Kate Gosselin says kids can’t wait for cameras to come back

This week’s US Weekly is all about how Kate Gosselin is an entitled diva and a mean, talentless pain in the ass on Dancing with The Stars. We’ve already covered some of that, but there’s more that came out, including the detail that Kate’s partner Tony Dovolani, “can’t wait to get rid of her, even if it means losing early.” Kate is said to have told Tony that “I’m the reason anyone knows your name.”

US Weekly also reports that Kate gave some statements to E! News on Wednesday that were just dripping with attitude. She said “I can’t put my life aside and dance for six hours a day.” Kate has walked out of dancing rehearsals to get her nails done, go shopping and get coffee, so I guess she considers those activities her “life.” I’m so sure she brought some of her kids with her.

Delusional Kate also thinks that she can dance. She said “It’s not my lack of ability, but lack of presence. I struggle with this every day. But I have determination.” It’s not her lack of ability? Has she even seen one of her performances? She also said she takes “the constructive criticism only” from the judges. She rolls her eyes at all the other criticism.

Meanwhile Kate is still harping on her belief that her kids love having the cameras around and says they’re “so excited” for their return to reality television, which was just announced yesterday. Kate will also get her own reality show in which she travels around dispensing her unique brand of me-focused wisdom to women around the country:

Clad in a short black cocktail dress with silver embellishments and black strappy high-heel sandals, Kate Gosselin spoke about her upcoming TLC show, Twist of Kate, at the Discovery Communications’ NYC Upfront Thursday.

Reading from a teleprompter, she told the crowd she is “excited” to “share with you the next chapter in my life.” The show, which debuts this summer, will follow the single mother, 35, as she raises her eight children, as well as profile other women who are also in their own challenging situations.

Where did the concept come from?

“Every day I hear from women across the country who have incredible stories but are overwhelmed with their lives, asking me for advice on everything from potty training to organization,” the current Dancing With the Stars disaster explained. “None have asked for dancing advice, however. Just thought I’d add that.

“So on my new show Twist of Kate, I’m going to spend a few days in their lives experiencing their challenges firsthand and lending a helping hand and maybe even some time off,” she went on.

As for her own kids, Gosselin said she’s “thrilled” to announce they’ll be returning to TV. For some specials this year, she said they’ll be “taking some fun trips and having some great adventures. They’re very excited.”

[From US Weekly thanks to Oxa for tips!]

Five year old kids do thrive on structure and consistency, but the cameras haven’t been around for months. They’re only going to have their lives disrupted by filming at this point, although of course Kate thinks she’s doing it all for them and their benefit. It has nothing to do with her children and everything to do with Kate’s need to be the center of attention. Speaking of that, US had an inset in this week’s print edition about how Kate staged Easter a day early for the paparazzi in order to make sure that the photo shoot included her, not her husband Jon. They write “a source contends Kate’s motivation [for having an Easter egg hunt a day early] was one-upmanship – she planned the last-minute event because ex-husband Jon told her he planned to have one [on Easter]. ‘Kate was just going to buy the kids something Easter-y from L.A., but when she found out Jon’s intentions she beat him to it… she went to Target the night before to get supplies.” It’s all for her kids, because they’re her priority!

Kate Gosselin is shown out in Manhattan on 4/8/10. Credit: A Miller/WENN.com

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  1. Pam says:

    What’s with her teeth? They seem to be growing with her air time. I don’t recall them being this big before.

  2. ThaiGirl says:

    If the kids love the camera around it is because they know if the camera is around Mom will be around to give them attention. Although, I highly doubt the kids love the cameras.

  3. amanda says:

    Are these people for friggen real? I do not understand this Kate Gosselin- is she human?? That is seriously f-ed up that her children are “excited” about the cameras coming back. They are kids. Why do people watch shows with this woman on it?? I’m pissed she’s on DWTS. I have watched that show for years and now I have to deal with Kate’s wretched presence each week. Supposedly she has a book tour beginning April 13, so maybe she will coincidentally get kicked off DWTS this week???

  4. Judy says:

    Pam, the new teeth were part of her $35,000.00 makeover for DWTS. It’s all about the kids, you know. Cannot believe that she had the nerve to tell Tony Dovolani that the only reason people know his name is because of her. I hate her.

  5. Hautie says:

    The only thing that I find odd is that she is consider some type of expert on child raising.

    If being a mean nasty self indulgent Mother is consider the thing to be… then maybe she is a expert.

  6. Jeri says:

    She can only hope for some 80-90ish
    gentleman that could prance her around to balls & whatever. No-one younger wants her. She has too much baggage (and I don’t mean the kids).

    Except, she would need a new excuse for abandoning her kids.

  7. Leek says:

    It’s funny because for kids who love the camera so much and who are constantly being photographed by the paparazzi, they really never seem to acknowledge the presence of the people taking their pictures. Maybe they are more lovers of film.

  8. tai sui says:

    Someday none of those kids will even be talking to thier abusive parents anymore!
    The parents are focused on thier own ’15 mins.’ at the expense of the kids.

  9. kelbear says:

    I wish everyone would stop hating so much. If you don’t like her then don’t read about her. Simple as that. I bet the kids really are excited because they liked having the camera’s around, it was fun for them. And Kate doesn’t really bother me.

  10. Taya says:


    The kids love the cameras because it is the only time that hag will spend time with them.

    That woman is a bowl of dog sh*t and everyone knows it. Kate is a full blown child abuser who does not care one bit about her kids. You do not have to beat a child for it to be abuse. It is all about her and she could careless about anyone but herself. It’s called narcissism. Kates children already hate her and I am waiting for 8 tell all books to come out in about 15 years. This is the Dionne Quintuplets all over again and look what happened to them.

  11. Feebee says:

    I bet the kids love the cameras around because then Mommy’s on her best behaviour!

    Not even she can have her head so far up her arse that she uttered the statement about people only knowing Tony’s name because of her….surely?

    Totally believe the oneupmanship over Easter… and totally believe that she’ll be starting her book tour on the 13th and dragging Tony around expecting him to wait until she has 10 mins spare to practice.

    Two scores this week, one for technique (anticipating a ‘2’) and one for performance… another 2, though if the dance calls for a bitchface then a 3.

  12. alexandra says:

    Has anyone seen the video where she denies water to her daughter? Here it is just in case you missed it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WG2r87KkDKQ&feature=related

  13. Laurie says:

    Just the fact that Kate makes a statement that the kids are excited to have the cameras back – shows just how messed up she is!! DID SHE NOT JUST SAY a month or so ago that her kids were in therapy?! How about giving them some much needed peace!!

  14. ol cranky says:

    As for her own kids, Gosselin said she’s “thrilled” to announce they’ll be returning to TV. For some specials this year, she said they’ll be “taking some fun trips and having some great adventures. They’re very excited.”

    I’m sorry but this is downright pathological. I wish CPS could do something about it.

  15. sarajane says:

    Why wouldn’t the kiddos be excited about the cameras coming back? Come on people, it’s basically ALL they knew for, what? FIVE freaking years? It’s not normal to us but that IS normal to them. It may seem screwed up and it’s very very sad, but the reality of the situation is that until recently the cameras were a steady, constant part of their lives. When the cameras were there, the kids went on cool trips and had fun. They aren’t old enough to fully understand all of the other crap yet, you know…like being exploited by your parents. Is that logic *really* that hard to understand?

  16. Obvious says:

    i will say this, i buy it that the kids are probably thrilled to death the cameras are coming back. because it seems to me the only people who paid attention to the kids or even liked them were the flim crew. mommy and daddy sure as hell didn’t.

  17. moo says:

    I’ll just BET they can’t wait! At least they’ll be getting SOME form of attention from her then!

    f**king, famewh*ore, c*nt-b*tch!

  18. Zoe says:

    Kate has said this several times before, cameras say otherwise. I remember that episode where one of her kids barracaded herself in her room and put a big sign on the door that told the cameras to go away and had a big frown face on it. Even if the kids did want the cameras around because it’s what they’ve grown up with, they are too young to know what’s good for them and to realize it already destroyed their family.

  19. cult of skaro 23 says:

    It’s one thing for this woman to F up her life but another for her kids. I think Jon’s midlife crisis might be winding down, and he might actually provide a more stable environment.

  20. ses says:

    Isn’t this “Twist of Kate” like a Dollar Store version of the Morgan Spurlock show “30 Days”? It won’t last – she’s proved that she’s not interested in taking on anyone else’s challenges. Kate can’t even fully commit her own challenges, i.e. full-time single parenting and “Dancing with the Stars.” Seriously, leaving to get her nails done? What a brat.

  21. j. ferber says:

    Wow. I watched the video where Kate denied her daughter water and it was awful. The daughter’s request for water reminded Kate that she (Kate) was thirsty, too. Kate asked for a water bottle, drank from it herself, and put it down. The girl asked for it again, Kate relented and was about to give it, but the interview was about to start, so she told the girl no. Kate was so detached from her own child, so clearly thinking of her own “needs” (for water and fame), but the girl was her lowest priority. Despicable.

  22. Anastasia says:

    kellbear: she’s a public figure, unfortunately, and WANTS to be one. That means anyone who wants to can openly criticize her. If you don’t like reading it, move on. I have a problem with people who blatantly lie and involve their kids in the lies.

    Those kids started having their private lives filmed and sold for public consumption starting when they were just a year old and continuing until they were five.

    Now they are almost six and it is going to start up again. For shame.

    It’s one thing for a child to play a part as a child actor, under the rules and laws that are in place to protect child actors, but there ARE no rules or laws to protect children whose very lives are being taped for people to ogle at.

    It’s sick. It should not be allowed, period. Not for one second would I allow my daughter’s privacy to be so blatantly invaded in this way and she’s 15!!! Nor would she allow it!

    And nope, not for buckets of cash, either. My husband, my daughter and I are HAPPY, something Kate seems to know nothing about.

    I won’t watch one second of any show with her in it and that will continue. This is a despicable human being who has serious mental health issues and needs help, not fame.

    Her kids need counseling, not having their private lives sold to the public for a buck.

    Good Lord, we already know all about the potty habits of them. The poor boy who was so constipated, his bowels were impacted. That’ll be available on the internet for years and years to come. Oh lucky kid!

    I would feel so incredibly violated if I grew up and slowly realized my life was available for all to gawk at when I was too young to give my say-so.

  23. Vanessa says:

    I loathe this woman. She’s completely lost touch with reality. What “expert advice” is she going to dispense? How insulting to struggling single mothers, which Kate definitely is not.

  24. Jazz says:

    Haven’t those kids suffered enough?! Let them have a normal life. They don’t need to be dragged into her narcissism anymore than they already have been.

  25. GOMO1313 says:

    I still do not understand the popularity of Kate with the networks, both TLC and ABC. They must be desperate for controversy and of course ratings! I myself do not watch DWTS as faithfully as before and as far as the View..forget that show. She is so far up their bu**s it is awful. Only one on panel that ignores her is Whoppie. And as far as her needing to work for her kids…yea so the girls can have manicures and pedicures..and she can have her own handsome bodyguard with her at all times. Paid companionship and I bet she picked him out of a lineup before TLC hired him! She irkes me and the more she’s out there the more irked I get.

  26. Caan says:

    OMG Anastasia, well said.

  27. Kate says:

    My Kids can’t wait for the cameras because they know I’ll actually be spending time with them while it happens. Plus they will all get 5% of the income.

    Where’s my boy…. er….. bodyguard at?

  28. eternalcanadian says:

    Pathetic. I can’t believe she’s still on Dancing with the Stars. I feel bad for Tony. His wife also must be fed up as I’m sure Tony is burning her ear off complaining about Kate’s selfish anctics when he gets home after rehershals. Kate’s the most selfish and fame-hungry person and doesn’t realize the reason her kids are “excited” about another reality show is coz they don’t know life without it and she actually pays attention to them when the cameras are on. Jon Gosselin looks like Jim Bob Duggar when compared to her.

  29. Constance says:

    Anyone know if her children are home schooled? I’m wondering how production trips will fall into a school corp. schedule.

  30. Judy says:

    Constance, NO, her children are not home-schooled. They are bused 2 hours away to a private school–gives her more time alone without the kids that way.

  31. Constance says:

    Wow, posh. Lots of time to organize.

    I wonder what absence allowances the school will give her, in consideration that her new reality show is about travelling to meet other families.

  32. Judy says:

    She has two (2) new reality shows with TLC (no respect left for TLC). One involves only her; the other will be a series of eight (8) specials w/ the kids. The kids will continue to be raised by nannies and Jon, when she and TLC allow him to be with the kids.