aesthetic onto them for life. what if they don’t want pierced ears when they’re older? don’t have much choice now do they?

  37. alex says:

    awwwww look at the Angie’s haters on here sprewing their hate as always, must be nice to be so righteous and judgmental

  38. Maritza says:

    Knox does seem to be a very calm baby and you just know Viv is daddy’s little girl. Shiloh, Knox and Viv are identical, they are all so beautiful, just like their mom and dad.

  39. hatsumomo says:

    And I think the nanny is pretty looking, the bit of her I can see. Is it because she doesn’t have a weave in her hair that she isn’t pretty?

  40. alex says:

    Melanie: don’t worry about Vivi in 10 years, worry about yourself. I am sure she will be just fine; while you on the other hand will still be on here b*tching and hating and wishing you have a life.

  41. alex says:

    I am pregnant and if I have a girl I will pierced her ears while she is a baby, so I will joined the club on being a bad mom lol. Some of you people on here are plain ridiculous and stupid.

  42. Melanie says:

    This is a case for “Super Nanny” because unsuper Nanny can’t get this kid under control.

  43. the truth says:

    clearly there are some haters up in here hate on….

  44. Melanie says:

    Mark my words: The next “candid” pics are going to be at Toys R Us and McDonalds after they bribe that kid to shut up.

  45. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Anon lots of cultures pierce a child’s ears when they are young, I had my ears pierced when I was a baby to. I kinda think women with out their ears pierced are freaky looking, earrings were mainly a jewelry for women after all.

    Also girls tend to be a tad fussy. My mom said I was a fussy baby while my brother wasn’t. LOL I love how Wanda Sykes described her twins (also a boy and girl twins) on her HBO special I am be me.

    Anywho I think its super sweet Viv only wants her mama. Angie is looking gorgeous as usual. 😀

  46. Bee says:

    What is it with people always saying everytime Brad or Angelina take their kids outside it’s a photo op! Are they supposed to keep their kids inside all the time like they’re allergic to the sun. For goodness sake Brad & Angelina are just people like everyone else. They are allowed to bring their children out in public!

  47. Bee says:

    I forgot to mention how freaking adorable the twins are.

  48. June says:

    Why is it some people have a melt down every time Angelina walks out of the house with her kids?

    Parents with kids can leave the house with kids in tow. When did it become against the law to be out with your kids.

    Angelina is living her life, she is spending time with her kids, and she can do this outside of her house.

    If this was Jennifer Aniston on the beach in a bikini, for the 1000th time, it would be said , she has every right to go to the beach in a bikini for the 1000th time and have her picture taken. She is just living her life.

    But let Angelina walk out of the house with her kids, “call the police” ” Angellina is out of the house with the kids. Don’t be jealous, the kids are too cute and Angelina is just beautiful.

  49. Kolby says:

    It is tradition in my family to pierce the ears of the girl babies before baptism. I was three months old when mine were pierced. It’s a fleeting bit of discomfort, no more painful than a vaccination. And it’s a tradition in many cultures the world over, practiced for centuries. It is insensitive to judge others simply because you don’t share an attachment to a certain tradition.

  50. Fire says:

    I’m with you, TG. Whenever I see an infant with pierced ears I kinda get pissed at the parents. It should be the child’s choice and when they are old enough and responsible enough to take care of them. Clearly not when they are an infant….but…I realize there are cultures and traditions within those cultures out there. Just ain’t my thing to not give the kid a choice. BTW I have my ears pierced – had to wait until I was 16. That was the “tradition” in my family.

    I would be willing to bet the ear piercing was to differentiate the twins from each other. Shiloh didn’t (and still doesn’t have them) get her ears pierced at that age. And I’m guessin that she’s happier because of it, since she’s a cross-dresser and all ;o)

    And Love Angelina – you’re bizarro. “Women without their ears pierced are freaky looking” ?? Really?

  51. Melanie says:

    49. You just HAD to bring up Aniston and her hot body, didn’t you? Well, I will tell you one thing. She is looking at this red faced screaming meanie and laaaaaauuuuuggghhhing~!

  52. N.D. says:

    Knox is resembling Shiloh more and more as he grows.

    And comments about pierced ears are funny as hell, such an outrage! Oh horror! Oh pain! Oh infection risk! Oh human right to define their body! Seriously guys, it’s pierced ears, not a permanent tatoo on her forehead or a female circumcision.

  53. fizXgirl314 says:

    It’s a friggin question, don’t infuse drama into everything *eyeroll*…

  54. padiddle says:

    Ear piercing for babies is no big deal in my opinion. If they don’t like it later, they can take them out in a few years they will reclose. I can say that from personal experience because I stopped wearing earrings in my second hole and they closed up.
    Many people feel it is best to get their ears pierced when they are babies because a. they won’t remember the pain. and b. they won’t scratch and pick at it like a smaller child would causing infection. I begged my mom to get my ears pierced a 4, she capitulated, and I scratched at them all the time and one got infected.

  55. lucy2 says:

    I know a lot of people who have had their girl’s ears pierced very young. I don’t know that I would chose to do so, but I get the idea of getting the pain out of the way. I was 5 when mine were done, and needed a lot of convincing to get the second one done after the first hurt so bad.

    Wow, it took a whole 49 posts before JA was mentioned. Progress, I say, progress! 😀

  56. Melanie says:

    Jennifer would NEVER pierce a childs ears and her children would always smile because she has a great body and fantastic hair. Leave her out of your hate. This wiggy Mom, AngieJO cannot control her wild children.

  57. Jewbitch says:

    My daughters had their ears pierced At six months and…. GASP… My son is circumcised!!!!!

    Anyhow, they’re cute kids. I like seeing pics of them. All of their kids 🙂

  58. Mimi says:

    Oh boy “someone” is TRYING to be funny and is FAILING HORRIBLE now the others that say is a bad thing to pierce the baby ears “eye roll” god damn so in my country 99.99% of population is compost of REALLY bad parents because we all do and when the girls gets older she pierce more 2 or 3 times her ears to put more earrings…
    Can you all stop with this false concern the baby feel a little pain and NEVER REMEMBER anything them a fell years later she thanks her parents because is one less piercing she needs to do.

  59. Bee says:

    @ Melanie Angelina might not have as “hot” a body as Jennifer Aniston anymore. But, her body has created and given birth to three gorgeous human beings. I’d say that makes Angelina’s body even more beautiful, stretch marks and caserean scars included, than the perpetually tanned and tonned Ms. Aniston.

  60. Majosha says:

    As some other posters have already said, this is hardly an epic tantrum. Hell, I don’t think it even qualifies as a tantrum. You want to see epic? Come to my house when the order goes out to back away from the monster trucks and come upstairs to get ready for bed. You’ll never be the same.

  61. alex says:

    Melanie: LMAO oh darn girl, did you take your meds today? Do you know these celebrities personally? You sound like a nutjob

  62. kelbear says:

    @bite me, I also noticed the nannies watch and I love it!!

  63. gg says:

    Helloooo, if they’re in Venice, there IS no “back yard”. It’s on a canal, hence the balcony.

    Also, kids wear black in Europe a lot. In America, they don’t hardly at all, from what I’ve seen.

  64. Mariella says:

    I don’t understand why people think Brad and Angelina do photo ops. THEY ARE THE MOST FAMOUS couple in the world. Paparazzi follow them everywhere. Common sense would tell you that the most overexposed celebrities in the world don’t need to do photo opps.

    As for Viv, she wants her mommy like any normal baby. That means Angie and her child have developed a bond and that the nannies are not raising her children. So suck it haters.

  65. sharylmj says:

    looks like Viv has her mom’s looks and temper… LOL!!! These are really cute babies… looks like Knox is very chill.. Viv is not..

  66. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Well Fire yes women without their ears pierced looked weird to me. Everyone where I live has them pierced. Everyone. When the baby is old enough and has had all their shots they get their ears pierced…its normal here. So to be honest I have never actually SEEN a woman without her ears pierced and also I knew a Mormon girl I chatted with over the internet who said she didn’t have her ears pierced. She is like 20 something, but she is kinda boyish so idk, she won’t be getting them done.

  67. filthycute says:

    Some of you talk like you know Angelina, Brad, and their kids. Some comments are straight-up creepy.

  68. aury says:

    they are too cute!!! XD

    as for the ear piercing thing, my mom got my sister’s & my ears pierced when we were babies. don’t see what the big deal is.

  69. lastwordlinda says:

    Wow Melanie, 5 posts about this? Not getting enough attention at home? Quit taking up room with your ridiculous posts on this board unless you have something to contribute. You are wasting space. Haters or non-haters all deserve their say, but your posts are just plain stupid.

  70. aury says:

    oh, & melanie? STFU.

  71. nona says:

    She parades her babies on that balcony, showing them up like that scene on the Lion King.

    I think the baby girl misses her brother not the mommy.

  72. Morgs says:

    That palazzo has at least two or three courtyard gardens that are outside and private. So yes, they do in fact have a “backyard”.

  73. Scout says:

    Vivienne looks like Brad, Knox like Angelina…both adorable….both look like normal kids to me….just exceptionally good looking in my opinion.

  74. snowball says:

    Does Shiloh have her ears pierced? I don’t remember seeing her with earrings.

    Knox looks like a combo of Jon Voigt and Brad.

    Viv, I can’t even tell.

    Cute kids. Yeah, they’re screamers and I’m sure Knox has his moments.

    That’s not all Angie’s hair. She’s got extensions or a weave or something for the movie.

  75. Whatever says:

    Do you haters even HAVE children??? She is a spoiled brat? The kids are “wild”? Def non parent statements! Um, no, she’s just a mama’s baby. All my kids wanted me over anyone else on the planet when they were under the age of 4, including dad, grandparents, etc. They weren’t spoiled, just normal babes. That’s the way it is supposed to be.

  76. KsGirl says:

    babies = super cute
    earrings on a baby = fine, imo
    having a nanny = fine
    weave = yes, it is
    photo ops? = oh HELL YES

    I don’t really understand why people get their panties in such a wad about the photo ops accusation. Brangelina are GOOD at it – she reminds me of Princess Di with her skill at playing the press. Photo ops and PR are a huge part of the game in H-Wood, I don’t know why it’s taken as some enormous insult.

    It is possible to shield children from the paps. I am sure it takes some lifestyle choices etc., but it IS possible. Brangelina have almost unlimited amounts of $ – if they wished to keep those children out of site, they could, the end. (hell, theyve managed it before) Does it make them the devil because they don’t? No, it doesn’t. But they’re playing the H-Wood game, just like everyone else in that town.

  77. Toe says:

    Like “Jewbitch” said: If you hate piercing, you must definately hate a circumsized dick. I had a discussion abut circumcision and ALLOT of women like it circumsized, because it’s cleaner etc. Where is the abuse now mmh?
    What about baptism? Shouldn’t a baby be old enough to choose her/his own religion?
    Freakish much?

  78. Cheyenne says:

    Melanie: Jennifer would NEVER pierce a childs ears and her children would always smile because she has a great body and fantastic hair.

    It took me ten minutes to pick myself up off the floor where I fell down laughing after reading this. Honey, are you ten years old or are you just cataclysmically stupid? WTF do a great bod and fanstastic hair have to do with anyone’s parenting ability?

    Anyhoo, let me put this Melanie idiot on virtual igg and add my two centavos to the pierced-ears-for-kiddies debate:

    It’s practically universal among Hispanics and West Indians and very common among African-Americans who were raised in the the Southern states. Not as common amongh Northern blacks but still widespread. I have no idea about Asians so I’m not going there.

    My mom had her ears pierced as a little girl and she hated it. She took out her earrings as a child and refused to put them back in. She wouldn’t let me pierce my ears when I was a child but I got them pierced in college. She had a fit, yelling about “archaic” and “barbaric” and whatnot. However, after realizing that most of the nicer earrings were being made for pierced ears, she went and got her own hole re-pierced.

  79. sandra says:

    who in the world needs a nanny for two kids? must be nice to hand the crying one off to the nanny. if you cannot handle two kids at the same time- wow!

  80. nana says:

    whats the big deal with the ear piercing??!!!! phhullease!!
    i had mine when im few days old just almost same days my mother returned home from the hospital!!! so that made my mom a bad mom???? all of us 6 kids grew up with huge respect to our parents for giving us wonderful childhood and prepared our good future! gosh i never ever remember i had dark past because of earpiercing when i was a baby!

    and for those who says she parades her kids, so what??? they dont care at all what u think! the stupid and uncontrollable paps are just taking their photos and not bothering them like touching the kids. they can take the photos, sell them, frame them, post in blogs, whatever — so?! it wont stop Angelina to let her kids enjoy being kids! theyre having their life, giving her children air to breath outside their hotel and just because the haters are waiting for each photos it doesnt mean Angelina should just stay inside, hide her children and keep them from outside world. the people who says angelina should do this and that are people who achieved nothing in their lives because theyre too busy minding others business than minding their own. LOSERS.

  81. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Sandra wtf are you talking about? Angelina has SIX Children and the crying child was HANDED TO ANGELINA not the nanny. Your post was heaping bowl of EPIC FAIL my dear.

  82. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I didn’t get my ears pierced til I was 10 & I felt traumatized for several years being the only little girl who didn’t have pierced ears. Like other posters mentioned, it’s similar to circumcision in that you want to do it early in life so there’s no memory of it.

  83. Guest says:

    Well – I was wrong! I predicted black for the photo-op today. She is in white – but then how was I to know that she would be out on the balcony in her housecoat? Maybe she wears pastels when inside in her night wear and black when she goes out. OK well here is my guess for tomorrow’s photo-op. Pale pink with flowers housecoat 🙂

  84. SammyHammy says:

    Um..they have SIX kids, Sandra, not just two. Just because these particular pictures only happen to show two of the children doesn’t mean the nanny doesn’t help with the other 4 as well. And quite frankly, if I had 6 little ones and were rich, I’d probably have a nanny to help me out as well.

    Oh, and as far as the earring debate that is going on here-I guess I’m a bad person ’cause I don’t see a thing wrong with her ears being pierced. My grand-niece’s ears were pierced at 6 weeks. I just don’t think it’s a big deal.

  85. Kim says:

    Poor bitter Sandra blinded by hatred

  86. Guest says:

    sorry I had more

    About the earrings. I personally would not do it but I know a lot of people who do depending on culture and religion etc. Here is how I see it. If the family believes due to their culture, religion that the family will pierce the girls ears, then every girl should have the same treatment. I am not sure if Shiloh and Z have pierced ears? I never remember Shiloh wearing earrings out and about at the age of two – but then I don’t know. If the family only pierces one of the girls ears then this is not right. Because it is obvious at 1 year old it is not the child’s decision. If all of the girls ears are pierced and the family ensures that the earrings are worn (as they are with Viv) then fine. It is obviously a cultural thing to this family and who am I to argue with culture. I am thinking that in the future that Maddox has a higher chance of wearing earrings then Shiloh.

    Cheyenne: I am thinking that the poster said the stuff about Jennifer to get a reaction from you – and it worked. You really need to be less predictable. It just takes the fun right of blogging.

  87. Sugar & Spice says:

    That palazzo has at least two or three courtyard gardens that are outside and private. So yes, they do in fact have a “backyard”. –

    Umm, so what? What little kid would rather look at a cement courtyard instead of the planes & boats on the water? Whether the paps were taking pictures or not, they would still be on the balcony with the kids. Pretty normal I’d say.

    And there’s nothing wrong with piercing a baby’s ears. It’s better to do it the younger they are, before they start touching & scratching their ears & causing infection. You can always quit wearing earrings & let the holes close if you don’t want pierced ears anymore.

  88. lastwordlinda says:

    Poor, silly Sandra, unable to understand what she is reading. It is ok Sandra. There are people that will help you with that. Read this sloooowly. Sound out the wooooords.

  89. Kim says:

    BTW in an interview with VF in 2008 AJ said she had 3 nannies and a teacher that travels with them This was pre twins

  90. Alarmjaguar says:

    Hilarious. This is exactly how my 2 yr old twins are right now. The little girl won’t let anyone else hold her (even her dad) except for me. And if I pick up her brother, she throws a little fit.

  91. Cheyenne says:

    @Guest: I’m not sure what reaction you or Melanie hoped to get, but she gave me the best laugh I’ve had all week. Her idiocy is priceless and yours isn’t too far behind.

  92. Melanie says:

    I think the Brangaloonies are drinking hater aid today. Those children are all mixed up because AngieJo lets them decide on piercings and tattoos at age 2. No wonder they cry and carry on! The boys wear punk rock outfits and the girls wear suits and chandelier earrings, so yes, I am excited for the future. I will be here in 10 years Alex! By the way, I never tell people to shut the F up. That is rude.

  93. nnn says:

    Clearly some people don’t know biology. One of the reasons babies have their ears peirced (same with circumsision) at a very young age is because the NERVES are not totally setteled and the response to the brains is very much less painful. The pain inflicted equals the one of a sting biting.

    Have you ever noticed how a baby reaction to pain is always desynchronized and comes a second after the act ? It’s because the response is not settled yet from the nerves to the brains.

    Another reason is because the cartilages and bones are still smoothe and in construction and in tremendous growth, you act in an environment that can restore itself and heal 10 times quicker than when it is done later.

    I got my ears peirced by an aunt of my mother at 6 weeks like all the mixed raced and Black girls around and had a good laugh when my fellow Caucasian friends did it 15/16 years laters, several ones in each ears, saying how i was lucky not to do it at their age because it was already done at a time where pain is not even a souvenir anymore.

  94. hatsumomo says:

    Sorry, but I thought post #57 was hilarious! I believe its called sarcasm for those not in the know.

    And I agree with Melanie, unless your going on about another poster who chides the rest of us for talking about celebs( you know, the ones who say get a life, we re all losers, celebrities dont care about you etc…) then be polite. Lastwordlinda, kim, and Chey this goes out too y’all too. Whatever happened to being nice for the damn sake of being nice?

  95. Kim says:

    Ok Melanie if it helps you get through the day. BTW I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen pics of any of the JP kids “cry and carry on”.

  96. cara says:

    I think I will puke if I see anymore pictures of the ‘royal family’

  97. lauram says:

    Ok I can’t be the only one who thinks Melanie is just ‘brangaloonie baiting’ and that her comments on aniston were a little tongue-in-cheek? Keep it up, you’re killing me!

    And of course it’s a photo-op! They’re movie stars, it’s what they do! They know the game of fame; it’s why they became actors. It’s why they still act, even with 6 kids and millions of dollars. It’s why they do interviews, walk red carpets, and sell their baby pictures. Nobody held a gun to their head and said ‘show us your newborn or else!’

    And yes, it’s why they pose on their balcony with the children for the third day in a row!

    It is possible to keep your kids out of the spotlight. I remember seeing Julia Roberts go mental when the paps got near her babies and there are still no pics of Depps kids (that I’ve seen)….

    p.s. KsGirl is right on.

  98. N.D. says:

    Melanie is obviously a troll, don’t feed it.

  99. Cheyenne says:

    @lastwordlinda: following the words with your finger under the lines helps too. 🙂

  100. lisa says:

    The babies are cute. And I don’t recall Angelina or Brad saying they didn’t have help. I remember them saying they had 3 women and she even gave a bit of background on them. she also said that they may add someone else to sleep over a few nights when the twins came. I have friends who are Teacher, nurses and business women who have nannies.. nothing wrong with getting help. So nothing to complain about

    Weave or not Angelina’s hair looks really nice.. I hope she keeps that look. LOVE IT..

    Babies want mommy.. and Viv stopped crying once Mommy got her.

  101. Cheyenne says:

    @Sandra: Some women have a nanny for just one kid. Three for six doesn’t sound all that unreasonable.

  102. Kim says:

    A cure for your nausea stop clicking on the posts

  103. Beth says:

    The ear piercing dialogue is incredibly stupid. I see plenty of babies with pierced ears. I doubt the haters even care when they see pierced ears on a child. Just one of the lamest excuse to bash Angelina. I also can’t believe how stupid and racist people are for saying only black and hispanic babies have piereced ears. I’ve seen plenty of white babies with earrings.

    I hope this picture will stop the haters from claiming that Brad and Angelina say they don’t have nannies and they are not allowed to be photographed, eventhough in several interviews they said the have them. Also Angelina said they had two nannies and a teacher and would hire another after the twins were born in the Vanity Fair article.

  104. TG says:

    No Alex we are not being stupid, you are just trying to defend your own choices and the choices you put on your child. Punching holes in someone else’s body without their permission is seen as not a good idea for many people.

  105. guest says:

    Why Angelina not allowed go to HER balcony in HER own house?

  106. jane says:

    On any website, when the post is about the brange gang, the brangelunatics will attack anyone who makes a normal, non-worshipful, observation about them. Where on earth they picked up their childish, shrill mantra, “you are haaaaaaterrrrs”, I have no idea, but they all do it. I intend to ignore them from now on instead of trying to have a reasonable dialogue. They can’t do it, and apparently can’t help themselves. Its obviously a real mental disorder and should be given a scientific name. I can’t even imagine having that kind of blind worship for human beings, especially in the entertainment industry.

    btw, hilarious post kaiser!

  107. Majosha says:

    Melanie: Like shooting fish in a barrel, isn’t it? 😆

  108. Kim says:

    Circumsicion, baptism, haircuts, ear piercing, vacinations all things parents do w/ o the child’s consent some for health reasons, others like haircuts and ear piercing for appearances. Its a parents choice. If you don’t want to perform these on your child That’s fine but don’t judge others.I personally think removing a boy’s foreskin is worse than piercing an ear since the earpiercing will close if not used. But that boy will never get his foreskin back in its original state. I respect people who do it for religous reasons but I wouldn’t do it to my son.

  109. Melanie says:

    Majosha, I have the best time here:)

  110. truthSF says:

    @TG, so I guess we should all stop taking our children to their pediatrician to stop them from getting holes repeatedly poked in them (their monthly shots) without their permission until they are old enough to speak for themselves.

  111. sandra says:

    wow! talk about haters! i made a simple, innocuos, statement. my silly little brain thought others could discern i was only speaking of the two children at hand. think i will take my grey matter for some fresh air now! TGIF! gin and tonic , here i come!

  112. serena says:

    Wow compared to shilou (which I prefer) Viv is more like a spoiled child and very very femminine, it’s going to be hard in the future 😀

  113. Amy says:

    She just wants her mom… I babysit kids all the time and the young ones tend to cry for about the first half hour after their parents leave if they are clingy. It’s called separation anxiety, it’s not a mystery.

    And I think the reason Angelina brings the little ones out on the balcony all the time is so she can spend some extra time with the twins. We often see the older ones gallivanting all over Venice with Brad and Angelina because they can walk. But it’s probably harder to lug the twins around everywhere so going out on the balcony and playing I Spy is an easy way to make sure they get some special parent time.

  114. imo says:

    @ Melanie, You are annoying as hell but if that’s how you get your kicks *shrug*. I understand that you’re trying to be funny, sarcastic, witty even? But you’re failing miserably.

    *On topic* I don’t see anything wrong with pierced ears as it’s the norm in my culture to get them done as an infant. Please people, save your outrage for something worthwhile…

  115. Morgs says:


    please keep baiting the bears. Hilarious. Especially the one about jen’s hair. It really is too easy. Have a good one.

  116. imo says:

    Oh and serena/melanie? seriously creepy. Go take your meds.

  117. sandra says:

    attacking someone`s mental well being seems to be par for the course. you seriously have no idea what someone might be going through. no wonder people do not seek help!

  118. Marie says:

    my ears were pierced like 2 days after I was born (28 years ago).. That’s really not a big deal..

  119. Crash2GO2 says:


    “Clearly some people don’t know biology. One of the reasons babies have their ears peirced (same with circumsision) at a very young age is because the NERVES are not totally setteled and the response to the brains is very much less painful. The pain inflicted equals the one of a sting biting”

    Myth. Sure it’s real easy to do things like this to babies because they can’t fight back. And they quite likely do not remember the pain. But there is absolutely no good evidence that the neural development of a newborn is such that it feels pain any less than you or I.

    Makes you kind of sick to think they did all those open hearts on Baby Fay (remember her?)without anesthesia back in the stone age when doctors still believed that. It’s a wonder she didn’t die sooner.

  120. CC says:

    Also…I totally bet the tabloid headlines will be “VIV’S BABY TRAUMA: ANGIE ONLY LOVES KNOX” next week.

  121. Maravilha says:

    Why do people get in such a state over the baby’s ears pierced? In some cultures, such as in the Middle-East, Asian and in Brazil, where I come from, it is normal for baby girls to have their ears pierced at an early age.
    Vivienne looks just like Angelina, with a square jaw and Knox looks very much like Brad. They are cute like most babies are, but they are nothing really special!

  122. Barb says:

    haha, hope all the people complaining about piercing a baby’s ears are allowing their sons to decide when they’re adults if they want to be circumcised…

  123. archiepelago says:


    Just wow.

  124. nnn says:


    There are actually scientific evidences of that. I am not talking about what i feel, i am talkins about what doctors told me, including two brothres, two cousins my own father and several others from family doctors i know.

    Like Circumcision who is not only practiced for religion (muslims and jews) or hygien reasons (nothern america and the rest of africa) it is also done when the foreskin doesn’t do what it has to do properly and then can hurt the baby because it stuck…

    I have two brothers. I remembered vaguely the first one who had a circumsision at 6 months, i was three living in belgium. I remembered vaguely that he was crying a bit like he uses to do but nothing more than usual and i remembered asking the doctior at the hospiytal about that blood stain and why we do it and if he suffered a lot. I remembered the doctor clearly tol me what i have said, including that even in that case they had to wait several months (6 months) at least because as the nerves are not settled yet, they could make a mistake withoutthe baby reacting to eat as feel less pain. It’s also the reason why they don’t put too much aneasthesia to them because their nerves are so volatile at this stage. that is also the reason why peadiatrician stimulate physically an infant to see how he react, how the nerves settled through weeks of building.

    My second brother had it done at 10 years old, i was 16. At first my parents decided that they will leave it that way for the second boy but then because of that foreskin he did it at 10. So i remembered more his reaction to the pain. I actually asked him what kind of pain he felt and him saying that it was the kind of pain like he was scracthed and had a wound comparable to the lighter one you may have when you scratch yourself. The second day it’s mor itchy than painful. It wastotally bearable according his own words.

  125. ThunderC*nt says:

    her cheek implants are sliding down with the rest of her face.

    Average looking woman (despite surgeries) and average looking kids.

  126. Cheyenne says:

    Melanie: Majosha, I have the best time here:)

    OMG, you poor thing. If this is where you have your best time, what a dreadfully limited life you must have.

    OTOH, maybe you really are twelve years old, in which case mommy may start letting you date in another four or five years and you’ll have lots of “best times” ahead of you.

  127. JC126 says:

    I hate it when people pierce small kid’s ears. Why not wait til they’re older and let them decide?

  128. anon1000 says:

    such beautiful babies!! ahhhh, vivi wants her mommie! knox seems to be very calm and chill like his daddy.

  129. Bluejeans says:

    This is a small child crying because she obviously wants her mom. Give it a rest. They’re beautiful babies born to beautiful parents.

  130. Lilias says:

    I love that my mom pierced my ears as a baby. I wouldn’t have gotten them done later in life because it hurts too much and I wouldn’t have taken good care of my ears at say, 16. There is nothing wrong with piercing a baby’s ears. If you don’t like it, don’t do it to your children.

    Piercings like that aren’t permanent, anyway. If a baby keeps taking her earrings out, the ear holes will disappear and it’ll be as though they were never pierced. It’s not like they are tattooing their names on their foreheads.

    Melanie: You are truly hilarious. Keep up the Brangeloonie baiting. I think Chey might angry-type her fingers down to nubs dealing with your humor.

    About Angie, she’s photo-opping and it’s fine. Every celebrity does it and your idols are not above it.

    jane: Perhaps their psychosis would be called Brangeopsychosis? With the sufferers being called Brangeo Psychotics.

  131. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    So, what’s everyone having for dinner?

  132. Mairead says:

    Was someone looking for photos of Johnny Depp’s kids? (Lauram, perhaps?)

    By the amaaaaaazing power of Google Image Search, I present:

    European publications tend to automatically block children’s faces, so they are blurred in some and not in others.

  133. sandhya says:

    In India every girl has her ear pierced… will be hard pressed to find a girl in India without ear piercings…..coming from an Indian culture I can’t see what the fuss is all about ear piercings….here married women go for nose piercings too…It is nice to see Angie handle a crying (which is normal) Viv….

  134. Toe says:

    Anyone know what brand of watch the maid is wearing?

  135. Scout says:

    Sometimes it is better to remain quiet and let people think you are stupid than to speak and prove to them that you are! 🙂

  136. about time says:

    The world waited and waited to see pictures of the twins. Now at 20 months the long wait is over. So glad she’s filming the Tourist because we get to see them more often. Just precious. I don’t know why some get their panties in a twist, the world seen the twins less than four times until they arrived in Italy.

  137. lin234 says:

    I have a friend who just finished backpacking through Italy and posted his pictures. He caught pictures of Depp and Jolie shooting scenes for their new movie and he got shots of a ton of paparazzi across the canal taking their pictures. He didn’t seek them out. He just passed by them doing the movie.

    Venice is so lovely. Why shouldn’t she take the kids out for some beautiful scenery. After all, it’s much harder to hide in Venice and we’ve only seen the babies a handful of times before this.

    As for pierced ears, some people are making a mountain out of a mole hill. If the kid grows up disliking pierced ears, then all they have to do is take them out and presto! She probably did it so it was easier for everyone to tell the twins apart.

  138. Crash2GO2 says:


    They now use local anesthetic when they circumcise babies, because there is an abundance of scientific evidence that babies feel pain just as much as adults do.

    If you have scientific evidence to the contrary, I’d love to see it.

  139. jane says:

    @ lilias – LOL! 🙂

  140. jeeze says:

    Please it’s ear piercing. They are not the only people to have pierced the is child’s ears and why the focus? No one cared when the other celebs did it.

    As for the socalled photo op…so what. No one cared when the other celebs did it. And for the poster who talked about the other possible places for them to take their children for privacy….hmmm you do realize that this is a hotel and that they DO NOT have full use of all the rooms, gardens, etc. Did you ever stop to think that maybe they aren’t allowed to play there. Just because they are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie doesn’t mean their allowed to go and do whatever ALL the darn time. Also if they were allowed in the gardens…ummm the paps would be there too duh.

    They are allowing these kids access to the world. Right now they are the hottest thing and in a few yrs maybe they won’t be and it will be on to shadowing another celebrity family. But becasue society is in the phase of making money at all cost even if it means invading personal privacies of family and children The JPs are suppose to keep their children in doors ALL the time. Because by the words of some here, the moment they step out of the house or hotel, they must be after a photo op…of course. Please nichole Ritchie was just out with little Harlowe, was she out for a photo op? Halle just had lil’ Nahla walking down the street on her own, was she on a photo op? Gwen Stefani is seen with her boys every week, photo op? Nichole Kidman is always carrying Sunday Rose around while she buys coffee, wlaks around town…photo op? Lil Suri is ALWAYS wandering around in her lipstick and heels but there’s no debate on that nor is her mom accused of a photo op. So i guess it’s just the JPs who are after a constant photo op, huh?

    And as for Julia Roberts AND Johnny Depp, not only did they pose with their children as newborns on the cover of People mag, there are pictures of their children everywhere! So please stop accusing the Jolie Pitts of something you apparently give every other parent in HW a pass for, you haters sound a bit hypocritical.

    So what if Jolie has hair extentions…it’s not like we don’t know she has a head full of thick hair. Her hair was well past her shoulders before they added the extras. It was done for the film get over it. She had them for Tomb Raider too, were you as judgemental then? Probably not.

    The comment about the ‘loonies’ coming out to attack posters who don’t agree with others….and? so? Have you ever been to an Aniston, TomKat, Megan Fox, Depp, Smith, Twighlight, Nichole Kidman, Patteson/Stewart thread? Their fans do the exact same thing in the exact same way so again, please stop acting as if this is a characteristic indicative solely to “Brangeloonies”.

    And finally to Melanie, Morgs, Sandra and Morj…(whatever your name is)Do you really think that you are somehow
    so smart and smug that your supposed wit manipulates others into fighting with you? They fight argue with you because they want to. Because some fans are passionate and don’t need much to defend. Whether you are here or not they will post a comment so I don’t reallt think it’s because of any of you.

    The sad bit is that until (I believe it was either Sandra or Morg)brought up the possiblity that Melanie was somehow egging the ‘loonies’ on, Melanie really believed what she was typing. She never thought she was being witty, she believed every word of the demented drool she typed and the others are just manipulating her into engaging the fans on the site even more. Shame actually…Melanie you are being played and not smart enough to see your so called allies on this particular subject thread are just pulling your strings like the puppet you are. Look are their post and then look at yours for the most part theirs are in complete, understandible sentences. Now look at yours…why on earth would they back your drool up, when theirs make more sense?

  141. kate says:

    It seems AJ natural born children have her ORIGINAL NOSE!

  142. ThunderC*nt says:

    The 2nd pic down gives away how very average looking she truly is…and she’s had work done. That’s why the kids are not stellar looking.

  143. Kelaa Khaa says:

    I’m having Sammy’s Salmon Patties (from – bake them at 350 degrees for half an hour instead of frying them and add some parsely) sorry but fluffy kitten tail asked and gave me a chuckle and this is a damn good recipe.

  144. Scout says:

    I have read so much about her having her nose done and how it made her into a beauty, that I had to go find out. (I know, I am a late bloomer, but I really had no clue she had all this work done.) Anyway, I googled “angelina jolie before nose job” and up came a bunch of links with images. I will say this, without that nose job (and it seems some other things that look WAY different now than before) she was just an averagely pretty woman. So, I am thinking, what does that mean? Is she a fake? Is she beautiful because she was rich enough to be? I do think she is gorgeous and would love to look like her…but if is not natural beauty, then why should anyone aspire to that?

    I am sorry, I guess I am just thinking too much this evening!

    Have a great weekend, all!

  145. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    @Kelaa Khaa- Those do sound good! *runs to*

  146. MoofreakinMoo says:

    “I kinda think women with out their ears pierced are freaky looking”

    D: horrifying

    Yeah why the hell would you get a babys ears pierced?! Is it that bloody important.. weird. I only just had my ears pierced and it did not hurt at ALL, i’m sure it would have been alot worse had I been younger.

  147. Michelle says:


    Why do you keep saying how “average looking” you find this woman and her children to be? NO ONE AGREES WITH YOU, so stop repeating yourself. You and the rest of the minivan majority are so desperate to find something wrong with this family, how about finding a life of your own? You must be a very sad person.

  148. Other Laura says:


    This whole “mini-van” majority ish needs to go away now. When People Magazine paid them $15-$17 million for the pictures of the Holy Twins, who was going to buy the magazines themselves?

    Who else BUT the “mini-van majority”???

  149. CB Rawks says:

    I agree with those that have said it should be the child’s choice if they even WANT their ears pierced, therefore it should not happen until near their teens.
    Inflicting that pain on a baby without their consent or understanding is child abuse, and just unbelievably selfish of the parents!
    Why not get them tattooed while you’re there? They won’t remember that agony, will they?

    Doesn’t hurt? What kind of drugs were you on? They stab a hole through your flesh. It HURTS, if you have nerve endings and a functioning brain.

  150. DD says:

    baby ear piercing is such a non-issue. It really is. I didn’t even realize so much thought and emotion could be put into this subject. Some people make it sound like a form of torture. Get a grip. A paper cut hurts way more than getting your ear lobes pierced.

  151. sandy says:

    no wonder hate angie, she has things the shallow one would never have and looks good doing it. lol

  152. alibeebee says:

    Ok so she has her ears pierced . I had mine done when i was 3 days old the doctor did it for mom with a needle as is our custom and when i have my girl she will get them done at 3 days old as well. no biggie. you can tell viv is the spazz but she loves her momma

  153. Lilias says:

    jeeze: EVERY celebrity does photo-ops. Every single one. The reason why no one really says anything about other celebrities is because other celebrities aren’t constantly whining about the invasion of privacy and then turning around and selling their baby pictures and talking about what their kids had for breakfast. They seem disingenuous. They use the press when they want and then whine about them being intrusive. The reason why people are bringing up the Brangie photo-op thing in this thread is because *gasp* it’s about Angelina Jolie!

    And quite frankly the only reason why these two chuckleheads and their spawn are in the news all the time is because they keep acquiring/birthing new children. Her charity work usually amounts to a little blip in the ragmags. What sells for them? Birthing/adopting a child.

    The fans of any celeb will defend them until the day their fandom ends. It isn’t exclusive to Blockhead and Ken’s fans. The reason why people are bringing it up on this thread is because *gasp* it’s about BLOCKHEAD!

    @Michelle: The other Laura is right. Who do you think buys the magazines with Blockhead and Ken and their passel of children on the cover-even when the stories are positive? This mythical “minivan majority” who supposedly only likes Jen Aniston. Who did you think bought all the ragmags with The Golden Children on the covers? The only people who buy those magazines are moms with nothing else better to do than read gossip-aka the “minivan majority”.

    I agree with ThunderC*nt. I don’t find Angelina Jolie attractive. She’s rather alien looking with a massive cube-shaped head on a skinny body with big weird lips, a witchy-poo chin and a large sloping forehead. In my opinion, of course. So, actually, someone does agree with ThunderC*nt.

    CB Rawks: I do not remember the pain of getting my ears pierced AT ALL and I appreciated my mom for doing it so early. My older sister didn’t like wearing earrings so she took them out, her holes grew in, and now it looks like she never had them pierced at all.

    My point is, it’s not a big deal (in my opinion) to pierce your baby’s ears. In my opinion and based on my personal experience, girls who pierced their ears later in life were far more prone to infection because they didn’t take good care of their ears. They were too immature. A mom who pierces her baby’s ears is not going to neglect them and let them get infected (usually).

  154. Solveig says:

    @Michelle *147,
    in southern Italy, Spain and Tunisia Angelina would be considered an average looking woman. Big lips are quite ordinary features there.
    As for the ears pierced here where I live it’s common to pierce small children’s ears and it is painful. I find quite cruel to force such small children to such pain, and we’re not talking about vaccines or medical procedures, we’re talking about aesthetics and for that reason it is useless and cruel.
    I know that it is a tradition and children’s parents choice, but I wouldn’t pierce my baby ears.

  155. Holly says:

    Comment 5, your daughter did not have her ears pierced at 6 weeks…YOU HAD them pierced.

    Baby Nox looks like Stewie from the Family Guy….LOL

  156. Cheyenne says:

    @CBRawks: Do they still use needles to pierce ears? When I had mine pierced they used some kind of compressed-air gun. They load the earring into the gun, press the gun against the earlobe, and zap — instant piercing. It happens in a split second and you don’t feel a thing. And it’s completely sterile because the earring is loaded into the gun without anyone actually touching it. The risk of infection is minimal to zero and there is no pain during the piercing or afterwards.

  157. lauram says:

    Jeeze: I have no problem with the ‘holy couple’. I think they’re overexposed, but my main issue is with fans acting as though they’re above creating a photo-op or manipulating the media in any way. It’s like the slightest criticism of them hurts you personally. Fine you worship them, but that does not make them better or worse than anyone else in the business.

    As I said, “they’re movie stars, it’s what they do”, which of course applies to most other celebrities too. Sure Julia Roberts posed on the cover of People with her babies. She is also a movie star! I used her as an example because I have not seen pics of her kids more than a few of times.

    Johnny Depp did not put his kids on the cover of People, but I wouldn’t have a problem if he did. He’s also a movie star! His name was just thrown in because his kids are also in Venice and yet they haven’t been pictured snacking on balconies or being loaded into water taxis (but thanks for the amazing introduction to google images Mairead…. as a journalist that may well prove useful someday!).

    I don’t think they should keep their kids locked in a broom cupboard away from prying eyes, I agree they should enjoy the city. But Brangelina are very aware of the cameras outside; they are protective of their image and they may actually know what they are doing. When I see pictures of them, I can’t help but think of the NYT article.

    P.S. If “Lil Suri is ALWAYS wandering around in her lipstick and heels but there’s no debate on that nor is her mom accused of a photo op” then what are the ‘tomkat’ fans defending on those other threads again? I’ve seen plenty written about them pulling the same PR stunts and that goes for many of the others mentioned as well.

    P.P.S Melanie writes those sort of irreverent comments for fun, there’s no need to take it all so seriously.

  158. CB Rawks says:

    I used an ear piercing gun when I had it done as a teenager. Yes, where they shoot the stud right into your earlobe.
    It does SO hurt, your ears get hot and red and sore. They just got nail-gunned for god’s sake. Anyone who says a nail through the ear doesn’t hurt, is flat out lying.

    The baby does not want that done, and may NEVER want earrings. You are inflicting your unnecessary aesthetic on them.
    The child had no say in it, it was not a medical treatment it was a stupid aesthetic whim, and it was painful.

    Next you’ll be claiming the babies don’t scream and cry immediately afterwards.

    see if you can try to cultivate some feelings and empathy for a baby’s pain before you have any babies okay? They will benefit generally if you can give a crap about their comfort. They have feelings, as they are actually just small people.

  159. DD says:

    cb rawks, I had my ears pierced as a baby, along with every female of my extended family and many, many friends. Perhaps your threshold of pain is more than others. I’ve also re-pierced my lobes a few times as an adult.
    Yes it stings for a second, the pain isn’t as dramatic as you make it sound and yes it burns and is slightly sore for a bit.
    Getting piercings through the ear bone now that is pain, lobes is really like nothing. I’m pretty shocked you think it hurts THAT much, but for most of the people I know it doesn’t even register in the scale of painful things.
    I have a lot of empathy, I just don’t waste it on babies who are getting their ears pierced. Maybe because I was one of them and was not traumatized by this supposedly “brute” act.

  160. Catherine says:

    Um, Kaiser, I realize that you don’t have children and while from reading your articles I’ve come to the conclussion that you don’t hate kids, you just find any human under three not worth your time. I do have kids, I am the second oldest and only female of six children, I paid for part of my University with funds from babysitting, so I KNOW screaming kids and ultra tantrums when I see them. That was just Viv/Fax/Mystrie Joli-Pitt getting a bit whiny because Mummy’s skeletore arms can not hold more than one child at once, comfortably. Brangie have very well behaved children(at least in front of the paparazzi) and you shouldn’t sensationalize a small case of sniffles to get people to read. Let me end this on a positive note. You are my favorite blogger. Most of the time I agree with 92% of what you say. You are hilarious and well-spoken. Leave my Jolie-Pitt babies alone though. Even at that young of an age they handle the paps better than their peers, like, Oh, Kingston Rossdale who bites, hits, pinches and spits while his parents sit back and laugh because it’s “Oh So Cute how pops off the lads when we go to the grocery. Whe we visit Daisy and my brother over Christmass let’s teach him the two salute.” Like I said, you are superb and have impeccable manners. This time was a bitmuch, however,

  161. Aspen says:

    I think male circumcision should be illegal. It’s horrifying, really, and I would never do it to my son. People who do it for religious reasons are just as bad as the people who “circumcise” girls for religious reasons. I don’t understand how people make a difference between them at all.

    I think pierced ears on babies are cute, but I would never do it to mine. I want it to be her own choice. That said, it’s a preference and not at all comparable to ripping off part of your sons’ genitalia. I’ve seen lots and lots of babies of every imaginable racial combination with earrings. Honestly, I’d rather see someone do it to a baby than see them let a 4 year-old demand earrings. Babies won’t get them all jacked up. A four year-old very well might.

    The Jolie-Pitt twins are freakin’ adorable.

  162. imo says:

    @CB so because others didn’t feel what you felt that makes them automatic liars? I had my ears pierced when I was a few days old and as an adult I’ve had several piercings in my ears and other areas. There is an initial sting, a little soreness thereafter and you get over it. NOT a big deal like you’re making it out to be. IDK like DD said, everyone has a different threshold for pain. Just as everyones cultures/religion/upbringing encompasses many different things. We are not all the same. If you feel so passionately about piercing then if/when you do have children then you can shove your beliefs down their gullets like you’re trying to do to others on this blog. I’m just saying.

  163. jane says:

    Lilias, thank you for being the voice of sanity.

  164. Ursula says:

    Hmmm, Brad is MIA, I wonder if he put his foot down on these balcony photo ops. Ooops sorry, I forget he has no balls to do that, he is just a bored guy.

  165. BadB says:

    Aspen: Female circumcision is usually designed to make sexual acts horribly painful for the victim for the rest of her life. It’s about control. If you can’t see the difference between that and male circumcision (which heals in less than a week, and does not trigger lifelong suffering) is an insult to the girls who have to endure the horrific practice of female circumcision. If you don’t want to circumcise your son, that’s your decision and there’s nothing wrong with it. But don’t trivialize the suffering of women and young girls in the process.

  166. Kim says:

    FYI There are pics of Brad on the balcony holding Knox while Angie holds VIV.

  167. Chans says:

    Brad and Angie kids are most adorable!

  168. Chans says:

    For all those who oppose this child crying for her mother, obviously you are not a mother. My daughter was the same with me. It is the norm guys… and actually very gratifying for both the child and the mother, it is part of the process.

  169. Heather says:

    Lame. Another staged photo opp, I agree with poster what happened to the “we parent our own children, all six of them, by ourselves all the time, which is why you see us dragging them around in public all the time…what nannies? We also cook our own organic PETA-certified free trade fooe….” line? Posers. I bet when the cams aren’t on, Jolie just hands both babies to the nanny. Yeah, you’re right, nice watch on nannie-dearest. I bet she gets paid boatloads to raise those kids.

  170. jen says:

    Most smart kids have huge forehead But you are stuppid that why your forehead is small

  171. trish says: