“Exhilarated” Susan Sarandon loves being called a cougar


Susan Sarandon kept pretty quiet after her split with long-time partner Tim Robbins became public in December. Even though she was still promoting The Lovely Bones, she really didn’t do many interviews and she never really gave any reasons publicly for their split. Neither did Tim, for that matter. However, just days after their split became public, many sites (including ours) ran with the rumor that Susan was already bangin’ a 31-year-old dude named Jonathan Bricklin. You see, Susan is an investor in a Ping-Pong club that Bricklin co-owns or operates or something. And they had been seen together several times, usually looking flirty or friendly. The rumors are still floating around, by the way. And Susan and Jonathan are still turning up at the same places at the same times (spooky!).

Anyway, Susan has a new interview in Entertainment Weekly and she’s not doing much to dispel those cougar rumors. Which, by the way, she loves it when you call her a cougar. And she also describes her life post-Tim Robbins as “exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.” Interesting!

In the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, Susan Sarandon talks about life since splitting with her partner of two decades, Tim Robbins. When asked how things have changed for the 63-year-old Oscar winner since they parted ways, Sarandon said, “I did a movie a long time ago where I had to fly in a glider. You get towed up in the air by a plane, and it’s loud and annoying. And at some point you pull the cord and you’re suddenly floating, and in your mind it makes absolutely no sense. But it’s exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. That’s where I am now.”

When asked if she’s dating anyone now (Sarandon’s been linked in the gossip columns to one of the partners in her New York ping pong club, SPiN, 31-year-old Jonathan Bricklin), she shut down the line of questioning with a playful “no comment”.

But, she added: “It’s a long time to not be dating and then go back into it. I certainly love the idea of being in love, and I love the idea of companionship. Whatever happens next in terms of romance and partners, I don’t know. But it’s exhilarating and terrifying. I think the point is just keep moving, and to just say yes to life.”

The actress also says she doesn’t mind being called a cougar one bit. “No, I love that!”

[From Entertainment Weekly]

Yeah, I think she and Bricklin are going at it. She’s probably got a few other young dudes on the side too. Because that’s just the way Susan rolls. You know what I’m finding bizarre, though? We really haven’t heard anything about Tim since the split became public. I’m starting to wonder and worry about him. Do you think there’s something else going on with him?

Susan on an Italian talk show on February 27, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Anti-icon says:

    Susan, it’s only fun for awhile after the divorce.
    Soon, you will note that the term is actually quite derogatory. Don’t embarrass yourself in the meantime. B/C I don’t want to not like you.

  2. Dhavy says:

    Maybe that’s Jonathan way of saying “Thank you for investing in my company”

    I don’t know but Tim has been looking older than her lately

  3. LindyLou says:

    God she looks fantastic for her age. Being single agrees with her.

    Kaiser, I agree, it is odd that we haven’t heard anything recently from Tim Robbins. I hope he is okay.

  4. Iggles says:

    I think they had a classy break up. Sure there have been rumors about Jonathon, but no hoes have come out of the woodwork. No p0rn star connections. No bickering between the two have become public. They have been respectful and low key.

    If only all celebrity break ups were like this — but then the tabloids would have nothing to print.. *rolls eyes*

  5. Meekohh says:

    I was so saddened to hear about their split, Tim and Susan, because they were the Hollywood ideal coupling. That said however I love the way they are handling themselves; very mature, respectable and like the adults they are. I hope the best for both of them in their futures and if Tim is interested in a 25 year old with a child, a butt load of student loans and the heart of a gunfighter then sign me up! I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed for eating crackers 😉

    Heres to hoping Goldie and Kurt keep it going.

  6. Diva says:

    If Tim had even the RUMOUR of having hooked up with a younger chick and thus causing the break-up of their decades long relationship he’d be skewered and hated… but Susan gets praised for how good she looks.

    That is so weird.

  7. R2D2 says:

    I dont care who she is dating, she’s one of my favs…still classy and looks great.

  8. meme says:

    she also looks very ‘refreshed’ as they say. isn’t tim robbins with meg ryan?

  9. Heiyah says:

    Diva– I AGREE!!! Why this double standard for women who want to be seen on the same power level as men–shouldn’t we be giving women who break homes just as much shit as men who’ve strayed from their own marriages?

  10. Kim says:

    Oof… a loud, annoying plane? Ouch for Tim Robbins.

  11. lrm says:

    um, I think she started dating ‘after’ the break up with Tim. So, not sure what ya’ll are talking about with how she should be held accountable? She and Tim were done last summer, I believe, but did not formally announce it until recently.

  12. Lala11_7 says:

    Uhhmmm…she’s been a cougar for the past 20 years…so…SHE SHOULD BE USED TO THAT TITLE!!!

  13. Sincerity says:

    She looks great! She’s probably holding out for a relationship similar to the one she had with Tim Robbins. Bricklin is probably an interesting “sex toy”; however, a woman like Susan Sarandon needs a man she can relate to on a more intellectual level. I really can’t see Bricklin filling Tim’s shoes. He does not seem to have the “maturity” that life experiences will teach you.

  14. El Predicto says:

    Hey maybe Tim is devastated by the break up…and in a bit of shock that Susan seems to not have any sort of remorse or sense of loss over their very long relationship.

  15. Sumodo1 says:

    Tim Robbins with Meg Ryan? Good!

  16. DrM says:

    No one has said Susan Sarandon was bonking anyone else and that caused their breakup! The broke up WAYYYYYYYY before it came out in the press (like last North American summer). She looks fab, she can bang who she wants and I hope to GOD I look that good and am still in the position to do that kind of ‘bizness’ myself when I’m sixty bloody three!

  17. Dobben says:

    She needs to get over herself already… And I agree with Diva’s comment.

    Anyway, I think Meg Ryan is the winner here. GO Meg! And yes, there are winners and losers 🙂

  18. Diva says:

    DrM… this very site alluded to Sarandon’s side activities as a possible reason for their split. Search her name on here and you’ll see the articles.

    In fact, just about everyone immediately jumped all over the supposition that Robbins was the one cheating until the whole Bricklin story came out.

    I don’t live with these people, so I have no idea what their deal is, all I’m saying is that if this story were about Robbins, the comments would be completely different.

  19. Judy says:

    @ Anti-icon: I also find the term “cougar” demeaning and derogatory. I personally don’t understand the interest in men half one’s age–I’m interested in a man, not a little boy.

  20. Popcorny says:

    I don’t even think she was “bangin” Bricklin. Probably just PR innuendo for both & their investment, -she as a beard for him and he as a “I’m not hurt or unsexy” cover.
    When she said “a nosiy plane” I think she was indicating she was hurt very much and scared in the hurtling “takeoff” of the aftermath of their breakup. Sounds like Tim initiated it -and let her play it out publicly (including the lame PR rumors of her and Bricklin).

  21. Nostradamus says:

    you go, girl! young man giving you a BLT is just what the doctor ordered.

  22. cara says:

    i think she is going thru a mid-life crisis.surely she should be into mean-a-pause at her age?

  23. babs says:

    Cougar?? She’s 63! I love her as an actress but seriously, she’s not a cougar. I’d say she’s borderline geriatric.

  24. chshc says:

    Why is it empowering when women date younger men, but creepy when men date younger women? Just because she cant accept her age, doesnt mean it should be something to be proud of.

    If she was cheating with 1 or multiple guys she should recieve the same treatment as Tiger and James.

  25. Popcorny says:

    Amen chshc.
    If Susan’s “bangin” someone much younger it’s “you go girl, woohoo” (sprinkled with confetti tossings) … BUT -if it’s a guy “bangin” someone much younger it’s “you insecure @#&%*#!! dirty #%&^@#!! pervert!” (hammered with purse beatings).

  26. Lia says:

    I thought she had more self-esteem than that. Oh, well…. guess not.

  27. Kelly says:

    She does look great. But why is everyone obsessed with who she is or isnt or wasnt humping?? Sheesh! She just got out of a long term thing, people, I think its normal to want a bit of something different. Or not!
    Im heading toward 40 and honestly, I can see the truth in older people saying you dont age in your head- youre still that 20 year old who wants to relate to others and be valued and have fun. If it wasn’t for gravity working on the flesh we’d all probably be still cruising for a piece when we’re 98, so chillax, haters.

  28. Kelly says:

    And also, I think it IS creepy to be unable to go out with or relate to people of your own vintage. It smacks of disfunction to be ALWAYS chasing baby tail to the exclusion of everything else, male or female. That’s a denial thing.
    But everyone should have a taste of another age bracket at least once in their lives, methinks.

  29. isabelle says:

    She looks fantastic.

  30. CeeCee12 says:

    Women who date younger men usually choose decent men but men tend to choose skanks.

  31. Tess says:

    Who’s next? Joan Rivers?

    I mean…really. I don’t want to know about this. I also don’t want to read about Michael Douglas’s libido.

  32. Scout says:

    Re: Tim with Meg Ryan….he might be in trouble there – did she not break her up own marriage a number of years ago over Russell Crowe? I recall everyone being heartbroken over that break up, too. I do love Susan as an actress, I think she is beautiful and I admire her in many ways but I don’t think it is cool that she was getting it on with a 31 yr. old. It’s like, what the heck are you trying to prove?

  33. Popcorny says:

    I don’t agree, Ceecee, I think the younger men (in the older woman scenario) are usually somewhat deficient and looking for a “mommy”.
    As for “skanks” -they’re usually the ones throwing themselves out first and foremost to the (usually) insecure guy and make for easy sexual conquest.
    In any case, all parties are dysfunctional (not “just” the guys).

  34. Alexa says:

    I think people jokingly cheer on an older woman going out with a much younger man because men have been doing it forever – lots of highly respected men at that – without it having any negative effect on their lives (maybe just an eyeroll and “boys will be boys” comment here and there). All the while, the man’s former wife gets blamed for the relationship ending because she “let herself go” and stopped being her hubby’s frisky playmate and prized possession after she had children. (Grrr…)

    So TODAY when we see the older woman with a much younger man, many of us feel that things are finally becoming fair among the sexes.

  35. chshc says:

    Its a double standard. Shes dating a male model? How is that any better?

    I could care less about whos shes dating, it just gave me the opportunity to point out the double standards. Shes not being viewed as an insecure creep, and shes was rumored to have been dating them before they broke. She should be run through the same coals if thats the case.

  36. J says:

    She has always been an overrated actress. She behaves just like Madonna. I don’t see why people criticize Madonna more than Ms Sarandon. Because Ms Sarandon is more classy? Give me a break.

  37. Mikunda says:

    Love Susan! So cool and so independent and so real.