Where are they now: Oscar party edition

I love those “‘Memba Her/Him?” posts on TMZ. Yesterday I was pretty floored to see a recent picture of Blossom child star Mayim Bialik. Having opted for a non-showbiz life, Bialik doesn’t look like she’s made a trip to the hairdressers or even the local mall lately, judging by her fashion. But more power to her, she was at a charity event and it’s not like she’s looking for publicity.

The Oscar viewing party “Night of 100 Stars” was chock full of people I barely recognized from years past, many of which made me say “that’s her?!”

Here are my favorites. I had a lot of fun looking through the pictures and trying to figure out who everyone was. Some have appeared on reality television, but many have stayed out of the spotlight for years. I’m also including some older people just because they kick ass.

Lauren Holly: The 44 year-old Dumb & Dumber star dated Jim Carrey in the late 90s. Holly has been a regular on the USA Network show “Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service” since 2005 with Mark Harmon. She is shown below with Carey at the Liar Liar premiere in 1997.

Stefanie Powers: The hot detective from 1980s drama Hart to Hart is now 65. She put out a CD in 2003 called “On The Same Page” in which she sings “selections from the classic American songbook era.” Amazon reviewers rave about how suprisingly good it is. Powers works as a presenter on the BBC show Through the Keyhole in which guests try to guess which celebrity owns a home after they take a tour. She is also an accomplished polo player.

Buzz Aldrin: 77 year-old Aldrin was the second man to set foot on the moon. Since retiring in 1972 he founded a rocket company, earned a patent for space station he designed, and created a nonprofit organization to promote space tourism.

Chynna Phillips: 40 year-old Phillips was a member of the band Wilson Phillips. Phillips put out a solo album in 1995 after leaving Wilson Phillips. It was not a commercial success. She appeared in several TV movies and films in the 1980s, but has otherwise not had much of an acting career. She has been married to actor Billy Baldwin since 1985 and they have three children: daughter Jamieson, 7, son Vance, 5, and daughter Brooke, 3.

Jack Klugman: 85 year-old Klugman is known for his television roles in The Odd Couple and Quincy in the 1970s. Klugman lost one of his vocal cords to cancer in the 1990s and it has affected his voice, but his health seems to be otherwise stable. He married his long term partner, Peggy Crosby, last month in a small ceremony at the Little Brown Church in Hollywood.

Celeste Holm: You may not have heard of this 40s and 50s screen siren, but she’s 90 years old now and still looking fabulous. She was in All About Eve with Betty Davis in 1950 and Gentlemen’s Agreement in 1947.

Josie Davis: 35 year-old Davis played nerdy Sarah Powell on Charles in Charge from 1987 to 1990. She has kept busy with appearances in television and film. She was on the last season of 90210, and one season of The Young and The Restless. Her latest role is as the lead in Lifetime TV’s movie The Perfect Assistant.

Mimi Rogers: 52 year-old Rogers was married to Tom Cruise from 1987-1990. While I thought she was still an active Scientologist, Wikipedia notes that she’s since left the cult. She has been married to producer Chris Ciaffa since 2003 and they have two children, Lucy, 12, and Charlie, 6. Rogers is an avid poker player and plays both online and in competitive tournaments. Update: She was on the X-Files for 7 episodes from 1998 to 1999 as Agent Diana Fowley and has had multiple TV guest appearances as well as sfilm roles since. [Thanks anni and Jaclyn]

Jeff Conaway: Known for his roles on 80s comedy Taxi as Bobby Wheeler, and Kenicke in Grease, 57 year-old Conaway has had a rough go of it lately. He was on Celebrity Rehab for seven episodes earlier this year for his addiction to alcohol, painkillers and cocaine. He was wheelchair-bound at the time, but from the looks of these pictures he’s using a cane now. He is shown with his fiancé, musician Vikki Lizzi.

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