In Touch: Angelina Jolie “abuses” her children mentally


Oh, someone at In Touch Weekly is still pissed at Angelina Jolie! I don’t get why the editors over there have such a boner for Angelina-is-a-monster stories, but maybe that’s what sells. In my opinion, however, this one crosses the line from “funny tabloid bullsh-t” to “I hope someone gets sued”. The whole piece is an interview with a “former bodyguard” who will only go by “Bill”. Bill tells In Touch stories about how Angelina is horrible to her children, how she laughs when they cry, and how she’s basically “a total pyscho”. Ugh. Here you go:

In an exclusive interview with In Touch, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s former bodyguard describes what he claims to be a woman whose erratic behavior, yelling fits and unreasonable demands deeply hurt not only staff members — but especially Brad and their six children.

“Angelina has a public and a private persona,” claims the former bodyguard, who for security reasons chooses only to be identified by his first name, Bill. “In my opinion, the real Angelina is self-centered and a control freak. She has no patience at all. She doesn’t do things out of the kindness of her heart. And she’s totally psycho.”

While Brad is laid-back and patient with his kids’ often wild behavior, Angelina is anything but.

“She screams and yells a lot, then walks away,” Bill says, explaining that Angelina would often “disappear into her suite for hours,” leaving staffers — and Brad — to deal with her children.

“She would punish them with silence,” says Bill, adding, “I think she could be abusive at times in a mental way.”

If the children were to get upset by her withholding behavior, he says, Angelina didn’t seem to care. “She is not moved by tears,” he explains. Still more disturbing, he recalls, Angelina has a “quirky habit” of “giggling when one of her kids would start crying.”

The bodyguard, who was working for Brad and Angelina at the start of their relationship, remembers “a lot of laughing and fun” and “spontaneous sex” back then. Now, though, the couple often sleeps in separate bedrooms, and that honeymoon phase seems to be ancient history. Even when they aren’t actively arguing, Bill says, Angelina “nitpicks” Brad — criticizing him constantly.

“She says things like, ‘Are you going to wear that shirt again today?’ and tells him he’s like another one of the kids.” According to Bill, Brad has come to dread Angelina’s phone calls. “She’ll call him from the set to interrogate him,” Bill explains. “His face goes white, and he just stares at his feet.”

When Angelina’s yelling gets to be too much, Brad will “put her on speaker and walk away from the phone,” Bill reveals. “Angelina will hang up and continue calling until one of the staff picks up.”

[From In Touch Weekly]

Now, I know Angelina is not perfect. I’ve always known that. I’m not defending her from a standpoint of “everything she does is amazing.” I’ll buy that the private Angelina is probably quite different than the public Angelina. I’ll buy that she’s sometimes moody and tired and strung out from the sheer exhaustion of having six kids and a career. But I also believe she’s a good mom, and I believe she would never harm her children. Enough. Beyond that issue, I really just don’t see the point in analyzing Angelina and Brad’s relationship – he’s an adult and if he wanted to leave her, he would. I don’t understand the need of the tabloids to make Brad into some kind of “victim” in this relationship. He’s made a series of decisions and choices, and it looks like he’s sticking to them.

Here are some photos that “prove” how much her “abused” children fear her:

Angelina Jolie tightly holds her daughter Vivienne on the balcony of their Venice apartment

Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck holds onto Shiloh while Angelina Jolie and Pax climb out of a water taxi while visiting the director at his home

Angelina Jolie Shares Quality Time With Vivienne!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt board a canal boat in Venice with their twins Knox and Vivienne

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  1. Mia says:

    Disgusting. I hope they get sued. There’s the fun, obviously fake stories they put out, but this one is harmful and libelous.

  2. bite me says:

    so this former bodyguard can not use his real name, bullshit

  3. Maddie says:

    Yeah you can tell how true this story is by looking at the interaction of the kids with their mother.

    Those kids are always smiling or laughing until they see the stalker papzi hiding in the bushes.

    Next Week In Touch will have Angelina Jolie ate one of her kids.

  4. Joanna says:

    Oh no not silence calling CPS right now *rolleyes*

  5. grisgris says:

    Revolting. They should be sued for libel and slander. And shut down. The way this magazine is going after her children and trying to publicly humiliate them is abuse.

  6. Just a Poster says:

    Oh yes.. just look at how fearful those kids look all the time.. they are so neglected. *eye roll*

    What is In Touch’s beef with the Brange?

  7. Risa says:

    @ Maddie…

    ha ha… ate them…. ha…:P

  8. Brittney says:

    …wow. It’s one thing to slander public figures for profit, but when it comes to Angelina no one seems to have any sense of decency or privacy regarding children.

  9. stepmama says:

    I personally cannot stand her but she obviously loves children-come on In Touch-you can’t do better than this story?

  10. nAynAy says:

    I don’t know. It sounds like a disgruntled employee to me.

  11. Whatever says:

    Ugh, In Touch should be sued out of existance. They are the worst of the scumbag tabloid media. Those kids look happy and healthy to me and I agree that she seems like a good mom. Who knows? Maybe she’s not responding to tantrums, not real tears. Ignoring tantrums is what you do, unless you want them to continue to throw fits day and night, which kids WILL do if you cave to every fake tear. I doubt she laughs at them if they are sad, hurt, scared or whatever. She took the baby from the nanny and comforted her when she was crying for her mommy, so this story is one gigatic fail. I say sue them!

  12. jenn says:

    I rarely comment, but this is just disgusting- i completely agree with Brittany.

  13. N.D. says:

    This relentless persecution of AJ by tabloids seems over the line more often than not recently. Expecially since their kids became a focus of it. Stories and comments ain’t funny and witty anymore, they’re just vile.

  14. Maritza says:

    Well there must be some truth to the story cause Brad hasn’t been looking very happy lately. I think he hasn’t left her because he doesn’t want to leave the kids alone with her. Her father’s comment about her maybe having mental issues still rings a bell whenever someone says a psycho comment about her. I think she does have issues that in time we’ll all find out.

  15. Wisteria says:

    A henpecked man and a stressed-out mother of 6 with a history of emotional problems and drug use. Nothing surprising about the description of her behavior.

    Many parents behave like her in private-it doesn’t meen she doesn’t love her kids or Brad just because she behaves in ways that often hurt people-like she did with her father. It just means she has a lot of problems.

  16. bite me says:

    oh please AJ was a single mom for three years before Brad came into the picture, if he wants to leave he can leave…thers something called shared custody

  17. anon says:

    i smell a lawsuit coming

  18. teri says:

    Angelina’s loving and constant attention for her children show differently. Her children adore her, listen to her and also hug and hold onto her as she does them. Abused children would act out in public knowing the parent couldn’t discipline. Makes me really angry that the tabloids only pick Angelina apart.

  19. boo says:

    I am really curious about the idiot that invented that crap and actually put it in print. Are they proud of themselves? Is their family proud of them? I would be so embarrassed and ashamed if my job was to write for a tabloid and that was all my imagination could come up with. I like to think I wouldn’t bash a person that has done so much for orphans and refugees.

  20. cedar falls says:

    “…when it comes to Angelina no one seems to have any sense of decency or privacy regarding children.”

    Especially Angelina, it would seem! Accusing her of cruelty is one thing (that’s unacceptable “journalism” if untrue), but she definitely EXPLOITS her children – hence the People, Hello! and W magazine photoshoots. You can’t pimp your kids when it suits you, then cry “privacy”, any more than you can sell your soul to the Devil and then buy it back.

  21. teri says:

    Since a photog got several pictures of Ben Afflect and Jennifer Garners younger throwing a major tantrum should we just assume that baby is being abused behind closed door too?

  22. tessa says:

    It’s as if they the gossipers only view Angelina as a single parent to a dozen kids. No where ever is it printed that Brad is a bad parent or even involved with Angelina or the kids. She makes all the decisions and is chained up in the basement according to some.

  23. YT says:

    More anti-Angie BS in order to sell a magazine. Wish they would leave the kids out of the BS articles, but they help sell the magazines.

  24. tessa says:

    The JP children could have been put into great danger if THE PARENTS, BOTH OF THEM didn’t agree to sell some pictures. I don’t want to see another Britney Spears and how the paps flew helicopters over her convertible and pushed and shoved her with her kids.

  25. teri says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! for whoever runs this site for speaking out on such UNTRUE and HURTFUL things that some make a profit off of. This is right up there with Shiloh is forced to wear boys clothes because ONLY ANGELINA wants her to be a butch. :rolling eyes:

  26. Praise St. Angie! says:


    while some of the obviously fake stories are kind of funny, this one is definitely not.

    agree with all of you on here…those pictures don’t lie. there doesn’t seem to be any fear or loathing expressed by the children.

    and Maddie, that “ate one of her kids” comment was classic.

  27. Lisa says:

    Someone at InTouch needs their ass kicked.

  28. teri says:

    Do you really think BRAD and Angelina expolit their children? Come on most of HW children are photographed and even some every day several times. Please count for yourself how many times the JP children were photographed for the last two years. A total of 24 times in two years. Violet 114, Suri 98, Pams kids 17, oh don’t get me started. We are talking about six kids and only being seen 24 times and that’s just exploiting?

  29. KIm says:

    Maritza, So Shery Crow, JLO and Anthony, Julia Roberts, Christina A., Patrick Dempsey, Marcia Cross, Nicole Richie, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba,Matthew Mcconeghey , Heidi Klum(HEllo) all exploit their kids since they all sold pics of their kids to People , OK and Hello. BTW Brad took the W pics but interestingly you fail to mention him.OT I see Sandy is still on all the covers except Outatouch. The sandra cover was their highest selling w/ 1.4 million sold but their hatred for AJ is so great that they didn’t another cover w/ SB.

  30. Julie says:

    I’m a little more skeptical than most here. I have no idea what kind of mom she is or what she’s like behind closed doors. I can say this though. What she does in front of the cameras is quite possibly staged and contrived so it means absolutely nothing to me what we see. She an actress afterall.

  31. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Yea In Touch is truly disgusting. They have no business talking about her children. Such liars on top of that, can not stand them.

  32. teri says:

    In Touch is known for trying to rekindle the Brad loves Jen again crud. Jen cries for Brad every night, Brad secretly text Jen, Brad begs jen for forgivness, Jen wants to be mommy to the three bio kids, Brad regrets his family and wants jen back. You don’t think these magazines want these two back together do you?

  33. Catherine says:

    I hope Angelina sues the crap out of them. That is just plain nasty.

  34. teri says:

    Julie if you feel that the children could be harmed by their mother then don’t hesitate to turn it in. Don’t just stand by and let these children be neglected. Too many people stand by while actual neglect goes on and if you feel that much hatred for Angelina then by all means. Some just want to hope and pray to God that she’s a bad mother.

  35. Maritza says:

    Kim, I haven’t mentioned anything about them exploiting their children. I do agree with Julie though.

  36. teri says:

    I was sure a tabloid was going to feature Gerard fisting jen this week. Hmmm? Instead they make stuff up.

  37. lucy2 says:

    I think Jolie has her good points and her bad, and in general I just don’t like her, but I think it is WAY over the line for a tabloid to allege child abuse, physical, mental, or otherwise.
    Even if they had some sort of hard core proof, which in this case they clearly don’t, that info should be taken to CPS, not used to sell tabloids.

  38. mslewis says:

    If any of this were true then why doesn’t the bodyguard use his real, full name? If what he says is true then tell us who you are. Also, since when is a bodyguard privy to what goes on INSIDE a client’s home? Most bodyguards spend their time in another building on the premises of the estate, monitoring the grounds via screens and waiting for calls from their clients so they know when to accompany them outside the estate. It is very rare that a bodyguard actually lives in the same house with a client. So, how would “Bill” know what goes on inside the home from day to day?

    As for a suit . . . I doubt there will be a suit filed since it is very difficult to win slander/libel suits in the U.S. It takes time and money and I doubt Angelina or Brad want to spend either. Also, that is most likely what In Touch is hoping for. It will give them months and months of free publcity. Best to just ignore them. (The burden of proof would be on Angelina to prove she is not a bad mother, which means one or more of the kids would be called to testify. I can’t see Angelina allowing that to happen.)

    P.S.: Isn’t it funny that they use a picture of Angelina from her currently filming movie. Guess they couldn’t find a picture of her being mean to her kids.

  39. Sigh. says:

    No I am not a “fan,” but this is sad. No, stupid.

    I do believe Jolie is very aware of her image and may manipulate it just as much as the next actress (celebrity), so I am totally open to the possibility that the person on screen is not the person at home, as with most of Hollywood.

    But if she’s THIS way, and that’s a huuuuge IF, then BRAD is just as much at fault for any damage being done. He’s a full-grown-ass man (12 whole years older), and not a helpless victim, so they need to stop portraying him as one. They’re just trying to make him out to be totally emotionally whipped and “abused” as well. Says the EX-EMPLOYEE.

    Her moods and volitility is not new info. Let’s be honest; part of the reason she became popular is because of her unpredictable edge.

  40. meme says:

    i loathe st. angie ho but NO WAY is she abusing her children. that’s just crap and in touch should be sued. exploit them, yes, but abuse – no way. way over the line on this story.

  41. Melanie says:

    Even if this is true,I don’t think Brad will leave Angie because he really does seem to care about those kids. I kind of believe that she is nutty, based on past behavior. She is not the saint she portrays on TV. Brangaloonies, I have to say my piece!

  42. Toe says:

    In the second picture, it looks like the guy is holding her arm and inhaling Angie’s smell. Like he couldn’t wait to go inside and rip Angie’s clothes apart.

  43. Sigh. says:

    GerBIL = BILL

    Huh? Huh? Anyone else see this…?

  44. teri says:

    These allegations are really damaging why didn’t this fake, I mean man turn her in? OMG protect these innocent little kids, you know like Angelina speaks out for battered women and children all the time in 3rd world countries. In Touch has disliked Angelina for Brad falling in love with her and him getting her pregnant. I guess there are a few Friends fans who work for them.

  45. guest says:

    This woman has not adopted in the U.S. or given birth in the U.S. to hide her drug addiction. Most photos released to the public hide her downward spiral and current physical state, and she has the violent, erratic outbursts that should preclude any sort of child care.

  46. meme says:

    i think brangelina care about their kids but they care much more about themselves first and foremost and doing what they want to do when they want to do it. i don’t think they are good parents but i certainly don’t think they abuse their children.

  47. Harper says:

    They never seem to sue any of these publications (even when they threaten to), so I doubt that will happen.

    Angie’s had some serious questionable behavior in the past (institutionalized, drug use, ect.) but she appears to love her children and they should be left out of this.

    Although, Brad sure does look like a whipped stroller holder! 😛

  48. teri says:

    If you know first hand how Angelina is please report it and do your part. Instead of spewing your hatred about Angelina!

  49. buckley says:

    I find her need for so many kids dubious, but abusive?
    Someone’s reaching…

  50. Toe says:

    Angelina was institutionalized in the past? Really? please give me the link?
    one of Angie’s famous quotes:”Therapy? I don’t need that. The roles that I choose are my therapy.”

  51. Kim says:

    First of all sorry Miratza , I meant Cedar Falls and when has Angie ever talked about”privacy’ in an interview Please post the link . The only time she has talked about the paps is that she wished they didn’t get so close to the kids. Guest ,so I guess the companies that produce and insure her films don’t care that the person that they paid $20 million for (Salt and The Tourist)is a drug addict. So they will risk using her on a film that cost 100 million rather than give her a physical. BTW the kids loook pretty good to be born to an addict imo.Please tell me when and where you witnessed these violent outbursts. Oh yeah a tabloid said it happened so it must be true . The same tabloid that claimed a housekeeper said she had an affair with her dialect coach and described him in detail. Yet her dialect coach was a female and none of the other dialect coaches fit the description worked w/ her.

  52. Melanie says:

    Now we know why she was crying on the balcony. Wow, Just wow.

  53. ThunderC*unt says:

    Bullshit! She isn’t even around to damage her children. Sleeps all day.

  54. betsy says:

    In Touch should name their source, so the child services can visit. When child services declare the children just fine, they will know who to sue along with OuttaTouch. Tabloids continue to lose business, perhaps if they didn’t pay their editors so much they wouldn’t struggle and have to make up lies. I’m sure the Jolie-Pitts are tired of being stalked, lied about and being on the cover so much. Reporters, sources, editors and the CEOs of these rags need to be stalked, lied on, and have their lives put on display for the world to see, I hope the trashy tabloids go bankrupt, people lose their jobs. Maybe they will–finally get it.

  55. GatsbyGal says:

    I never thought Angelina was a “normal” person – I think she probably has (or had) some werid personal issues, but I don’t for one second actually believe that she’s capable of emotionally abusing her children.

  56. princess pea says:

    It’s pretty clear that sometime in the past Angie did something to anger the editorial staff at In Touch, maybe turned down an interview or was snarky to their staff. Celebrity is all about back-patting; if celebs are rude to journalists, journalists will either suck up hardcore to get back in their good graces, or they’ll go the other way and appeal to the market of ‘haters’.

    Call me a hater if you must, but I have 0 doubt that there is a difference between the private and the public personas.

  57. Cheyenne says:

    47.Harper: They never seem to sue any of these publications (even when they threaten to), so I doubt that will happen.

    That’s what News Of The World thought until they got slapped with a lawsuit.

  58. ogechi says:

    I know i know i know…I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that.

  59. ryan says:

    yeah, cause it’s not like Angie has a history for being known for being a psycho or anything right? I mean it’s not like her own Father broke down on national tv about her being mentally ill…

    where there is this much smoke there is fire. Anyone who can’t see she’s nuts is delusional.

  60. Sol says:

    Wasn’t she bordeline. In that case this could be possible the love hate relationship with the ones areound.

  61. meiner e says:

    She is a heartless person.

    She’s Joan Crawford!

  62. Scout says:

    I think her children look too happy to be being mistreated in any way by anyone. While I think it probable that Angelina at home is a different version of the woman we see in public – to some extent, that is true of most of us!

    I do think she likes the spotlight but I do NOT agree that she exploits her children – in fact, I sort of think the opposite is true. She can’t leave the house without with the kids or without them that she isn’t bombarded by cameras going off. She really can’t help that.

    My gut instinct as I have watched her over the years is that she does have control freak tendancies and she does crave alot attention, but I see absolutely NO sign of her abusing her children in any way – stated again for emphasis! I’d have to see proof to believe that.

    I also think her need to have all these kids comes from some inner turmoil of some sort – something from which she needs a distraction, perhaps. Again, not completely unheard of.

    As for the drug use issue, I have NO clue if she does or does not use drugs. I am very unfamiliar with drugs and do not know what to look for as any “proof.” I just always hope, when I read those comments, that they are unfounded…but am not naive enough to think it is not possible.

  63. KsGirl says:

    Does anyone know if that lawsuit against the NotW has actually started/gone through? I know there was a legal threat at the time but since then I’ve heard nothing. I remember the Beckhams threatening to sue a UK tabloid a few years ago when they printed cheating allegations against David – nothing came of that lawsuit. Just wondering if the same thing could be happening here.

    I tend to believe that there was some truth in the recent allegations of trouble in the relationship and I think that’s what’s spurred this latest round of happy families photos we’ve been getting (they even rolled out her Dad! genius!).

    Nor do I have any trouble believing that AJ can be an, ahem, difficult person behind closed doors.

  64. crww says:

    Only show from her.
    She is a actor ……. not more and a evil women.

  65. crww says:

    Rrolled out her Dad????
    This is not true!!!!!!!!!! Its a fake.

  66. craves attn? says:

    So she craves attention yet she rarely attends parties, premieres or awards shows and goes for weeks in LA w/o being photographed.GMAB

  67. Liz says:

    It is a known fact that here is a nanny for each child and only one for the twins………….whether this is true or not, I really don’t care. However,one has to wonder why they don’t sue if it is not true. I am referring to the book that came out about Angelina. She has the money and I am sure has a full staff of lawyers to handle all of this. So, why not sue?

  68. Diva says:

    Martiza, Julie, Melanie…

    Pictures speak far more truth than tabloids. Whether you’re “skeptical” about who Angelina Jolie “really” is, there is NO denying all six of those children adore their mother. Don’t ignore the photographic evidence just to feed your dislike for the woman herself.

    Secondly, I have been brought out of Celebitchy commenter hibernation, so to speak, in order to say something that has been on my mind for a very long time regarding that whole “mentally unstable” comment directed at Jolie by her father. Jon Voight is a notorious conservative Republican and his comments were made at a time shortly after Angelina was having a sexual relationship with a woman. To her father, this fact alone made her mentally unstable.

    I’ve seen Foxfire, with Jolie and Jenny Shimizu, and it’s not straying THAT far from boys to have an affair with Shimizu. Jolie was a young girl, experimenting… not unlike a fair amount of you, I would safely assume.

  69. iannan says:

    Brad makes himself into a complete idiot.

  70. cara says:

    she may or may not be a good mama to the kids,who knows for sure?
    I don’t like the way she uses her kids for the media.As soon as there are rumours about their break up she smears their faces for photo ops.I don’t think she’s a good mom for doing that

  71. June says:

    So what is Life and Style going to do about this? Nothing, because it is not true.

    Life and Style is just as insane, as they claim Angelina is. Who in their right mind, if they know that small kids are being abused and they only print it in their tabloids to sell copies.

    Why would they want to make money off of kids being abused, if story is true? What does this say about Life and Style and the bodyguard?

    Are they going to give the money, they make to help the kids.? NO.

  72. lilred says:

    @meiner e: I said NO WIRE HANGERS! Cant’you just see Angelina as Joan. LOL.

  73. 0815 says:

    She loves only her boys, her asian boys.

  74. N.D. says:

    @KsGirl: NOTW took down the story right away and everyone except hard-core haters had realized since then that it was a fake so it’s not surprising they see no point in wasting their time and energy on that lawsuit.

  75. meiner e says:

    This and

    Yes, I did it because of the Pubicity.

  76. kim says:

    I see that Outatouch took the pic of Angie with the twins and the nanny and said that Angie gave crying Viv to the nanny. When its obvious that the baby was crying in the nanny’s arms and was reaching for her mother.When she was in Angie’s arms she stopped crying.Cara,”as soon as there are rumors about their breakup” are you kidding?. Thereave been rumors about their breakng up every week for the past 3 years in the tabloids so she should have been parading the kids around weekly using your logic. IT has claimed that they have actually broke over 20 times in the last year(IT”S OVER), Brad Walks out, Brad Moves Out, Angies Walks out etc. Why don’t they sue , dk. I don’t know why Tom and Katie ,or Oprah don’t sue the National Enquirer(Oprah has 2 years to live)Obviously our libel laws are different than in the UK. That’s why Kate Hudson(weight) Reese(preganant),Cameron(affair) all sued in the UK

  77. Melanie says:

    I have two questions for a Brangaloon (any one of you all will do)
    Why am I always singled out? I don’t go all mean on you when you talk about Brad, who I am a fan of.
    The second question is where the hell IS Brad lately? Does anyone know??

  78. ryan says:

    @diva Did she check herself into a mental institution because she was having a relationship with a woman? Nope. Voight’s comment had nothing to do with her sex with women. He may be republican, but he’s not religious and I”m sure did his share of hoing around. That wouldn’t shock him. In fact it had to be something pretty bad to shock someone like him who lived and partied in HW for years. It had to be bad for her to check herself into a psych ward.

  79. hmmm says:

    Surprise , Surprise, brad pitt is the good guy AGAIN. Pictures show Angelina’s kids love her. Kids don’t know how to fake that stuff. Unless her kids are really great actors already…

  80. hmmm says:

    Ryan, Angelina explained why she checked herself into a hospital for 24 hours. god, people act like she was in there for years.. it was a day. She said she thought something bad happened to billy Bob and it freaked her out so she checked her self into a hospital.

  81. Harper says:

    Voight’s comments did NOT come after she had a lesbian relationship with Jenny. He make that public out cry after she adopted Maddox…

  82. Sigh. says:

    I found a link for her speaking of the brief hospitalization, but it’s on a website geared towards diagnosing certain mental illnesses from 100+ miles away (the author has not personally treated her, a la Dr Pinsky), and it is quoting yet another source so just keep that in mind:

    and a commenter added this —

    Take away from them what you will (like I have to tell you guys that).

  83. Bek says:

    Once again, the crazies are out. This guy claims that Jolie is “emotionally abusive”, which has many shapes and forms and isn’t the same thing as being physically abusive. Some of you should re-read the excerpt. Even being bitchy, controlling or manipulative can be considered emotionally abusive. Which, I’m going to have to be honest and say most parents are guilty of from time to time. Both of my parents were extremely controlling and manipulative (guilt tripping) with me, especially early on. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t love me or that I was afraid of them. They just learned along the way to loosen the apron strings. That being said, I don’t have a problem accepting the idea that she might be “psycho”. She’s always been like that. Hell, she checked into a psych ward once. She just loves to put on lipgloss and cry in Africa now. You don’t just change your whole persona in four years. And yes. Most celebrities photograph their children. And all of them know exactly what they’re doing.

  84. N.D. says:

    She did check herself into Neuropsychiatric Institute, but doctors checked her out like next day so it could be safely assumed she didn’t have any mental illnesses that were threatening to her or others. If that were to happen now all the haters would have assumed she’s doing it for publicity and to trap Brad. What was different back in 2000? I suppose she’s always been an attention whore and a manstealer, no? BTW she married BBT just a couple of weeks after that incident so may be it was just that “stay with me or I kill myself” plea that tabloids had attributed to her recently?

  85. Guest says:

    I have always thought that Angie is a good mother. I do believe that she loves her children. I think that In Touch is really being mean in this case.

    They will not sue. Here is the difference. You can prove that you never saw a lawyer, but how do you prove that you don’t giggle when your kids cry. Do you call in the nannies you hire (they would not be considered reliable witnesses because they are being paid by Brad/Angie). That is why they can never sue American tabloids because the stuff they say would make Brad/Angie would look stupid fighting it. To go to a court of law to say I don’t holler at my husband or ask him if he is going to wear the same shirt again? It would look silly.

    I do believe the part about Brad and Angie. Don’t know why but I do. In touch does have some good stuff – it is not always lies. I really think that their family grew to quickly and it put a lot of pressure on them. the difference between Brad/Angie and others who are attacked by In Touch is that Brad/Angie continue the facade – every time there is an article they make sure that there are pictures or time together so the tabloid story looks like a lie (Fergie did the same thing) The problem with this is that the tabloids don’t take that lying down and they try again. It is like a game. And the tabloids make millions out of it.

    I really believe that if Angie/Brad follow what they say (that their family is first, they need to take a few years off, live in France and live a normal life. This life with its pressure will have bad results. Take a Break – they have the money. I really don’t think that they will have a happy ending if they don’t. And for those of you who say that tabloids would not stop. They would after awhile. What keeps tabloids in business is people who play games (yes almost all celebrities – there a few who do not i.e. Cate B.) If Angie and Brad backed away and let the movie making business for 5 years they would not be in the tabloids.

  86. CC says:

    “giggling” when her kids start crying???? What the hell is this, Mommie Dearest?

    Say what you will about Angelina, her kids look healthy and relatively happy, like they are well fed and cared for. Poor Suri Cruise, however, looks like she’s miserable. My guess is she’s more emotionally abused than any of the Jolie Pitts

  87. N.D. says:

    Why would they need to take a few years off? Normal people don’t do that! Hell, in US an official maternity leave is only 12 weeks long and it’s unpaid and not available for everyone!

    And seeing how Angelina made just 1 movie last year and Brad made none you can’t claim they’re working overtime and neglecting their kids because of that.

  88. stinabelle says:

    So wait, being bipolar/borderline/having a mental illness/a history of drug use (history being the key word here) means you can’t possibly be a good parent? Holding a stroller means you’re whipped?

    Because that’s what I’m getting from these comments

  89. Cheyenne says:

    @N.D.: Lawsuits typically take many months, sometimes years, to settle, and the suit against NOTW was filed a couple of months ago. NOTW will probably end up settling out of court for a shitload of loot which will be donated to the Jolie-Pitt Foundation. Just guessing, but I’m pretty sure this is how it will end up.

  90. Cinderella says:

    If this has an ounce of truth to it, she needs to stop at six. For real. Raising that many kids can make anyone crazy or crazier.

  91. Mimi says:

    @ryan you REAAAAAAALLLLLLLLY BELIEVE in what you said? Common the guy is mental if he was just relying in the “wild child” card that the media labeled her.
    And by the way it’s ridiculous said this about her she was young having sex with her husband and answering questions with sincerity i don’t see the big woop about that specially compared with all the drug addicts Hollywood Star’s that check themselves in rehab multiple times get DUI’S crash hotel rooms or is sent to JAIL… so compared to then she is practicality a virgin in Bad Attitude.
    So she goes the other way around and become a lovely mother to Maddox but could have lost her child because of her “sane” father but SHE NOT HIM is the mental? I don’t see the logic here.

    He was the one that said to the media that she was adopting without her permission and because of that she didn’t have a quiet moment coming home with her children so she cuts him off her life because she couldn’t for obviously reasons trust in him so being the “SANE” “PRESENT” “RESPONSIBLE” AND “PROTECTIVE OF FAMILY” that he was (BIG NOT)he goes to the media and slammed his “ungrateful” daughter (after all she should be happy that he’s told something personal to the press that she didn’t want to right? because again after all she was maybe just lose her chance to adopted a kid no big right?)

    And better yet he slams his daughter on air (just like other mental father that we know M. “i’m doing this for the money that is ending” Lohan)
    But a few weeks later the “SANE” father go and cry for her forgiveness again in the media… YES she is in the WRONG here and is the mental.And how bad can really e if he’s not even around?

    LOL at you people and you failed theories and sources you need leave the darkness and come to the light (hahha) stop the hate and the useless infinite discussions will stop and maybe we can all come to a topic of our idols and share our joy with others without the stupids hurtful mean unnecessary comments.
    Understand @Melaine? and you just try way too hard to be funny and eventually your hate shows and you just end being one more nothing to add

  92. Bek says:

    Finally got around to reading the actual Rolling Stone interview during which she was married to Billy Bob, and in which she discusses (openly) her short stint in a mental hospital, as well as her various other emotional problems. Though I do find some of her behavior…odd, I have to say that if I’d been a fan of hers only a few years ago, I’d have appreciated her a lot more. She’s extremely open, fragile and honest in the interview. She sounds very human and quite normal for someone with her emotional background. Granted, there are a few parts that I still cringed at (the sucking of Billy Bob’s blood during their second ceremony being one of them), but I really feel, after reading this, that:
    A. Billy Bob was the perfect partner for her.
    B. She’s obviously emotionally troubled, but no more than a regular person.
    C. She’s more endearing when she’s honest, as opposed to the smoke and mirrors of her interviews/actions today.
    D. It makes Brad look TOTALLY wrong for her in every way.
    Seriously. Read it. It’s long, but it’s really good.

  93. Beth says:

    I never understood why people demand that Brad and Angelina retire to prove that they care about their kids. Nobody demands that of any other celebrity. The funny thing is Brad and Angelina have disappeared for months several times (after the twins were born, after shooting Salt) and they were in tabloids more often with outragous stories.

    Why do people say nobody knows what happens behind closed doors and go on to say that Angelina is satan and psychotic? If she was so evil there would be a lot more on the record stories from cast, crews, personal staff, and even from hotels, restaraunts. I don’t think Jon ever said what Angelina’s problems were but he said it almost ten years ago. If she had problems why are people assuming she didn’t get help? If she was so far gone wouldn’t she have had a breakdown or overdose by now? Why would Brad be with her? If she’s so fake could she keep up the facade 24/7? He had time to leave before being pregnant with Shiloh. Staying for the kids doesn’t make sense because if she was so psycho a judge wouldn’t give Angelina custody and Brad he wouldn’t want somebody so psychotic around his kids.

    As for suing, it’s much more difficult to prove your case in USA. They may do it just to make a point since IT went way over the line. But very few public figures win slander/libel suits. They may not believe it’s worth the time or money.

    I don’t understand the exploitation comments since I see more photos of kids of Jennifer Garner, Gwen Stefani, etc on other sites. I also don’t recall anybody calling it exploitation when Giselle posed with her son in a magazine, Stefani bringing her kids on stage at concerts and fashion shows, or Cindy Crawford putting her kids in tv commercials for her furniture line.

  94. mslewis says:

    Chey, when the Brit ragmags settle a suit it’s usually not for a whole lot of money, usually in the five-figure range plus an apology plus legal fees. It’s not the money, it’s that the ragmag retracts the lie.

  95. LisaLisa says:

    Oh for Christ Sake Already!!!!!!!! Yeah, the lady is a real weird-o but come one people!!!!!!!! This

  96. Kelly says:

    Who DOESNT do half of this shit? Come on now, be honest. Have you never-
    *Had a crack at your inlaws, because jeez, I cant seem to STOP doing it 🙂
    *Laughed at the lame lachrymose theatrics of my niece and nephew, because lets face it, kids are often full of shit and will flip you like a pancake if you let them!
    *Nitpicking your longterm partner- you bet your arse I tell him what to wear! Who the hell lets their husband dress themselves? A masochist, that’s who!
    *Shouted a someone who’s pissing you off- if you don’t do this, you need to uncork. Serial.
    *Withhold when you’re pissed off. Again, if you claim never to have used this tactic, you’re a doormat or a liar. Please! Allez.

    This just sounds like pretty normal shiz to me, the sort of effed up stuff that always goes on between two tightly-enmeshed people with a bunch of kids. Im not an A and B fan, but the way the press is going for them concerns me because of it’s vitriolic and highly conservative tone. Especially when there are so many kids involved. There must be a hundred other celebrity families far more screwed up than this one but these guys are being singled out unfairly, methinks.

  97. Tru says:

    Everyone thinks thaat Angie is this angel…I happen to think some of it is true..Children are forgiving, we’d never be able to tell from a “photo op”.

    she was leaning towards crazy and weird before, now that she has kids and has given money to small foreign countries to aid starving kids–she’s this normal ok person???

    I beleive most of it-not all but most..
    I don’t think she abuses them but that household is crazy I am sure. and she is still “different”. nice nasty and dabbling in drugs, on the edge of anorexia and manic depressive.

    I feel for Brad and the children.

  98. Scout says:

    @ Kelly – you are right on!
    Thanks for saying it as it is! Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones!

  99. Diva says:

    The comment by Voight was made WELL after the Shimizu affair, and it was, in MY OPINION, a thought that had been held by Voight for a very long time. He said it at the time of the adoption because of her PAST behaviour, not because she was adopting. Jolie’s father DID have an issue with her experimentation with a woman, just because he works in an industry where there are alot of homosexual people doesn’t mean his opinion of his daughter being one of them suited his conservative standards.

    Besides all that… he very, VERY clearly no longer feels that way about her, her partner, or her children.

    Edit: To those of you continuing to harp on the “she WAS wild and did weird things so there’s no way she’s not still weird”… give me a break! Are YOU just like you were 20, 10, even 5 years ago? I’m certainly not. The majority of us grow up and mature… it’s a process that’s considered “normal”.

  100. cult of skaro 23 says:

    This story feels like BS. angelina Jolie may be a bit different in private, but she seems in general like a perfectly nice person.

  101. AnonPlus says:

    For the children’s sake, I hope this story is not true.

    However….I have a deep seeded feeling that it is. Brad must be so dedicated and loyal to her that he doesn’t even notice the abuse any more. He is in a heep of denial that will eventually harm him and the kids for the remainder of their lives.

    Not that I am hoping for it…but one day she (Angelina) will have a life-altering nervous breakdown. This time it will land her in a psych hospital for months on end. She has to get help now!

    I pray for those children and Brad that they find the courage to move out of the house and on with their lives. It is not worth staying to endure daily abuse.

  102. Cruisin Through says:

    I have no doubt that it’s true. Even with a questionable source, like that. There’s pure psycho underneath the layer of skin with that chick. Her own father knew it. Just a matter of time before she goes off the deep end. Hope they don’t keep guns in the house.

  103. DD says:

    While I doubt this story is true. I don’t think AJ mentally stable. Especially after I read an interview she had given, I found a link now that discusses the same material from that interview. Basically she checked herself in because she thought she had killed someone. Maybe she was on drugs, or possibly she has some mental disorder, she never explained how she came to think she killed someone. Anyway if it wasn’t just drugs, then that kind of thing doesn’t go away on it’s own.–not-so-jolie.aspx

  104. Ana says:

    Well, everyone that works for the Jolie-Pitts sign a confidentiality agreement ususally. So someone may get sued….

  105. Maria says:

    Having been brought up by an unstable mother I would tend to believe this story. Angelina is known for having anger management issues. My mother , a single parent, used to have bad mood swings. She would go from being over the top happy to getting irritated and angry over little things. She would cry at the drop of a hat, scream, hit, you name it. Scary thing for a child.

  106. anonymous says:

    the people who dislike angelina are the ones that ragmag IT cater to. notice when these people speak about her, they ONLY bring up things that happened almost a decade ago!
    they claim she is a fame wh*re for going outside with her children yet jen garner, gwen S. Reese W. Katie H. and other mothers in HW can go outside with their children withoug judgement. go figure????

  107. Emily says:

    1. I don’t believe this. I believe that she’s different in public and private-who the hell isn’t? But this? Sounds rather far fetched.

    2. If this is true, “Bill” should have the guts to use his full name. The tabloids should also tell child services or whoever about their fears for the children’s safety, as their safety should ALWAYS come before selling tabloids.

    3. If this isn’t true, this is a horrible story to make up and publish about someone, and karma should be making her bitchy presence known in 3…2…1…

  108. badrockandroll says:

    Jon Voigt calling someone insane is a certification of that person’s sanity, imo. He’s wackadoo crazy for one, and for two, the two of them have been kvetching about each other for a hundred years – neither of them are reliable sources of information about the other. And I don’t beleive much about this – bodyguards would not see what “Bill” was paid to say he saw. But on the other hand, psychologically abused kids can often feel that it is their fault that the abuser treats them this way, and that if only they were better and loved the abuser more, the abuser would love them back and stop it. So the odd picture here and there isn’t going to prove anything, one way or the other.

  109. anonymous says:

    oh now we have trailer park psychologists “analysing” abuse and neglect. even worse than “hack” doctors like Dr. Drew who does not know nor has never treated a certain movie star but offers a (whack) opinion. no wonder the world hates uneducated americans.

  110. nana says:

    Assumptions. Assumptions. As if most of you knows everything.

    So shes Metally ill, shes retarded, shes addict, psycho, what else? SO WHAT??? As long as her family is healthy, happy, well off and contented then theres no capital issue.

  111. Solveig says:

    For the sake of the children I hope this is not true but, don’t jump on me, I don’t find this story totally unbelievable considering that she has had mental illness, and probably she still has (some personality disorders are quite incurable and therapy and prescription drugs are just palliatives).
    Do you rembember Joan Crawford and the book her adopted daughter wrote? And how abusive she was, paranoid etc etc?
    There are lot of stories like this on the news everyday and this behaviour is more common than you think, unfortunately. Women who looked absolutely lovely and normal even to the closest ones… and then you find out they suffer from personality disorders or/and postpartum depression…
    As for the children who cannot smile at their abusive mothers, badrockandroll wrote above something absolutely sad but true: “But on the other hand, psychologically abused kids can often feel that it is their fault that the abuser treats them this way, and that if only they were better and loved the abuser more, the abuser would love them back and stop it.”
    Is this story true? I don’t know.
    But it wouldn’t surprise me considering that mental illness is hard to cure.

  112. badrockandroll says:

    Care to specify anonymous – pretty broad brush there!

  113. Rohna says:

    This woman is the highest paid and most powerful actress in Hollywood, she pulled down the first ever back-end deal for double-digit points any actress in the USA (not producing)ever! She founded and operates 5 international charities and support her partners 2 as well. AJ is a noted fashion trend setter. She has funded 12 schools for girls in Africa, two in Afghanistan and one in Pakistan, made over 30 missions fro the UNHCR and published her journals. She founded and funds 100% The Maddox Jolie-Pitt Millennium Project in Cambodia. It encompasses a humongous area of some 500+ square MILES, an area that houses 6,000 people in five villages. AJ has built schools, health clinics, orphanages, a soy milk factory and the largest wildlife conservation project in the country. The MJPMP employs over 70 people to discourage poaching in the mountains there that are one of the last refuges of the Asian tiger in Cambodia. MJPMP conducts constant land-mine clearing. AJ & BP also fund The Maddox Chivan Childrens’ Health Care Clinic in Phnom Phen. In Vietnam they have built an orphanage and they are building a $2 million AIDS/HIV/TB hospital in Ethiopia that is due to open this summer. In her spare time she consults with world leaders, is devoted to her friends and family and sets a priority of loving her man and her children. If that is drug-addicted mental illness we should all sign up.

  114. Ursula says:

    If it was untrue, she can sue. It may not be accurate but the fact that she does not sue means that there is some veracity in the story. Intouch cannot print all this slander if they did not have a cushion.

    It is not beyond reason that Angelina is a manipulative fake.

  115. TastesNice says:

    You know, apart from the photos of Angelina with Knox, none of the other photos are the kids smiling at her. The one with Shiloh, she’s laughing and smiling at her brother Pax. The one with Viv, she’s scowling. Sorry, but I dont see the photos as proof of anything. I do though, think that Angelina seems to have more of a positive bond with her young twin babies than any of the older children. Just saying it how I see it.

  116. Sandy says:

    So called source Bill sounds ‘crazy like a fool’. People will believe whatever they want to believe. Angie has evolved and is an example of how you can turn your life around, especially in a narcissistic world like Hollywood.

  117. Sandra says:

    I don’t believe in this kind of rumors.she is a great mother and a wonderful woman.Love are soo adorable.What a beautiful family!

  118. kili says:

    William Bradly Pitt you shouldn’t have leaked all the nappy details of you horrid life with the pshychotic bag of bones, lol. Guess she can’t sue you huh “Bill”. You sneaky devil.

  119. Beth says:

    Kids don’t know a thing about cameras. They don’t fake being happy.Doesn’t anybody have some proof of insanity. Everybody keeps saying she’s insane based on interviews and behaviors ten years ago. If she was so far gone back then she would be a basketcase now. I don’t understand why people don’t believe that she got help.

  120. OhDear says:

    So fess’ up; how many of you posters on this thread work for In Touch? Because some of y’all are as disturbingly obsessed and frighteningly vicious with this woman. Very, very frightening.

  121. ME says:

    Obviously I dont know her, but I think its probably right. One day they’ll be a book about her and we’ll find out the truth. But my instincts tell me, this is probably right.

  122. The Damn Nation says:

    Those kiddiwinks do look quite miserable in most of the photos I’ve seen. A nomadic lifestyle with no stability and no friends other than your siblings will probably do that to you.

  123. Kim says:

    Way to go Angie continue to ignore the haters and focus on your family, your charities and your career. As you said Its not difficult to ignore the silliness(gossip, rumors, etc)by focusing on the important issues. Congrats for being the highest paid actress in Hollywood, Congrats for being the most powerful celeb in the world(Forbes), for being the most powerful actress in the world(Guiness Book), congrats for being on Time Influential list 3 times, Oscar Winner,pilot,member of Council of Foreign relations, UN ambassador for 9 years. Most importantly congrats on being a mother of 6 beautiful kids

  124. Jag says:

    I don’t think she’s that bad. Having said that, just because a child is laughing and smiling in a photo, it doesn’t mean they aren’t abused. There are many pictures of me and my siblings having fun, smiling and laughing during outings or family affairs; at home, though, was a different story when we were abused. I cried a lot, didn’t smile and kept to myself. My father even asked me once why I didn’t smile anymore, like in my school photos. (I had no words it shocked me so much that he could be so oblivious to what he was doing to me and the family.) The public persona my father had was totally different from his private actuality, so don’t always judge an abuser by their picture. It could be a photograph of the only fun the child had that day, or week, or month, when their parent was actually being nice to them at the time. Not to mention, if it’s like my family was, we were threatened to never speak of how things were, and we had to be polite, happy, and behave or we’d be punished when we got home.

  125. Kim says:

    Sorry but I dont buy that she yells at and criticizes Brad constantly. If its true he needs to grow some balls and tell her to shove it.

  126. Kim says:

    This couple isnt your average couple who couldnt afford to take a few years off. These 2 could retire now and be set for life and their children set for life.

    I think you either chose to have a few kids and work or not work or chose to have many kids and dont work because if you have 4 or more kids THAT should be your work. Brad and Angelina are typical celebs addicted to fame and staying in the limelight hence why neither of them retire and leave the raising of the kids to nannies.

    For all the good these 2 supposedly do they arent doing a whole lot of good with their own children as far as providing a stable, consistent home life. Esp the adopted kids need stable parents who are around all the time not flying here & there and a diff nanny with them everyday. Its selfish to have 6 kids and drag them around the world because you think it will make them wordly. Kids needs stability, friends a constant home to return to etc.

  127. Cindy Kennedy says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me that she screams and yells a lot. She has too many kids. That is a fact. Its not good for a family to just keep collecting child after child, from different cultures and countries. This is not healthy and not what’s best for the children. And her having adopted children does NOT make her a great person. Its time to get past the idea that people who adopt = saints. She is no better than anyone else.

  128. says:

    melanie- i agree with your earlier post.

    and teri – how do you know these exact numbers of how many times the kids have been photographed? where are you getting the numbers from as far as violet and suri and stuff like that….are you counting them up all on your own?

  129. Kim2 says:

    So everyone in Hollywood with 4 or more kids should retire. Tell that to Heidi and Seal. As for traveling , with the exception of short trips like 2-3 day UN trips or premieres. Brad and Angie and their kids are always together and yes there are pics. I personally think its better to have the family together than be seperated for weeks or months at a time from their parents.They attended a branch of the same private ( so the same curriculum) school in Prague(Wanted) New Orleans(CCOBB) Manhattan(BAR), Long Island(Salt) and they attend the same school in LA. There were pics of Zahara leaving school in FEB on X17.Angie has stated that they have 2 teachers that travel with them to supplement their education(homeschooling)when they are in a city that doesn’t have a branch of their private school.
    They have 3 adopted children the same number as Sharon Stone and Lauren Holly. Marie Osmond has 5 adopted . Are they baby collectors as well? How do I know this stuff because I read their interviews in RS, Interview, Marie Claire,, Vanity Fair, EW, W magazine, Esquire etc and watch their interviews with Charlie Rose , GMA , Dateline etc.I also read interviews with their costars like Liev Schrieber In Hampton magazine who stated their kids visited the Salt set regurlarly and played with his son despite the fact that the tabloids claimed they never visited. I read and watch interviews with costars like Denzel Washington who said AJ was one of his favorite costars and Clint eastwood and Robert Deniro who just told Extra he wanted to work with her again. So I rely on info from people who Know and have spent time with AJ like Colin Powell, Cristiane Amanpour, Marianne Pearl and not some unnamed”source” or “insiders”.You can believe the tabloids ,I don’t.

  130. julia says:

    She’s not perfect, but then who is, but those kids of theirs always seem to be happy.
    If Brad is so unhappy he can leave, seems to me he knows his own mind.

    ^ small children is hard work and having careers on top of that madness.
    I raised 3 alone and now the youngest is 18 it is easier but my oh my it was hard, 6 even with two of you has got to be hard work.

    They seem to be a happy family and the kids seem to love their mum.

    What next?????????????

  131. Ana says:

    I swear I read in Vanity Fair that the reason why she checked herself into a mental institution was because she was in love with Billy Bob and was afraid she wouldn’t get to be with him because he was with Larua Dern. He broke up with her and she checked out to be with him.

  132. Sam says:

    I totally disagree with the article- it’s absoulte bullshit. Angelina is a wonderful person, and yes her private life is probalby a lot different then her public image. I HIGHLY doubt she would EVER laugh if her kids were crying. I remember seeing Inside the Actors Studio here’s the link by the way ( She hates the sound of children in pain- so why the hell would she laugh if they were crying- that point really made me mad. Sure she isn’t perfect, but who the hell is- it is wrong to say that she is mentally abusive to her children and Brad when the news article writer DOESN”T know her. Yes it’s there job, but that is going to far. I’m ashamed of In Touch and Angelina is a beautiful, kind, classy, and amazing women and no tabloid story will change my opinion of her. Stop the hate!

  133. peacemaker says:

    There’s no explanation will satisfy to those who hate them. AJ and BP are immune with all this accusation in some low class tabs, People,Times,Reader Digest are more credible, for they do personal interviews. The rest are fictional writers, with unbelievable stories. they all trash. AJ once said attack her it doesn’t bother her, but not her kids, for she will protect and fight for their rights. If she hired this lawyer to protect the rights of oppress people to get justice. how much more for her family. I think your the psycho, not our AJ.

  134. joy says:

    People(including magazine writers) are so jealous and covetous. I wish her and her family long life and more prosperity. May their union get legal and last forerver. I am thankful for her charity work.

  135. Elias Lunter says:

    What an epic publish – in actual vital! A improbable deal appreciated!

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