Jennifer Aniston admits she doesn’t care about world affairs and is self-absorbed

There’s a popular editorial about Brad and Angelina called “Brad, Angelina and the rise of ‘celebrity colonialism’” The author sites the harsh tactics of their thuggish security staff, and says that Brad and Angelina are occupying Africa to make themselves feel like patrons:

It may sound shocking, but in truth Pitt and Jolie’s trip to Namibia is really only a more extreme version of today’s ‘celebrity colonialism’, where celebs go to Africa (or some other poor part of the world) to make themselves feel ‘special’. Africa in particular has become a stage for such moralistic poseurs – and their posing can have a detrimental impact on the people who live there.

Of course Africa still has vast problems of under-development and poverty – but they will not be helped by the kind of campaigning or patronage offered by Brown, Bono, Bob or Brangelina. Rather, this brand of moral grandstanding suggests that Africa has become a kind of plaything for some campaigners, a backdrop against which they can make themselves feel good and ‘special’.

The author makes a decent point, but he overlooks the fact that people pay attention to everything celebrities do, and that most of them are shallow and self-absorbed. Most celebrities are content to serve as billboards for overpriced jeans and unattainable handbags. When Brad and Angelina go to Africa for a little peace and quiet they’re using their extreme fame in a genuine attempt to bring attention to problems on the continent. They need to fire their abusive security staff and stop being so aggressive with the paparrazi, but why bash them for trying to use their fame for a good cause?

Jennifer Aniston said she’s not interested in contributing to important causes like her ex-husband and his gorgeous fertile girlfriend. She doesn’t care to be criticized for bringing media attention to the world’s impoverished, and would rather get mocked for her lack of acting ability and poor personality:

Aniston was sitting at a press conference in Los Angeles to promote her new comedy, The Break-Up, when a reporter asked if she was interested in using her celebrity to tackle any of the world’s important issues.

Pitt and Jolie, in between giving birth to daughter Shiloh Nouvel, have been vocal about Africa, AIDS and refugees.

So, was Aniston interested in any global issues? How about the war in Iraq or global warming?

“No,” Aniston replied. “I’m not interested in any of that.”

“I like to just focus on me and my tabloid career.”

Her deadpan answer, dripping with sarcasm, scored plenty of laughs.

Ok, she’s not interested in world affairs at all? Not just a little bit? I mean, we pay a lot of attention to celebrities because it’s easier than facing the fact that the US is killing innocent civilians in an illegal war, but we also catch the regular news too.

She said she’s not interested in world events and wants to focus on herself. Even if she was trying to make a joke, Aniston makes it seem as if she doesn’t care about anything but herself.

Her crappy movie, “The Break Up,” opens today. If it gets universally panned as expected, Aniston can say goodbye to her film career. Her maybe boyfriend, Vince Vaughn, will weather this storm but she won’t:

If this movie sucks balls as much as pre-reviews hint at*, all [Vince Vaughn] has to remind people of is Made or Wedding Crashers or Old School. Jennifer Aniston though, she has nothing.

She has nothing indeed. Not even a little bit of curiousity about the world beyond her giant chin.

Here are some portraits of Aniston taken by Armando Gallo at a press conference for “The Break Up” on 5/19.

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  1. AC says:

    I think this is an unfair post. People wont get that it’s just your opinion. She was being sarcastic.

  2. millie says:

    This was a funny joke she made but it sort of underscored the fact that she really is NOT interested in anything other than a) her career b)her hair c) her overtanned skin and, last but not least, d) whining about Brad. I remember when she was quoted as saying that she has no interest in “Brad’s 3 As: Architecture, Africa and Angelina”.. Another attempt at being witty, no doubt, and yet another way of showing that she could not give a rat’s ass about anything other than herself and particularly not those less fortunate than “poor Jennifer.” Because yes, she’s extremely fortunate–not much of a looker (for a movie star at least), not much of a talent (other than when being part in a well scripted comedy ensemble) but still managed to score more magazine covers, more movies, more millions and more interest than anyone with her average everything plus a whiny personality would. I used to feel sorry for her, just a bit.. you know, being publicly dumped like this, but now I have to wonder how did he manage to stay with this self-absorbed twit for so long. Sorry for the long rant, I’m just REALLY ready for Jen to go away. You’re right Celebitchy, this is not Fox, we don’t need to be “fair and balanced” (*evil grin*)

  3. Jude says:

    I think the most revealing thing about that joke she made was that she felt comfortable to make a joke about her extreme self-absorption and lack of interest in the world beyond her chin (as you said–right on!). And I’m with you on the Brangelina In Africa thing. Anything they can do that draws more attention to real issues is valuable. At least their extreme fame is helping to serve the world in some way other than just by showcasing their gigantic and wondrous lips.

  4. kvl says:

    Haha. I am not so much a fan of Aniston myself, but doesn’t it seem rather hypocritical to deem her self-absorbed and superficial when you are writing a celebrity gossip blog and ending the post with “beyond her giant chin”?
    Besides, Jennifer Aniston has been known to give a relatively large portion of her income to charity. Something done without publicity, which to me seems more respectable that traipsing around in foreign countries “trying” to be on the “same” level as the citizens of underdeveloped country.

  5. Randi says:

    Frankly, I don’t care much for any celebrity — that’s why I like to read these mean spirited entertainment blogs. However, I am mystified at the hostility a lot of these blogs have towards Aniston. Her divorce has certainly resulted in a lot of speculation, but Aniston herself has kept her actual comments about it to a minimum and never publicly accused Pitt of an affair. Personally, I think her comment in this case was not only amusing, but the smart thing to say. If she had said she was interested in global issues, I think it would have opened the door for questions about what she thinks of Brad and Angelina’s activities. I have no idea what she gives to charity but if she does give without receiving publicity I respect that.

    Also, I have doubts as to the point of having Brad and Angelina’s baby born in Africa. Sure I’ve read a lot about them being there, but I know absolutely nothing about the country itself. Their presence might help the paparazzi tourist trade and lower the unemployment rate for thug bodyguards but thats about it.

  6. celebitchy says:

    I appreciate what you guys are saying about Aniston not being able to catch a break no matter what she says, and kvl I am a total hypocrite and your point is well taken! Randi I did not consider the fact that she would have opened herself up to questioning about Brangelina if she said she was interested in global affairs, which is untrue anyway.

    All of that said, the reason people are hostile to Aniston is because she seems really ungrateful for her lifestyle and career. Unlike her Friends costars, she’s quoted bitching – a lot – about her career when she’s the only one who has had a real chance. I’ve read practically all of her dumb quotes, and you can read a couple here.

    Bitching about reality TV
    Talking about how bad “Rumor Has It” was and how it was “the worst film”

    She’s said many other rude things that I haven’t published that make it seem like she’s totally out of touch with the fact that she has a charmed life and a lot of money and fame.

    There are celebrities I like because they’re genuine and down to earth and they are: Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Matt Damon, and Johnny Depp to name a few.

    Most people would give their eye teeth to make lots of money starring in crappy movies and Aniston should be nicer about it. She doesn’t really deserve to have a hit IMO.

    Thanks you guys for taking the time to comment and make your opinion known, I really appreciate it and hope you comment again even if you think I’m being rude.

  7. celebitchy says:

    Also kvl – If you know where you read that Aniston contributes a large portion of her income to charity, please send the link or source and I will add an adendum to this post as another viewpoint.

  8. Angelika says:

    I didn’t read all comments (9, wow! didn’t know so many people would be interested in Aniston, haha) – but I just wanted to say one thing (and it’s NOT that it was just a joke, which it obviously was): Why do all celebrities have to be involved in charity? It’s the same like saying “Oh, Jen Garner is boring – no scandals, no affairs, she’s BORING, she HAS TO entertain us!” We used to expect from celebrities to entertain us by scandals in the tabloids (we still do) – now we expect from everybody to be all caring and involved in charity and all that stuff. I DO care about world issues, but am I involved in charity (yet)? No! Am I a bad person because of that? I’m planning to be involved in an organisation I care for as soon as I’m working and earning money, but just because she’s a celebrity, she doesn’t have to care for all that stuff! And if she DOES, she doesn’t have to make it as public as Brad and Angelina!

  9. millie says:

    I have yet to see any evidence of Jennifer charitable contributions and, if there are any, I’m sure her PR team would find a way to leak this super secret info to the press. After all, they’ve done everything to make her more likeable, why not this?
    Why do I think that celebrities should be contributing? First of all, obviosly they don’t have to. It’s a choice. I think that when someone makes HUGE amount of money that is totally out of proportion to the amount of work they do, they get privileged treatment wherever they go, they’re adored by millions and live lives most of us can only dream of, they should contribute something back. You know.. it does seem greedy and self-centered to spend all this money on yourself (Bill Gates gives back 58% of his earnings though, imo, he really earned his position). With celebrities, much of their success is surely due to hard work, but much of it is also due to lack, timing and other people’s work (the writers of Friends for ex). WE (the viewing public) pay for that privileged lifestyle (by going to see their movies), it only makes sense to share something (a small portion of their riches) with those less fortunate. As I said, she doesn’t have to do it, but then I don’t have to respect her and I don’t have to watch her movies.

  10. millie says:

    darn.. I wish you had an “edit” button.. “due to luck” of course.

  11. Angelika says:

    I get your point, millie, and I agree with you.

  12. nelo says:

    ok this has been kinda painful for me coz i just love jenn so much. and i definately agree with angelika and millie. and we can’t really keep track on everything clebs do, can we? so maybe she IS giving to some sort of charity and we have no clue about it.
    srry if i sound too defensive but thats jsut me speaking my mind 🙂

  13. antiJennyPoo says:

    just becuz she’s hot and he’s hot, doesn’t mean she’s a homewrecker and he’s a cheater.
    the statement that chin quoted was obviously clear that she and brad has some real differencies.
    u can call angie a whore, but at least she’s gorgeous and naturally sexy and naturally slim! meanwhile, jennypoo is ugly …okay, plainiest woman in hollywood with mediocre talent who tries really really hard to look beautiful and sexy and tried to be a sexy whore too. but then, she failed. no matter how much money she spent for those body excersising tools and yoga classes, it just didnot work. even if she makes a very good friendship with her stylist, she still failed to look gorgeous. but ofcourse, she has nice hairstyles.
    and there is something about her that makes her even look uglier. that is, she keep blaming other for the failures in her life. that’s sick and ofcourse very very UNSEXY.

  14. sally says:

    Just because she doesn’t make a press release about giving to charity doesn’t mean that she isn’t giving to chairty!! Ridiculous…she just isn’t an attention hound. There is somthing to be said about doing things tastefully.

  15. Ivy says:

    Oh come on, Aniston would give a press release after using the toilet if she and Huvane thought it would help her image. She is the biggest fraud in HW. Thankfully it looks like she is burning all her bridges. At least she has Broadway!!

    Oh by the way… she said in an interview, I forget the magazine.. that “charity is not my thing” And she wasn’t trying to be funny. Of course we will probably see her doing a bit of charity soon. Forced into it kicking and screaming by Huvane. It is all so predictable. This is a woman who made jokes about her therapist dying. (It’s all about her) and who said if you have to get raped in a movie.. her costar in Derailed(forget his name) would be who you would want toget raped by. WTF?