“Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey split” Links

– Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey split up. Did she hook up with someone else at Cannes? (MollyGood)
– Last pictures of Angelina Jolie before she popped (Just Jared)
– Check out “A Prarie Home Companion,” in theatres June 9th
– Naomi Watts and her nipples rent a car (The Bastardly)
– Michelle Rodriguez says her liver doesn’t hurt enough for her to be an alcoholic (WWTDD)
– Ashton and Demi think they can get a helicopter in Iowa in the middle of the night (Glitterati)
– Janet Jackson is ripped (Hollywood Rag)
– Bush is the poster boy for corruption (CityRag)
– The youngest Hanson is getting married to a woman (DListed)
– Video of Anna Nicole Smith confirming her pregnancy is now on YouTube. Her business idea of making people pay to watch her mumble on tape isn’t too sound. (yeeeah)
– A totally useless diamond-encrusted pacifier was sent to Pile ‘O Shit Shiloh Pitt (Faded Youth)
– Brad Pitt’s parents visit him in Africa (I’m not obsessed)
– Paris Hilton makes a radio station appearance to premiere her song, refuses to take calls except from a couple people praising her musical ability. (Gossipin)
– WalMart can afford to hire Beyonce and Taylor Hicks to perform at their annual shareholders meeting, but won’t pay fair prices to merchants or decent wages to workers. (PopBytes)
– Kayne West dresses like an Easter egg (Concrete Loop)
– Jessica Simpson’s camel toe (IDLYITW)
– Lindsay Lohan says she’s going to sue Brandon Davis for the firecrotch comment unless he gives $250k to charity. He may get sued because the fat greasy bastard doesn’t have his own money. (The Superficial)
– Jessica Alba wants to be topless (Egotastic)

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  1. millie says:

    I have to say that I’m quite shocked by the Cruz/McConaughey split. There was talk back in Jan, when they attended the GG separately, but they kissed and made up since. I thought they were solid. I think that they wanted to avoid anyone asking her questions during Cannes and make the split the main topic rather than her acting and that’s why they announed it later. I honestly doubt she had enough time to hook up with someone in Cannes but I wonder if it happened earlier and I secretly hope that she and Adrien Brody had/still have a fling on the set of Manolete, in which they’re playing lovers (the movie is still filming). I’m hoping for Pepe to save Adrien from the clutches of his skanky girlfriend (we’re talking about a girl who posts pix of herself on myspace in various stages of undress, getting her tits squeezed by her friends, drunk and giving head to a bottle of beer etc., so I feel justified to say “skanky”). I like him a lot and he was wonderful in The Pianist–totally deserves someone great and elegant, like Pepe.
    on the subject of Walmart: I just saw “High Cost of Low Price” documentary — truly shocking though nothing that I didn’t know already. The part that truly got to me was when they showed living/working conditions in a Chinese factory. Seven days a week, 15 hour day for $3 per week.. these people are enslaved and living in factory dorms (bunk beds, horrible overcrowding,it’s like stalags only worse) and even if they don’t, the factory deducts the cost of housing from their salaries!! All that so Americans can buy cheap shit by truckloads. wal-Mart workers in the US (!!) do not EAT LUNCH because they can’t afford it.. I could go on and on.. communities destroyed, workers on state assistance, workers threatened if they even LOOK like they’re talking to a union organizer.. unbelievable. It’s like cancer that spreads all over the world and destroys everything in its path. And yet idiots will go there so they can buy crap for a few cents less than in a store next door–they showed a Wal-Mart store in Germany where workers are unionized (and probably protected by labor laws in their country) and have decent wages, health care (state, of course) and .. get this.. 6 weeks vacations. They don’t understand why American W-M workers can’t do it. LOL. it’s because unionizing is “communist” and “socialist” and people here have no sense of solidarity and responsibility for others. As long as they think they’re doing OK by themselves, why should they bother help their fellow workers/citizens? Until, of course, they lose their jobs, benefits etc. But by then it’s too late. They also look like they’re powerless against a big corporation–the gov. is doing nothing to protect them and W-M pretty much runs the communities on its own terms (if you don’t let us move to your town, we’ll built just outside and you won’t even get the tax revenues).

  2. celebitchy says:

    I never really thought McConaughy was/is gay, although a lot of people suggest it. He seems like a free-spirited guy, though, and he probably isn’t one to settle down. Maybe Penelope realized this and he just couldn’t commit long term.

    Millie, thanks for this great comment. I know that about Walmart (although I didn’t know about the terrible conditions for the Chinese workers or that the German WM workers were unionized) and I never shopped there after I wised up while I was living in the states. It bothers me when people I know shop there and I try to discourage them. All Germans get six weeks vacation, it’s pretty standard! Socialism actually benefits most people, and would improve the lives of most people who are against it on principle, but everyone is brainwashed to equate freedom with buying a large array of products they don’t need.

  3. millie says:

    oh, it was actually my 10 year-old son who insisted on getting this movie via netflix (He also just went to see “Thank You For Smoking” and insists on seeing “Art School Confidential”–I have no idea what started it).
    But anyway… going back to gossip. I never believed the gay rumors either.. just because a guy likes to play bongo in the nude doesn’t mean he’s gay. In fact, I just read a comment on lainey where she claims that her friend “bagged him good and hard” recently. I think they were just too hot to be committed at the moment. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Adrien Brody replacing him. He could use a hot and classy gf.