Another ‘pregnant man’ has a baby

Scott Moore and his husband Thomas look like a couple of big biker guys, but they were both born women and are now a legally married transgender couple living in California. Scott and Thomas welcomed their first child together into the world in March, a baby boy named Miles who was born to Scott. Scott, 30, still has his female reproductive organs but had his 36DDD breasts removed back when he was a teen named Jessica. The couple are also parents to Thomas’ two children, Logan, 10, and Greg, 12, from a relationship he had with their mother, who has since passed away.

TMZ has photos of Scott and Thomas cradling little Miles, and they look like a couple of tattooed dads cooing over a newborn. If you consider the circumstances it can seem confusing, but the most important detail is that the baby is loved and cherished by both of his parents. I see a happy family celebrating a new arrival, but there will be those of you who disagree and will go on about it. It can be kind of jarring to see a big guy who’s pregnant. When you consider how far both dads went to honor their true identities, the story is all the more impressive.

Moore is the second “pregnant man” to disclose his pregnancy to the media. Transgender man Thomas Beatie gave birth to a little girl in July, 2008. Beattie’s wife Nancy, who is infertile, breastfed the baby after undergoing hormone treatments to induce lactation. Beattie had a boy a year later and is now reportedly pregnant for the third time.

Maybe in 20 years we’ll reach a point in society when it’s no longer news that a transgender person wants to have a baby they’re biologically capable of carrying. It seems like we should have been there a long time ago.


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  1. wif says:

    Wow. When I looked at the pictures, I honestly thought it was a joke. “A big bellied guy baring his beer gut and calling it a baby” I thought. What does that say about me?

    As unusual as this situation is, they sound loving and responsible. I wish them all well.

  2. ogechi says:

    End time.

  3. canadianchick says:

    Congrats to the family-but what’s going on with pregnant poppa’s beige pants?

  4. Zellie says:

    The comment section is bound to get tangled up in gender wank… but before that happens, I just want to thank you for presenting this story in such a positive manner! For people like me, whose gender and biological sex do not match up, it’s nice to know that there are understanding people in this world, and that acceptance is (slowly) growing. What a nice story to wake up to!

    I wish all the best for Scott, his husband, and their little one!

  5. A.K.A says:

    Sorry but this is too weird to understand! How do you explain this the kid afterwards?? “Both your dads (!) who were born mommies decided to have you just like any mommy and daddy would?” How can a kid handle that?

    So where did the sperm come from , btw?

    This just feels all wrong…if you’ve always wanted to be a man and always felt that deep down inside you really were, why get pregnant? And three times for Beatie who seems to really love being pregnant therefore living as a woman.

    Sorry but this is just too much.

  6. lena says:

    I honestly don’t know what to think about this…I mean if you want to be a man than you can’t physically have a baby right, because you still have your uterus? This is very confusing and strange.

  7. lucy2 says:

    To each their own, as long as they’re not hurting anyone else, I say do what makes you happy.

    I wish the best for their kids though, I can imagine there’s a lot of jerky kids who pick on them for this, something they have no control over.

  8. Kolby says:

    A.K.A – Maybe they just wanted to be able to raise a baby together. Maybe they couldn’t get approval for an adoption. Who knows? All that matters is that they are a loving family who raise their children to know the difference between right and wrong and how to treat other human beings.

  9. stinabelle says:

    I think this is great. Kids are very resilient and take to this sort of thing really easily as long as it’s presented objectively. I remember explaining the relationship between my two gay friends to another friend’s daughter and she thought nothing of it at all. She said something like, “Oh, they’re in love” and skipped off to play. It wasn’t strange to her at all.

    Congrats to them.

  10. D says:

    First, his pants remind me of Pat’s from the old SNL sketches.

    Second, is he really a man if he never underwent surgery other than to have his breasts removed? Isn’t he just a pregnant woman with a beard who dresses like a man? If so…how is this newsworthy?

  11. bellaluna says:

    If a man who hasn’t completed his gender transformation becomes pregnant, he isn’t a “pregnant man” because a MAN cannot get pregnant. SHE is a woman in transition who got pregnant. Please stop calling them “pregnant men.”

    Believe me, as a mother of three, there are many times I wish my husband could be the one with periods, pregnancy, labour, and nursing. But that doesn’t happen. He is a man, was born a man, and cannot be both a physical mother and father. That’s not hate, that’s just fact.

    I’m totally indifferent to what the transgendered do, but please, please, PLEASE stop calling them “pregnant men.”

  12. rkintn says:

    The only problem I have is with calling them “men”. They are women who chose to act and live as men…except for the fact that they chose to keep their female reproductive qualities. I can’t help but think there was more motive there than just starting or expanding a family.

    I am glad that the children seem to be well loved and well taken care of. That’s more than alot of kids get.

  13. Cor says:

    I don’t have a problem with them having a child honestly, to each his own and its confusing but a household of love is a household of love. But honestly, its not a pregnant man having a baby, and I hate that they report it like that. The first time I was like what??!! but its a woman’s body having the child, men havent suddenly become seahorses

  14. Huma says:

    I’m not going to lie and say I totally understand all this, because it’s confuzzling, but whatever, they all seem happy and healthy. :) Good for them.

  15. I’m with bella on this! They are not men until they actually go the distance. If they are still able to be pregnant then they are chicks still in trans.

  16. Peg says:

    Very nicely reported.

  17. anon says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty open minded and one of my friends back home is transgender. As in had the surgery- male to female. So I feel familiar/not threatened with that whole deal.

    But. Someone here said ‘Maybe they just want to raise a baby together and couldn’t get approval for adoption’ OK. MAYBE. But regardless of gender/etc the kids’ needs come first. And prospective parents need to be realistic in evaluating how they will handle things/deal with how these children will be received. Yes, it seems like society is less rigid with sexual roles/gender issues but honestly people are not that evolved across the board. And kids are BRUTAL nowadays, so even if their parents are enlightened and such the kids will tease and harangue mercilessly. And this will have dire repercussions on these kids. But throwing in the parents’ constant photo ops/interviews? Things that will hover on the internet and make those same kids an even easier target for scrutiny and peer derision? NOT a good idea.

    I know some will argue these unorthodox parents are being socially responsible in elevating the profiles and lifestyles of the transgender community but there really are much better ways to do that. So pardon me if these particular couples seem a little *too* interested in the media attention. I am not denying they wish to be parents- good parents- but courting the media (and the Beatties got some sweet deals/freebies btw..bears mentioning) is what bothers me most.

    To me it just seems like they want to create a media shitstorm.

    So, good luck to them, etc, but I feel conflicted for those reasons seeing these OTT stories.

  18. ViktoryGin says:

    I need to preserve my image as a liberal, so I will not comment further. Best of luck to the family, though!

  19. Patrice says:

    I don’t even know what to say about these types of situations, but for me, the first priority ALWAYS has to be the children.

    I have lots of opinions that I will keep to myself for the sake of being respectful, but I will say that potentially the most damaging thing for the baby will be never having the opportunity to know his biological father. What a shame.

    And for all of you who are inclined to claim “women/men/gay/lesbian/transgendered” people have the “right” to have children, I ask “don’t children have an inherent RIGHT to know their biological mother’s/fathers”???

  20. Ally says:

    Yeah I’d have to join bella luna in just quibbling on the news headline writing on these stories. If you still have your original uterus, you are not a pregnant man. You’re a transgendered woman who’s pregnant, possibly, but “pregnant man” as a headline is just tabloid, reductionist and stupid.

    I suppose the only way such a headline would ever be accurate would be if they transplanted a uterus into someone who started out as a man, and science allowed him to carry that pregnancy to term (though with a C-section birth, one imagines). I’m sure that’s 15 years away or something.

    But anyway, no dopey/misleadinh headlines, please! And that goes for CNN, NBC, CBS, etc. also.

  21. Snarf says:


  22. late night wigs says:

    ITA with Bellaluna. It’s not a man, it’s a woman living as a man. I don’t care what these people do, but the media is pissing me off because THAT IS NOT A MAN!

  23. Welp!

    Regardless of opinions, they’re caring for kids and raising them in a home of love. It seems that if a lifestyle differs from the mainstream “man, woman 2 kids and a dog” norm, then there is an issue.

    I look at it this way…these kids aren’t in a system meant to stifle. They’re in a home of love.

    The end.

  24. shorty40 says:

    Beyond disgusting. And for those who state “well they’re not hurting anybody”…yes, they are. They are f*cking up the minds of innocent children and are seriously helping society lose morals and standards. This shit never would have been accepted 30 years ago and it shouldn’t be now.

  25. canadianchick says:

    I know people who’ve had “top” surgery and hormones and that is all the transition they choose-they see themselves as men and done their transition. Bottom surgery is chosen by others as the step that marks full transition. People define gender differently-if this dad wants to call himself pregnant man I have no prob with it. As long as they are good parents their kids will turn out great. Kids are mean about anything so they will learn to deal and will likely pal with other open-minded kids. The sperm-usually from a donor and many trans couples do allow their child the right to know the bio sperm donor.I’ve know lots of people who’ve done this and they cope as well as any other family in our wild society.

  26. A.K.A says:

    I totally agree with comment #17 (sorry, can’t see your name & Patrice.

    @stinabelle – “Kids are very resilient and take to this sort of thing really easily ” I don’t know how old this little girl is but if she went off skipping then I’m guessing she’s still at that innocent age where love has nothing sexual and therefore “gender” doesn’t matter. But kids grow up and come to understand sex. they become aware of differences. Some kids get beat up, bullied, teased and laughed at for things as silly as wearing glasses or braces or having an unusual name…etc. So imagine this poor kid !

    And for all the people saying stop saying “pregnant man” , remember they are legally recognized as MEN (even if I totally agree with you from a biological point of view they are still women)so it’s like refusing to call Scott “Scott” and calling him “Susan” (whatever her name was before). When they will show this child his baby album, do you think they will say ” look, here’s mommy carrying you in her belly”?!?

    And I understand this may never have happened but if they had tried for adoption why get refused if they have such a household of love! Maybe because the situation is just to weird for a child to handle?

    If you really want to live like a man, and really want your own biological child then why not use a surrogate mother? Think about your child’s future and what he might endure because of your choices in life and remember that your child didn’t have the chance to choose his family!

  27. Iggles says:

    @ D:
    Second, is he really a man if he never underwent surgery other than to have his breasts removed? Isn’t he just a pregnant woman with a beard who dresses like a man? If so…how is this newsworthy?

    Bottom surgery for men who want to be woman is practically flawless. Meanwhile, bottom surgery for women who want to become men is terribly inadequate and fraught with complications. Most FTM chose not to have it. It’s ridiculous after all these years more progress hasn’t been made with the surgery. Blame it on sexism. Or that currently it’s easier to renovate then build a new room in a house.

    Anyway, I don’t worry about the kids because with love “the kids are alright”. There are plenty of trans and gay parents out there so rehashing “the children will be confused!” is unfounded.

  28. snapdragon says:

    “the most damaging thing for the baby will be never having the opportunity to know his biological father. What a shame.”

    patrice – i think children raised in a loving home will feel happy & supported, regardless of who is raising them. biology does not equal good parenting; my biological father was an abusive alcoholic – that’s an “opportunity” i wish i had missed.

  29. A.K.A says:

    Sorry Iggles but for me it’s saying “There are plenty of trans and gay parents out there” that is unfounded. Because if it were true, it wouldn’t still be such an issue for society, it wouldn’t be news-worthy.and we wouldn’t all be having this conversation.

    And people thinking that as long as there is love, then the kids are alright are very naive and selfish.It’s a way to excuse choices. You do not know how a child will handle this situation even with all the love in the world. A very tiny example compared to this: my sister and I grew up under the same circumstances, in a house full of love but with a dad a bit too strict concerning going out, studies, grades at school and curfew. I was able to handle it but my sister not.
    So love isn’t everything for a child.

  30. Tess says:

    You can call a car a window, but it’s still a car.

    I really think there’s an element of wishful thinking and the suspension of reality that is increasingly delusional among certain groups.

    And, like Bella, I want to add that this isn’t hate, it’s just the truth.

    Can we all agree that if these women had a DNA test, they would be women, not men?

    Isn’t there a benefit to finding a way to live in harmony with nature rather than pretending—or being bullied—-into believing that a fundamental falsehood is true?

  31. gg says:

    I wish this family all the love in the world. I also hope there is some proactive monitoring on the parents’ health – it is not healthy to be that size – it leads to diabetes and other deadly conditions.

  32. Icecat says:

    @bellaluna – You beat me to it. ITA with you. Believe me I am not against this AT ALL. I think it is a great thing.. BUT let’s be honest here. This is not some Breakthrough Scientifical Miracle. This is someone who was biologically born a woman. NOT A MAN. Is he “Technically” a man? Sure. BUT to put up the headline “Another Pregnant Man has a baby” is just very misleading. Some people (and I know they exist) will read that literally.. And probably be really confused…

    Just my two cents. I thought the exact same thing when Beatie was doing the talk show circuit.. I drives me nuts…

  33. canadianchick says:

    @ aka: surrogacy is hugely expensive and not an option for many couples. Adoption may have worked but many couples also find that expensive and want to experience pregnancy and raise a child from the earliest time possible.

  34. Feebee says:

    ITA with the posse of posters over the Pregnant Man title… not that Celebitchy is the only place it’s reported like that.

    I think it gives ammunition to the assholes who continue to label transgendered people as freaks.

    I sympathise with the dilemma they have but maybe if they truly want to live as and be male, then they have to let go of all the girly bits. I know it’s not that black and white though.

  35. forest says:

    Please stop saying “pregnant man” because there is no such thing. This is a pregnant woman who chooses to live as a man.

  36. Catherine says:

    I am only disgusted by their obesity.

  37. girl says:

    Me? No problem with it. I bet it can be confusing to the kids but a LOT of things can be confusing to kids. Like why people hate someone for something that has no bearing on the life of the hater.

    I just don’t like the terminology “pregnant man” so I do appreciate the quotes. A pregnant man is pretty much biologically impossible. A pregnant trans man I can understand but this is not some huge feat of modern science. People do artificial insemination and IVF everyday.

    Congratulations to them on their growing family.

  38. Just a Poster says:

    “Please stop saying “pregnant man” because there is no such thing. This is a pregnant woman who chooses to live as a man.”

    I agree. I think it is for attention grabbing to label it ‘pregnant man’.

    But, they do look like a very loving couple and a very happy family in this photo, which is really nice to see.

    I do have an issue with the whole pregnant man thing.. and wonder why can’ they just say a couple had a baby? Or a Cross gender couple had a baby? Why not just be honest and take away the ‘freak’ aspect of it?
    I guess I just worry about the taunting the children might face. And this family doesn’t really seem like the fame seeking other pregnant man family.. And I do wish them congrats and lots of happiness for their family.

  39. girl says:

    While I agree with the “the children are being raised in love” arguement, where are all these comments when it comes to the Duggars?

  40. Cath says:

    The Supreme Court of the United States has held that there is no reason (or evidence) to expect, simply because of the parents’ sexual or gender identity, that the kids will be harmed. Nice try, though, folks.

    Patrice, do you think it’s damaging for adopted kids to never know their biological parents? Or is it only the fact that the gay might rub off on an INNOCENT BAYBEE that bothers you?

  41. cara says:

    I belive I am a fairly open-minded person but I just think this is so wrong on so many levels…

  42. Lucinda says:

    I’m only really confused about one part of this. They were born women but feel like they are men. Ok, I get that. So they become men and then date men? Not women? So they are gay, sexually mis-assigned people? Huh? Not judging. Truly. Don’t care. Just honest. Totally confused. Is this common? Someone please explain.

  43. Minnie says:

    He’s not a “man” if he still has a p*ssy.
    I wish they would stop saying “pregnant man”.
    It’s just a way of getting the media’s attention….

  44. kelbear says:

    What is with those pants the pregnant one is wearing. Looks like they are being blown up with air.

  45. snapdragon says:

    “While I agree with the “the children are being raised in love” arguement, where are all these comments when it comes to the Duggars?”

    what do the duggars have to do with anything?

  46. rundee says:

    ….and everyone else feeling really pleased about their normality and conformity when they read about Transgenders: I just wish you had a heart, bravery and an open mind.
    It´s so sad that in our society there are still people like you.

  47. Darlene says:

    Good for them. Good for their kids, growing up loved and accepted. I’m happy for them.

  48. Lilias says:

    The pants are pretty awful.

    All I have to say about this subject is that if they are loving parents and will bring their children up as open-minded and intelligent young people, then I don’t have a problem with it. They are living their lives that have nothing to do with me.

    I know someone with two mommies-and this was in the 90s mind you, who was teased about it for awhile in elementary school until people figured out that it DIDN’T MATTER. She had two parents where most of us had one (including myself).

    The only thing gross about this is the presentation of the pregnant belly. No one wants to see that but you, your husband (boyfriend, girlfriend, wife-whatever) and some freaks on the internet who are sexually aroused by pregnant bellies.

    Especially on this person who literally just looks like he’s holding up his beer gut. It’s not sexy and it’s not beautiful. In my opinion, of course.

  49. girl says:

    The Duggars also seem to be raising their children in love but also in a way that many people in our society deem unconventional. Yet I see a lot of negative comments about the way they are raising their children much as I see people with negative comments here.

    The Duggar model most definitely isn’t the way I raise my family but unless there is a real concrete reason to believe that either family is abusing their children, why do people assume the worst in either situation?

  50. EMV says:


  51. SammyHammy says:

    If a naturally born XY male gets pregnant, it will be huge news. But for someone who was born a woman and still has female reproductive organs to claim to be a pregnant “man,” that doesn’t fly. I understand that this woman started the transition to man, but did not complete it (obviously). Right now, at least, pregnancy in humans can only occur in females. Someone partially switching genders does not count as a pregnant “man.”

  52. snapdragon says:

    i agree, the duggars seem loving parents but i really resent their enormous carbon footprint with 20 kids (or however many they have now). do they not care about the world they leave their kids? i do, and i don’t even have kids.

  53. orion70 says:

    am I the only one who wonders why this is on a Celebrity site?

  54. Cakes says:

    First things first: I agree with who ever brought up the point of explaining who carried the child. Will it be “mommy” carried you? Or will it be “daddy” carried you? If its a mommy, why become trans in the first place? Why become trans to a guy and still keep your lady bits? Isnt it more of a female desire to carry and give birth to children?

    Second things second- With so many sperm donor babies, whats gonna happen in 20 years when they grow up and start dating? How will you know if you are dating your half sibling?

    Third things third- the duggars pass of their kids off on to an older “buddy” at 6 months old. They dont really raise their kids. Plus the duggar argument is like comparing Apples to Beef. Not the same thing.

    Im sure some of you will call me close-minded and whatever else. I really am wondering how this is going to turn out. I understand why people become trans but I dont understand why you still want to live like you are female after putting your body thru the male transition. I just think that if youre gonna do it do it all the way.

  55. wif says:

    Lucinda, yes they are gay men. Gender identity and sexual orientation are two separate issues, we just tie them together because for so many years there was only one accepted way to be. Just because you feel that your born-gender doesn’t match you, and you opt to change that, it doesn’t automatically mean that your romance/sex preference should change as well. Is that more clear?

    A friend of mine was born as a man, has always loved women, and at some point finally admitted that he felt like a woman. He made the change and is now a woman. But that doesn’t mean that her sexuality changes as well. In fact it would be weird if it did, because to a lot of these people, they’ve always felt this way, so a change in biology wouldn’t affect a change in their emotions. My friend’s love for women hasn’t changed even though her biology has.

  56. quincy says:


    Good luck to you, my friend. Stay brave and be blessed. :)

  57. GatsbyGal says:

    You gotta love comments like: “they’re total freaks, this is so disgusting, what are they doing to their kids?!”

    They’re LOVING their kids. If that kid is ever going to be made fun of or laughed at for being different, it’ll be because of people like you. Hateful, rude people teaching their own kids how to be hateful and rude who will then hate on and be rude to other kids. Makes me sick.

    You’re welcome to your own opinion, but please, putting such negativity out there for folks to read isn’t helping anyone. How do you think the kids of those two men up there feel whenever they watch TV or read something online about what “disgusting freaks” their parents are. Keep it to yourselves is all I’m saying.

  58. nina says:

    personally i think that it is horrible that bigots are allowed to have children. society should have never been accepting of that.

  59. Shannon says:

    Wow, some of the comments about this are so intolerant, it’s horrifying. Especially the comments denying the gender of this MAN. Who are you to tell this person what his own gender is? Shame on you for being so judgmental. I think he knows better than a random bigot on the internet what his gender is. And by the way, your gender has NOTHING to do with what sex organs you have or your DNA chromosomes. It’s a social construct. There is nothing biological about it. If we’re talking biology, then we’re talking about his sex, not his gender. I would think you close-minded snobs could at least bother to find out the difference between sex and gender before spewing your ridiculous hatred. You just fear people who are different. I feel bad for your kids.

    With regards to the pregnant man phenomenon, I have no problem with it – as long as the residual effects of hormone treatments aren’t putting the fetus in danger. Then again, pregnant women drink alcohol and smoke every day and give their babies fetal alcohol syndrome and all kinds of other birth defects knowing the risks. If that crap isn’t illegal, then I don’t really think anyone has much of a leg to stand on in this situation.

    PS shorty40 – are you actually trying to claim that we lived in a more “moral” society 40 years ago? Are you aware that 40 years ago we had just celebrated the Summer of Love? If by moral you meant tolerant and accepting, then yes you’d probably be right. But based on your nasty post, I’m going to assume that by “moral” you meant “conservative values” (which are no more ethical than anyone else’s values, let’s be honest please). Please brush up on your US history before you make claims like that, lol.

  60. Ruffian9 says:

    bellaluna:April 12th, 2010 at 10:36 am

    At the risk of sounding dated (and like a moron):

    WORD WORD WORD to your post.

  61. Ana says:

    The only thing I wonder about is all the hormones that people are taking in order to become another sex. Are these harmful????

    The Thomas Beatie’s wife breastfed because of homorones. Does that affect the baby? If not, could a person that has just had a baby take them in order to make more milk?

  62. guilty pleasures says:

    A-freaking-dorable!! They look like a loving, wonderful family, God bless them!
    My only snarky comment is that that perhaps they could consider getting a little more fit, so they can really enjoy the kid’s lives, be there for a long time, and teach them how to be fit themselves.
    Lucky baby, lovely family.

  63. nita says:

    I think its soooo funny how people who claim to be so “open minded” can not accept that people do not think this is acceptable. Why is it that you liberal folk are so open minded to everything except that of an opinion of a conservative? Hope I worded that so it makes sense! haha… anyway, I happen to think this is going to cause the children problems. of course they will be loved blah blah blah, but oh kids can be so cruel and they will be horribly teased and it will be a rough life. But thats just my opinion, I can have one thats not “oh i i’m so accepting and PC”….puke…..

  64. Jessipalooza says:

    Kate: “Freaks!”

    Kate? Stfu.

  65. Jag says:

    God bless all of them. I’m happy that they are living authentic lives, as Oprah would say. lol (Haven’t watched her in years.)

    @ Zellie – I hope that you find more understanding people on messageboards, and in your life. No one can know how hard it is to be born in the wrong body unless they’ve been there, and you’re in my prayers for a happy life, too. :)

  66. Jocelina says:

    For all those who are insisting up and down that Scott and Thomas Moore and Thomas Beatie are not men, or saying that if someone wants to identify as a man that he cannot or should not do certain things (like carry a pregnancy to term, if his biology allows it), or those who simply have questions, may I suggest that you read this:

    It’s very informative, and maybe it will help shed some light on what is admittedly a confusing issue.

    Celebitchy, thank you for covering this story in such a positive way — this kind of thoughtful commentary is one of the things I love most about this site! :)

  67. sandra says:

    until someone with xy chromosones has a baby i do not consider it newsworthy,just sensationalistic

  68. girl says:

    I am a huge breatfeeding advocate and have never heard of hormones used to induce lactation. I have heard of the use of drugs along with pumping, pumping, pumping to do it though so I wonder if that is just one of those medical things that gets wrongly translated for laypeople (I could totally be wrong though).

    And many women need help to get lactation going even when they have given birth. It isn’t uncommon at all. Good for her. It is a difficult road to travel down but it sounds like she was quite dedicated to her children to do it. After all, human milk is the most perfect food for human infants. Not saying formula is substandard at all, but breastmilk is largely considered the gold standard.

    Sounds like an incredibly dedicated mother to me.

  69. Emily says:

    This comment section is pretty scary. I hope that all you commenters ragging on this couple never have a trans child, because they’d have a hellish time dealing with you saying shit like this.

  70. Crash2GO2 says:

    I wish them and their family all the best. They have picked a long and difficult path, but I hope they and their children find loving neighbors and friends along the way.

  71. shorty40 says:

    Rundee: no, what’s “SAD” is that this crap is put out there and we are expected to just accept it. It’s disgusting. I don’t want to see it, hear about it, accept it, and I damn sure don’t want my kids thinking it’s “normal”. It’s not. It’s twisted and sick.

  72. guilty pleasures says:

    @ shorty40

    For shame, for shame! It takes all kinds, and as long as there is no malicious intent, and it harms no one- especially you, why rage against it?

  73. twinmom says:

    I agree with Shorty40. I think all of this is disgusting and wrong. It is just really sad. People who have sex changes need mental help. And then to bring children into it. I feel sorry for them all.

  74. Delicious says:

    Pregnant? I thought that was a beer gut.

    (Love is always cool. No matter what.)

  75. court says:

    as a gender studies student in australia, i find it to be rather interesting that as a society, we (as a majority) still feel afraid of those that are transgender.
    these people are not as shorty40 (and many other posters insinuated) said, disgusting. being transgender is an very real thing.
    there have been studies on the brains of transgender people, and this research has shown that in transgender people, there is a part of the brain that is different from those that society considers ‘normal’.
    this part of the brain is different in males and females, and has been shown that transgender people that if they are male, this part of the brain is actually female and vice versa.

    but honestly, are we really so far backwards that we cant understand that people are people, no matter what gender?
    the gender binaries of society are far too rigid, there needs to be a third sex for those that are transgender.
    many academics in the field of transgender people feel the same way. for instance, we could use the prefixes ‘ze’ and ‘hir’ to describe these people.
    to say that these people are not men purely because of their genetics or their physical attributes is just cruel.
    @lucinda, it is a fairly common thing, but due to the way that society ridicules those that are ‘different’,
    however many people choose to live unhappily as the gender they were born, rather than the gender they feel they are inside.
    they face massive ridicule, as well as the possibility that they could end up being severely hurt on the streets.

    if the child is being raised in a loving environment, then nothing is wrong with this.
    to be quite honest, i dont understand how posters can class these people as freaks.
    they are just like us, they want a family of their own and they’re humans with feelings.
    there is nothing wrong with being transgender.
    these people are physically unable to help this, their brains cant be changed.
    hopefully with time and open-mindedness, these people will be able to live a life free of fear.

  76. Popcorny says:

    I for one am not “afraid” of people who think and claim they’re the opposite gender.
    Science may have a new piece of candy, as does psychiatry, to indulge these people who cannot accept themselves,
    but at the end of the day, when all the pills have been taken and parts sewn on or taken off, they’ve only succeeded in taking on some of the characteristics of the opposite gender.
    The idea/suggestion of a “third sex” is ridiculous and absurd (not to mention a hypocritical punch in the guts to the campaign of “acceptance” and “tolerance” the proponents espouse) .
    “who is anyone to tell someone what gender they are” -let’s start with the Dr who delivered the baby, and we’ll go from there.
    Gender is not a choice, folks, but that’s what some here are trying to assert.
    Gender is not a thought process.
    It’s not up to the individual.
    No one is born into the “wrong” gender.
    “As long as I can remember I always felt like a … ” -that is psychological, not scientific.
    Absolutely some folks feel happier living their lives in the roles of the opposite gender, that’s their “therapy” and coping mechanism to avoid their own nonacceptance of their actual gender.
    That’s all well and fine, whatever works, right? Yes, but to a point -to the point where the make-believe becomes a lie insisted upon that everyone tell. The whole world has to pretend as part of their “therapy” because they don’t accept themselves the way they are? -I don’t think so.
    Those are two women up there.
    There is no medical marvel to behold, so the story has legs because of the absurdity that these are two “men” having a baby.
    “Transgendered” should never be snuck in there with Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual.
    -if you ever watched Sesame Street and know that song “one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t …” -sing it now.

  77. court says:

    clearly you didnt do your research before you came here and commented.
    scientists and academics are calling for a third sex not only because of the transgendered, but also the intersex.
    id hazard a guess that you dont know what that is, so ill explain that for you.
    intersex is when a child is born with either both a penis and a vagina, or is born with absolutely nothing at all. its becoming increasingly common.
    they are not referred to as hermaphrodites anymore. doctors can create both a penis or vagina, but in the end, most of these children wind up being bought up as female.

    to say that these people are forcing a lie onto the world is ridiculous. how they feel is legitimate. to say that feelings are a lie is, for lack of a better term, fucked.

  78. Jocelina says:

    @Popcorny – I think you and the other jerks in the comments here are what doesn’t belong.

    I’ve never experienced gender dysphoria, but I know people who have and I know that it’s real, and no amount of angry, hateful blabber from you and your ilk can change that.

  79. Popcorny says:

    Angry and hateful?
    I *love* how some folks have to exaggerate/lie to begin to “make (their) point”.
    If that’s the only way, then maybe you don’t have a point (and just the “anger” and “hate” you mentioned).
    My point, simply, they are not men.
    And, Court? -the lie is calling a male a female or a female a male.
    The lie is not within “feelings”.
    Feelings and fact, psychology vs. science.
    Science has made many advances in offering one gender the characteristics of the other gender, but that’s all it is -characteristics.
    Also, just about any learned and practiced behavior (and feelings) can cause marked differences in the infra-scans of the brain -do not *forget* that when you try to offer it (as evidence)as some sort of “proof” of “transgender”/”being born in the *wrong* gender”.
    And, this “icreasingly common” misleading bit, not at all true -it’s so rare and miniscule (the unisex phenom).
    Get charged up all you want and set your torches after me with the desperate-to-be-politically-(and not scientifically)-correct, but males cannot become females and females cannot become male.

  80. wif says:

    Okay, so Popcorny…if a person is born a woman but feel that they are not a woman in their emotions, reactions, interests, etc. what would you recommend they do? It sounds a bit like you’re saying “suck it up and be a girl.” Is that the case?

  81. Popcorny says:

    A person can do what they want to themselves.
    My point has nothing to do with dictating what a person feels or can or cannot do to themselves.
    My point is simply (again) that a male can never be a female and a female can never be a male. They can only take on some of the characteristics of the opposite gender.
    There’s no hate, no anger and no authority in my position/point …. -it’s just a matter of fact.

  82. wif says:

    So I had an interesting reaction to your last post there Popcorny. I thought, “Well, just out of respect to the individual, I will continue to call a woman a man if that’s how he prefers to be called.” And then I thought, “But what if I want to be called the Queen of Sheeba, everyone who knows me may choose to call me that out of respect, but it doesn’t make it true.” So, I can understand your point.

    Now, personally I still think that if a person makes that change and wants me to change my perception of them, I will, because it does me no harm. So I’m not going to get lost in the are they/aren’t they debate. It’s a bit of a time waster when what’s important is the dignity of the individual. But now I understand your opinion more clearly. Thank you.

  83. Cheryl says:

    Clearly they didn’t both really want to be men – men can’t give birth…..I’m pretty broadminded and i think – if changing your sex is what you want to do, go for it, but what about the kid? My 16 year old son gets embarrassed if I act the slightest bit dorky around his friends….what’s this child going to feel about this weird arrangement?

  84. Brittney says:

    You have absolutely no right to even have an “opinion” on this story until you’ve been born in the wrong body.

  85. CB Rawks says:

    @shorty, there is nothing immoral about this! They want children and they are able to have them. They are not hurting anyone! And what’s it to you? Why would you want to stop someone being happy? I don’t understand people like you. It’s like the jackasses that are against gay marriage. How can it diminish your happiness with your marriage if gay people get married also? It CAN’T.

  86. CB Rawks says:

    So Cheryl, their child is better off never existing, in case he might get embarrassed?!

  87. Lindy says:

    To the people who are calling them “sick” for putting their children through this, maybe bigots like you are the “sick” ones for telling your children that it’s okay to bully them.