Kate Moss smokes 30 cigs a day; sells nicotine patches for $3 a pop

Kate Moss is losing her battle against the cigarette. According to the Daily Mail, the formerly waif-thin model is battling her nicotine addiction, and without much success. She’s supposedly trying to quit for the health of her young daughter, Lila Grace – and for the sake of her skin. According to the Mail, Kate knows she doesn’t have much longer to be a model at the top of her game, and she knows she’s making it harder on herself with the damaging effects of nicotine.

“She is trying desperately to ditch the fags as they are not good for her daughter Lila Grace, and they are not doing her skin any favours either.

“At 34, Kate knows she doesn’t have long at the top left, so has to try and look after herself better. She has been smoking like a chimney for years, and is finding it extremely difficult. She’s still on 30 a day, and can easily go through 40 if she has a night out.”

Kate’s battle against the ciggies comes amid reports she has also embarked on a healthy eating regime. Insiders say she is taking her diet and health more seriously, taking extra iron supplements and stocking up on spinach and greens. Optimistic insiders claim Kate, who had daughter Lila Grace by former squeeze Jefferson Hack, is ready to give up alcohol and coffee.

[From the Daily Mail]

Kate might want to just focus on one addiction at a time. Going after too many at once would be incredibly overwhelming, especially from the horror stories you hear about people trying to quit cigarettes. At 30, she’s certainly not one of those two-packs-a-day people you hear about, but that sure is a lot. Kat is also said to be addicted to nicotine patches, and has to frantically adjust them before photo shoots, depending on what she is wearing. But the worst part is that if ever someone asks her for a patch, the wealthy model charges people – $3 for one!

Despite buying bumper 60 packs of the patches, the supermodel is still struggling and smoking 30 cigarettes a day. One would have thought the outlay for patches wouldn’t be a worry for moneybags Kate — but she won’t part with a spare patch for less than £1.50.

A source said: “At photoshoots, Kate is always getting the nicotine patches out as she usually has to rearrange them depending on what she’s wearing for the shots. But if anyone else asks for one, she sells them for £1.50. People are very surprised when she tries to charge them for one as it’s the last thing you’d expect from a megabucks model. But she laughs with it and says it’s her little business on the side. The look on people’s faces when she says she has to make some spare cash somehow is hilarious!

[From the Daily Mail]

Yes, being stingy sure is hilarious! I think it’d be funny if Kate were joking about charging people, but from the context of the article she is very much serious about it. Maybe she recognizes that the smoking isn’t doing her face any favors, and the money is going to dry up pretty soon.

Kate Moss is shown with Kelly Osbourne at the Chanel After Party in Honor of Karl Largerfeld in London on December 5. Images thanks to PR Photos.

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