Jude Law’s hair really does seem to be growing back mysteriously


Try as I might, I just can’t stay mad at Jude Law. I’m pretty sure he’s a douche, a womanizer, and an arrogant bastard. But somehow, he wears it well. Especially well when he’s dressed impeccably in Dior, filming a commercial for Dior Homme cologne, and being directed by his Sherlock Holmes director friend Guy Ritchie. The above photo is my favorite. Jude looks naughty as hell, doesn’t he? It reminds me of something Jude might have said a few weeks ago: “Men like Robert Pattinson must now play the Adonis. For me it was always a restraint, a restriction.” Really, Jude? Because you wear the naughty Adonis vibe very well.


Sidenote: The other day, commenter Mairead claimed that Jude Law’s “hair treatments are coming along nicely – I think he’s getting that procedure done where they take microscopic slivers of hair and skin from the back of the head and transplant it to the top. I’ve seen men here with it done and it looks excellent.” I’m looking at these photos, and Jude’s hair does seem to be growing back quite magically, and this time it’s not a question of sketchy Photoshop. So… plugs? I think Mairead is right!

Anyway, this post was just about these lovely photos. Repo Men is still being killed at the box office, even though the reviews weren’t entirely bad. But it’s showing last weekend was rough, and I suspect it will slide even further downhill this weekend. Poor Jude. At least he can still make money off of being an Adonis.

Jude Law & Guy Ritchie in Paris on March 26, 2010. Credit: ANG/Fame Pictures.

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  1. Shawna says:

    The Brits really know how to look sexy, don’t they? Skinny tie, Bond car, mischievous look…sigh.

  2. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    So he’s a member of hair club for men. at least he’s trying.

  3. naye in VA says:

    he reminds me of how i feel when i get a really good hairstyle.
    the new hair just gave his inner sexy a boost lmao. hes strutting

  4. Sumodo1 says:

    I guess he’s doing something about it. He still has a bad reputation as a womanizer.

  5. Sigh. says:

    Yeah, I think Mairead nailed it.

    He may be Hair Plug Buds with Jeremy “The Perv” Piven and John “The Human Target” Cryer.

    But can someone tell me Travolta’s deal? His hairline is weird and ever-changing…

  6. KJ says:

    I’m not attacking this article in particular because it’s surprisingly positive about hair transplants, but I don’t get why hair plugs on men are so frowned upon. I’m not saying dudes have it harder than women in hollywood when it comes to looks (that’s indisputably NOT the case) but I get pissed off whenever I see a story on here about how bad Jude Law’s thinning hair looks or how much hair Prince William is losing, and not two seconds later I see a story making fun of them getting anything done about it. You can’t have it both ways. Either you stop picking on dudes with thinning hair or you stop making fun of them when they “fix” it.

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    was never a member of the “Jude Law is so hot!” brigade, but that first pic of him in the car…SEXAY!

    That look he’s giving the camera is really…whew!

    EDIT: to Sigh…Travolta wears wigs. in several pics I’ve seen on line, you can see the lacefront of the wig. if you google “Travolta lacefront wig”, you’ll see lots of pics.

  8. MMF says:


  9. Ron says:

    I would guess that a bare minimum of 40% of men over 35 in hollywood wear either a hairpiece/toupee or have had plugs done. It’s like women with breast implants out here, they are everywhere. And Travolta’s hairline changes with each different hairpiece.

  10. Sigh. says:

    KJ – Wow. Just. Wow.
    Imma let you finish, but when they “fix it,” and it makes things worse, people pick. Same applies for bad boob jobs, nose jobs, photochops, etc. Especially when they try to deny any work (I’m not saying Law has, so…). This time, Jude is being applauded. See next comment —

    St. Angie – EEP! Bad choice. He should just go bald and rock the wigs/toupees, er, follicle enhancements in movies. Works for Bruce Willis, Kevin Spacey, and Sam L. Jackson…

    Kaiser – The Bosley banner ad…snicker. I know it feeds randomly, but still…snicker.

  11. Solveig says:

    Although I’m not a big fan of his looks (I really loved him just in My blueberry nights) I REALLY hope that he is doing something to fix his hair issues. He hasn’t the right features to sport a bald head as e.g. Bruce Willis or Yul Brinner.

  12. Risa says:

    That picture of him looking back reminds me of ZOOLANDER!!! LMAO!

  13. the truth says:

    clearly hair transplant but if it looks good why not….

  14. KLO says:

    His new hair looks nice !

    I’m glad. Never been a fan of his but he DOES sometimes manage to look like a naughty angel


  15. KJ says:

    Sigh – clearly you didn’t read my post thoroughly. I used fix in quotes because I don’t think surgery/enhancements are necessary or particularly the good way to go. I’m just saying that you can’t knock people for trying to quiet the criticism of others. Yes, bad plastic surgery and bad hair plugs are usually worse than the “problem” people are attempting to fix, and yes, I prefer that people be honest about the work they’ve had done instead of trying to pass it off as natural, but when enhancements are done right and moderately, why attack people for trying when you’ve already attacked them for being inadequate (her breasts are too small, she’s getting fat, his hair is thinning, look at those man boobs!)

    BTW, adding a snarky quote to your argument doesn’t endear me to your point. It’s just plain obnoxious.

  16. Jewbitch says:

    I’ve always loved him. Even his cocky, douchbag, womanizing ways 😀 lol!!

  17. Maritza says:

    Good hair job, he looks really hot! I’ve loved him ever since he played the gigolo in Steven Spielberg’s “A.I.”.

  18. Bee says:

    He’s mad, bad, and dangerous to know. J’adore cet homme!

  19. Madelyn Rose says:

    KJ, I totally agree with you. We are hard on celebs and they are often “damned if they do and damned if they don’t.” I personally think Jude is sexy, and I’m glad he did something about his receding hairline. I think, especially for men, that male celebs are afraid of being made fun of if they alter their looks. For most, it is acceptable for women to alter their looks by getting breast implants, highlighting their hair, etc. But for men I feel that there is a stigma attached to altering one’s looks. It’s almost viewed as not being masculine.

    I think that double standard is silly…I say, go for it men! If it makes you look and feel better, do it. But please, (ahem, Heidi) don’t go overboard. They should be enhancements on what God gave you, not ridiculous looking surgeries to totally alter who you are.

  20. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Wow, Byron referenced on Celebitchy…you’re classin’ this place UP!

  21. kim says:

    I love Jude Law he is a Sexy Beast !

  22. Kaye says:

    I say good for him that this is working out so well. He really does look good.

  23. hatsumomo says:

    I think its just a really good comb-forward. Let me see it spiked sky high then I’ll say whether it looks good. But he still is a sexy beast.

  24. lrm says:

    He’s looking better now that he’s back w/Sienna. Best he’s looked in years.
    She’s his anti-aging device, I guess.

  25. Mairead says:

    Oooh wow, being name-checked and all! 😀

    Just to be clear, the procedure I’m talking about isn’t exactly plugs, like the little sprouts of hair which look so fake. It is slivers of the epidermis containing the whole root system taken from the back of the head, which never loses hair to the front.

    I saw it covered on long-running programme The Late Late Show before. I’ll put a link to the website of the clinic that does it in my next post (Blackrock Hair Clinic) and if I can find the footage on YouTube, it is very persuasive and dramatic the difference. They even manage to help women recovering from alopecia.

  26. Mairead says:

    The clinic I’m referring to is the Blackrock Hair Clinic


    The clinic and procedure has a YouTube channel:

    And part 1 of The Late Late Show programme I mentioned.

    As I said, I really don’t think Jude has had plugs, it’s too thick and the hair is sitting far too naturally. This seems to be the best fit for my money.

  27. Sandy says:

    He is still total and complete trash, and I don’t ever want to hear him whining about how he isn’t taken seriously because he’s such a pretty boy. If he didn’t have pretty, he’d have nothing, and certainly not the army of women he’s bedded. Face it, he’s an arrogant ass.

  28. Sigh. says:

    KJ – Jeez.

    My point is commenting on the change in appearance on a website called “CeleBITCHY” is not always an attack. They make a lot of money from their looks and they invest a lot of time and money in them. He’s in an ad because of his looks, so when it changes, positive or negative, little or big, it catches our attention, we speak on it, and it’s not always to “attack.”

    His hair was clearly thinning. He was obviously compensating by styling his hair to disguise it. The balding has not only halted, but reversed. Nature doesn’t do that. That is not an attack. He’s being congratulated for recognizing it and doing something about it in a successful but subtle way.

    Now the things we said about Jesse James’ 1st mistress, THAT was an attack.

    As for not endearing you; that’s fine. That wasn’t my intention any more than it was to insult you. The quotes were used because I was using YOUR words, not my own.

  29. dee says:

    Jude Law just doing photo shoot for Dior…..and remain sexy while doing so.

    Love you Jude

  30. jill says:

    I agree with KJ
    Maybe you should stick to the subject which is the Dior photos instead of bringing un necessary comments about the
    hair transplant thing. He looks great in the photos and that is what this topic should be about.

  31. Sandy says:

    This nasty pretty boy needs to quit whining about how his looks have kept him from being taken seriously. He obviously realizes that his looks are his only selling point.

  32. joyce says:

    Jude looks very sexy. and he is very talented.

  33. nic says:

    He seems to get hotter whenever he is back with sienna. When they are apart he seems to lose the cuteness.

  34. kiki says:

    Fear of aging who caused it maybe Sienna Miller

  35. lucy says:

    Sienna Miller only claim to fame is Jude Law. otherwise no one cares about her.

  36. pam says:

    Jude look Hot!to me. What all the fuss about.

  37. Deanna says:

    March 26th, 2010 at 1:53 pm He’s mad, bad, and dangerous to know. J’adore cet homme!

    It’s funny you should use a quote orginally used for Lord Byron, who was also a perv.

    I honestly think this guy is an aging, pathetic loser.

  38. Back2Hot says:

    Well personally I think he looks great but let’s be honest – it’s Jude Law. He could be bald, save for a miniature cactus artistically sown into the top of his head with a raven perched upon it and he would still make Robert Pattinson look like the preening, underdeveloped fop that he is.
    Re hair. I had a procedure done lately – very bloody expensive – and it’s done wonders for my looks and confidence. I now get compliments (without sniggering), asked out and to cut a long story short, if it makes you feel good, do it. Fuck everyone else.

  39. religionisacurse says:

    It’s hilarious that people are angry at Jude Law for sleeping with ‘an army of women’. For one thing, as far as I can tell, he’s slept with very few women. What happened with the nanny was pretty low, but that doesn’t make him a womanizer. But more importantly, it doesn’t matter either way.
    I don’t care if he bangs a different person every night. And it’s none of your business, you voyeuristic perverts. The flawed role model argument doesn’t stand. It’s so stupid that I can’t be bothered to point out the obvious flaws; in fact, I quite enjoy seeing morons getting furious over the way people they have deemed to be role models act.

  40. Ben Bowling says:

    His hair looks amazing! For that same look or the one you dream of visit my hair salon.

  41. Siva says:

    This site is awesome. Bookmarked it!