Peaches Geldof fired as face of Ultimo for naked photos & heroin story

Last Friday, we heard an either mildly amusing or truly disturbing story of a random hookup that Peaches Geldof (the very stupid 21 year-old daughter of Sir Bob Geldof and the late Paula Yates) had with some guy that was visiting her roommate in LA. The guy had a very detailed account of a drunken, drugged-filled night with Peaches along with photographic evidence. The story was pretty funny because Peaches and the guy ended up getting a sauna detox at a Scientology center the next morning. (The guy claims he woke up puking in the sauna.) It was disturbing because he drove wasted and the two were doing heroin, at Peaches’s suggestion. Peaches’s mom, the late British TV personality Paula Yates, died of an accidental heroin overdose ten years ago when she was just 40. It was Peaches’s her daughter Pixie’s tenth birthday.

A rep for Peaches denies that his client did drugs with the guy but does admit that she was drunk and let him take some naked photographs. There’s no denying that that glassy-eyed tattooed girl is Peaches. Anyway apparently Peaches still has some people left who are surprised, or at least financially affected, by what she’s up to private. She’s been dumped as the spokesmodel for Ultimo lingerie following this mini-scandal. They should have just stuck with Mel B. Peaches was even seen wearing the brand in the photos (link NSFW!), a little band-aid with blood seeping through visible on her upper thigh.

Peaches Geldof has been dropped as the ‘face and body’ of underwear line Miss Ultimo following claims about her private life.

The company said it would be removing visuals of the 21-year-old, who was appointed in May last year, from all shops and window displays.

The news comes after Peaches caused widespread controversy when lewd pictures, taken during what was alleged to have been a heroin-fuelled one-night stand last November, were published on the internet.

The drugs claims have been strenuously denied by Peaches’ lawyers.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for Miss Ultimo lingerie said: ‘We have been in meetings all morning with regards to the stories that have surfaced over the weekend about Peaches and unfortunately we have no option but to terminate her contract.

‘Miss Ultimo is a brand geared towards a young female audience and as a company we have a social responsibility to ensure we are promoting only positive role models that young women can aspire to.

‘We are thus in the process of removing Peaches from the website and we are working with Debenhams to remove her visuals from all Miss Ultimo shops and window displays throughout the UK.’

Michelle Mone, the founder of the Ultimo brand, said: ‘We’ve given this a lot of thought, but there’s a point where a business must stick to its principles and as a brand that targets young women, we feel it is impossible for Peaches to continue to work with us as the face of Miss Ultimo lingerie.’

The Miss Ultimo range is geared towards women aged 18 to 25 and has been stocked in Debenhams stores and online.
Geldof is thought to be currently in Los Angeles.

A lawyer for the model and socialite has denied the reports of drug-taking, saying Geldof was drunk.

[From The Daily Mail]

I love how straightforward and matter-of-fact the Ultimo people are about their decision. Often with these type of statements you get only a vague hint at why a spokesperson is dropped, but Ultimo makes it clear that Peaches screwed up and they can’t be associated with that. Peaches is thought to have received a six figure contract with Ultimo back in early 2009.

I knew Peaches’s mom died of a drug overdose but until I checked out her wikipedia entry I had no idea that it was heroin! Maybe someone close to Peaches will step in and do an intervention. Heroin is not a drug you dabble in recreationally and I hope her new boyfriend isn’t doing it with her.

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  1. meme says:

    why would they pick such a skanky ho in the first place?

  2. lucy2 says:

    I’m glad they fired her, but honestly, what do these companies expect when they hired people like this to represent them?

  3. Kat says:

    Not surprised by Peaches’ behavior, very surprised by Miss Ultimo’s. How refreshing – a company that doesn’t stand behind a “celebrity” endorsee when they publicly f*ck up, but rather cancels their contracts post haste.

  4. YT says:

    Britain and the U.S. should have a treaty to keep their trainwreck celebrities at home and not allow them to travel to other countries. The U.S. would keep Lindsay Lohan, etc., at home, and Britain would in turn keep Katie Price, Peaches Geldof, etc., in Britain. Each country has enough of the idiot celebrities to not have to share.

  5. MARKY MARK says:

    This should send a message to these young celebutards that their behavior has consequences

  6. Lisa says:

    she actually doesn’t look half-bad all made up with a closed-mouth smile.

    these are the first good pictures i have seen of her

  7. girl says:

    I think their mother died on Pixie’s birthday, not Peaches. I could be wrong.

    Still, how very sad for all of them. I hope she gets help.

  8. girl says:

    Oh, and the lingerie is cute but that black bow on the panties in the header image I first mistook for pubic hair sticking out.

  9. irishserra says:

    Her Rep denied the allegations of doing drugs? Yeah, because of everything, THAT’S the part the kid is going to make up.


  10. Tess says:

    Women are so debased in our culture, and the worst part is that we women ourselves are willing collaborators in this casual and dismal devaluation.

    From Grace Kelly to Peaches Geldof. What a sad trajectory.

  11. Sigh. says:

    Another “dead-eyed” girl.

    And didn’t her bio dad, Michael Hutchence from INXS, died at the age of 37 from suicide by strangulation (and had copius amounts of drugs in his system) 3 yrs before her mom?…who claimed it was autoerotic asphyxiation.

    She needs rehab and on-going psychological counselling, cos no amount of detox saunas and vitamin smoothies is going to wash away the sadness of what her parents did to themselves, each other, and her…

  12. bellaluna says:

    What the hell is a Peaches Geldoff?

  13. jeannified says:

    Uh…they were in LA, not new York. He mentioned that they drove all over Hollywood!

  14. girl says:

    @11 (Sorry I can’t read your name on my screen because it is covered by the number)

    Her bio dad is Bob Geldof, you might be thinking of Heavenly Hirrani (sp?) Tiger Lily who Bob has custoday of but was fathered by Michael Hutchence.

  15. Sigh. says:

    @ Girl —

    Yeah…I was trying to edit that but my computer basically laughed at me and failed to save the edit.

    I got them all confused. Her youngest sis is a “Hutchence Geldolf.”

    I sheepishly stand by the rest of my statement, though, cos Geldolf couldn’t turn this around either while she was young(er). She needs help. Like Lohan-STAT-ASAP-level help, not barley water baths.

    Thanks, though.

  16. snowball says:

    Bob adopted Tiger Lily after Paula’s death. Paula died on Pixie’s birthday.

    Pixie’s also a model, although that term can be used loosely. That’s Tiger Lily with her, but she’s only 14:

    Fifi is pretty normal now (she was caught with a joint with dear dad when she was 20), she just getting divorced. Scroll a little bit:

  17. girl says:

    @11. I totally agree with the rest of your statement. Help is definitely needed.

  18. Tess says:

    Off point, I know, but I’ve got a new computer and now I can’t read half the names of the responders, which I find extremely annoying…..

    Some names appear under the picture icon and are not covered by the numbers. Others are beside the picture and the numbers make the names impossible to decipher.

    My old computer never showed the numbers.

    CB, what’s the reason for the inconsistent format?

  19. Sigh. says:

    @ snowball –

    The 1st link almost confused me all over again, because that intro is SOOOO poorly written/punctuated, but I THINK I got it (Fifi, Peaches, Pixie, then Tigerlily?).

    The 2nd one of the model, I thought “Why is this a link to Kelly Osbourne?” HA!

  20. Majosha says:

    I haven’t seen the Hutchence child, but the Geldof/Yates offspring aren’t exactly easy on the eyes. I guess Bob’s genes were too mighty for Paula’s to overcome.

  21. ThunderC*nt says:

    How she even got hired is astounding! Just like Gwyneth Paltrow getting a gig with Estee Lauder but then when you look into the Paltrow/Lauder Synagogue affiliation & it’s members, makes sense. Way to go, Erin Lauder!

  22. dovesgate says:

    My issue with that was fixed when I clicked the compatability view on my IE. Its the little button by the address bar that looks like a ripped page. HTH!

  23. Anons says:

    so not cute.

  24. John Doe says:

    >>”Last Friday, we heard an either mildly amusing or truly disturbing story”

    “Mildly” amusing? that story was hilarious!!

    As far as Ms Geldof and her consumptive needs and all the “boo-hoo, she needs help” comments, all I can say is that the weak enslave themselves.

  25. s says:

    if you look at the pic, not only is there the band-aid on her leg… but what looks like old puncture wounds–the kind you’d get from a needle.

  26. california angel says:

    The bandaid on the pic looks like a fresh tattoo, which makes the story partially credible at the least. Spot on Tess, spot on.

  27. Tess says:

    dovesgate: Problem solved.
    Thank you!!!!

  28. Lil says:

    Ugly chick, her belly it’s bloated!

  29. Sardonic Kitten says:

    I always though you had to have a great body to be a lingerie model… guess I was wrong.

  30. ams says:

    i LOVE tattoos. love people that go all out with them, but i hate the daisy chain b.s. she has with that ridiculous unicorn! ugh why am i complaining? its not liek its on me.

  31. julia says:

    I think this is excellent.
    About time companies started to take down these celeb’s with low morals.

    I am sick to death of the foul behaviour of some of them being made NORMAL.

    Well done Ultimo.