Dr. Drew: Sandra Bullock’s a ‘love addict’, Elin & Tiger have a better bond

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Dr. Drew Pinsky really bugs the sh*t out of me. He’s helped a lot of people but he’s a true armchair psychologist and routinely diagnoses and passes judgment on celebrities without ever meeting them. He’s speculated as to whether Angelina is still using heroin and needs treatment, has said that Lindsay Lohan needs to lose a limb before she’ll get sober (maybe he was right) and has said that Brad and Angelina’s nomadic lifestyle is damaging to their kids while giving Brad unsolicited advice about his pot smoking.

Now Dr. Drew is diagnosing Jesse James, Sandra Bullock, Elin Woods and Tiger Woods. He uses addiction speak to explain everything, and while the addiction model has a time and place I don’t think it applies to all situations. Drew calls Jesse James a “sex addict,” which is probably accurate although I’d use a few more choice words for the guy. Then he goes on to say that Sandra is a “love addict” and that she doesn’t have enough of a bond or history with Jesse to justify continuing the relationship. Tiger and Elin, on the other hand, have a “genuine love” according to Drew. Give me a break!

Dr. Drew Pinsky, board certified addiction specialist and host of the hit VH1 show Celebrity Rehab, has some candid advice for Sandra Bullock, “If I were treating Sandra I would advise her to leave Jesse James. They don’t have a long life together, it’s been a relatively short term relationship. There is no doubt to me that this relationship is over. Jesse is a sex addict and Sandra is a love addict. Sex addicts go for power and intensity, and that intensity is probably what attracted Sandra to Jesse. However, that intensity is not love, it’s addiction. Sandra probably didn’t give Jesse that level of intensity that he got with the mistresses.”

Dr. Drew goes on to say that he has one question for Sandra, “Why were you attracted to Jesse? What is going on with her? Jesse is probably a very nice guy, but it’s simply not a good combo for a sex addict and a love addict to be in a relationship. I’m going to make a prediction that Jesse is probably not going to change.”

Dr. Drew says that while Jesse is a sex addict, don’t make any comparisons between Tiger and Elin’s situation, “Tiger and Elin were very much in love at some point, and that was a very genuine love. They have two children together, a family, and many, many experiences together, and many reasons to try and make their marriage work.”

Dr. Drew predicts that Sandra needs “therapy to deal with what has happened. She is probably devastated. I would guess she would need at least a couple of years. She needs individual treatment. I would guess she could start to date in at least six months.”

[From Radar Online]

Has Dr. Drew even met Elin, Tiger, Sandra and Jesse other than in passing. How does he know that what Tiger and Elin have is real and what Sandra and Jesse have is not? I would suspect it has something to do with Tiger and Elin’s two biological kids. Sandra and Jesse have been married for five years while Elin and Tiger have been married for six. It’s not that much different. Plus Sandra has been coparenting Jesse’s three children from his two other marriages. They had as much as a family as Elin and Tiger. Drew doesn’t know what goes on in their relationship. He needs to STFU about people he doesn’t know or treat. Given what I know about his simplistic view and the way he routinely blabs to the press there is no way I would use him as a therapist.

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  1. meme says:

    this dipshit needs to STFU. who the hell is he to analyze people he doesn’t even know?

  2. Sunnyjyl says:

    Huh? Why would he weigh in on this? And, why, why, why would anyone photograph him coming out of the water? Ewww…

  3. Atticus says:

    Dr Drew should really STFU. I’m p!ssed off beyond belief that he would make the slightest indication that Sandra is somehow somewhat responsible for her dirtbag husband cheating on her. WTF!!!

    And by the way, just like Tiger and Elin, Sandra and Jesse have children together, too. Sandra may not have carried them in her womb, but by all accounts she is very close with his kids, particularly the youngest one Sunny. I cannot believe how outrageous these remarks are, by someone who has never spoken to any of these people!!

  4. Dorothy says:

    AGREED Celebitchy!!!!! What a horrible person Dr. Drew is.

  5. Marjalane says:

    What is with the ego of some who feel obligated to PUBLICLY express their armchair opinions?? Just stupid in my opinion- but I have to admit I have some reservations about Sandra Bullock’s part in this. It’s inconceivable that she “didn’t know” the type of guy she was married to. Uh, no, not buying that.

  6. snowball says:

    He’s nothing but a low-rate Dr. Phil. I’m not sure who that insults more, but I’m hoping it’s this scab.

    He hurts people he doesn’t even know with his stupid, careless remarks. Dr. Phil is just a corny moron.

  7. bellaluna says:

    I cannot stand Dr. Drew. He is just such a tool. He is so over-processed, glossy, and full of himself. Perfect for TV appearances and not much else.

  8. YT says:

    Opinions given to tabloids and news organizations by medical professionals and psychologists who have never met the subjects are total BS, and I seriously question the true abilities of those giving the opinions or advice. Just add them to the famewh*re list and ignore them.

    Edit: Ditto on famewh*re lawyers.

  9. canadianchick says:

    **voting for Dr Drew to lose his shrink license, and for him to do situps or cover up at the beach**

  10. Sudini says:

    He’s a certified idiot alright. I saw him on MTV’s Teen Mom show. He was talking to a couple about why they broke up after the baby was born (the boy was the biggest jerk and basically went out with his friends partying every night while the girl stayed home alone with the baby) and he encouraged the girl to get back together with the jerk.

    This man has some serious issues.

  11. Kat says:

    I’m suprised dr Drew bugs you so much, when you are writing smack about celebrities EVERY DAY. Seems a little hypocritical.

  12. cedar falls says:

    “What is with the ego of some who feel obligated to PUBLICLY express their armchair opinions??”

    Irony, thy name is Marjalane.

  13. anyhoo says:

    So, because Bullock was in love with her husband, it makes her a love addict? Huh?

    He was her husband–of course she was in love!

    Before Jesse, can anyone even name a guy Bullock was linked to? She was no Aniston, who ANYONE would diagnose as a love addict!

  14. princess pea says:

    He is such an ass. It sure does seem like he’s all for the Woods’ marriage because they procreated, as if that’s a sign of real love or something. And the victim blaming! He doesn’t say directly that it’s Sandra’s fault, but the assumption that she wasn’t giving him what he “needed” and that there was something wrong with her for falling in love with him in the first place… what a pig.

    I’m really tired of “sex addiction”. Convenient how it seems to be an epidemic among rich men, but not so much anyone else. And isn’t it intriguing how these assholes aren’t expressing their addiction through interest in their wives. Huh. I think there is a real condition, but these guys don’t have it.

    And I guess the doc’s a golf fan; I’ve noticed they are quite defensive of Tiger on the whole.

  15. Rianna says:

    Well I must be a love addict as well because I love my partner. What a stupid thing to say?
    Of course she loved her husband. Only a complete bitch wouldn’t love the man that she chose to marry.
    If he was to diagnose anyone as a love addict wouldnt he go with someone like Jennifer Love Hewitt or as @anyhoo said Aniston.

  16. snowball says:

    kat, I don’t believe we’re licensed physicians with specialized training in addiction medicine or have taken any kind of hypocrattic oath requiring us to practice medicine ethically.

  17. Hautie says:

    Dr. Drew is kidding, right?!

    It has been verified that Tiger has cheated through out his entire marriage. He never has stopped screwing around. How is he a better man than Jesse? Tiger is not even close to being a better man. hahaha!

    I am more bugged by the statement that Bullock is damaged. That she is a “love addict”. Exactly what in her public behavior left that impression?

    Bullock waited till she was over 40 to marry. She never lived with any of her past boyfriends. She always maintained her own home and paid her own way. If anything she seemed a little shy about the whole marriage thing. How does that make her a “love addict”?

    Dr. Drew needs to STFU and go sit down. He is not needed here.

  18. Kelaa Khaa says:

    It looks like Dr. Drew needs to replace his fast food addiction with some excercise addiction!

  19. ElizabethM says:

    The day Dr. Drew’s own scandal blows up, I will laugh. my. ass. off. Can’t stand that guy.

    However, having said that, now I’m going to do my best Dr. Drew impersonation and give my opinion:

    I hate to advocate divorce for anyone but I honestly believe Elin should dump Tiger. Tiger’s cheating seems to be from arrogance/entitlement and arrogant/entitled people rarely change because they don’t think they should have to. Also, his speeches are so stilted and his demeanor is so wooden I can’t believe he believes one word of what he’s saying.

    Conversely, I actually believe Jesse loves Sandra (as much as he’s capable of) and that his cheating is a result of low self esteem. I realize I might be blinded by wanting Sandra to be in love with a good man but I genuinely believe that unlike Tiger, Jesse hasn’t had people patting him on the back his whole life and his sense of self worth is probably in the toilet. The one speech he gave was painful to watch because he was obviously emotional about the sitch.

    I’m not saying Jesse is better than Tiger (I would dump BOTH of their asses) but for Dr. Drew to act like Tiger and Elin have more of a bond than Jesse and Sandra….well, clearly he’s not paying attention.

  20. Sudini says:

    @Kat – I discriminate against all idiots equally. Dr. Drew is no different from the other idiots out there in that regard.

  21. S says:

    I was married to a “straightforward, honest guy” for 15 years. We had two kids together. It turns out he had been cheating on me for the last 3 years with the same girl he cheated on me with 14 years ago (that I didn’t know about). One day he came home with a skinhead t-shirt and said he was going to wear it in front of our non-white friends. I’m thinking to myself ‘who the hell is this guy??’ I still ask myself that.
    It’s not at all inconceivable to me that Sandra Bullock was unaware of who Jesse James really is.

  22. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Dr. Drew needs to shut his pie-hole. His comments are offensive on many so levels. Way to blame the victim, assclown. IMHO, Elin should take the money & run & Sandra should keep her money & run.

  23. Wisteria says:

    “Addiction speak.” Big Deal. If was a football player, he’d use sports lingo, if he was a mommy, he’d give parenting examples.

    And when people are in the public eye and we can SEE their behavior over the years and HEAR multiple interviews, it’s MORE TELLING then meeting the fake, image conscious celebs who will tell everyone (often including new shrinks they meet for an hour) what they want people to believe.

    Celebs choose to be in the public eye and are talked about anyway, We may as well LEARN from their mistakes instead of getting mad at Pinsky-which seem to be a popular thing to do.

  24. Rosanna says:

    Maybe you don’t know that psychologists diagnose basing on *behaviors*, NOT words. So one doesn’t actually need to talk at length with one person and buy what they say! For example, a person like JJ, who married a beautiful intelligent smart woman in all likelihood needs mistresses because he does indeed crave intensity. TW on the other hand married a young inexperienced beautiful woman so his betrayals might be due to something other than sex addiction. As I said, it’s the behavior that lands you a diagnosis, NOT how you frame it (aka what excuses you spew to your therapist in order to get away with your behavior).

  25. K-MAC says:

    Dr. Drew needs to STFU! God, he really acts like he knows everything. Just because two people do not have “biological” kids together does not mean the love they share is less than that of people who do have “biological” children.
    OMG! he is and idiot. Less we forget that Tiger slept with another woman 3 weeks after his wife had given birth. This is all too gross for words. Sandra was in love with a man and I believe he was in love with her (as much as he could be), but he was a moron, cheat (many times) and screwed up BIG TIME! She needs to divorce him and move on and Dr. Drew Pinsky needs to STFU!!!! I am so sick of hearing the victim being blamed…did Sandra Bullock cheat, did she whore around? No…I think Dr. Drew is a “sex addict” and we will see the fall of him soon enough.

  26. Whatever says:

    This guy is a huge famewhore and attention addict. He has to weigh in with his stupid observations that no one cares about over and over again. He’s so gross.

  27. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Can I just make a comment on this ‘biological vs. step-child’ thing. In my experience, I have one biological child, and 2 step-children. It takes one hell of a lot more for me to love (and I do!!)these ‘stepkids’ than my own child. My child was raised by me and me alone. My ‘stepkids’ were raised by someone else, with someone else and in a MUCH different way than mine. Neither is right or wrong, just different. With that said, I am hoping I make my point. While Tiger and Elin have their 2 biologically, and they obviously love them unconditionally, and for Sandra to love her step-children as if they were her own takes a WHOLE lot of love. If you ask me, there is a HUGE bond between SB abd JJ. Sandra is the kind of Mother that would fight to the deaths for these kids, even though she did not carry them.

    Dr. Drew ought to shut up about people he may only know through the headlines. Don’t compare couples. And just for the record, I agree with ElizabethM about JJ and TW. They are totally different, and I agree that their reasons (although none are excusable) are totally different. They are 2 totally different men. I, for one, BELIEVE JJ’s apology. I DON’T believe TW’s apology. But, thank God, I’m not the one that needs to be convinced!

    Just my opinion and my 2 cents worth…Have a great day, all 🙂

  28. danielle says:

    that’s out of control – how the h*ll does he know Sandra’s a “love addict”!?!! – or that Jesse’s a sex addict for that matter – he could just have no morals-alot of that going around.

  29. isabelle says:

    That guy is full of shit.

  30. lb says:

    If Sandra were a love addict she would have a series of relationships behind her but she does not. She’s been married once–and it is a late in life marriage AND she has had only a few known boyfriends like Matt Mc. but not alot of others…very rare for hollywood actresses.
    hmmm. I think Dr. Drew is Waaay off here.

  31. chunkstyle says:

    I stopped listening to anything he had to say when I heard him “diagnose” a man who liked a beer after work as an alcoholic.

    There are plenty of real addicts in the world to help without making up addicts in every subject. Dr. Drew is addicted to calling people addicts! He needs help right away!!

  32. ksue says:

    I’d hit it…

  33. lucy2 says:

    I used to think Dr. Drew was out of line talking publicly about people he didn’t know and wasn’t treating, but that his opinions often rang true.
    HOWEVER – now I think he’s just a famewhore looking for headlines. He’s making a public diagnosis of 4 different people based on what the media has reported, and it seems to be a pretty uninformed opinion as it is. I’m betting Tiger cheated before, during, and will continue with the skanks after his marriage as well. I’m sorry, but there cannot be a true loving bond there when one half the couple is trolling for skanks day in and day out.
    And as for placing blame on Sandra? Please. Everyone can see what’s going on in that situation, and it’s not her problem, it’s his.
    Time to STOP, Drew.

  34. bee says:

    I agree with a lot of what he said. Until you’ve been a ‘love addict’, it is difficult to know what he means. He is not blaming her but it would be good for her to analyze the relationship and her part in it.

    Why do most of you feel you are more entitled to give your opinion than he is?
    He has the same amount of right to give his opinion as anyone else does!

  35. ElizabethM says:

    Also, @Kat…. you raise a very interesting question. Why does it bother us that Dr. Drew is judging/commenting on people he doesn’t know and yet we do it?

    My short answer (seriously, I’m only giving MY thoughts): honestly, I just hate how poorly thought out his rationale is. I have read some amazingly well thought out and intelligent commentary by bloggers and blog commenters regarding this situation. Most of which has been written from a place of concern, not just wanting to blather and get a soundbite.

    Dr. Drew’s crapola just seems like he has very little knowledge of the allegations (much less on the facts/timelines etc) and is just spouting off to get his name on the newsfeeds. The man is a trained professional yet his “analysis” of the two situations sounds like it was written by Stephanie Meyers. Any second now I expect him to drag Edward and Bella into it.

    If he wants to gossip with us, fine. But, at the least, he needs to say something intelligent.

  36. ElizabethM says:

    @bee …. I completely agree. Dr. Drew has the right to state his opinion, just like the rest of us do. And when he gives his opinion, he and his opinion are subject to having that opinion criticized just like the rest of us.

    That is why he needs to make double sure his opinion is well thought out and very clear.

    As for her being a “love addict”, I know what he’s saying (I’ve know a few of those and I bless their hearts!), I simply disagree. I think she’s usually pretty levelheaded about who she dates and doesn’t rush into relationships. So I’d like to know why Dr. Drew is calling her that.

    Also, I agree with you about Sandra needing to examine her actions to make sure she didn’t contribute to this. It’s not that I think she caused him to cheat, but I’m sure she’s reviewing everything over and over and over5 to see if there was something she missed. I know I would.

  37. buckley says:

    Opportunistic piece of trash.

  38. JuiceinLA says:

    you know, I used to adore Dr. Drew. i think he really means well and works hard to help those who will accept help.

    I don’t even disrespect him for pontificating when asked his armchair opinion. All TV Doctors do that. Hell when MJ died CNN had a gaggle of doctors who had never treated him postulating and theorizing…Drew is no different than Dr. Sanjay Guptaj.

    What has started to bug me is that on his rehab shows, where people really do try to get help, and he seems sincere, it seems he is allowing sensationalism and ratings control-by continually allowing that Cee yoU Next Tuesday bich-troll Kari Ann Penske(miss teen USA)onto his shows where she interferes with the progress and treatment of others. In my opinion, that ho is so “effed” up that the only way she will ever get better is if the camera isn’t on her.

    then again maybe she won’t accept treatment without the cameras. Rock Hard place, meet Drew? IDK. He should let her hit rock bottom when it compromises the progress and treatment of other people.

    Not sure what I think at this point.

  39. lucy2 says:

    Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion. But IMO, there’s a HUGE difference between anonymously sharing opinions as we do here, or even just sitting around talking with people, versus making a public statement as a medical professional.

    If he’s brought in as a med. prof. to discuss a situation on TV or something, then I think he should speak in more hypothetical terms and not claim to know intimate details of relationships between people he’s never met. I think there’s a fine line between acting as a consultant and offering information relevant to situations versus making a public armchair diagnosis, and I think he crosses that line often.

  40. andrea says:

    total crank. this guy should lose his license, if he has one.

  41. Anti-icon says:

    Sex Addiction is a modern label for a personality disorder. Narcissism and/or sociopathy. And it DOES happen to men who are NOT FILTHY rich too. My ex husband of 16 years was a narcissistic sociopath and i NEVER KNEW. So, after the whole mess burns up in the press, Sandra will have to have therapy, where she will learn that she chose this mess of a partner. Some therapists will call it codependent, Dr. Drew calls it Love Addict. It’s loving someone beyond what they deserve, and what is good for you. I don’t like it, but it is true. Don’t blame Dr. Drew because America (not just the celebrities) have narcissism and sociopathy running rampant in our population. He’s just trying to get people into counseling. It does and will help Sandra to get her life (and her self esteem and her ability to trust) back in order.

  42. kim says:

    Dr Drew has teenage triplets if one of them becomes addicted I wonder how he will explain it. Hecan diagnose strangers but will probably misdiagnose his family members

  43. Anti-icon says:

    #43 Kim, you’re probably right. It is much easier for a therapist to help others than to recognize disfunction in himself/his own family. That’s why shrinks have shrinks. No body’s family is functional, unless they are aware of problems and confront them head on. Ususally, this takes eduction and insight. (and also money, frankly.)

  44. moo says:

    I think Dr. Drew may be a Celebrity Addict! REHAB STAT!!!!

    And, get over yourself!

  45. Beth says:

    Dr. Drew is becoming worse than Dr. Phil. I don’t know why people insist diagnosing people they don’t know. When did being a pig become being a sex addict? I don’t know anything about sex addiction but I have to assume it’s similar to drug and alcohol addiction. You have to get it anytime, anyplace all of the time. I don’t think Tiger and Jesse are doing.

  46. wondering says:

    Wait – what makes him any different from any of us commenting on these celebrities?

  47. Ruffian9 says:

    Bee: Because he’s giving his opinion as a PROFESSIONAL, that’s why.

  48. Ruffian9 says:

    Ok, Rosanna (should I call you Dr.?)..thanks for your input. Of course, psychologists diagnose on *behaviors* of people they don’t know but read media accounts of. Real psychologists also listen to their clients, who speak in WORDS and sentences.

  49. Ruffian9 says:

    Sandra needing to ‘examine her actions and the role she may have played in this’ (I’m paraphrasing)… I think the top of my head just blew off. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. HIS actions, HIS responsibility.HIS fault. Period.

  50. Dani says:

    Oh please, he’s not blaming Sandra for what Jesse is doing. He simply asked why was she attracted to him, which is what 99% of the public asked when they first got together, and even now. They’re two totally different things.

  51. Anti-icon says:

    Timing has a LOT to do with receiving and seeking recovery from being a “love addict” i.e.the victim, like Sandra. I doubt very much she will be wanting (or needing) it UNTIL she mourns the loss of her marriage. If she gets on just fine with the idea of dating again and does so without fear, then she will never need therapy. Just speaking from my own experience, this “love trauma” she has had foisted upon her is far more emotionally difficult than just a couple of months of raging to friends.

  52. chshc says:

    What happens when an addiction specialist is addicted to attention?

  53. bee says:

    Ruffian9: Defensive much….you felt the need to respond to 3 people and tell them they were wrong in the opinions.

    He is a professional; you are not; this is just a blog.

    You crack me up!

  54. Kim says:

    I have to say I agree with Dr Drew. Even Sandra herself says she never thought she would date Jesse because she judged him by his appearance. Well I think she knew a little more than that – he was previously married twice for 2 or less years to each wife. He has kids with both exes and one was a hard core porn star. I think these were red flags that Sandra ignored because she is a love addict and truly wanted to be in love and have that love returned (and i think she thought it was w/ Jesse). She did nothing wrong but believe a man who was dishonest with his love.

    The Tiger & Elin i DONT agree with Dr Drew on at all. If Tiger was poor would Elin have hooked up w him? no. If Elin was ugly would Tiger have married her? no. I dont think there is any deep love connection there. I see no diff between Jesse and Tiger except that Jesse and Sandra didnt have children together.

    I think Tiger is worse because he portrayed himself as loyal family man, Jesse really didnt. We assumed because Jesse w Sandra he was loyal but he never stated he was as Tiger has MANY times & in fact Tiger gets endorsements etc base don his image, Jesse does not. Tiger also slept with WAYYYY more women while married than Jesse did.

  55. JuneJulyAugust says:

    Sad. I usually like Dr. Drew but he’s stepping into Tim Gunn’s annoying unsolicited advice territory and he should know better.

    So how is Sandra a love addict? She isn’t a serial dater/engager like Jennifer Love Hewitt. She just made the mistake of letting too many people know about her feelings about her husband/marriage.

    I think the only reason Dr.Drew feels the bond is going to remain between Elin and Tiger is because Elin isn’t a celebrity in her own right unlike Sandra. But honestly these women both look too smart to put up with this. And I don’t think Sandra is nearly as vulnerable as people think she is.

  56. Ruffian9 says:

    Bee: Heh…defensive? …no. But you thinking so amuses me. Um… my point dear, was just that: He is a professional.

  57. mouth.like.a.sailor says:

    i have to agree with the people on here who think it’s amusing that some of you guys are totally freaking out on Dr.Drew because we, in turn, do the exact thing DAY AFTER DAY on here dissecting celebrities lives. the only difference to me is that Dr.Drew might actually have a little more credibility in some of the stuff he says because he has probably seen cases like this in his own life over and over and over…this is not a totally unique situation except for the fact that it involves not just regular strippers…but crazy pornstar type strippers and famous people instead of a regular married couple with an unfaithful husband and strippers at strip clubs.

    super kudos to the person that broke the term “love addiction” down to what it really is… CODEPENDENCY. it’s basically the new “It” word for codependency. ive been in therapy for codependency and i can totally understand what he’s saying when you think about it like that….Sandra ()it seems) was really addicted (basically) to the feeling of being loved and the feeling of giving her love…ie the children and supporting this man, the underdog and loving him unconditionally and all that jazz. it has a lot to do with being able to give and recieve this huge amount of love that she feels inside of her, and she was gonna give that love no matter whether or not it was deserved or healthy or whatever, and it seems to have blinded her a little bit to the actual reality of her relationship, which is an incredibly common thing in this world because there are so many CoDEPENDENT people, meaning “Love Addict.”

    also, you guys act like Dr.Drew gets up one day and is like, “hmmmmm…i’m gonna call up Star Magazine today and tell them what i think of their latest headline news…” Um, no. He is a well known celebrity pyschologist, who is perfectly allowed to have his own opinion just like we are and he also has a radio show and other outlets where he talks and would be discussing things like that, especially considering most likely someone asked him what he thought of the situation and this is his answer. duh. not only that, he has broken no code of ethics because he’s not out in the public discussing the details of patients that he treats, THAT would be unethical and grounds for this sort of critisizm…. i think people are just a little too sensitive because Sandra Bullock and Jesse James bring out a lot of emotoins in people because she’s america’s sweetheart and he’s a tattooed muscle man guy and people have huge emotional opinions about it for some reason, same as Angelina…her fans are so friggin passionate, i mean they’ve been named Brangaloonies for gods sake! of course they’re gonna bitch and moan if someone dares say anything less than stellar about their patron saint. so funny guys, so funny. apparently Dr.Drew isn’t allowed to be human and express the same opinions that we come on here and discuss every single day.

  58. ElizabethM says:

    @Ruffian9 Apparently I wasn’t clear with my words. I NEVER said Sandra is to blame for Jesse’s actions. Never. I’ve never even thought that. However, she was part of that relationship and she DOES need to reflect on what went right and what went wrong and whether or not she missed/ignored some red flags. For example, she needs to carefully examine why she chose to give him a chance when her initial gut reaction to him was “ick, blech, avoid”.

    Most people (not all but many, many, many) who have been in a romantic relationship that ended badly usually ends up saying something similar: “in retrospect I now see (fill in blank)”. That doesn’t mean they are to blame, it simply means they need to question why they chose to ignore warning signs that may have come up. What is it that made them want to not address that particular issue(s)? There’s no wrong answer but they do need that answer in order to avoid that same problem in future relationships.

    So, I wasn’t *blaming* her. It means I want her to learn from this debacle and grow stronger so hopefully she’ll never have to go through it again.

    I hope this helps clarify what I was trying to say in my earlier post.

  59. THE MACHINE says:

    Dr. Drew, out of curiosity, why are you using the same Psychology to illustrate that things seem to be related to substance abuse. Let’s do a scientific experiment- I illegally put cameras and other devices in your home, your car, and workplace. Furthermore, through the process of scientific induction and deduction and regression analysis, you are able to use magic to put together the facts out of nothing! If I deprived you of sex and your potential abilities due to this, would you then conclude that this is a substance abuse case? What if you saw all kinds of other people making piles of money while stealing your ideas? Would you consider this a substance abuse case? I tend to think that something like this would drive a person to drink!! What if I could track and trace internet hacking to a source location or illustrate with a spectrum analyzer that there are certain frequencies and correlations in relation to the frequency of certain intrusive devices, and that people who are doing whatever they want, are using you and you cannot do a thing about it, what would you conclude?

    One further question: “why do women always ask: what are you thinking” while in bed?

  60. Moomoo says:

    “..he’s a true armchair psychologist and routinely diagnoses and passes judgment on celebrities without ever meeting them.”

  61. zeek says:

    Dr Drew isn’t butting in out of some seek for fame or money. He is frequently ASKED by others to give his opinions on these things, because he’s a well known doctor after 25+ years on his radio show Loveline.

    It’s REALLY, REALLY ironic seeing people complaining about how someone needs to stay out of something on a stupid celebrity gossip site though.

  62. Marci says:

    Codependency does not really exist except in the fictitious 12 step addiction treatment world.
    I understand it to a point but some of these 12 step worshipers take it way over the line. I believe that human compassion wins out over their brand of “tough love” any day.

    12 Step treatment can be harmful to people who are vulnerable and this Drew character takes advantage of that.

    His treatment is not evidence based and there are more grounded, healthy ways to deal with a drug and alcohol problem.

    There are actually forums on line for people to recover from the whole mindless 12 step recovery industry.

  63. USMCVet says:

    Whatsa matta Doc, you between seasons of Celebrity Rehab and Sober House so you gotta get your fix of the limelight? Someone just might be addicted to fame and glory.