Jennifer Garner passed up a role in “Dallas” due to fear of J.Lo

Jennifer Garner was offered the role of Pamela Ewing in the upcoming “Dallas” movie, but she decided not to do it after learning that J.Lo had already signed on to the project. Seems like Garner has a healthy fear of her husband’s big-bottomed Latina ex:

JENNIFER GARNER reportedly turned down the role of PAMELA EWING in the forthcoming DALLAS movie, after discovering her husband BEN AFFLECK’s ex-fiancee JENNIFER LOPEZ had signed to star in the remake. The ALIAS beauty started dating her DAREDEVIL co-star in July 2004 – seven months after the actor ended his high-profile engagement with J.Lo. British newspaper the Daily Mail claims Garner was in talks to play BOBBY EWING’s wife Pam, but backed out when she realised Lopez would be playing JR’s alcoholic wife SUE-ELLEN. A source says, “Jennifer Garner was really keen to be in Dallas, but I think she felt there would be a bit of a strain between them on the set and that could have led to awkward situations. “Both are totally professional, but there might have been a certain ‘atmosphere’ and Jennifer Garner didn’t need to go there.”

Garner has a happy relationship and a gorgeous baby with Affleck, the man who put a stop to J.Lo’s lavish wedding and gradually dumped her through passive aggressive behavior. Now all J.Lo has is a skeletal husband and a fat stomach that she wears mumus over in an attempt to get people to think it’s a baby bump.

It doesn’t matter how rich or successful J.Lo is, Garner will always be happier and more content because she’s just a genuinely kind, positive person. Judging from her decision to stay away from J.Lo, she has a lot of sense too.

Here’s Garner on the set of “Gone Baby Gone,” which Ben is directing, on 5/24. [via]

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  1. millie says:

    Smart move, Jen! Aside from being awkward, if I were Jen, I’d be afraid of J. Lo simply whacking me in my sleep. I hear that J. Lo is NOT pregnant and though I feel for her, I still think it’s in the Afflecks’ best interested to stay the hell away from the diva. Ben would have a heck of a migraine if his wife worked side-by-side with her.

  2. MollyGood says:

    Afternoon Clean Up: Jennifer Lopez strikes fear in the hearts of women everywhere

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  3. Angelika says:

    I think it’s a pretty smart choice.. Jen obviously just wants her family to feel fine and to be all peaceful, and if there are any conflicts with J.Lo, she shouldn’t risk it.. And being in a movie with Miss Lopez isn’t that good anyway, as I didn’t like ANY of the movies that diva was in ^^

  4. celebitchy says:

    Angelika did you see “Angel Eyes”? That wasn’t too bad.

  5. Angelika says:

    No I didn’t, but I always wanted to see it.. I have to admit that Wedding Planner was actually pretty nice, too – because of Matthew McConnaughey 😉

  6. millie says:

    “Out of Sight” was also pretty good but it was just a good movie and Clooney was in it. I think that J.Lo is pushing the romantic comedy route too far. She should choose her scripts more carefully and stay away from the Hallmark/Lifetime TV dramas as well. She’s just not believable as a down on her luck, working class mama. The Wedding Planner was better because she was playing a high maintenance control freak–pretty close, I imagine, to her actual character. Though I still think she’s a nice girl, just a bit too attached to fame and money for her own good.

  7. madeline7 says:

    I just wish that Ben and Jen G’s publicist would quit using Jen L. (the “wicked” J.Lo, lol) to shed positive publicity upon the Afflecks. Yo, Mr. press agent – time to move on – even if it’s been another slow week, again. Gardner’s “afraid” of Lola?? Sounds pretty wimpy to me IF it were true, but that has to be fiction. The publicity people want you to care enough about them to revive Ben’s career. It’s not like BEN was hired for “Dallas” (which would present a bit of concern for both Jen G. and Marc Anthony because both are crazy about their respective spouses). I think Jenny L. has done a lot of maturing since she married Marc Anthony, and they share a very close and happy marriage (Happy 2nd wedding anniversary!). I hope their prayers for a child together are answered very soon.

  8. Angelika says:

    I think they’re both really happy in the relationships they’re in now. And I don’t believe the rumours of J.Lo being jealous of Jennifer Garner – I guess she’s just “jealous” because she wanted a baby for so long and now she sees her ex-boyfriend becoming a daddy that quickly and she simply has the desire of founding her own family soon, too.

    And “due to fear of J.Lo” is probably the wrong expression – Jennifer Garner obviously doesn’t want any conflicts or a weird atmosphere on the set which is totally NATURAL between ex-boy/girlfriends and their new spouses!

  9. celebitchy says:

    J.Lo said it made her depressed to see Ben with his new family, so if that’s an accurate quote it could be interpreted as more of a longing for what could have been than a jealous feeling.

  10. millie says:

    I just hope that J.Lo. gets pregnant for real.. she’s been trying for a long time and she’d make a really good mom, imo. It must have been very painful for her to see that Ben has a new baby girl. I just think that it would have be really awkward for them to film together.

  11. celebitchy says:

    Maybe should could get pregnant with fertility treatment. I wonder why she cancelled her tour if she’s not pregnant?