Michael Douglas: “I’m not leading with my libido quite as strongly”


It was just a few months ago that Michael Douglas was telling the AARP Magazine about how much he loves Viagra. Now, I totally know that older gentlemen and ladies love to get it on. I’m not judging. But the image of Michael slipping a little blue pill and then mounting La Zeta-Jones made me nauseous. Maybe Michael knows that, because now he’s claiming to Esquire (via PopEater) that he’s “probably not leading with my libido quite as strongly”. Which, sounds a lot like “I’m trying harder not to come across like a creepy old dude, so is this what you want to hear?” Here’s more:

One-time ladies’ man Michael Douglas has been tamed by “age and happiness,” the actor tells Esquire magazine in a new interview, and admits that middle age and a long-term commitment to wife Catherine Zeta-Jones have soothed his wild urges. “I’m probably more comfortable with myself now, probably not leading with my libido quite as strongly,” Douglas says.

“I’ve probably calmed down,” the actor continues. “It’s interesting when you have kids [at my age] because you’re kind of betwixt and between. Some of your friends, the only kids they’ve got are grandchildren.”

Douglas married Welsh actress Zeta-Jones — who is 25 years his junior, to the day — in 2000. The couple has two children, nine-year-old Dylan Michael and Carys Zeta, who turns seven this month.

Douglas’ son from a previous marriage, Cameron, is currently awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to heroin possession and conspiracy to distribute drugs, reports The Daily Mail. Douglas says, “It’s an ongoing problem. But substance abuse has been a big problem in different areas of our family. I lost a brother [Eric] five years ago. So it’s terribly sad and a difficult situation. But anybody who has family or friends who have been involved in substance abuse knows what a nightmare situation it is and how much pain it causes.”

The actor says that he began to conquer his own issues with alcoholism “around the time I married Catherine.”

He explains, “I started making some conscious decisions and prioritizing. As little children entered the equation – with a bride, an actress, 25 years younger, in her prime – the important part became them.”

[From PopEater]

Part of my thinks it’s cute that Michael refers in passing to Catherine as his “bride”. Not his “wife”. It’s sweet. But, yeah, I’m still getting a creepy vibe from him. And that’s coming from someone who used to love him – Romancing the Stone, Fatal Attraction, all of the truly good work he did in the 1980s. Plus, Michael is in one of my favorite movies of all time – Wonder Boys, which I believe came out in 2000, just as he was romancing (and mounting) La Zeta-Jones. If only he could have kept it together, career-wise. As far as the whole “leading with my libido” thing, notice how many qualifiers he put in there: “I’m probably more comfortable with myself now, probably not leading with my libido quite as strongly.” He’s saying that he still leads with his creepy-old-dude libido, but “not as strongly”. “Probably.” Chuckle.

32nd Annual New York City Police Foundation Gala

32nd Annual New York City Police Foundation Gala

Michael at an event for the New York Police Dept. on March 16, 2010. Credit: WENN and .

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17 Responses to “Michael Douglas: “I’m not leading with my libido quite as strongly””

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  1. Sumodo1 says:

    Sigh. TMI. TMI. TMI.

  2. Kate says:

    Oh good God. What I wouldn’t give to get THAT image out of my mind.

  3. Just a Poster says:

    I make myself a sammich and then read this?!

    so much for lunch.

  4. Hautie says:

    There was a interview that he did with Glenn Close prior to the Oscar’s this year that made him come off charming. He kept calling her Glennie and she would giggle.

    But I am tired of hearing about everyone’s sex life. It is time for everyone to just stop talking about the creepy sex stuff.

    And I still think Miss Zeta us lying about her age. She is more like 45.

  5. JulieNewmar says:

    @Hautie: Yes I agree, Miss Zeta is closer to 45 than the age she professes to be. I met her last year in a tea shop during the Toronto Film Festival and she is stunningly beautiful and very down to earth. But I did make note that she looked ‘older’ in person than she does in pics. Regardless of her age, she is gorgeous though.

  6. Dhavy says:

    Why would you want the whole world to know you use viagra? IMO that’s another way of saying “I’m old and I need help to get it up for my horny wife”

  7. Wow says:

    I remember when I use to think he was the hottest thing going back in the day. I still think he is a fabulous actor, but now he kind of gives off the “creepy old married CEO who bangs his employees after hours” vibe. I don’t know why.

  8. Brooke says:

    Eh, he can say what he likes – he’ll always be Jack T. Colton to me :)

  9. PrettyTarheelFan says:

    Why, oh, why did you have to use the phrase “mounting?” I will have that turn of phrase stuck in my head for days… “Mounting la Zeta-Jones…” “Hey it looks like you got rear-ended?” “Yes, I was just sitting at a red light, and the next thing you know, this Forerunner was mounting me like Michael Douglas mounts his wife.”


  10. Maddie says:

    Has any one else notice that they have not been photographed together in ages?

    Ans where is his wedding ring?

  11. Sincerity says:

    It’s rather “unrealistic” to expect people not to age. I find it very refreshing to read about a well respected actor in Hollywood who adores his wife and wants to keep her happy! However, I do agree about the Viagra. That little secret should have stayed between him and his lovely wife, Katherine. I wish them many more years of continued happiness.

  12. Tia C says:

    @ Wow: You are right, he totally does give off that vibe!! LOL!!

  13. gg says:

    Gross! We don’t care, Michael! TMI.

  14. Ruffian9 says:

    “….probably not leading with my libido quite as strongly,” Douglas says.

    Thank Christ for that.

  15. Tess says:


    Ditto Susan Sarandon.

  16. Scout says:

    I actually always liked him as an actor and USED to think he was hot…it’s been awhile since I thought that, though! But I agree that we do not need to hear this kind of stuff…I mean, it’s like PRIVATE! I would be horrified if my man shared our sexual experience with anyone, let alone having publlished for anyone and everyone to read! Yuck…just plain yuck. The other stuff about prioritizing and addressing his alcohol issues, etc., is fine. Beyond that, please, please, celebs, keep your sexual life – well, private!

  17. Jazz says:

    Wonder Boys is one of my favourite movies too, got the book as well.

    Mounting – eeewwww!!