“Where the hell is Suri?” Links

– Where the hell is Suri? Katie has gone out more without her baby in two months than I have in almost two years. (I do go out, he just usually comes along.) (Just Jared)
– Will Katherine McPhee sing at TomKats non-wedding? (Glitterati)
– PopSugar’s having a baby! (PopSugar)
– Brad Pitt was scared shitless during Shiloh’s birth (A Socialite’s Life)
– Madonna is creepy, not erotic (Hollywood Tuna)
– Hot bitchfight between Bobby Brown’s groupies (Crunk and Disorderly)
– Britney Spears soothes her pain with a new Porsche (MollyGood)
– Eva Longoria gets mad for having to pay $17 for lunch. (Egotastic)
– Star Jones’ house is almost as fugly as she is (CityRag)
– Is Colin Farrell married already? (A Socialite’s Life)
– Brangelina to go back to the states on July 1st. (DListed)
– Mariah Carey walks her dog (yeeeah)
– Is Jenny McCarthy dating Jim Carey? (WWTDD)
– Jennifer Aniston casts a spell on Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Damn-Lucky (The Bastardly)
– Lindsay Lohan spends a million dollars on clothes in a year but still wears the same shapeless white top with black leggings for a week straight. (IDLYITW)

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  1. millie says:

    ok.. I just had a discussion about it with my hubby and we came to a conclusion that the baby was born (Katie definitely looked pregnant all over) but it either has a physical problem (not very likely) or is going through some kind of Scientology process of baby indoctrination by separating her from her mother (more likely). I hear that Scient. as a rule separate babies from their mother to “shape character” or some BS like that and maybe Tommy is taking it to another level. Katie cannot be breastfeeding much if she goes out a lot so early. I was pretty much attached to my son for the first several months after birth. Don’t get me wrong.. it’s good for a new mom to go out but not to fetch ball on a field! Besides, most moms make a big deal about the first outing, rushing back as soon as possible. She looks bloated and depressed (which makes my theory of baby separation more plausible) and I BET it’s Tom dragging her out for everyone to see. Given how he handled the whole romance and pregnancy it’s shocking that he didn’t shove the baby pic into Leno’s face when she was born. I agree, something is wrong here.

  2. Jessie Williams says:

    IMO, the freaky scientologists believe that a baby or child is really a small adult, that there is no need for bonding. I believe that tiny Tom is demanding that Katie be by his side in public events to make him look “normal”, and that Katie is in tears because she wants to stay with her baby instead of literally being dragged along with him. However, tiny Tom is so controlling and demanding because he thinks that only he has all the answers and knows the correct thing to do, that he is ‘pulling rank” as the older partner and the father of the baby, to raise Suri as only he sees fit. Katie is depressed, missing her baby, and is being sleep-deprived due to the scientologists trying to finish brainwashing her into a compliant robot. All of this inner turmoil shows on Katie’s face, and that’s why he hollers at her to always keep her face down in public, as well as wanting her to slouch down to make him appear to be the same height as she is. Poor girl—when you’ve been brainwashed and told that everyone else is the enemy, and that only your abuser loves you and knows what is best for you–it’s no wonder that Katie has lost her own self-identity and sense of self-worth. Her own personal power has been stripped away, to be replaced by a compliant robot who can be controlled and made to perform in public as her abuser wishes. Yes, I am calling tiny Tom an abuser.

  3. millie says:

    Jessie–amen to that! I think that Katie is probably not allowed to do what her body and instinct tell her to do (take care of her baby, recover after birth) and the stress is showing. Her family should stage an intervention though I’m afraid they’re powerless. Let me ask you this: is this even his child? I have a suspicion that Katie got impregnated by the Church in an IVF procedure and she’s not even AWARE it’s not his child. I just hope she comes out of it ok.