Heidi Klum gets on a trampoline with Jimmy Kimmel; Flirts with Ellen

Heidi Klum was on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night to promote Project Runway, and they had a big trampoline on the stage. Heidi and Seal have one at home, so Kimmel brought one on to add some variety to the show. It’s pretty amusing watching them jump up and down and try and talk.

Klum took off her shoes and urged Kimmel to remove his socks, and he said “no” at first but then gave in. When he removed his socks he had polish on his right foot, and said “I have something embarrassing. Ben Affleck painted my toenails the other day, and there’s still some of it on there.”

Yesterday Klum was on Ellen, and there was a cute kind of flirty exchange between the two. Ellen gave Klum a t-shirt to cover up her legs because her dress was too short. The t-shirt featured Ellen’s face, and Ellen said “Hopefully we have an overhead shot of that, because that’s fantastic” Heidi looked down at it said “You have the bluest eyes.” Ellen said “Thank you” and looked a little embarrassed and laughed, saying “that’s ridiculous.” Heidi said “I’ll wear pants next time,” and Ellen answered “No you look great.”

Klum sure knows how to promote her shows, and she comes across as genuine along with being a lot of fun.

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