Jesse James wears Nazi hat, gives “Sieg Heil” salute (video)

Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James keeps his daughter Sunny from looking at photographers while dropping her at school

*For Jesse James’ “Sieg Heil” salute photo, go here.*

CB and I were just discussing the ethical issues involved with jacking a photo of Jesse James wearing a Nazi hat while doing the “Sieg Heil” salute. The original photo seems to have been purchased by Us Weekly, and then Us Weekly let Inside Edition show the photo (with the Us Weekly trademark), then the image was screecapped by someone on ONTD, then the screencap was jacked by Gawker. CB decided we should NOT use it, so… if you’d like to see the grossness of JJ in Nazi regalia doing his best “Heil Hitler”, go to Gawker here. Also, here’s the video from Inside Edition which features the photo:

According to this web of borrowed and jacked images, this photo is of Jesse circa 2004 – which is when Jesse and Sandra were dating, but not yet married. “Sources” are telling media outlets (once again according to Gawker) that “Jesse James is ‘not a neo-Nazi’ and that he took the pictures for ‘shock value.’ Shocking, that he would do such a thing. Couldn’t this have waited until after Passover?”

My opinion? I don’t think this sh-t is for “shock value”. I think Jesse likes Nazi sh-t, and he thinks it’s funny or interesting. BUT – not to defend Jesse – I’m open to the possibility that Jesse is just really f-cking stupid and that he doesn’t know anything about history, which means he thinks Nazism or neo-Nazism is “cool”. He’s like one of those a-holes who doesn’t know the difference between fascism and socialism. I’m not making excuses for him – ignorance is just as asinine as bigotry, and they often go hand-in-hand.

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  1. happymom says:

    Ugh. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt here-but this guy appears to be such a total creep. How did she not clue into this? It’s not as though she was 20 when she met him-definitely old enough to figure some of this stuff out. (Like, hello-porn star ex-wife?!)

  2. julia says:

    Finding it increasingly hard to believe that Sandra didn’t know he had racist tendencies.

    I think she must have known on some level, however he did hide all those horrid women from her, so he is clearly clever.

    Sooner she files for divorce the better.

  3. Anna says:

    How Sandra will ever be able to trust a man again, I do not know. She is so phenomenal, she really didn’t deserve all this. I bet all this Nazi crap is doubly worse for her to be connected with, since she is part German and has a lot of family in Germany where stuff like this in NOT taken lightly at all (I know, I’m half German and grew up there).
    Jesse James is the most vile, horrid and duplicitous guy we’ve seen in a long time. How he managed to fool Sandra (or why he even wanted to – ’cause I don’t understand how a man like him can be attracted to a class act like Sandra) is beyond me.

    Seriously, poor Sandra. Also, this is some nasty acid rain on her Oscar-parade, which she would’ve deserved to savour a lot more fully.

  4. may says:

    she is toast – she can’t escape this
    she knew of these exhibited racists behaviors of her husband
    SHE IS A RACIST!! I will never go see her movies ever again.

  5. meme says:

    there’s no fixing this mess, JJ. they don’t have rehab for neo-nazi racist morons.

  6. Katalina76 says:

    I think it’s a leap to call Sandra a racist for something her husband did before he was her husband. And if she’s such a racist, why has she been promoting and producing George Lopez for years?

    As far as Jesse goes, I don’t know what he is. He could just be an idiot who was goofing around and thought it would be funny to take that pic. The bottom line is, none of us know.

  7. Katie from Boston says:

    @May’s comment.

    That is so uncalled for. That’s just a mean, knee-jerk reaction. Look at the choices Sandra has made in her movies and other endeavors. Actions speak louder than words. In my opinion, Sandra is blameless. She didn’t see this coming. She was blind sided. (The irony that her hit movie is called “Blind Side” is a sad twist of fate.) I just feel so bad for her.

    Sandra if, by chance, you read this, please know that you have so many people in your corner.

  8. gloaming says:

    Oh. My. God.
    I had hoped that this rumour wouldn’t come to anything…

  9. canadianchick says:

    @May I can see why you’d wonder, but watch some of the footage of her interviews and interactions with people of colour-she is humble and respectful. She publicly speaks about equality. I think if she knew any of his racisn she thought she could change him-good girls often want to change the bad boys-NOT POSSIBLE.

  10. bellaluna says:

    Sandra’s not a racist. Don’t you think it hurts her to find out this kind of stuff too, in addition to the cheating? Wouldn’t it hurt you?

    I don’t know what Jesse is, other than really, truly stupid. I mean, IQ-of-a-potato-chip stupid.

  11. THANK GOD that people had a problem with May’s comment – I thought I might be th only one. To the person that said that he could just be an idiot goofing around, I agree. Dumb as a rock – check. Cheating jackhole – check. Moron – check. Racist – IDK.

  12. LindyLou says:

    @may – you are jumping to conclusions. Jesse is obviously very devious and sneaky to carry on with other women for years like he did. You have no way of knowing for sure that Sandra knew about his true nature. I truly believe she wouldn’t have married him if she knew he was such an ass-ole.

  13. Constance says:

    I’ve witnessed blacks and possibly more-so whites make some really racist leaning jokes and “performances.” Both say its for shits and giggles but let’s be real. There is a difference between stereotypical jokes and pure racism.

    Being of vague ethnicity (I’m a white/asian mutt often mistaken for Mexican- only in the States) I try to just keep myself away from such people because it all ends up LOOKING BADLY.

    No matter how you meant it… No matter how it happened… You kept the photo evidence of you looking like a douchebag making a not-really-funny haha about Hitler.

    He’s trash and if she doesn’t come forth ASAP and say she’s cutting ties… I’ll be putting her on my list of “actors I won’t give money to.” You are as dirty as the sh*t you sleep in Honey.

  14. meme says:

    @may – thankfully the majority of people don’t think like you.

  15. nnn says:

    Didn’t prince Harry of England publicly appologize because he was wearing a nazi costume at a party and did the nazi salute ? I think so.

    This is serious stuff

    In any case, there is no way that you do that nazi salute as a joke if somewhere, deep inside, you are not a sympathizer. This is disgusting.

    As for Sandra, i am sorry for her but there is no way that she had no idea of the racist rendencies of her husband, let alone some of the belongings he had with racist and nazi reminescence on it.

    She tolerated it and accepted living with such a nasty individual whose nastiness goes beyong the mere sexual scandal that just happened to be brought to light today…not the racist stuff she probably knew already.

    This is truly sad and pathetic.

  16. Katalina76 says:

    “if she doesn’t come forth ASAP and say she’s cutting ties”?????

    Really? This woman is going through a personal hell right now, and you think she owes you something??? She just found out her husband of 5 years has been cheating on her with multiple skanks, why would it surprise you that there were other parts of his life that he kept secret as well? Sandra owes us NOTHING. And for the record, if you read the article, the pic was taken before they were married, how was she supposed to know it even existed?
    As far as these supposed belongings of his that are from the Nazis, there is still no proof that they exist. This is all just speculation by “anonymous” sources and real reliable folks like Michelle Bombshell. So you’ll forgive me if I don’t crucify him as a racist Nazi yet. A cheating bastard, hell yes. A moron who thinks pretending to be Hitler is funny, hell yes. But the jury is still out on white supremacist Nazi.

  17. carrie says:

    moron guy!!! and i don’t believe Sandra bullock is racist:see her last movie “blind side” she acts with a black teenager!

  18. Oi says:

    I don’t know. That looks like he’s mocking the Nazis not saluting then. I mean look at the setting. He’s in a house in his undershirt. I think if he really were a Nazi he would have gone for the whole uniform, a pin or something. This looks like a joke or a party that can out at the wrong time.

    He’s still stupid, and yes I think we have to question Sandy and how much she knew about all this.

    nnn: I totally disagree with your statement about the salute. yes, you can use it in jest not deep down still not be a sympathizer. There is a time and place and most importantly context for everything.

    And Kaiser: ignorance is not as asinine as bigotry. Ignorance can be very harmless. everyone is ignorant of lots of things, not matter how much you know. I hope you meant that ignorance of the Nazi party and what they did is as asinine as bigotry. Ignorance and knowledge is not at all black and white.

  19. Susette says:

    I agree, Oi.

    C’mon. Real Neo-Nazis don’t goof around with this stuff. They hold it in reverence. He looks like he’s making a stupid joke out of it. There’s no proof he’s racist; just proof he’s a moron with bad taste in women (other than his wife).

  20. nnn says:


    I would agree with you to some extent if it was only about the salute stuff but the guy went with a white supremacist who doesn’t hide her tendencies. It’s more than the salute stuff.

    He is a racist, that’s for me is a given fact. Now i beleive Sandra tolerated it because he somewhat belittle his penchant or just simply because she loves him so much.

    It’s all about the extent of your love that co-exist with your own values.

    I am just stunned that she was able to marry or stay married to such a nasty individual inspite of her love.

    I wouldn’t but that’s just me and it’s her prerogative to have chosen love over her own values because i definitely think that she is nowhere near a racist.

  21. canadianchick says:

    I totally agree she owes us nothing and its her personal biz. But from a career standpoint-she has bosses and fans who would turn away from her if she doesn’t come out from this with a divorce and a clear stance against white supremacy stuff. Its her life but she does have a career to think about. I’m still Team Sandy, I think her publicist should make a statement soon. I totally feel for her but she’s gotta be smart about this right now.

  22. fizXgirl314 says:

    ok, not to defend an idiot or anything… BUT sometimes people do and say things in jest that they don’t intend for public consumption because it can be easily misinterpreted. I mean, it looks like he’s trying to be funny… that being said, i still think he’s a cheating asshole but i think we should give him the benefit of the doubt on the nazi association (still) because that is a serious accusation…

  23. Lin95 says:

    If this picture and video is all the evidence that this certain source has I think it’s very likely that SB didn’t know about it…..The person who released this waited until everyone was already hating on JJ, they probably kept it at their home and perhaps SB never crossed paths with them

  24. TaylorB says:

    Wow, each day he proves himself to be more and more of a POS.

    As for Sandra knowing, I tend to agree with others, he had a real talent for hiding things from her so hiding this moronic behaviour isn’t a big stretch.

  25. K-MAC says:

    @May…really? May, are you serious? Did Sandra Bullock get photographed wearing Nazi gear? Did Sandra Bullock sleep with an endless line of trash (except her husband)? I am grateful people do not agree with you…you are blaming the victim which is truly awful. I can see how Sandra Bullock was duped. She is not the one to blame here, Jesse James is the jerk. Watch Her Oscar acceptance speech, I think you missed her message about no one person being better than the other based on their race, creed or sexual orientation.

    Here you go May…

  26. here we go says:

    *shakes head* I was so hoping for Sandra’s sake that this photo was just a rumor. Still, I can’t say for sure he’s racist, but he’s definitely a moron.

    My heart goes out to Sandra. You think you know someone so well, then to find out that he wasn’t who you thought he was. I can only imagine how painful that must be for her.

  27. buckley says:

    It’s a wonder to me how Sandra could have missed all the signs, this one included. This bastard must have a phd on cheating.

    Blame firmly on this beasts shoulders of course.

  28. Constance says:

    I didn’t say she “owed me” anything. I just said if she didn’t come out to say “this situation is bullshit bc of him,” I’m going to go ahead and assume she knew about a little somethin’ and CHOSE to keep association. (That was a horrid sentence on the mobile) I’m with La Coacha, she should have known she’d be right where she is today at some point with this loser. His past volumes and the people who chose to be in his life are just as bad as him.

  29. GatsbyGal says:

    There’s a surprising number of people who think Nazis are interesting or “cool” and like to draw them or dress up as them, but who aren’t actually neo-Nazis or racists themselves. Just simple weirdos.

  30. ThunderC*nt says:

    Agreee with 29. But I think he goes deeper. Unless a Jewish ex or friend shows up, I’m worried. And who are we kidding? I bet Bullock is part Jewish and even sadder, so is Jesse. Lots of folks are & have no clue b/c their ancestors had to go underground. Most people lied the past centuries.

  31. Anna says:

    @Constance – sorry, but you *are* saying that she owes people other than herself something. She doesn’t. This scandal is spreading more and more each day and she is at the epicentre of it, shame-wise and hurt-wise. Trust me, the chances are good that she truly had no clue about his various racist/Nazi/douchebag/whatever tendencies because he managed to keep up a great facade. I doubt she would have let herself get so emotionally involved with his kids and even fight for custody for a stepdaughter if she had any inkling he was the vile a-hole he is. I’ve just seen a marriage of 16 years break up in a blaze of shame and fury. Turns out he was a cheater, liar and emotionally abusive. And all the time, we, the couple’s friends, thought they were so great and symbiotic with each other because they worked together, were good parents (well, she was anyway, it turns out) and were so sweet and cuddly with each other. There are abysses in everybody’s soul and human beings are capable of incredible deceit.
    So no, Sandra doesn’t owe the public anything. In light of recent events, if anything, we owe her to stick with her and make her see she is not alone and we won’t sink her career by boycotting her films because of an idiot husband. Because that’s what a compassionate human being, not even a fan, should do/feel.

  32. JuiceinLA says:

    Agreed, especially with this sentiment:

    Couldn’t this have waited until after Passover?”

  33. Lori says:

    This passover we will be doing one thing and one thing only…. *evil inglorious basterds grin*

    Team Sandy!

  34. Constance says:

    I didn’t say she owed me anything. I don’t have to watch her movies or her interviews even if I do like her. Calm down folks… I’m a commenter- Not Jesus. I don’t have to be compassionate.

  35. Aussie Mama says:

    what and this is a surprise?
    where there’s smoke…..there’s always a raging fire to come.
    so he’s a racist.
    there it’s finally out there.
    you think sandy didn’t know?
    99.9% of any political party/congress/government/royal family etc are the same. they are all racists man, they just hide it!

  36. Mistral says:

    I don’t know. I think he’s a moron and all that, but this picture just gives me the vibe of someone at a houseparty noticing said stupid hat, putting it on, and acting stupid. His expression really does look kind of Colonel Klinkish, or whatever that guy from Hogan’s Heroes was called. He looks like he is acting stupid, not like he is saluting in earnest. I hate the Nazis and think neo-Nazis are moronic scum, but I don’t know if I think Jesse James is really one of them…Hmmm…Who knows? He is definitely friends/acquainted with quite a few.