Kim Kardashian’s myspace and eBay seller ID

Kim Kardashian is currently dating Nick Lachey and she’s the top search phrase now leading people to this site. People are interested in her, so here’s a bit of semi-personal Internet data on the 25 year-old daughter of O.J. Simpson lawyer Robert Kardashian:

  • Kim’s myspace profile under the username “kimsaprincess” (I also have a full screenshot in case she wisely blocks access to it.)
  • Kim’s eBay seller feedback, her ID is rumored to be “styleworld” [via]

    If that is indeed Kim’s eBay seller ID, either her caps lock is broken or she’s pretty dumb Internet naive, because all of her item descriptions are in upper case. While I think it’s cool that she’s selling stuff online and not buying retail, she doesn’t use any design in her seller items and just posts them plain with all upper case descriptions. Add some style to your sales, girl!

    Kim sells stuff like her old Gucci loafers (She’s a size nine and a half, which is big for her height) and buys Christian Louboutin platforms as replacements. She has a 100% positive feedback rating, showing she’s a responsible member of the eBay community.

    In her mySpace profile, she says she’s “in a relationship,” so unless she’s had that on for a while trying to discourage myspace skeeves, she’s referring to Lachey. She’s also 5’3″ tall and says that her “daddy” is her hero. At least she appreciates where her lifestyle comes from. She doesn’t list her favorite music or movies, and her primary interest can be assumed to be shopping. She says she’d like to meet “God,” and lists her religion as “Christian,” so she must not be afraid to die.

    Here are some pictures of Kardashian from her myspace. She is shown with her mother and sister. She looks a lot like Jessica Alba in these photos.

    Update: Kim’s father, O.J. Simpson lawyer Robert Kardashian, passed away on October 1, 2003. Given that her father died recently, it is understandable that Kim calls him her hero and says that she would like to meet God. Apologies for saying that “at least she appreciates where her lifestyle comes from.” It must be terrible to lose a parent like that, and we would not have made that joke if we were aware of it.


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    1. Ru says:

      I LOVE THIS SITE! i mean damn i just got my US weekly and saw her in it then i come HERE and see her myspace..and from her myspace i see her sisters and bro..they are apparently tight with micheal jackson’s nephews b/c 3T are linked as friends lol i always wondered what happened to them

    2. jess says:

      now i know she’s dating nick but who exactly is she? a model? actress? princess? lol

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    4. Nicole says:

      She’s hot. Who wants to bet that OJ was hitting on her at her father’s funeral?

    5. mj says:


    6. mj says:


    7. J says:

      If she’s so damn hot, why does she need so much damn plastic surgery..
      Ms.Simpson is clearly hotter!!

    8. paul W says:

      This girl is Gross!!
      I would’nt do her with your dick!

    9. tiana says:

      yo this girl is fine! go nick! looks much less aggravating then jessica.