Sandra Bullock won’t adopt James’s kids; Are Bullock & James in ‘crisis talks’?

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Yesterday Radar Online reported that the fourth mistress in the Jesse James scandal, an unknown woman being represented by attorney Gloria Allred, will not come forward as anticipated. It’s widely speculated that James paid the woman off for her silence. The mistress, who Allred claims is a “beautiful model and businesswoman,” alleges to have had a three year relationship with James that ended only after the scandal broke. She also reportedly has hundreds of text messages and photos to verify the affair.

We haven’t seen one photo of Sandra Bullock since this story came out two weeks ago. The Oscar winning actress was thought to have sought refuge with family in Austin, Texas right after her rep told her that In Touch was about to break the news. She then retreated to a mansion in the Hollywood Hills that she purchased before she married James. According to Radar Online, Bullock has since left that home and is now at an “undisclosed location.” It’s thought that she could be holed up somewhere with James, who was not seen at work yesterday and didn’t drop his kids off at school: was the first to bring you the news that Sandra Bullock was holed up at her Hollywood Hills home following the revelation of her husband, Jesse James’, many alleged affairs.

Now can exclusively report that Sandra has left that home, for an undisclosed location.

Sandra’s sudden departure comes on a day when Jesse James has not been spotted either. A source tells that James did not drop his kids off this morning at school, as he usually does, and that he did not turn up to work today at his bike garage, West Coast Choppers.

[From Radar Online]

While we’ve heard that Sandra is about to divorce James, her rep initially denied reports that she’d consulted a lawyer and I would guess that she’s not sure how she’s going to proceed at this point. It may all seem cut and dried to us, but Sandra was married to the guy for five years and is a stepmother to his three children. He wasn’t the guy she thought he was and she might want to cut ties with him, but it’s got to be gut-wrenching to think that she may lose contact with the children she raised. As for whether Sandra is going to adopt James’s three children, Chandler, 15, Jesse Jr., 12, and Sunny, 6, her rep tells PeopleThere are no plans, nor have there ever been any plans, for Sandra Bullock to adopt any of Jesse James’s children.” Sunny’s mother, porn star Janine Lindemulder, has said that she wants Bullock to maintain contact with her daughter and that “Sunny loves Sandy and vice versa. She’s welcome to be a part of every aspect of Sunny’s life.” If that involves having to see the man who so thoroughly betrayed and publicly humiliated her, that’s not going to be easy to say the least.

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25 Responses to “Sandra Bullock won’t adopt James’s kids; Are Bullock & James in ‘crisis talks’?”

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  1. bite me says:

    hmm she couldn’t legally adopt those kids anyway

  2. Dorothy says:

    I have had something similar happen to two of my best friends, one cut day the day she found out, only communicated to split property and things like that. The other tried for two years to work it out while he was still with the other women and stringing my friend along (they were married). So each person has to go through it their on way, no matter what your friends are telling you.

  3. Just a Poster says:

    Very tru Dorothy. She needs to ask the questions she needs to ask and hopefully get some answers. She will do what she needs to do in her own time.

  4. mslewis says:

    Sandra has zero rights to those children. Even when she was married to their father she had no legal rights. So all of this “adoption” talk is stupid and just something the ragmags made up because there is really nothing new to report on this couple.

    I know it sounds harsh, but the best thing Sandra Bullock can do is cut all ties with Jesse and his children and move on, as quickly as she can. It would be best for her and, especially, best for Sunny. This child needs to also move on and re-bond with her mother. Sandra and her broken heart need to be out of the picture.

  5. Whatever says:

    Where did the adopting his kids thing come from anyway? So random. Yeah, it sucks that the girl has two screwed up parents (a pig and a porn star) but that’s the hand she was dealt in life.

  6. lucy2 says:

    My understanding of the situation is that Sandra was basically the youngest’s mother. She’s been married to him for 5 years, I think, and the youngest is 6 years old, and I think he has primarily had custody all that time, as the bio mom is a disaster (and of course he is too).

    What a mess. Much like Elin, I don’t know how Sandra could forgive not just one but multiple cheatings, and with such gross women.

  7. Maritza says:

    Sandra will move on with her life and keep making wonderful movies. She’ll find herself a great loyal guy in no time. While Jesse will keep dating tattooed porno women who will leave him penniless.

  8. Constance says:

    Doesn’t matter if Sandy step-mom’d for years with Sunny because she married Douchey just after Sunny was born. Sandy has -0- legal rights to ANY of his children. I don’t think “the children” are really any concern to either of them if divorce is being handled. JJ seems to have no problems making all the attempts to have more children with wrecked mothers, or any regard for the way this plays out for his kids to live with. Sandy, honestly, should file the kids’ bdays in her google calendar, have her assistant send the cards, and beat street out of JJ’s life completely.

  9. JulieNewmar says:

    Holed up together somewhere?? hopefully there’s a mediator present or at the least, a lifeguard manning the bleach and lysol sitz bath she ought to be soaking in.

  10. JC126 says:

    I agree with the person who said this is just attempts by the rags to get readers. She has zero rights to these kids, and if it were SB’s bio kids, she was the first wife, and the stepmom was a porn star, there would be no talk like this.
    And, she’s really better off (imo) if she makes a clean break from all these losers – James, his exes. I feel bad for Sandra. Hopefully she can find a GOOD man.

  11. TG says:

    Maybe the mom will let Sandra adopt Sunny. Just a thought. But, I think mslewis has a good point. As hard as it is for me to accept, it does seem best to cut all ties and move on. What if she meets a new guy with kids or wants to adopt kids either by herself or with a partner. But, maybe if she is an exceptional woman she can make it work. Wishful thinking, but look at Demi and Bruce Willis they seem to all get along. Okay, I am going on too long.

  12. Iggles says:

    Why is everyone bashing Sunny’s mother? We don’t know all the details. James knew she was a p0rn star when he married and had a kid with her. Why is that constantly being used against her now?

  13. The Damn Nation says:

    Given JJ’s taste in hobags, I can’t be the only one doubting that mistress 4 is a “beautiful model and businesswoman.”!!

  14. OXA says:

    I do not see the point in asking questions,he is a lying cheating scumbag who had has will have no moral values. His behaviour is all the answer she needs.

  15. Julie says:

    TDN: Agreed! Beautiful Model and Businesswoman, my ass.

    The only way Sandra could have any legal right to those kids is if their mothers relinquished any parental rights to them. I doubt that will happen. Sandra has a emotional standing with them, but not a legal one.

  16. The “adopting the kids” thing is all for dramatic purposes only. Unless the moms have signed over all rights, this isn’t even an option..period.

    The best thing to do is throw up the deuces and begin to seek counseling to rebuild. Jesse obviously showed how much he cared. I just hope he doesn’t pull the “Sexual Addiction” card…then I may have to throw tomatoes at him.

  17. bellaluna says:

    @ TDN and Julie – “beautiful model and business woman” is Allred-speak for “fetish/porn-site model and whore who works for herself instead of a pimp.”

    @ EarthWindFire – you make a very valid point. I just don’t know, if it was me, that I’d be able to rebuild with such a catastrophically broken foundation. That’s a tremendous amount of deceit to work through. If Jesse really was having affairs for two and three years a whack, that’s pretty much more than half the marriage, a la Tiger Woods. Could you get past that kind of betrayal?

    Since Sandra has been such a large part of Sunny’s life, if the two bio parents truly care about Sunny, they would allow continued contact if Sunny so desired. However, the actions of the bio parents thus far don’t give me much hope as far as their level of concern for their child and her needs/wants.

    And yes, Jesse knowingly married a porn “actress” but maybe promises were made once what’s-her-face got pregnant/had the baby. That isn’t outside the realm of possibility, but I’ve not heard any one else address that.

  18. Just a Poster says:

    OXA you do it for your own healing.

  19. Lin95 says:

    The first two children are 15 and 12 and their mother takes care of them and shares custody with JJ…..she has always been an active part of their lives,case closed.

    Sunny is the only child that has spent almost all of her life knowing Sandra as “Mom”…..but Janine still parents the best she can.

    The adopting the kids story is BS!

    If the children still want Sandra in their lives it should be their call….I can’t imagine Sandra cutting all ties with them, she can have a friendly relationship with them….their mothers support their choices, or at least it appears that way
    in the press

    The moms should form some sort of anti Jesse James alliance

  20. Wow says:

    Gotta agree, I would cut ties all together. Leave JJ and his ex wife to sort out their own relationships with their kids.

    Or SB could still spend time with the kids by having a go-between person to pick them up and drop them off. This way she wouldn’t have to see hide-nor-tatt of JJ

  21. Constance says:

    The reason why Janine (wife 2 & mother of SUnny) is still being bashed for his active career in porn (she shoots webcam and video out of her “home”) isn’t because it’s old news. It’s the fact that this hoe lost custody because she was supposedly doing the dirty with her child in the house (illegal on X-rated studio sets), is married to a convicted drug and arms felon, and never actually shows up to visitations. She was in the media a couple months ago talking trash to Sandy about the custody battle with JJ, and SUDDENLY she’s all “Sandy is sooo great. My daughter should be with her.” (WTF)

  22. Kim says:

    Sadly who will suffer the most is Sunny because I think she did look to Sandra as a mother figure of sorts & now that has been ripped away because of her fathers actions.

    I hope Sunnys mom (Janine) steps up now and cleans up her act because her daughter really needs a stable parent in her life right now.

  23. Beth says:

    Somebody must have pulled the adoption thing out of their butt. Sandra has no legal way to adopt. As far as I know the mother of the two oldest is stable and in their lives. Sunny’s mother may be a mess but her maternal rights haven’t been taken away.

  24. Ruffian9 says:

    How could she adopt his kids??? She has no biological relation, and she’s divorcing the bio dad.

  25. Ann says:

    Sandy has gone so thin 🙁

    In While You Were Sleeping she looked so fresh beautiful curvy type but now look at her she looks starved!

    Anyway i am glad she left the skunk ……..i dont even know why she married this gay looking hairy monster skunk in first place.