Booty-short-clad Cameron Diaz: we should show realistic body types

Cameron Diaz Looking Good On Set!

I know it sometimes feels like Jennifer Aniston is the only one who gets called out for age-inappropriate dressing (to be fair, she’s 41 years old and she nearly flashed her vadge on a red carpet). So today I’d like to bring out another star who still thinks she can pull off clothing meant to be worn by teenagers… or even tweens, if your tween rolls in hot pants (I hope not). Here’s Cameron Diaz working on the LA set of Bad Teacher, that film that she’s doing with Justin Timberlake. Yes, this is a costume. But Cameron is a powerful enough actress where she could have gone to costuming and said, “You know what? I’m 37 years old and I don’t want to wear shorts that are cut up to my crack.”

I’m not saying that Cameron has a bad figure (ditto for Aniston). Cameron has a lovely, athletic, trim figure – she never looks too thin, and she always looks like she’s taking care of herself. She looks great for her age. I’m just saying that there’s something to be said for putting away the crack shorts when you’re no longer in your twenties. Here’s more from The Daily Mail, including Cameron saying that she wished she was curvier:

Motorists in Los Angeles could be forgiven doing a double take as they drove past a leggy blonde holding up a car wash sign yesterday. Because the woman wearing the cropped shirt and tiny denim hotpants was none other than Cameron Diaz.

The outfit highlighted the 37-yeear-old’s stunning figure and her wavy hair helped her look like a cross between Pamela Anderson and the Dukes Of Hazzard’s Daisy Duke. Cameron was parading her enviable figure, with legs that never end, as she filmed scenes for her new movie Bad Teacher.

However, the There’s Something About Mary actress recently criticised the movie industry for making skinny women seem like ‘the norm’.

Cameron, who insists she always wanted to be voluptuous instead of naturally thin, said: ‘We get ideals from images that we see and there certainly should be more responsibility put on those people who are putting those images out into the world. Let’s be a little bit more responsible to what’s realistic.’

Bad Teacher will see the reunion of Cameron and ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, who split three years ago but remain on good terms.

It tells the story of a foul-mouthed, junior high teacher, played by Cameron Diaz, who, after being dumped by her sugar daddy, begins to woo a colleague.

While many reports have claimed Justin’s girlfriend Jessica Biel is jealous about the singer working with his ex-girlfriend, Jessica recently insisted she is completely happy about the situation, insisting she is ‘super excited’ for her boyfriend.

She said: ‘I haven’t read the script, but I think it sounds fantastic. It sounds like it will be so funny. Obviously, I’m super excited for him.’

[From The Daily Mail]

If Cameron was curvier, this outfit would be obscene on many levels. But I do like what she said, and I honestly think her figure is a result of eating well and exercise and a crazy awesome metabolism (lucky bitch). And I would kill for her legs. Jesus. So I understand why the director wanted her in booty shorts, I just don’t understand why Cameron okayed the costume. I also don’t understand why she wanted to work with Justin Timberlake – he’s a horrible actor, and the sex probably wasn’t that great, you know? I want Cameron to find someone really great, not some douchey kid like Justin.

Cameron Diaz Looking Good On Set!

Cameron Diaz Looking Good On Set!

Cameron Diaz Looking Good On Set!

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  1. KsGirl says:

    I think ima be forced to respond to this with a big fat “OH PLEASE!!!”

    Sure, generally, is it appropriate to change style as one gets older? Yeah. Booty shorts get put away. But let’s remember why this is generally the case – most 40/nearly 40 yr old women could not pull off booty shorts. Hell, most 20 yr old women can’t. But LOOK at her body. She has a spectacular body. If I was 80 and I had that body, youre damned right I’d be wearing booty shorts, too. 🙂 Plus, c’mon, it’s a costume for a role – I’m not sure it’s entirely fair to get on her for that.

    Also, Jen Aniston is a poster girl for age innappropriate dressing? I honestly didn’t know that. I usually find her too conservative of a dresser. But that’s just me and my I LOVED SJP’s Oscar dress self. Heh.

  2. bondbabe says:

    Oh please! I know that you get that it is a COSTUME for a MOVIE, but it sounds as though you’re accusing her of digging that out of her closet or borrowing it from Jessica Simpson just to prance around in because she doesn’t know how to dress age-appropriate. Relax, let it go….

  3. asiont says:

    oh please……
    that is just a movie, and this is just a costume, don’t you think that the character she plays may just have such a taste??

    besides, she has this poster saying “CAR WASH”! I would not wash cars in pencil skirt and elegant blouse even if I were in my sixties.

  4. Popcorny says:

    I’m not a believer that people should put away certain clothing styles on account of age.
    If it looks good, go for it.
    I don’t get how women act like they are empowering other women but then slap expiration dates and judgements based on age,
    Clearly, Cameron looks good.
    And last I looked at any label, they had numbers to indicate size, not age.

  5. Rosanna says:

    I don’t like either one of these ladies but… c’mon!!!! Their bodies rock and there is NOTHING inappropriate in the way they dress. They are so beautiful they can afford dressing like that, despite their age. Stop the hating!!!!

  6. Maritza says:

    She looks really good, that’s what matters! She can wear anything with that figure and it will look good.

  7. Jeri says:

    I think Cameron worked out & got in better shape after the split with Justin. She was lookin like she was having a little too much fun there for a while. Not horrible but not nearly as hot as she is now (again). She dressed the same but she wasn’t looking that great in the same outfits as she is now.

  8. anon says:

    i don’t really like camerons body. i think she’s just very muscular which i find unattractive but obviously she’s in great shape. she really is too old to wear that outfit but it is a costume and it must suit the character. i’m sure that any woman in her late 30’s would feel self conscious in that even if they are thin and toned so fair play to her for NOT demanding they change it

  9. lin234 says:

    I think she has the best legs in Hollywood. Forget the rules. She should work those legs while she’s still got it. 🙂

  10. Scout says:

    I guess I am in the minority here, but I do NOT think she looks good here at all. Not because she is too OLD to wear this look, but because it just does not look good her at this time. I also thinbk her face looks beat – and I used to think this chick was gorgeous!

  11. Samantha says:

    Man, look at that body! If I looked that good at 37, and I wasn’t against looking like such a whore, I could see wearing it.

  12. Lenore says:

    I agree that Cameron’s body is just exercise plus metabolism plus luck. I get the feeling she’s one of those beach girls who runs around all day, scarfs down a burger for lunch, surfs, collapses at 2am and then gets up to do it all again. (Cynics please insert the phrase “crack time” into that routine wherever you feel it appropriate.)

    And age appropriate be damned. A seven-year-old in hooker boots is inappropriate but once you’ve reached the age of responsibility, dress however the hell you want and enjoy yourself. I’m not going to stop wearing my short-shorts just because I’ve passed my 30th birthday.

    (Although I live in England so the weather may be a deciding factor. Okay, if we get a decent summer before I die, you bet your arse I’ll be wearing little booty shorts, age or no age.)

  13. Kaiser says:

    I can understand the whole “if it still looks good, show it off” mentality. Maybe I’m old-fashioned or too Southern or whatever. I just think every woman should have an internal monitor of “Am I going to look like a smacked ass/like I’m trying to look an age that passed me by 15 years ago?”

    Yes, Cameron’s legs look great. Her whole body is amazing. But all I know is that I winced when I saw these photos.

  14. Anna says:

    I think the outfit is cute on her and she pulls it off well. She is right in general when she talks about realistic body types and it’s not hypocritical when she says that, since I do think she is naturally the way she is (with, obviously, a lot of exercise thrown in).

    Also, I’d like to say I don’t think Justin Timberlake is a bad actor. He still has a lot to learn in the acting department but he does have talent. Have you seen him in Alpha Dog and Black Snake Moan? He was perfect (and perfectly cast) in those roles. I think it’s great that, since this is also an age-appropriateness debate of sorts, Cameron and Justin are being grown-up about this and seem to harbour no hard feelings. They’re both classy about the whole thing, it seems.

  15. tropicalchica says:

    If this was her usual wardrobe, I’d say it was inappropriate for just about any age, but this is just a costume for a film, and she really does look fantastic. I don’t see many 20-year-olds who look that good. She has an amazing body.

  16. ThunderC*nt says:

    I’ve just always thought she was so cute looking just like Alyssa Milano but their beauty is fleeting when they don’t have the facial bone structure to hold it up whence youth passes.

  17. Mistral says:

    WOW! She looks fantastic.

    Why should she “put it away”? I don’t think her outfit looks skanky or anything.

    If you’re rocking this type of body, I say go for it. Same for J. Aniston. I love her short dresses!!

    It’s not like they’re wearing Juicey Couture, or whatever. That crap looks desperate and “mutton dressed as tacky lamb”. But, an outfit like Cam’s got on here, or J.A.’s cute little movie premiere numbers I’m cool with (and I’m no fan of her show/movies).

  18. terry says:

    Cam looks good. Have always like her…she is a cutie.

  19. Beth says:

    Apples and oranges are being compared. Cameron is wearing a costume whereas Jennifer would have this in her closet. I don’t think this outfit is age inappropriate it’s simply inappropriate. The shorts are way to short. I don’t have a problem with older women wearing tight or short clothing. It’s when clothing is too tight or short that’s the problem regardless of age.

  20. Cinderella says:

    I don’t think she’d want to wear something like this when she’s not in character, but either way, her body looks damn good.

  21. Gaby says:

    A 37 year-old woman with no cellulite: Best legs in Hollywood and many other places. And Justin is not a terrible actor, that was a very loose comment.

  22. Rachel says:

    For the love of little green apples! She WAS curvier! Does anyone remember The Mask?! She was much more lush, but after that movie, she lost weight like every other Hollywood actress, and since then has been pretending that she’s naturally a size 0. And before someone blasts me for being jealous or whatever, I’m 5’10” and wear a size 4. And I know that the older you get, the harder it is to maintain that, so you can bet she quite literally works her butt off for that figure.

  23. CeeCee12 says:

    I don’t have an issue with it for a film. Her legs are insane! People are younger a lot longer these days and we live a lot longer so I think the age restrictions are mostly bogus.
    She did something weird to her face though. Her face is ugly now.

  24. GaGa says:

    Her body looks good – but I think she works to maintain it. Her pizza face is starting to show some wear and tear though. As for the outfit, she has the legs for the shorts, so go for it! I’m over the plaid shirt though. time to put plaid back in the closet where it belongs – in the early 90’s.

  25. Shannon says:

    Ok I’m not going to knock the booty shorts because they are a summer staple for me (then again, I’m 21).

    The front-tied flannel shirt needs to go though, unless her character lives in a double wide.

  26. Eileen Yover says:

    Love her body, not a fan of the face. She’s looking beat.

  27. andrea says:

    what happened to her face? i know she was always said to have crap skin, but i feel like her face used to look better – maybe b/c she is thinner than the days of the mask, it makes her face look more harsh? i dunno. she looks better with lighter makeup.

    this movie looks like a crapfest.

  28. WeSLyN says:

    i think her body’s always been great..i would agree with people in their 40’s doing with the cootie-cutters in general but everyone isn’t an actress on the big screen either..and i don’t think i’ve ever seen jennifer anniston/aniston looking inappropriate

  29. nj says:

    That’s a costume and you don’t know in what context she is wearing it. The character may be written as inappropriately dressed.

    Cameron was a model before being an actress so she is naturally on the thin side. Its also not exactly a secret that she has used a lot of cocaine.

    I sat behind her at Yankee Stadium back when she hosted SNL when Something About Mary came out. She was so thin it was unbelievable. Like a breeze could knock her over.
    David Wells had thrown a perfect game the week before, and he sent her an autographed ball. She had no idea who he was. So I was not all that impressed with her.

  30. Ana says:

    I think she looks good even though I’m normally not a fan. Especially of her belly.
    But it’s for a film. I don’t know the plot very well, but isn’t it one of those Debra Lafave stories? Teacher seduces young boy?
    I watched Debra on 20/20 and one of the issues discussed was her inappropriate outfits. So maybe it is deliberately inappropriate.

    Anyway, it’s not something she would normally be seen in and she looks good either way.

  31. Hepzibah says:

    I don’t know what this character she’s playing is supposed to be like, but high heels with crack shorts just screams hooker!

  32. imo says:

    Ur full of it. Now if it had gotten out that Cameron marched into the directors office and demanded another outfit you would of written a post about how ungrateful she is. GTFOH. She looks amazing and its for her movie. I say this as I put down my peanutbutter cup and get ready to march to the gym 🙂

  33. girl says:

    After reading interviews I get the impression she is something of a moron. Given that, I think she heard the concept about being responsible for how the female body is portrayed on film and regurgitated it.

    She is gorgeous though. And I do think that once you are an adult, you should wear what you want you just deal with people’s perception of you accordingly, if at all.

  34. lin234 says:

    I guess the outfit would have been a little bit better without the midriff top. That is so 90’s. Doing both is too much.

    With legs like hers, she really doesn’t need to show off her top. I think it’s why she’s one of the few popular actresses where it doesn’t matter if she has big boobs or not. Her legs make up for what she lacks.

    As for Justin being her costar, I think the male leads for her movies doesn’t really make a difference. That one movie about Vegas with Ashton Kutcher, the male lead could have been played by anyone and I still think she would have sold the movie.

  35. Sumodo says:

    It’s a fuckin’ costume! If she dressed up like Dorothy from Kansas with her little dog Toto, that would be a costume, too. You’re reaching! (Cue Joan Rivers: “Oh, grow up!”)

  36. Lilias says:

    Her legs are great, and as this is for a movie, I suspect this might be a scene in which the point is for her to be inappropriately dressed. I could be wrong, but that’s the vibe I’m getting-especially with the “car wash” sign.

    I don’t think she’s very sexy, to be honest. Her stomach area is wide, too short and she has no defined waist. I think that look is creepy on women. And her belly-button is odd and she has terrible posture.

  37. Guest says:

    The issue is not age – If you believe that the shorts are OK they are OK for someone 15 or 95. do we ever talk about what is appropriate for a boy to wear and not a man. We need to stop doing this to women!!!

  38. Ash says:

    uh yeah, this is just a movie, who cares what she’s wearing.

  39. Lil says:

    Envy Kaiser?

    Guest, I agree 100%

    It’s funny, Nicole Richie shows up every other day in minimum shorts and everybody cover’s her in complementes, elegant, cute, blablabla… a anorexic figure can use? but a health woman don’t

    Ow, women always whits poison in the tongs… envy can kill!

  40. buckley says:

    not one bit offended by her outfit. She looks amazing and it’s a costume.
    Maybe this was the outfit most appropiate for this scene, hence she was ok with it. She’s no diva.

  41. TG says:

    Why couldn’t she have chosen a better co-star. I agree with Kaiser, Justin is a douchey looking child. Makes me think Cam is getting desparate. After all her last two movies didn’t do well. Boy, she really is reaching into the bottom of the barrel. Justin always looks like he is trying to be taken seriously. He’s not fooling me.

  42. noonoo says:

    JA does not dress inappropriately….and this is a costume.

  43. Dana M says:

    OMG! Her legs look fantastic! I’d wish I had those legs!!

    Who cares, this costume is for a movie. Why would she complain about wearing that, especially when she has a great body. Then she’d be accused of acting like a DIVA on the set. Now on the the other hand, if she had fat rolls and cellulite, I can she why she had reason the complain about the costume to the director.
    I smell envy here.

    Jen Aniston always seems to dress appropriate for her age. Guess I’ve missed some sluty atire photos of her???!!!

  44. Gwen says:

    I would much rather see a fit 37 year old woman in those shorts than an overweight 20 year old (and I see those every damn day). Guest, you called it:
    “If you believe that the shorts are OK they are OK for someone 15 or 95. do we ever talk about what is appropriate for a boy to wear and not a man. We need to stop doing this to women!!!”

  45. J says:

    This post is soooooo agist (I am not sure it’s a right English word, but anyway…)

    It is truly sad that women will jump upon other women so fast just because they disapprove of their “dress code” (and other so-called “inappropriate social behaviors”, even faster than men.

    Who built the sexist society? Men? I bet women help building it a lot!

  46. archiepelago says:

    When I see actresses like Cameron and Jennifer and their rocking bodies, it makes me think twice before I crack open that chocolate bar. Women are much maligned whether they are fat, normal or super hot so why not be the best YOU, you can be and admire the women who rock the sh*t out of getting older? They make it less of a dirty word.

  47. Camille says:

    I’m with Kaiser on this one. But I also think that outfit is hideous and tacky and would look pretty awful on pretty much anyone of any age/size. She has gorgeous legs though (now THERE is a woman with a great body..), but she’s another butterface (like JA..).

  48. Dhavy says:

    maybe her character is in her 20s? Regardless, she looks awesome and most important is that she doesn’t dress like that at all outside the set. JA and her might have great bodies for their age but Cameron does not dress like a 20 year old to prove it

  49. Amy says:

    It’s for a movie guys. I’ve never seen pictures of her walking around like this in real life.
    And be very honest, if any of you looked as good as her and could get away with wearing booty shorts and a tied up shirt even for a little while (such as for a movie role) you probably would. However do I think it’s appropriate to wear shorts this short out and about in the street? No, not even for people my own age (and I’m 22).

  50. DrM says:

    HA! She looks fab. If I looked like that I’d be wandering around in a bra and knickers….at WORK! I’m a curvy girl and I dress well for my curves but I still wear what I damn well please…I also like chunky, noticeable jewellery, I’m known for it…if people don’t like it…tough noogies. I wouldn’t wear that outfit cause it would look damn scary on me…and I know it. But on Ms Diaz it does not…go girl. You’ll wish you had later if you don’t!

  51. isabelle says:

    Gorgeous legs. Wish I had them.

  52. d says:

    Cam the actress would look sexier in surfer shorts and tight tank top. Her body type and look is sporty sexy, not short shorts and gingham shirt sexy. In my wierd opinion anyway. I just don’t think that she looks that good here, though it’s obvious she’s in great shape and is totally lucky on the long legs front (HATE her for that!)
    The CHARACTER — which she is obviously playing here — is, I’m going to bet, the type of person that most likely thinks she looks sexy like this and doesn’t realize she isn’t. The movie’s all about inappropriate-ness anyway, isn’ it?

  53. nana says:

    she got better legs than aniston actually

  54. Persistent Cat says:

    “She looks great for her age.” What is that supposed to mean? Are you not supposed to look good at 37? I just turned 38 and frankly, I think I look better now than I did in my 20s. How should I look? Should it be shocking that I look good?

    It’s a costume for a movie. Cameron Diaz has never used a stylist, she has her own unique style and always has a good look, even if it’s not my taste, she pulls things off that most can’t. As for Jennifer Aniston being the poster child for age inappropriate dressing, how so? A short dress? Should she dress Amish since she’s – gasp – over 40?

    Lighten up on these women.

    As for JT, I’ve never seen a movie of his but he’s always been hilarious on SNL.

  55. Scout says:

    Persistent Cat: Re: your first paragraph – Well Said! I know for sure in my 30’s and all the way through my 40’s I was in the best shape of my life…and I had three children! Now at 56, while I can still wear a bikini and not scare people (LOL!) – in fact, still turn a head or two – albeit the heads are a bit older these days! :-), some changes have occurred that happen to men and women eventually no matter how well you have taken care of yourself. However, for those who worked to stay in shape, the changes will happen later and they will always be several steps ahead of the “game” – assuming they are blessed with good health. A lifetime/style of working out and eating well can even help overcome some “genetic curses” just as not taking care of yourself and abusing your body can rob a person of their natural good looks.

    Now, that said, I am not being hard on Ms. Diaz…I don’t know her….I do know that I think her acting is average in my opinion and I think her face has aged alot more quickly than her body. I just get so tired of comments about how fabulous all these women look “for their age” when their “age” is still YOUNG! Especially if they have never even had a child!

  56. DD says:

    I’m with imo, if she had demanded they change her costume we’d all be Cameron Diaz is a diva. I think it’s rather ridiculous that you went there with that one. If the role calls for an older hoochie mama then so be it.
    As for Jen, she doesn’t scream age inappropriate to me most of the time so it seems a bit unfair to call her out for 1 or 2 outfits.

  57. mojoman says:

    Am I the only one thinking she looks like the young Ellen Barkin?

  58. ligeia says:

    with a legs like these she can wear whatever she damn likes. she works out and takes care of herself, why should she cower up that hard earned body. i guess someone of her age or younger might get all jealous, but oh well…

  59. kristin says:

    Oh man, she looks FANTASTIC! Y’all are crazy! I agree with whoever said that it depends on your body, not your age. There are PLENTY of women in their teens and twenties who would look awful in this. So Cameron isn’t in her 20s anymore; who cares! She’s beautiful! And, no, I’m not sympathizing – – I’m in my 20s. But I work hard for my figure and I hope to maintain it for years to come. I’ll add that while I’m in shape and in my 20s, my body is nowhere near as fabulous as Cam’s…yeesh. I don’t know many women who look that good, if any.

    And Jennifer always dresses appropriately. So she rocks a short-ass skirt once in a while. Who cares?! She’s never dressed like a prostitute or anything. Heck, today a lot of stars just wear freaking LEOTARDS, so let’s cut the hot lady in the short skirt some slack!

  60. Melinda says:

    I really, REALLY want to see what the bodies of those who say Cameron Diaz does not look good here look like. As a matter of fact I’m DYING to see them. Please post pics. I will bet a million dollars that none of you even come close to looking as good as she does in those pics, which is simply spectacular. There’s nothing wrong with the outfit if it’s on a body like that. Oh – and I’m a heterosexual, middle aged female.

  61. CrazyFeministMess says:

    I am a 33 year old female. I work out five days a week religiously! Why? I am no longer in my twenties, and my metabolism has slowed down. When you’re gorgoeous in your twenties, it’s EXPECTED! But when you can strut around with well toned defined legs and abs in your thirties, then guess what? YOU HAVE EARNED IT! The shorts are age inappropriate? Give me a break. I like to thank the writer of this article for putting women fifty years back. If you’re getting older, hide under a rock, cover up, age, and stop being sexy women. Go suck on it! Cameron looks great, and in my opinion, better than most obese women in their twenties today!