Carey Mulligan channels Twiggy, gushes about Shia LaBeouf


I wanted to do this piece just as a way to cleanse the palate after all of the horrible, nasty stories that came out today. So here we have little elfin beauty (and Best Actress Oscar nominee) Carey Mulligan on the cover of Wonderland Magazine for May. She’s channeling Twiggy, by the way. My first thought was Mia Farrow circa Rosemary’s Baby, but they were actually aiming for Twiggy. It’s a cute look for her, but I like her better with long hair. Anyway, in the interview she talks about being known for fashion rather than acting, her work schedule, and she gushes about “amazing” Shia LaBeouf, her boyfriend and Wall Street 2 costar. Here’s more:

With her cropped hair and elfin looks, Carey Mulligan pulls off a pretty stunning mipression of Sixties pin-up Twiggy. In a series of photographs for a magazine cover shoot, the up-and-coming British star poses in a white Prada shirt looking very like the waif-like model.

The actress, who won a BAFTA for her role as Jenny in An Education, is taking a brief break from acting after the awards season and her numerous roles on screen.

Carey admitted she has not worked since filming wrapped on her first Hollywood blockbuster Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps in November. But it was there she met her co-star and now boyfriend Shia LaBeouf when she played his love interest.

‘The first time we read together we were so nervous,’ she said. ‘It was just me and Michael [Douglas] and Shia, and neither Shia or I looked up. You never know how these things are going to work. I’d wanted to work with Shia since A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints. He’s amazing. He was so incredible in that film, and we ended up working together well.’

As well as being on the promotions trail for An Education last year and making the sequel to Wall Street, Carey has also filmed Never Let Me Go, an adaptation of the Kazuo Ishiguro novel, with Keira Knightley.

So perhaps she has earned her long break. She told Wonderland magazine: ‘I actually don’t have a job [coming up]. It’s been hard to make decisions whilst all this is going on because you don’t want to jump into something.’

She said her busy schedule meant she hardly ever got to see her family and friends.

‘My agent came up to me and was asking for the only half hour I had in the next two weeks. And I was home, so I wanted to see my friends and I was like, “Don’t take the five seconds left that I have. I just don’t want to be in a movie! I don’t want to have the responsibility of being a big actress, I don’t want to be on a poster.”‘

Carey, 24, said her break since November was a long time coming.

‘That’s the longest I’ve taken off since I started acting,’ she said, explaining that it was hard to film during awards season.

And she added that the award circuit had been daunting at first.

‘I was really freaked out at the beginning – not to a crippling degree – by the red carpet stuff. It just felt scary, but slowly I’ve realised, this is just so mad.’

But she also said she had been annoyed that interviewers always questioned her about fashion, rather than her acting.

‘I was at a press conference and Woody Harrelson was answering questions in front of me and they were asking him what his motivation was, and how he felt about his character. I got up there, and they said, “What are you wearing?” And I thought, “There was a time when I was an actress. Not just someone who wore dresses.”‘

[From The Daily Mail]

See? She’s a cutie. And I think she’s going to have a long career too. Carey is also rumored to be the lead in the new version of My Fair Lady – written by Emma Thompson. Carey is Emma’s pick for Eliza Doolittle, which speaks volumes about both Carey and the remake.



Wonderland photos courtesy of The Daily Mail. Wonderland cover courtesy of CoverAwards.

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  1. Kate says:

    YES, I can totally see her as Eliza. As soon as you said she was up for it, it clicked in my brain as perfection. 🙂

  2. Strawberry says:

    The only thing I don’t like with the photoshoot is the weird sh-t they’ve done with her eye makeup. Blurgh!

  3. Popcorny says:

    Ewww ick and ucky.
    This is not an elfin beauty, elfin maybe -but beauty? -no.
    No Twiggy, no Mia and not even Michelle Williams who does a fine cover of both.

  4. Goosie says:

    @Kate I agree, she’s perfect for the role! And w/ Emma directing, I don’t even care who they pick for Henry Higgins, I’ll see it for sure.

    Thanks for the Carey post, Kaiser, there is something about her I just adore.

  5. bubbs says:

    i don’t get it. she is so barely average looking.

  6. Wow says:

    Yay! Glad to hear she worked with Kira Knightley again being that I loved their performances in “Pride & Prejudice”.

    I think she’s adorable.

  7. ~why says:

    I’m sorry but she looks like a pug. Not offending the pugs!

    I won’t even start with the “make up”…

  8. CC says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO My Fair Lady remake, PLEASE!!!!!!! Julie Andrews is the only Eliza Doolittle EVER. And Audrey Hepburn is well, Audrey Hepburn. Carey Mulligan is cute and talented, but NOT Audrey or Julie. You’d think Emma Thompson would be able to come up with something more original…

  9. meme says:

    if they wanted to channel twiggy, they should have painted lashes under her eyes and not that hideous black streak across the eyelids. she’s a pixie and she’s cute, but a beauty? i think not.

  10. Harper says:

    Lurve Carey Mulligan! She’s talented and adorable.

    I never really cared for the origninal ‘My Fair Lady’ so I don’t care who plays Eliza in the remake.

  11. Brooke says:

    I find her to be very ‘meh’.

    Hate her ‘smile’ which looks like a grimace – why can she not just bloody SMILE!?

  12. buckley says:

    completely adorable

  13. Scarlet Vixen says:

    HATE the eye makeup! That huge line drawn across her eyelids with a black crayon is horrid and distracting. Other than that I think she’s cute as a button.

    And pleeeeeasssse don’t remake My Fair Lady! Emma Thompson should know better. Some movies just aren’t ever meant to be remade–Sound of Music, To Kill a Mockingbird, My Fair Lady, Gone with the Wind…

  14. gina says:

    No she is not some great beauty but it doesn’t mean she’s ugly and its not like she is trying to be in every men’s magazine. If you read the interview you would have heard her say how the reporters on the red carpet asked Woody Harrision what his motivation was and about his character while she was asked about what she was wearing. She was making a point that males get asked intelligent questions while women get ask about fashion. And clearly she proved her point with most of the comments on this board. Most of you are very superficial. She is an actress that’s her craft she is not a model so get over it.

  15. Dawn says:

    I think she’s a nice normal girl, that’s rare in hollywood.

  16. lola says:

    ugh, she’s not a model, she’s an actress. of course her looks matter still, she can’t be a troll. But it’s annoying reading people comment like all she offers is a possible wack off session or not. She’s a pretty girl and a great talent, nice combo. And down to earth too, bonus points.

  17. Popcorny says:

    Annoying to read comments like all she offers is rub-offs? Then you are reading the wrong sites altogether!
    Do you know how much saliva (and that’s putting it nice) I have to scrape off these articles to find anything even possibly down-to-earth about Girard Butler, et al.,? Ha! -I go through 3 Craftsman chisels a day doing that here. Fair-play.
    I also agree with the person who said that about her mouth being a grimace. She reminds me of the Joker, what he would look like in the morning before slapping on the makeup.
    And the first shot of her (above) looks like she’s hiding her ever-sprawling mouth lines or that she has a very bad toothache.

  18. Lori says:

    I can’t see her as Eliza at all. This chick totally annoys me, smh.

    Quit complaining and count your blessings Mulligan!

  19. Emily says:

    Urgh, they screwed up that eye makeup so badly! I just A Single Man last night (SOOOOOOOOO good), and Julianne Moore has the same makeup, but pencil, as opposed to the liquid they used here-so much hotter.

  20. One thing most of these people seem to forget is that THE ONLY REASON THEY CAN ENJOY THEIR LIFESTYLE IS THAT THE REST OF US ALLOW IT. Let them go to any Muslim country and make a point of being gay. See just how long they would last there.