Kate Gosselin tried to get DWTS partner Tony Dovolani fired (spoilers for past ep)

Yesterday we saw Kate Gosselin whining and complaining during a training session for Dancing with The Stars with her partner, professional dance instructor Tony Dovolani. Kate got all pissy with Tony and told him to teach her differently. Tony seemed exasperated but determined, saying that he taught other instructors and no one had ever questioned his technique like that before. Kate said the practice session was over and Tony said he quit and took off his mic. He later re-entered the room and sort-of made up to Kate, who said she accepted his apology. Tony was incredibly professional and low-key about the whole thing and even when he quit momentarily he did it without much drama. It should have been Kate who was apologizing, not Tony.

Spoilers for last night’s elimination episode
Their performance was predictably awful and while Tony did well Kate missed steps and looked wooden and awkward during the jive. Many of us were rooting for Kate to be voted off in the results episode last night, but she didn’t even land in the bottom two. Kate was second to last in the judge’s votes with 80 year-old astronaut Buzz Aldrin at the bottom. The audience must be voting for Kate and Buzz because the results show had former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson and 90210’s Shannen Doherty in the bottom two. Doherty was ultimately voted off, which was strange because she had judges’ votes which put her solidly in the middle of the pack. Anderson received the fourth highest score but no one must be voting for her. Gosselin, on the other hand either has fans or people that are invested in seeing her fail spectacularly. Maybe it’s like a “vote for the worst” type of situation.

Getting back to Gosselin’s beef with her admirably patient trainer – Popeater reports that Kate tried to get Tony fired! That’s not about to happen, though, because unlike Kate the guy is universally loved by his coworkers.

Sources backstage at ‘Dancing With the Stars’ tell me the sparring between Kate Gosselin and partner Tony Dovolani that we saw last night is just the tip of the iceberg, and that things escalated so quickly that Kate insisted Tony get the boot from the show! However, from what I’m hearing, it’s not Tony who’s the problem.

“Everyone involved in the show thinks Kate is impossible. We all feel very sorry that poor Tony got paired up with her. She talks to him as if he is her ninth child,” sources tell me. “At one point things got so bad that Kate demanded that the shows producers fire Tony and get her a new partner. However, everyone would rather get rid of her than Tony, who is loved by all the staff.”

During the March 29 broadcast, video showed Kate and Tony clashing during a rehearsal. Dovolani walked out on Gosselin after she questioned his technique, arguing that what he was teaching her was “wrong.” Gosselin teared up on camera, and it looked as though she was going to quit. But they finally pulled through and danced the Jive for the show, despite Dovolani saying on camera that he should quit.

[From Popeater]

Kate’s nasty demeanor and awful dancing are getting old fast and people will hopefully stop voting for her soon. I know she’s inexplicably popular – we like to see what she’s up to because she’s the harpy with eight kids whose husband left her for a string of 20-something do-nothings. I’m sure there are still people who see her as a victim who is soldiering through for the sake of her kids, but the more we see of her on Dancing the more her real personality is coming out. Maybe by putting herself out there for a wider audience Kate will make it abundantly clear that she’s no victim. She could also be screwing herself out of career opportunities by cementing her public image as a shrew.

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  1. Dorothy says:

    Don’t like Kate, but Pam Anderson is so creepy with all her posturing and weird faces she makes ALL THE TIME! What is up with that? Is she on something? Doesn’t she know who the voters of this show are? It is women, that is why Brenda was voted off!!! We still hate her from 90210 days!

  2. YT says:

    Since Kate can do no wrong, Tony must be the reason she is doing so poorly.

  3. ME says:

    I am NOT a Kate fan AT ALL, but I have to agree with her. I have danced and know how hard it is for someone who doesnt. Everyone has different learning styles and this guy came off to me as impatient, arrogant, and unwilling to work to learn how she learns. He’s playing to the cameras at her expense and I dont have respect for that.

  4. dee2 says:

    I was honestly more thrilled to see Pam in the bottom and hopefully on her way out that Kate (and Im no Kate fan either). The funny part was Pam’s face when they announced that..lol, maybe she’ll soon get a clue that she’s more a pathetic sight than entertaining. I agree with other poster too, her eyerolls and faces are beyond annoying, that has-been of a chick is definitely on something.

  5. Marjalane says:

    Well, this was kind of a goofy story! of course ALL this drama with Kate is being staged by the DWTS producers! They’ve got themselves a HUGE storyline that will keep Kate-haters glued to the program. I have no doubt that we’ll be hearing all kinds of “leaked” gossip from the cast and crew! And I have to say- watching Kate lumber her way through the show is THE BEST!

  6. Linda says:

    I am so disappointed – never did I think Shannen would be going home – SHAME on all of those who voted for Kate – she is such a horrible, ugly, vile human being.

    I feel so sorry for Tony – he is getting the exact treatment Jon had to endure for years…I’ve been a big fan of this show and Tony has always been one of my favorites! IMO, Buzz did a better dance then Kate and I don’t understand why she didn’t go home!!

    Also – I hope Pam stays on the show – I love her partner…he is just yummy and I want him to stay on the show longer!!!

  7. canadianchick says:

    Next Khate will be commenting on how small she thinks his peen is. Doubt he would show her.

  8. padiddle says:

    I was so sad Shannen got voted off! She was at least trying, and way better than Kate. Plus, I felt she was very gracious with any input she did get from the judges, and the story about her dad totally made me tear up. Who are these people that like Kate and vote for her? She has never shown herself to be anything but arrogant and self centered.

  9. Sunnyjyl says:

    Kate was horrible this week. Worse than Buzz.
    I was looking forward to watching Shannen on the show. She has a charm that I didn’t expect. Plus,I think she is still dating one of my neighbors, and I think it would be fun to see him in the audience.
    I LOVE watching Pamela Anderson. Maybe I just have a fondness for her from her Tool Times days. I don’t mind her face. The one that scares me is Lois Aldrin’s.

  10. Oi says:

    Tony is the nicest guy on there. Don’t screw him up Kate! They should have put her with Derek Hough. That would be funny.

  11. Popcorny says:

    Good, I’ve always despised that lopsided twit Shannon Doherty.
    Glad it’s her and the Slam-Pam getting the voter’s shiv.
    I’d be one of those double voting for Buzz just because he’s old.

  12. Atticus says:

    I was really sad that Shannen got voted off too. I loved her/Brenda on 90210. She seemed very zen about the whole thing though, and realizing that she wouldn’t have been dancing with Mark due to his injury, it does seem like it all kind of worked out. Also, she might not have been able to take the stress in the long run if she was really breaking out in hives before every performance.

    As for Kate, it’s disappointing to see how this is playing out. I think her true personality is coming out, for sure, but I agree with Marjalane about the producers staging a lot of the drama. The whole cast seems to be pretty on edge this season. Edita walked out on her partner, too, after a spat so it’s not just Kate.

    However…on Access Hollywood last night they showed Tony storming away from the interviewer and Kate, and Kate looking upset about it, realizing he was still mad at her, so it seems the tension between those two is very genuine. It is hard watching Kate dance because she’s soooo just not good. But put her up against an Olympic ice skater and a Pussycat Doll, who dances every night for a living, and you’re going to see the disparity.

    That said, Kate did herself no favors by joining the show and it likely will do damage to her longer term aspirations because she is just not coming off looking very good at all.

  13. nycmom10024 says:

    I guess there is more Kate hate in gossip land than in the real world.

  14. snowball says:

    I think there’s a large element of the viewing public that just loves watching a true trainwreck.

    They’re waiting for the meltdown. When she gets voted off, and she will, she’s going to turn on him like a viper.

  15. Kolby says:

    Kate Gosselin has an army of disgruntled housewives who would follow her off a cliff if she asked them to. I don’t care much who these people are, I’m watching for the dancing, and Pamela Anderson is doing really well. And as far as her facial expressions and body language goes, it was said – twice, I believe – that her partner asked her to pretend she was Marilyn Monroe for that particular dance. She was playing a role, hence the hair and the makeup. She doesn’t normally behave that way. At least she’s pleasant with her partner and the judges.

  16. J W says:

    dont kid yourselves. all these reality shows are fixed for the best ratings. Kate Gosselin cannot dance and never will be able to…… so she has to stay on for the drama (ratings). i dont watch this crap because a ‘staged’ reality show is like watching our government in action.

  17. Lem says:

    shrew harpy shrew

    yope! 😀

  18. Laurie says:

    Kate was scowling at the cameras waiting to hear if she was on her way home. She can’t even try to be a pleasant person. Who votes for this shrew?!!

  19. Leek says:

    I think saying Jon left Kate for a bunch of 20 somethings is giving her too much credit. Watching what Tony is enduring for a few minutes every week is what Jon lived with for years of his life. His ridiculous behavior was his own little Britney Spears meltdown. Kate is pure evil.

  20. Feebee says:

    Pamela Anderson may be on something but that fact that Kate is still there means there are a lot of voters on something too. Self medicating perhaps? I understand this show is part dance competition, part popularity competition which is why I think Buzz will be around for another week or two, but Kate? She fails in both criteria!

    There have been dancers on before who were trainwrecks but they were funny or endearing so you rooted for them anyway. Kate’s a trainwreck that has no positive qualities whatsoever.

    As for no dancing or performing skills, there’s a guy called Jake who also hasn’t any dancing or performing skills, he’s just a pilot who gave out some roses on tv. So she’s not the only fish out of water, she’s just the only one being a bitch about it. Though Jake did have a moment there that warranted Chelsie telling him to “turn up, keep up and shut up”! But she’s too nice.

    Adam Carolla’s piece last night was so funny. Even he didn’t touch Kate though – nothing funny to see here folks. Wide berth required.

  21. princess pea says:

    @ ME – Yeah, and Kate’s totally the first non-dancer ever on the show, in all its seasons. And she’s, like, the first inexperienced person that Tony’s ever, ever had the chance to teach. And even though she doesn’t have any experience with dance, she obviously knows how to teach it right, and she’s so much smarter and nicer than Tony. And everyone who says that he knows what he’s doing and is actually really nice is just a gullible fool. I mean, like, isn’t it obvious that nothing is ever Kate’s fault?

  22. Rianna says:

    All Tony needs to do is turn around and give it to her as hard as she is giving it to him. Out bitch her. I work with someone just like Kate and if you don’t stand your ground she will run over you like a steamroller.
    Tony should just stand up to her, tell her to check her attitude, that he is not one of her children, HE is the one with the dance credentials and she can listen to him or quit.

  23. Carrie says:

    They should have paired Kate with Maks- that would have been the bitch-off to end all bitch-offs.

    I would have loved to see that match up!

  24. Uzi says:

    @Kolby…I’m with you! Why do so many of you guys hate Pam? I’ve always gotten the impression that Pam is “in on the joke,” doesn’t take herself too seriously and has fun with her sex symbol image. And she’s definitely entertaining on DWTS.

    @Feebee…I’m with you too! Remember computer geek Steve Wozniak? He had no musicality or dancing ability but obviously enjoyed trying something different, just like Buzz Aldrin’s doing this season. Did Kate even crack a smile once last night? She pouted like a child the entire time! Poor Tony!

  25. Maritza says:

    Buzz Aldrin has all NASA and all the senior citizens votes! I really hope he gets voted off, it’s sad to see him struggle like that. Kate too should get voted off, she has no camera appeal, she is always either rolling her eyes or has a stiff smile. Tony is a very nice guy and very professional, how dare she question his teaching technique? I totally agree with Rianna, Tony needs to out bitch her and stand his ground.

  26. lori says:

    okay, so my old boss use to be a ballroom dancer and tony was her couch. she told me he is one of the BEST ballroom dancers and as for a teacher ppl pay a lot to get him because he is that good. Kate Gosselin is a dispicable mother and human being. I use to be one of the people who rooted for her but after watching this, her kids need to be taken away from her before she does any more damage. The whole time waiting for her scores she looked like an evil b*tch. who the hell does she think she is? you have 8 kids all of a sudden the world needs to give a damn?please. grow up or better yet go home and be a damn mom you evil evil woman. and america stop supporting people who dont deserve it.

  27. lori says:


  28. Pam says:

    I don’t know but the Kate I saw last night looked a lot like the gal that constantly bitched and bickered at Jon. So is it Jon and Tony… and everyone else? Loved her fake tears… she must just add them for effect. For a moment there I thought I had mistakenly watched the ole Jon & Kate, except with Tony instead of Jon!

    As for Pamela Anderson, don’t care for her but she can pull off the dance.

  29. Anastasia says:

    Nothing is ever her fault. The Kate you saw telling Tony that it was his fault because he wasn’t teaching her the way SHE needs to be taught is classic Kate. At least she’s consistent in her despicableness.

    The thing she’s missing completely is humility. Tony is known as a wonderful dance instructor–easy to work with, affable, laid-back, able to teach just about anyone. He teaches dance teachers HOW to teach, for crying out loud. She’s learning from one of the best.

    But no. It must be HIS fault if she doesn’t get it. The woman is a walking mound of massive insecurities and cannot just deal with them.

  30. Anastasia says:

    Rianna: completely agreed. She really needs someone who will stand up to her bullying. That’s all she is–a bully. I do like the fact that Tony doesn’t put up with it the way Jon did. Did you see the Access Hollywood interview in which he walked off from the interview after his teaching style was questioned because of those rehearsal clips? I would be pissed, too.

  31. JuiceinLA says:

    the fact that Shannon got voted off and Pam was in bottom two – when both are arguably professional ball room dancers compared to Kate- makes me think the voting is rigged on this show.

    Shannon was bad, but she was nothing as horrible as Kate. I have seen senior citizen ball room dancing community college classes look more graceful than Mz. Gosselin.

    All I could think (when watching her “dance”) was, between her ex-hubby’s allegedly small “peen” and her wooden hips, we all should be wondering if those kids weren’t immaculately conceived! Has to be the worst sex known to man or wooden puppet.

  32. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @Juicein LA: The kids were convinced thru fertility treatments–that’s why they had multiples. But, then again, prolly the only reason they had to use fertility drugs is because the sex was horrible and infrequent. I would guess a tiny peen and a frigid bitch aren’t a good match in bed. 😀

    I hate this woman with a passion. As a mom myself, I SO don’t get why other moms out there like her! Can’t they see thru the smoke screen and realize she’s a terrible parent who’s only using her kids for her only selfish celebrity pursuits?? She makes me sick, and gives the term “mother” a bad name.

  33. Judy says:

    Yay Scarlet Vixen!

  34. kuhaw says:

    khate wishes she could have 1/1000th of the talent or stage presence of pam anderson.

    khate is a talentless troll and miserable to her dance partner, she needs to go home and take care of her million children…and busted weave

  35. DoMaJoReMc says:

    To the posters who think that Tony should give back what he is getting from KHATE:

    NOPE! It won’t happen because Tony is the ultimate professional. Something KHATE knows NOTHING about. (Nor will she EVER!)

  36. Madisyn says:

    Oi-No, I wish they would have paired her up with Max. He wouldn’t put up with her crap!

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