Heather Mills sued by former nanny, called ‘lying,’ ‘paranoid’

Heather Mills Attends The Brighton Eco Veggie Fayre
Heather Mills is being sued by a former nanny, Sara Trumble, who claims that Mills forced her to work under degrading conditions and discriminated against her after she took time off for maternity leave. We first heard that Trumble was suing Mills for an undisclosed amount back in December, 2008. At that time, the buzz was over Trumble’s claim that Mills forced her to give her a naked spray tan once a week and that she had to come in to work at 7:30 am every morning to blow dry her boss’s hair. Having failed to reach a settlement, the case is now in court. More details are coming out about Trumble’s work conditions and they’re in no way favorable to Mills. It’s not like we expected anything else from this woman, who has also been sued by her former PR rep and was called “explosive,” and “vile” by the judge presiding over her divorce with Paul McCartney.

HEATHER Mills’ former nanny told yesterday how she was reduced to tears by the diva-like demands of the Dancing on Ice star.

Sara Trumble, 26, described to an employment tribunal how Sir Paul McCartney’s ex-wife left her a “rude” voicemail rant on Mothers’ Day.

It insisted that she make herself available to work – even though she was on maternity leave and had been through a difficult pregnancy.

Sara also claimed she was treated in a “humiliating and demeaning” way in a row over a birthday party – and FORCED to record an interview praising her boss, dubbed Mucca for her sordid porn past.

She also said suspicious Mills, 42, even GRILLED her over whether a new male pal had flirted with her.

Sara, who finally quit after she was replaced as a nanny and given cleaning duties, is claiming damages on grounds of discrimination over maternity leave, sex discrimination and unfair dismissal.

Mills, mum to Sir Paul’s six-year-old girl Beatrice, was left fuming as Sara gave evidence to a panel of three in Ashford, Kent.

She shook her head and hissed “no, no” when Nick Fairweather, representing Sara, urged the tribunal to accept evidence Mills was a known “liar”, referring to her High Court divorce ruling. They dismissed it as “not relevant” to the case.

[From The Sun]

Even if Trumble successfully sues Mills, she might have trouble collecting a settlement. Mills admitted earlier this year that she’s squandered just about all of her $50 million divorce settlement from Paul McCartney. She wasted a fortune in less than two years by maintaining about six different properties and throwing lavish parties and vacations for her entire entourage. A relatively small amount went to charity, which Mills of course exaggerated. How many of her “friends” are going to stick around now that the money is trickling down to nothing?

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Heather Mills Attends The Brighton Eco Veggie Fayre

Heather Mills Attends The Brighton Eco Veggie Fayre

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  1. Bex says:

    You know, something about this woman and the way she comes across reminds me of the Lohan father. They should both be shipped off with their load mouths to a desert island and left there. Ah maybe not…. imagine if they reproduced….

  2. Victoria says:

    Well she squandered her money but in the photo above she looks ready to go to work! Start banging out those vegan burgers baby!

  3. GatsbyGal says:

    What a godawful human being, but then again that’s what I’ve come to expect from vegans. Thanks, Heather Mills, for doing nothing to change my perspective.

  4. scotchy says:

    @gatsby girl, i too am weary of the vegan.
    it’s good to know others are as well.

  5. Icecat says:

    LOL @GatsbyGal ITA!!

  6. Green Is Good says:

    How do you blow through 50 million in 2 years?

  7. lucy2 says:

    Boy, she is something, isn’t she? What a horrible person. Didn’t she claim she invested a lot of money in business ventures and real estate? If there’s some sort of ruling against her, she still must have some assets, and if not, get a job and pay up.

  8. LindyLou says:

    I agree with general consensus that Mills is a repugnant piece of shit. What a loser to have scammed a mountain of money from her ex only to throw it all away. Idiot!

  9. bellaluna says:

    This woman *no offence intended to us real women* is just such a piece of work. And not good work, either. She is indeed, in the words of the esteemed LindyLou, a repugnant piece of shit. And such a user. Maybe dung beetles will consume her until nothing is left and Sir Paul will get full custody of his daughter. I feel sorry for the little girl, having to live with this beast of a woman.

  10. filthycute says:

    hey, why are you guys leery of vegans?

  11. moo says:

    Crazy bitch needs to go back into obscurity! Hate her……..

  12. Ruffian9 says:

    scotchy: “i too am weary of the vegan.”

    I have no idea why, but I find this statement absolutely HILARIOUS.