Lindsay Lohan rage-tweets George Lopez: “have some respect & dignity”

Lindsay Lohan heads to a friend's house with a LOT of white powder puffing out of her shoes

Okay, I have absolutely no idea what the f-ck Lindsay Lohan is rage-tweeting about now. Apparently, after these photos came out yesterday of Lindsay’s feet covered in a white mystery powder, George Lopez made a joke about it on his show last night. What I can’t find is what Lopez actually said about Lindsay, her feet or the mystery powder. So I have literally no idea what Lopez actually said, I only know that whatever it was sent Lindsay into a rage spiral on Twitter. She sniped at Lopez: “thanks for the childish comment regarding baby powder in my shoes to loosen up the leather* don’t you have kids? U wouldn’t wanna hear that about them, or would you? Act like a grown man, have some respect and dignity for yourself.” Um… touché, Madame Crackface Dignity? Here’s a screencap of Lindsay’s Twitter with the messages – with a new photo I haven’t seen before, of Lindsay with DJ AM. Ugh. This bitch:


Lindsay Lohan has chosen an interesting way of addressing the cloud of suspicion she’s been under since being snapped with white powder pumping out of her high-heels: Attack. George. Lopez.

The ‘Mean Girls’ star took to her Twitter (what else?) to take on the comedian over a supposed joke he made on the Monday episode of his late-night talk show, ‘George Lopez Tonight.’ According to reports, Lopez joked Lohan uses baby powder to loosen up her snug shoes.

This seemingly harmless riff set off Lohan, who wrote: “Thanks for the childish comment regarding baby powder in my shoes to loosen up the leather … don’t you have kids?”

She then added, “Act like a grown man, have some respect and dignity for yourself.”

Lopez did not make the jab during his monologue, nor in any clips made available by TBS for Monday.

Lohan was leaving a friends house in Los Angeles on Saturday when a generous amount of white powder started shooting out of her shoes. In some angles, it appeared there was smoke puffing out of her feet.

Last week, she took a tumble onto a cactus while wearing similar high-heeled shoes. She has blamed pushy photographers and not intoxication for the fall. She later joked that she should “start wearing more flats.”

[From PopEater]

So, basically, now we know that the white powder was actually baby powder. I knew it wasn’t cocaine. Lindsay wouldn’t have let all of that coke blow away. So now that’s settled, I want to have a word with Lindsay: shut up. Don’t pick a fight with a man like George Lopez. He’s worked a lot harder, made more powerful friends, and earned the respect of more people than you’ve gotten high with. He’s a comedian who struggled for years to get where he is, and he’s not going to take any kind of hit, publicity or otherwise, from any kind of fight with you. All that will be achieved is that you’ll look even more out of control, deranged, entitled, humorless, cracked out and nasty.

P.S. If anyone knows what George actually said about Lindsay, please put it in the comments!

Lindsay Lohan heads to a friend's house with a LOT of white powder puffing out of her shoes

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Lindsay Lohan heads to a friend's house with a LOT of white powder puffing out of her shoes

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  1. princess pea says:

    Huh? I don’t understand why she’s mad.

    I love how she thinks that making fun of her is a sign of a lack of self-respect. It’s really just a lack of respect-for-Lindsay, actually.

  2. Eileen Yover says:

    Oh man I turned off the tv when his show came on because it was late! Darn! I heard Chelsea Lately rip on her though.

    I agree about Lopez-he’s a funny guy and HELLO how could you not joke about that? She looks ridiculous! She should be laughing at herself rather than making even more of a big deal out it. Dumbass.

  3. Katalina76 says:

    Why is it insulting to say that she used powder to loosen up the leather? Am i missing something? Either way, she’s a stupid milkaholic. TEAM GEORGE!!

    And also, her “don’t you have kids” remark really pisses me off. She’s not a kid, and has no right to be treated differently than any other adult in the entertainment business. She’s fair game. Grow up Lohan.

  4. lucy2 says:

    LOL. What an idiot.

  5. Rianna says:

    I don’t have a twitter account nor will I ever have one but I will admit… some crazy stuff goes down on that site.

    I think that every crackwhore in the world should have a twitter account and access to it 24/7. It would be interesting reading lol!

    And George Lopez was joking about her feet in the great white clouds? So was everyone else. Lindsay needs to get over her dignity rant and save it for another time. If the bitch was dignified she would stop baking herself like an orange, get a haircut, a job and sort out her smoking habit asap.

  6. meme says:

    WTF does Hohan know about respect and dignity? I’m surprised she could spell the words.

  7. nAynAy says:

    This is the only way for her to get some attention. Next we’ll be hearing from her mother and father. Oh, I cannot wait, NOT!!

    My and all my friends were making jokes about her too. What is the big deal? Did she see herself, she looked like an idiot.

  8. Melanie says:

    I laugh every time I see those crazy clouds around her feet. I think she should try to explain what the hell that was all about instead of ripping on everyone who is laughing about it.

  9. Maddie says:

    @ Katalina76: Watch out you might be called to testify for Lohan’s defense with “Either way, she’s a stupid milkaholic.”

    Notice how her “Mother” is no where to be seen as her daughter goes on her death walk, as to when her daughter was flying high in fame, fortune and film roles, Dina was always there, basting in the glory of her daughters “money” now where is she?

    Riding the tails of her once famous now infamous coat tails, trying to launch her dollar store shoes….. shameful, I guess they Lindsay and her mom forgot about the death of Cory Haim and Brittney Murphy

  10. blah says:

    I agree with katalina, I’m sick of hers and dina’s defence of “leave this child alone”. she’s like 24 or something, she is NOT a child anymore.

  11. Sarah says:

    I didn’t watch the show but from what I’m seeing/reading/hearing he said something to the effect that she uses the baby powder to loosen her tight shoes. Um, why that would send her into raging crack tweets, I don’t know. lol. This chick is on a downward spiral. Stupid milkaholic.

  12. Kate says:

    Ugh, I hate George Lopez. And I agree with #2, the correct response is to realize you look ridiculous and handle the situation with grace and poise…. LOL oh yeah, I’m talking about Lindsey Lohan here.

  13. GossipG1rl54 says:

    A. She has no respect or real value left
    B. She probably doesn’t realize he has a show
    C. Did anyone else see this blog? Hilarious recap:

  14. Praise St. Angie! says:

    LOL at the “milkaholic” references!

    LL telling someone to “have some dignity” is like Pam Anderson telling someone to “cover up”. Laughable.

  15. Lori says:

    I love how she wants eveyone in the media to treat her like she is still a child. George may have kids but what does that have to do with anything? He made that comment about a grown ass woman, a drug addict to boot. She is so in denial it is not even possible to feel bad for her anymore. Well, I never felt bad for her actually.

  16. Mel says:

    I agree the CHILD thing is ridiculous, she’s been an adult for several years now.

    Grow up, get a life….stop acting like you’re a victim when you p*ssed all your many chances up the wall.

    Maybe its time to look outside of your own little entitled world.

  17. bellaluna says:

    Yeah. Because “respect” and “dignity” are two words that come to mind first whenever Lindsay’s name comes up. Twitiot, heal thyself. And Linds, just because you behave like an overindulged, undisciplined child does not mean you are actually a child.

  18. Jillian says:

    I actually have a pair of shoes that are a half size too small and I have to use powder to make my feet more slippery to cram them in there. I don’t leave my house without wiping all the powder off though. And I hardly wear them because they kill my feet.

  19. Melanie says:

    Is it possible that this is powdered milk coming out of her shoes? She is an admitted milkaholic you know.

  20. Relli says:

    I have this awful vision of her going all Baby Jane as she ages, trying to recapture that gleam she used to have in child actor days. You know running around in red wigs, wearing leggings and replica of outfits from mean girls when she is 30 claiming she is just a child. The point is she is 24 and needs to start acting so, the whole “I am just a little girl routine” is creepy and makes me think she psychologically stuck being 16.

  21. Feebee says:

    I was sure you had the headline wrong and it was George Lopez (or any one else really) tweeting Lindsay to have some respect and dignity. That would have made more sense.

    Lindsay tweeting George is out of left field. She’s nuts.

  22. d says:

    aaah, the reality gets through the synchophants to Lindsey’s ears, and she flies into a rage because someone wasn’t blowing sunshine up her a**.

  23. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ bellaluna….


    That is awesome! Instead of HoHan, to me she will now and always be Twitiot!!

    Thanks for the smile today!

    PS TEAM.GEORGE.ALL.THE.WAY!! He has class and dignity!

  24. gg says:

    Twitter is a pox on humanity.

  25. hottathanholywatta says:

    Must be nice to be a washed up hag and sit at home on twitter all day, hard to believe this loser was once an actress smirk

  26. danielle says:

    Huh – last pic I saw of George he was at an event to address hunger. Last Lohan pic she was falling into a cactus. Who shows dignity and respect here?

  27. kelbear says:

    Can’t she ever say anything without saying it through twitter. Can we say loser?

  28. Roma says:

    @Relli – YES! Baby Jane totally nailed it. She keeps wanting people to treat her like the precocious young starlet that she used to be.

    Wow, I suddenly feel the need to rerent that movie. Though Bette Davis, Lilo will never be.

  29. K.C. says:

    What amazes me is that, if I, or any somewhat normal person, were in her position, i.e. unemployed laughing-stock of the free world, I would do my damnedest to have people STOP TALKING ABOUT ME. I would not continuously put myself in the spotlight doing absolutely ridiculous stunts like bashing employed late-night talk shows for doing what late-night talk show hosts do.

    All of her ridiculousness leads me to believe that there are people in her life who are allowing her to continue to believe she is worth more than just a couple of laughs to people like me. Someone needs to sit her down, tell her to shut the hell up and go away and lie low.

    However, I really love the purse.

  30. lucy2 says:

    LOL, danielle. That sums it up quite nicely.

    LL telling someone to “have some dignity” is like Pam Anderson telling someone to “cover up”.

    Good one! You guys are on a roll today.

    I’ll add one too: LL telling someone to have some dignity is like Heidi Montag giving someone natural beauty tips.

  31. Harper says:

    She is delusional and just plain stupid.

    Lohan has been babied her entire life and probably views herself as a child – anytime someone criticizes her or pokes fun at her expense they are “picking on a child!”. Pluuzzee! She is old enough to be a graduate from college by now, so I don’t buy the “irresponsible adolescence” excuse anymore!

  32. Ruby Red Lips says:

    god, i just wish she would look at what she once had and what she has now…

    come on lindsay….wake up!!!

  33. dread pirate cuervo says:

    @Relli, one thing you hear in recovery is that you stop aging emotionally at whatever age you start abusing alcohol/drugs. So Lindsay being mentally 16 is probably about right.

  34. moo says:

    Lindsay – you ARE a joke, therefore, people will joke about you!!!

    Get over it you stupid idiot!!!! Go away now. FOREVER!

  35. Huma says:

    Um, I’m sorry, but who honestly takes a thing of baby powder and dumps a crapload on one shoe to loosen the leather?


  36. dee2 says:


    I noticed her mother has only been around or spoke out when there was money involved, like with the milk lawsuit.
    what a shame how sick this chick is and yet no one is doing anything about it except her ‘dad’ calling a public press conference about the help she needs.
    As sick as i am of seeing her everywhere, cant help but feel sorry for her with parents like she has.

  37. gen says:

    Shoot, I don’t know which “celeb” I like least. Pathetic Lindsay or Lopez who is neither funny or nice?

  38. GatsbyGal says:

    @gen – I’m with you. I HATE George Lopez. It seems like most of his comedy is made up of “I’m mexican, isn’t that so funny?” and anecdotes about child abuse that I guess he thinks are super hillarious.

  39. whogonacheckmeboo says:

    JUST SAW GEORGE LOPEZ CLIP – he said something about her allegedly snorting cocaine…also an awesome joke about knocking over fast actin tanactin

  40. Emily says:

    Okay, I’ve never used Twitter, but in the top post, did she call him a foreigner as an insult? Maybe she could make a few bucks hooking up with Jesse James…

    Also, this chick is two or three years older than me, and there is no way I would be telling everyone to be nice to me because I’m just a wittle baby. Bitch needs to sober up and grow up.

  41. CB Rawks says:

    He was so hilarious as the Mayor on Reno911! His hotel room always had a dead hooker in it.
    I wish they were still making that.

  42. My2Cents says:

    She is such an IDIOT.
    I can’t get over that she is still refering to herself as a child.
    No child could have lips that big.

  43. Sigh. says:

    I say the same thing about her as I said about Jen A.: There are plenty products in wiiiiide distribution to handle personal problems — like sweaty feet in bare bare shoes without making coke, I mean powder clouds.

    Even freakin’ WalMart sells those short “stockings” to wear in peep-toes or slingbacks.

    Fail, fool.

    And I find him no more funny than I find her rational.

  44. ViktoryGin says:

    When you known more for debaucherous personal life than for your work, you must know that when you walk out with a conspicous white powdery substance on your feet that you are a walking target. Sigh. Agree with all of the posters who stress that she is not a child, though she still has the psychological maturity of one. Sad.

    @ Relli. LOL. Very apropos reference to Baby Jane.

  45. Karen says:

    what george lopez said
    from E! Report

  46. Goss.ip says:

    I am on team NEITHER. God who ever came up with TEAM CELEB. I will never be team George because he is a racist pos.

  47. christina says:

    Lindsey, YOU ARE NOT A KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just cause you can’t act like a grown lady doesn’t mean your actually a child.

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