Britney’s Manny Bodyguard Revealed: His name is “Henry”

Everyone was confused about Britney’s new baby-loving male companion. Some claimed it was her producer, J.R. Rotem and there was even one crazy rumor that we zealously reported that Britney was having an affair with her producer and that the baby she’s carrying might be his.

Later the guy was confirmed to be Britney’s male nanny, who perhaps does double-duty as a bodyguard. People were calling him by the uncommon name “Perry.”

It turns out the guy’s real name is “Henry,” and he seems rather likeable from this brief description:

Britney Spears was spotted out and about Wednesday in Malibu. But this time, the songstress had company — and it wasn’t Kevin Federline!

Baby crazy Brit was seen holding little Sean P. in her arms as the mystery man pushed the stroller in Malibu.

Now only “Extra” has the dish. Sources say the hunk is Britney’s new nanny, Henry, and he was simply accompanying Brit on a mommy and me outing in the seaside town.

We caught up with Henry as he purchased flowers, and it looked like this tough guy wasn’t scared of a little paparazzi loving. When asked if he was Brit’s security, he simply smiled and walked away.

Britney has an absent and soon to be ex – husband, but she has a sweet male nanny and a brand new Porsche! She was spotted out in the hot new convertible taking driving lessons so that she can learn to drive standard.

She’s giving the bird and hopefully the boot to Kevin, and taking back her life.

Here is Britney out driving her new car with a male instructor – not the manny. [via]

Update: This guy’s name is actually Perry, and you can read more about him here.


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    1. millie says:

      Brit learning to drive a stick = Brit taking charge. I think it’s a sign she’s taking control of her life. All of my cars have been standard–I feel like I’m dring the car as opposed to car driving me. This is definitely a good sign.. she’s moving on and trying new things.

    2. Angelika says:

      Thank God we finally know more about the mistery man’s identity 😉 Henry looks cute and caring, he’s a good man to be at her side!

    3. Ru says:

      thats sad she has to pay a man to hold her son.
      1.he isnt the father 2. she is so inept as a mother that she has to have another person tend to her child

    4. Angelika says:

      Oh come on, this isn’t anything special! Look at older photos – in earlier pictures, a FEMALE nanny is holding Sean Preston, and now it’s exactly the same, it’s just a man! A nanny is there to help you and to hold the baby once in a while, what’s the problem with that? You see lots of pictures where Britney holds Sean herself, and you see pictures where she shouldn’t have held him (just saying: “dropping to earth incident”) – he’s just the nanny, that’s it!