Ice-T vs. Aimee Mann: The Great Twitter War

Ice-T hangs out on the set of his popular TV show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit , filming in New York City

Oh, Lord. Does everyone know who Aimee Mann is? She’s the singer/songwriter most famous for her work on Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia, including a large chunk of that soundtrack. She’s been a singer for decades, and she’s got a lovely, bluesy voice, like Lucinda Williams before the Jack Daniels and the smokes (I was always think of Lucinda Williams probably because Lucinda and Aimee look similar, I think). Anyway, Aimee has a Twitter account, and apparently she was watching one of the endless Law & Order: SVU marathons that seem to be held every other day on USA. Aimee tweeted:


[From Aimee Mann’s Twitter]

Ruh-roh. So someone told Ice-T about it, and that sh-t escalated real fast:


[From Ice-T’s Twitter]

Considering I regularly tell people to “eat a BAG of dicks” the concept of eating “a hot bowl of dicks” isn’t foreign to me. Although I like Ice’s personal touch to the insults. By the way, the FLTG is the “Final Level Twitter Gang”. Basically, it’s Ice-T and his minions, who will f-ck with a bitch over Twitter. So… Aimee was then informed of the Twitter War she was now engaged in (and started, for God’s sake), and she quickly backtracked:


[From Aimee Mann’s Twitter]

After which Ice-T’s graciously accepted Aimee’s apology, tweeting: “OK. Homegirl apologized……. Say no more. FLTG Cease fire! “Once again there’s Peace in Twitterland.” Ice T… I’ll say it again… The Final Level Twitter Gang is a peaceful organization. We never attack….. BUT WE WILL RETALIATE. Ice T”.

You know what really bothers me about this, and makes me rather unapologetically Team Ice? Ice-T is really good on SVU! I’ve been thinking for a while now that the producers need to give him more screen time and Det. Finn the lead on more investigations, and not just the drug-related cases (Finn is an ex-Narcotics detective). Aimee’s criticism didn’t just come out of left field, it was untrue! TEAM ICE.

Musician Aimee Mann leaves the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show at NBC studios in New York

'Why Did I Get Married Too' screening New York City

2008 Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival - Day 4

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35 Responses to “Ice-T vs. Aimee Mann: The Great Twitter War”

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  1. scotchy says:

    there are twitter “fighting squads”
    this twitter is ridiculous,

  2. Jazz says:

    Team Ice-T! But there’s no way his wife is 30 or whatever she claims to be.

  3. Wilz says:

    Nobody else is bothered by the fact that he’s threatening violence over some passing comment that some singer made about him on Twitter? Seriously?

  4. Lenore says:

    Wow. Okay, so yeah, people need to remember that Twitter is public and if you slag someone they can see it.

    But seriously, isn’t that kind of a pitiful, adolescent, pathetic response from Ice-T? One tiny harmless tweet of criticism and all of a sudden it’s “drive by time”?

    Get some anger management, jeeeeezus.

  5. wif says:

    Team Aimee! She stated her opinion about a man’s acting skills. He retaliated with threats of violence. Totally inappropriate.

  6. canadianchick says:

    Twitter gangs..ahhh civilization at its finest.

  7. Jeane says:

    I’m more dissapointed by the fact that Aimee Mann has a twitter account. I thought she would be above that nonsense.

  8. Lantana says:

    I agree Ice-T is good on SVU! I’d like to see him get more air time. I like him much better than whiney ass and rat bastard (olivia and elliot).

  9. Leticia says:

    Team Ice-T. He has better music and is less pretentious than her. The way she feels about his acting is the way I feel about her music.

  10. Iggles says:

    She folded way too easily. His response was RIDICULOUS!

    Why is he so hyper sensitive about his acting? Like Aimee Mann’s opinion is gonna put his job in jeopardy on SUV? What a MORON!!!! There was no reason for him to write what he said!!!

  11. lucy2 says:

    I haven’t watched the show in ages, but he was always OK on it, so I don’t get her need to criticize him. However, I have to agree that his response was over the top, with the name calling and insulting her music and the drive by stuff. Why not just reply like an adult instead of a 14 year old?

    People are idiots. If you’re famous, don’t put stuff out there that you wouldn’t want the whole world seeing.

  12. amanda says:

    this is so f’ing stupid. twitter is stupid. I am now less intelligent for having read about it. I award myself no points, and may god have mercy on my soul.

  13. teehee says:

    Drive by… thats like so 1992. LOL

  14. Kaiser says:

    I really think Ice was just joking around – if you read his whole Twitter feed, he’s actually pretty funny.

  15. Lala11_7 says:

    I’m not surprised @ Ice-T’s response…this is who he is…born and raised and ain’t changing for NOBODY!!!

    I come from a similar socio-economical background as Ice-T grew up in and lived in until his mid 20’s…however, I have been a Aimee Mann/Til Tuesday fan for over 20 years…still bump their first album…I have most of Aimee’s music…and her husband’s…Sean Penn’s brother, Michael…

    So…who I’m HIGHLY disappointed in is Aimee…in a TRILLION years…I never would have thought she would have pulled a stunt like this…and to pick ICE-T OF ALL PEOPLE?!?! I mean…this man has a REAL CRIMINAL PAST…folks like him…YOU DON’T F–K WITH THEIR MONEY…they put you in the desert for stuff like that…just because that man is on tv…TRUST…that ain’t no acting he’s doing…THAT’S ALL REAL…AND SCARY…

    Personally…I look at the whole incident as a sign of the apocolpyse…

  16. ViktoryGin says:

    @ Lala


    This dude is a known former drug dealer and pimp. I always found it so ironic that he’s on a tv show playing a cop, because for many years Ice T was on the other side of the law. Cross him and you will get snatched up in a minute. Aimee Mann obviously knows very little about him, because if she had she would have had the sense to leave well enough alone.

  17. R2D2 says:

    Never heard of this chick but I love IceT, he is really good on that show.
    I think all this twitter stuff is just dumb.

  18. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ Kaiser, ITA!

    I don’t think Ice-T takes himself THAT seriously! Really. I honestly think that he was poking fun at himself (and his perceived persona).

    I LOVE ICE-T! Keep it coming, love! L&O,SVU is one of my guilty pleasures!

  19. snowball says:


  20. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Aimee Mann looks alot like Tiger Woods wife Elin and she must be at least a couple of decades older.

  21. Tia C says:

    I like Aimee Mann’s music and I like Ice T’s acting. And I hate Twatter. It is simply infantile.

  22. Kittypants says:

    I’m disappointed Aimee backtracked. Why the fear? What the hell is Ice T gonna do? Unleash his wife’s monster arse on her?

  23. gg says:

    Hate Twitter – it makes people act incredibly stupid.

    Open Note to Celebs who Tweet: Stay off it unless you are inviting people to a gig! Otherwise you look like a high school idiot, jeeze!

  24. snapdragon says:

    twitter is so lame: “oh, i just did a poopy!” “long line at the grocery store…boo.”

  25. Catherine says:

    Anger issues, Ice-T? Christ.

    But seriously, how stupid can she be if she thinks no one else besides her and her 4 friends will see what she posts? Is she that dumb?

  26. Dani says:

    Sorry Kaiser, while I agree that Aimee shouldn’t have ragged on him in the first place, that doesn’t give Ice-T the excuse to threaten violence on her, even over something stupid like Twitter. Being a good actor doesn’t excuse the fact that he was being an idiot and threatening her over her opinion, whether it was right or wrong.

    Condoning violence is not the route to go. Highly disappointed, Kaiser. Just because you thought she was wrong doesn’t make him threatening a woman right.

    Team Aimee, even though I think Ice-T is a good actor as well. No excuse.

  27. bellaluna says:

    I have loved Ice-T for many years, and anyone who doesn’t know what he used to be about has never heard the song “Colors.” It’s not rocket surgery, but that’s his past. He was probably totally poking fun at his “persona,” like others have suggested.

    And for the record, he’s awesome on SVU. He’s intense, and the storyline about his (TV) family has been woven throughout the series, which makes for very interesting viewing. He definitely deserves more screen time.

    And this further proves my point about Twitiots.

  28. Bec says:

    Everyone relax!

    I believe when Ice was talking about a ‘Drive By’, he was telling his ‘Final Level Twitter Gang’ that it might be time to blow up her Twitter feed on his behalf. Hardly violence.

    Personally, I think you should know who you’re dealing with before you talk shit–on Twitter or anywhere else. Ice T. is a Hollywood actor and is not about to jeopardize his situation, but I could have told her he wasn’t going to let that slide.

    Team Ice!

  29. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Hush, hush.
    Drop the feed, now.
    Twitters carry.

  30. GatsbyGal says:

    Hahahaha oh man, I love me some Ice-T. He’s a great actor on SVU and is seriously a funny a guy. His wife looks kinda busted and trannyish, but…eh. If that’s the sorta chick he goes for, fine. Plus, I think they’ve been married for a really long time, so good for them. TEAM ICE-T!

  31. Mistral says:

    All I can say about this is FUCK Ice-T. This type of shit pisses me off. People should fear him because he was once a scum-bucket piece of shit dealing drugs and engaging in violent crime? I don’t give a shit; hypothetically, if I was some person who gave a crap enough about him and any of his projects, and I thought they sucked, I’d tell him to his face if I ran into him. People should fear him? What could he do do? Assault them for giving an opinion? Have his pathetic followers assault the person giving him criticism? His ass would go to jail. No one should ever give in to intimidation when it comes to speaking their mind. People in the entertainment business make their money entertaining. If I think you suck, you can’t make me like you, and I don’t have to be complimentary. You are a public figure, so you should expect to be openly criticized. It’s like Michael Richards going off on his insane rant because he couldn’t take being heckled–you’re a frickin’ comedian, heckling is something you need to learn to handle. And just because Aimee is an entertainer, too, doesn’t mean she can’t have an opinion on the other “talents” in the industry. Suck it up Ice-T, instead of going off talking about “drive-bys”. What a fucking dickhead douche. He’s glorifying a criminal act that kills. Also: get a life to anyone who would engage in a cunty “Twatter” war because Ice-T wanted them to. PATHETIC.

  32. yeng says:

    Ice-T is actually good on SVU, and I like his character. No complaints about his acting here.

    However, I also love Aimee Mann and her music. She’s a very good live performer.

  33. yeng says:

    Jeane, I was just thinking the same thing.

  34. Popcorny says:

    Ice T is a riot and it sounds like he was having fun and being silly while smacking Aimee back.

  35. Boo says:

    The only problem I have with this is that Ice T doesn’t seem to realize that in the thousands of twitter followers he has, someone might take him seriously and actually try to harm Aimee. She just gave her opinion on an actor…something we all do all the time…and he may have responded with “joke” violence, but someone out there could have taken it seriously. Not cool. Unfortunately, as a celebrity you do have some responsibility to be clear about stuff like this.