Tiger Woods’s porn star mistress to strip near his comeback tournament

You have to hand it to Joslyn James. The porn star and stripper picked just the right time to promote herself and interfere with Tiger Woods’s big comeback. James made headlines a couple of weeks ago when she revealed the explicit text messages sent to her by the golf star, with whom she claims to have had a three year affair. 32 year-old James recently spoke to Fox News, and she said she’s coming forward now to set the record straight that people in Tiger’s camp knew about her relationship with Tiger, including Tiger’s best friend, Byron Bell, and his caddie, Steve Williams. James has e-mails from Bell with details of her travel arrangements to meet Tiger on tour. One meetup Bryon arranged between James was just 10 days after Tiger’s wife Elin gave birth to their first child.

James says she’ll be at the Masters next week in Augusta, Georgia, but the reality is that she’ll be stripping about 50 miles away in Atlanta at a club called the Pink Pony. Tiger will be guarded by security and if James or anyone else tries to cause drama they’ll probably get some media coverage out of it but it’s unlikely they’ll get close to Tiger.

Tiger’s former mistress, Joslyn James, said she plans to be at The Masters in Augusta next month when Woods makes his much anticipated return to the greens.

This comes as James told Fox News in an interview today that several people in Tiger’s inner circle knew that she was having sex with Woods.

She said she released text messages, e-mails and other proof of their three-year relationship on her Web site to prove to everyone what a dog Tiger was.

“To get the truth out there,” she told Fox News in an interview last night.

James, known off stage as Veronica Siwik-Daniels, also named names of Tiger’s entourage who she claims helped her and the golfer keep their secret trysts hidden between the sheets.

Specifically, James called out long-time Tiger confidante Byron Bell, who she claimed arranged travel for her to meet up with Woods.

James even dropped the name of caddie Steve Williams, who has steadfastly claimed she doesn’t know the 36DD star of skin flicks like ‘‘Big Breasted Nurses’’ and ‘‘Big Tops 2.’’

“They’re saying that his inner-circle didn’t know anything about his infidelities and his transgressions and that’s just false,” James told Fox News Channel.

“There were a few people in his inner-cirlce that I saw regularly that knew who I was and that [knew] the dynamics of the relationship that I had with Tiger throughout the whole three years we were together.”

James said she deserves an apology from Tiger because he had to gall to cheat with other women, other than her.

“I was overhearing way too many people talking in public, in Vegas, in clubs … and I knew it was just a mater of time” before all of Woods’ trysts would become public, she said.

James is also scheduled to appear at an Atlanta strip club, about two hours out of Augusta.

The Pink Pony posted on its Web site a map with directions from Augusta National Golf Club to the jiggle joint.

[From The NY Post]

The thing that struck me about James’ interview was how smart and normal she sounded. She came across as kind of intelligent, which is probably a big advantage in her line of work. I wonder which other high profile high paying men she’s been seeing. No matter what she’s making she’s not taking care of all her financial obligations. James owes over $12,000 in child support payments for her 10 year-old son who lives in Washington state. James claims to have been impregnated twice by Tiger, one pregnancy which she miscarried and the second she aborted.


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  1. Risa says:

    good LORD… she just needs to lay off…

    you slept with TIger Woods. so f***ing what?!?! So did 16 (or whatever the count is) other women! Crawl back into your porn filming shack!

  2. Sudini says:

    Part of me wants to shake her hand (ugh, I know) for not letting Tiger off the hook and for being a reminder of just what a sleezy guy Tiger is. All while his PR team is ever hard at work trying to restore his image with the big “comeback”…barf.

  3. Lisa says:

    I don’t understand why underfed girls get implants. They look ridiculous!

  4. Cakes says:

    Hee Hee- Jiggle Joint.
    LMAO @ “he had the gall to cheat on her with other women” YOU’RE A PORN STAR!!! That really shouldn’t bother you.

  5. Lin95 says:

    She has to make money the best way she knows how $12,000 a month isn’t chump change…..He spent 3 years with this woman he deserves every bit of embarassment….and people are willing to hand over their hard earned money

    Elin didn’t leave him so she just has to accept that these women are going to keep making money publicly off of her scummy husband….

  6. Sigh. says:

    They’re still using “alleged?”

  7. gg says:

    Yiiiiccccchhhh, she is so delusional. Whether Tiger makes amends according to his rehab or not is not for her to announce. I don’t think she sounds intelligent at all – we already know both of them are very messed up people so it doesn’t make any sense to itemize.

  8. Lin95 says:

    *My mistake not 12,000 a month in child support….just back support

  9. juiceinla says:

    She sounds completely pathological to me. I’ll bet she is three brain cells and a hit of Ambiene from boiling bunnies. The lack of morals (porn, stripping, extortion) utter lack of compassion, combined with the appearance of intelligence, all wrapped up in this awesome example of predatory opportunistic behaviour has cereal killer written all over it. Trix aren’t just for kids!

  10. hatsumomo says:


  11. alex says:

    This is what happened when you sleep with a ho, now she thinks she is someone important. I doubt she was pregnany twice by Woods. White trash

  12. meme says:

    man cheetah really likes the ugly ones.

  13. mojoman says:

    @sudini, agree with you, part of me wants her to keep Tiger on the hook but part of me want to stop all this cause the only thing that’s hurting is Elin and the kids.

  14. GimmeABreak says:

    I love how these chicks always want to take the moral high ground. It was important for her to make sure “everyone knew the truth about what happened.” What, that you’re a worthless porn star/prostitute that is available for the highest bidder? She’s a whore that is selling more than just her twat. She’s selling her soul for what little it’s worth.

    All of this has just gotten so ugly. Ick.

  15. Keith says:

    Clearly, this witch hunt of Tiger Woods has gone too far. In a world where a Pope is accused of ignoring the cries of 200 young sodomized boys for 20 years, where priests and presidents, politicians and professionals, public and private citizens (men and women)are each day accused of lying, cheating or worse, can we still demand an apology from a athlete who cheated on his spouse? Tiger’s only apology should be to his wife and family. He should not be accountable to corporate sponsors, or the world. Take him or leave him. That is each person’s choice. Is his infidelity worse than some other celebrity, politician or athlete’s failing? Consider David letterman, Charlie Sheen, John Edwards and on and on. Also, consider what would be the situation had he not confessed and the girls had all shut up. There would have been speculation but no proof, hence no loss of endorsements. There may have been a divorce but no public outcry. His image would be more or less intact. The problem here is not in sinning,(we all do), but confessing. Next time, Tiger, shut up.

  16. McCreampie says:

    Good blog ! 🙂

  17. Dave says:

    Shes really hot 🙂

  18. curt says:

    Wait… It’s a 2 hour drive… How the eff is Atlanta 50 miles from Augusta. Research, people