Is Elin Woods staying with Tiger because she’s pregnant?


Just a few hours ago, I was telling CB how tired I was of the Tiger Woods drama, and now I’m being sucked in again. Apparently, The National Enquirer (story via Hollyscoop) is reporting that Elin Woods is pregnant! Reasons this is probably not true: The Enquirer didn’t make this their cover story (which they would have if they had solid sourcing, I think). Another reason: because hopefully Elin hasn’t touched Tiger’s dick in months. Reasons it could be true, according to the Enquirer: she’s moody and she’s eating a lot and she’s got a bump, apparently. If I was married to Tiger, I would be moody and eating a lot too (and thus, have a “food baby” bump). Here’s more:

This one’s a little hard to swallow. According to reports, Tiger Woods’ wifey Elin Nordegren is pregnant. Yes, pregnant!

The National Enquirer is reporting Elin is approximately four months along and is really starting to have a hard time hiding her growing belly. And before you knock the National Enquirer down, remember they were the ones who first reported on Tiger’s cheating scandal.

“Elin’s staying quiet about it, but she’s showing every sign of being pregnant,” a source told the National Enquirer.

“Her tummy’s a dead giveaway and so is her behavior. Her moods are all over the place and she’s been eating constantly, which is not like Elin since she’s always so concerned about her figure.

The source added, “She’s also dropping other little hints, like rubbing her tummy constantly, and cutting back on her exercise routine. Her appetite changes, too. She gets nauseous a lot of the time and sometimes doesn’t eat a thing. If she’s pregnant, this could be the real reason she hasn’t sent Tiger packing for good.”

It’s a little hard to believe Elin is pregnant, but if she is, it makes sense as to why she didn’t leave Tiger after 15 mistresses came forward. What do you guys think? Could she be preggers?

[From Hollyscoop]

Yeah, I really don’t believe this, but I guess anything is possible so I’m just putting it out there. It could happen, I suppose. I tend to think it’s just the way some people rationalize Elin staying with Tiger – if she’s pregnant, we can all say “oh, she’s pregnant, that’s why she’s giving him a second chance.” Eh. It reminds me of Denise Richards, actually. Remember how she left Charlie Sheen when she was like seven months pregnant? That was so hardcore. And it made people think – “Dude, she’s seven months pregnant and she still walked out. Charlie must be a real piece of work.” Which is exactly what we’ll say if and when Elin dumps Tiger’s dumb ass.

P.S. Elin and Tiger’s son is a little doll! Look at that adorable little face!


Elin with the kids on February 8, 2010. Credit: Fame Pictures.

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46 Responses to “Is Elin Woods staying with Tiger because she’s pregnant?”

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  1. Sigh. says:

    Eh. Stranger things have happened to seemingly smarter people.

  2. Just a Poster says:

    um.. gee do you think it could be because she has a cheating ratbastardsonofabitch for a husband?

    Infidleity can cause massive mood swings and queasiness, weight loss and gain.

  3. Leek says:

    Well, women with THAT much money to play with don’t have roots growing like hers for no reason. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is.

  4. YT says:

    The Enquirer must be tired of rehashing the same Tiger stories. If it is true, it is a sad time to be expecting a baby.

  5. Jenny says:

    Wow, Leek has a good point.

  6. Jenny says:

    She’s got a bump in those pictures? Okay then, whatever they say…
    If I was a celebrity I swear I’d be “7 months pregnant” every other week.

  7. ligeia says:

    maybe she is just depressed and doesn’t care about her looks as a result.

  8. buckley says:

    Goodlord woman, I sure hope you didn’t get with that beast again…
    and thank god the kids don’t look too much like him. He’s so fug.

  9. Risa says:

    well, say she got pregnant RIGHT before the scandal broke… she would be just around three months right now…

    i think? correct me if I am wrong…

  10. Bonfire Beach says:

    Really, at this point does ANYTHING about the Tiger “scandal” surprise anyone? I wouldn’t even be shocked if animals started coming forward selling their stories to tabloids about their sexcapades with him.

  11. Brooke says:

    Only reason I’m on board is her hair color, which is positively wretched. Can’t bleach when you’re prego.

  12. Hautie says:

    Maybe she feels like going natural? Tired of being the ultra pale blonde. It is a pain to keep up.

  13. Peanut says:

    Scandal broke at end of November, right? So if se got pregnant around then she’d be about 4 months I think.

  14. ThunderC*unt says:


  15. lilred says:

    @Bonfire Beach: I’d say it’s lucky for Tiger that animals can’t talk.(not including the two legged kinds that have already come forward.

  16. JuiceinLA says:

    I agree with ya’ll. look though at her roots- she is clearly not getting regular touch ups on the blonde- which she would have to forego if she were preggers.

    Poor woman. I kind of hope she isn’t, but in my estimation, the un-dyed hair always comes up as the first sign of bebes.

  17. Just a Poster says:

    Very true JuiceinLA.. that and big boobs.

  18. GatsbyGal says:

    I’ve never understood the “I have to stay with him because of the kids” mentality. It’s stupid. Trust me, your kids don’t want that asshole as a dad. They’re better off with just you! They’d much rather have one happy parent than two miserable, bitter ones.

  19. Darlene says:

    oh, her hair looks terrible!!

  20. missy says:

    What’s up with the chicks roots?

  21. dread pirate cuervo says:

    If it is true, she’d get more money popping out another kid before she divorces him, I would think. But in reality, I think she’s just too stressed to care what she looks like. I mean, she’d have to be way more likely to miscarry considering all the public humiliation, right?

  22. naye in VA says:

    @ Gatsbygal

    Its a lot of F*@$ed up families because of that mentality right there.
    Just becuase he cheated on her numerous times doesnt mean he’s a bad fatehr and doesnt mean he’s an asshole to his kids.

    Its so many kids messed up becuase mom had a grudge against dad and decided becuase of that dad had no rights to the kids. Who suffers? the children do.

    And as long as Tiger is makin the money you best believe he’ll be a part of those kids life whether he’s with Elin or not

  23. naye in VA says:

    An i totally believe Elin looks the way she does and doesnt exercise and all that becuase she’s stressed about Tigers infidelity. I primp and prod when i’m going thru a breakup, and wallow in ice-cream when im having a fight.

  24. lin234 says:

    Yea.. I agree with the sentiments that she could just be depressed. After all, no matter what she looked like, her husband was off banging every other ho in and out of town.

  25. CYANN says:

    No way is she knocked up! PLEASE!

  26. Wow says:

    @gatsby – only women who have no self esteem use that staying for the kids lame excuse. You have some women who are beaten and don’t have a penny to their name who somehow find a way to leave and do better for themselves AND their kids.

    Just as I wish these cheaters would be upfront to their wives about cheating, I wish some of these wives would just be honest about why they choose to stay. Elin should just say “look, I don’t care who he does, I like the lifestyle and perks of being Tiger’s wife. This is why I’m staying put. The rest of the public can suck it if they don’t like it.” At least that would be closer to the truth than staying for the kids, fake babies and ridiculous sex-rehab hoopla.

    This speech wouldn’t work for Sandra Bullock though.

  27. Shannon says:

    The roots were the tip-off for me too, I’m surprised the Enquirer didn’t say anything about them. But they could really go either way – either she doesn’t give a crap how she looks and doesn’t feel like trying to impress anyone, or she’s pregnant and can’t get her hair bleached.

  28. Sudini says:

    Ya, it just never seems like a good idea to stay in an unhealthy marriage “for the sake of the kids”. I think it’s a cop out and like Wow points out, a sign of low self-esteem and avoidance.

    I’m still holding out hope for Elin that she does the right thing by getting herself and her kids away from Tiger.

  29. Beth says:

    If she was pregnant Elin would be showing by now. Also what difference would being pregnant make? They already have two kids. Why would it matter?

  30. Cinderella says:

    Say it ain’t so. Please.

  31. gg says:

    Why is there roots in one photo and not in the other two pics, presumably from the same day? It looks like somebody photoshopped the roots in on the one picture.

  32. mel says:

    @Brooke, yep the roots definitely need a touch up. Only time will tell.

  33. Tia C says:

    I highly doubt this. They are selling papers. She is letting herself go a little because she’s going through ten tons of crap!

  34. Bek says:

    I don’t see a bump WHATSOEVER, but m’kay. Enquirer and other rag mags have been getting a lot right these days. I’ll say this: if it IS true, then my heart really goes out to her. What a mess.

  35. Madelyn Rose says:

    Oh Lordy, for her sake I hope this isn’t true. That would just be sad.

  36. Feebee says:

    Hard to swallow is an understatement. The shit hit the fan in November. I’d say she’s stayed well away from his dick since then. It’s now nearly April… she’d be showing… apparently not.

  37. SixxKitty says:

    i admire her for not falling into a messy depression, which no matter how much cash you have, being Tiger’s wife would be crushing right now. For her sake, I hope she is just coping, not expecting.

  38. OXA says:

    If Elin stays, what kind of a lesson will she be teaching her children about how to treat and be treated by the people they love?

  39. Belle Epoch says:

    Can we take a little survey here? If you were Elin and you were pregnant, would that

    a) not make any difference – you already have 2 kids with the guy, and you can pay for all the nanny help you need, or

    b) make you want to “work it out” for the sake of the unborn baby, even though you can never trust your husband again

    Personally I’m with (a). I think she should take the money and RUN. NOW. She could have a whole new life with a decent person.

  40. Rianna says:

    She doesnt look like she is pregnant so she must be in the early stages if she is. I don’t see a bump at all. And why would she even consider doing anything with that man after what happened late last year. I don’t think she would have had sex with him for a good 4 months now since the scandal broke. So she definately doesnt look like she is 5+ months pregnant.

  41. lastwordlinda says:

    @feebee. Thank you for doing the math for me so that I didn’t need to look it up. You are so right. There is no way she is pregnant – She’d be really starting to stick out by now. Unless, god forbid, she was having sex with that cheating, lying SOB, poor excuse for a husband, after the affairs became known.

  42. TG says:

    @GatsbyGal I totally agree with you. And @VA I hear what yu are saying, but I tend to think when a man or woman runs cheats and lies and sneaks around that is not being a good father because he/she is supposed to be a good example to their children. Does that mean he hopes his daughter ends up with a man like him? So she will have to suck it up and put up with a douche? And what is he teaching his son? Also, shouldn’t he have used some of his free time to hang with his kids?

  43. bellaluna says:

    Yeah, tomorrow is April, so if she’s 4 months pregnant, she got pregnant right around the time the scandal broke. I don’t buy it. She was also (supposedly) drinking a lot around Christmas/New Years, which I doubt she would have done if pregnant.

    Feeling nauseous is completely normal when you find out your husband is a cheating shithead, as is losing weight, or gaining weight. She may have roots because she’s been focusing all her energy on her children, which doesn’t leave much time for trips to the salon and can lead to eating too much fast food, not eating much at all, and most definitely causes a lack of sleep.

  44. weslyn says:

    how could he be a good father..he was too busy whorin’ around with multiple women and having unprotected sex..putting the mother of his children in mortal danger (diseases, crazy mistresses, BRINGING THEM TO HIS HOME THAT HE SHARED WITH THE FAM, etc)

  45. Patrice says:

    I have heard some funny shit in my life, but this one takes the cake!

    You know that man hasn’t gotten near her with a 50+ foot pole sine they “got back together”. Which of course, on the one hand I more than undersatnd, but if Elin really is staying with him “just for the children” as stories claim and she won’t sleep with the perpotred “sex addict” then what the Hell is she expecting is going to start happening again sooner rather than later???

    I know for a FACT that I would NOT stay with a husband who cheated on me repeatedly (and UNPROTECTED no less!!), but if she is going to stay, then she absolutely has to forgive him. There is no other way. What would be the point? Children don’t want two parents who live under the same roof but cannot tolerate each other.

  46. Jeannified says:

    Girlfriend needs to dye those roots! But then again, she has more pressing matters! She still looks fantastic, and I doubt she’s pregnant, by the looks of her.