Tiger loses the Masters; Elin Woods heads out alone to visit her sick mother

The Masters - Final Round
The Masters were the highest rated in nine years this week, thanks to Tiger Woods’ much anticipated comeback. Woods wasn’t the victor this time and placed in fourth. Phil Mickelson took home his third Masters title. It wasn’t an atypical performance from Cheetah, as much as I’d like to see him firmly planted on his face. He placed fifth last year, but has won the Masters four times: in 1997, 2001, 2002, and 2005.

The good news is that Mickelson, 39, has a much more compelling personal story. His wife Amy has been battling breast cancer since last year and his mother was diagnosed with cancer just a few weeks later. Mickelson has been alternating between spending time with his wife, their three children and his mother and playing golf. He said that the win was very special for him and his family and was “something I’ll always cherish.” His wife Amy was there at the tournament to watch her husband. She gave him a hug on the 18th hole, and Mickelson dedicated the trophy to her.

An emotional Phil Mickelson dedicated his third Masters win to his wife, who has been battling breast cancer.

“It feels incredible. I could go on and on about why but to win this tournament is a special, special day,” said Mickelson, who won by three shots.

“It’s something I’ll always cherish. It’s been an emotional year. I’m very proud of my wife and the fight and struggle she’s been through.

“This win has been one of the best things we’ve been through.”

Mickelson’s closing 67 gave him a 16-under-par aggregate of 272 and it was the first of his four majors – he also won the 2005 USPGA – where he has come from behind on the last day to win.

The deficit to Lee Westwood with 18 holes to play was only one but Mickelson produced a bogey-free round with five birdies to usurp the Englishman at the top of the leaderboard and seal the title.

The left-hander became overcome with emotion and shared a long embrace with wife Amy just off the 18th green.

“I was just really glad she was there – I wasn’t sure she was going to be – and it’s something that I’ll look back on and just cherish,” he revealed.

“To have Amy and my kids here to share it with, I can’t put into words. It just feels incredible, especially given what we’ve been through in the last year.”

[From BBC]

It feels nice to celebrate a golfer and all around decent person. Mickelson is a real contrast to Tiger and his self-inflicted problems. According to Forbes, Mickelson was the second top earning golfer in 2008. He made $38 million in endorsements in 2008 in comparison to Tiger’s $110 million. Maybe those numbers will be a little closer in 2010.

Meanwhile Tiger’s wife Elin hasn’t filed for divorce yet but she’s not exactly sticking around cheering for him on the sidelines. Radar Online reports that Elin flew on a private jet out of Orlando by herself over the weekend. It’s possible she went to see Tiger, but Radar also claims that she’s determined to go on a vacation by herself. She’s definitely earned it.

Update: According to People, Elin was headed out alone to visit her mother in the hospital, who has been receiving treatment in the US for an undisclosed illness.

The Masters - Final Round

Sony Ericsson Open

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  1. Tess says:

    Good news all around

  2. hatsumomo says:

    Ima be laughing my ass off if the dirt comes out on Phil Mickelson that he cheats on his wife, beats his kids, kicks puppies and steals from babies.

    I apologize in advance, but Im feeling a weird sense of deja-vu.

  3. bellaluna says:

    I’m glad Mickelson won. He’s a true example of a golfer men should aspire to be. My Dad loves golf, and he’s never liked Woods. Mickelson, though, he respects as a golfer and a man. That spoke volumes to me even before the whole Woods gagglefuck.

  4. Kate says:

    There are a lot of stories out there that Mickelson’s “nice guy” image is one big act too. Rumors have swirled for years about his attitude towards others when the cameras aren’t on. There also have been rumors about some pretty nasty gambling debts and about he and his wife’s marriage (as in open/swingers/etc.) That said, whatever his true personality/faults, the presence of his wife and kids has been a constant throughout the years and I think the guy is dedicated to them. A nice contrast and fitting end to the Tiger-saga that was crammed down our throats all weekend. Some kind of weird karmic justice.

  5. Linda says:

    I’ve been a fan of Phil’s for the longest time – he played 4 great rounds of golf. For anyone who is not a golfer – concentration is such a key part of the game, and Phil has not been able to fully concentrate on his game for about a year – for him to pull off this victory is nothing short of amazing. He is one golfer who has always put his wife and family first!!! Congrats to Phil!!!

  6. Tess says:

    Just read the Vanity Fair Tiger story.
    He is such a nasty piece of work.

    And cheap, too. Given the money he’s made, I think his unflinching stinginess is his least forgivable quality.

  7. MSat says:

    Golf is still boring as sh*t.

  8. princess pea says:

    I guess it doesn’t matter if Tiger wins, so long as he shows up to play? Because leading up to the masters, fans were going on and on about how important to golf Tiger is… but he hasn’t won in 5 years. How long does he stay “important” if he keeps not winning?

    And yeah, MSat, golf is still boring as sh*t.

  9. nycmom10024 says:

    If we don’t build them up to be superhuman, when they fall from grace we are not shocked and dismayed. These are just men, no more special than any of us.

  10. Cinderella says:

    I agree that building up Phil Mickelson to be opposite in character of Tiger may be the wrong thing to do.

    Either way, hopefully his wife and mom will recover and Phil is putting his family first.

  11. RobN says:

    I love how the Tiger fans want to brand Phil with the same reputation. I’ve been a golfer for 30 years, I’ve never heard a single rumor of Phil’s “open” marriage except from a lot of people who seem think it will help Tiger to say everybody does it. Not a single picture, not a single girl coming forward. Nothing. He does openly love to bet on sports although, once again, I’ve never heard a single rumor that he doesn’t pay off when he loses.

    What I have personally seen is Phil signing autographs for more than an hour after a round of golf while most guys are already halfway home on their private jets. He’s a class act who’s earned every good thing that happens to him.

  12. Alexa says:

    snore . . .

  13. Gracie says:

    If I were Elin, and for whatever reason I did not want to divorce him, I would take the kids and go live in Sweden. Enjoy myself.

    Date / sleep with as many hot guys as I wanted. Play with my kids. Do all the things that would make me truly happy.

    When Tiger got around to actually missing his kids, he could fly over and stay in a guest house nearby and play “dad” for a little bit.

    And then he’d pack his stuff and fly on back to the US. She could work it out so she’d never even have to speak to him when he visited.

    A nanny or friend could bring the kids to him and stick around to make sure they were taken care of. (Something tells me that Tiger doesn’t “do” that kind of stuff.)

  14. Feebee says:

    I know this isn’t a sports site but Tiger didn’t lose the Masters… he wasn’t never leading, thus didn’t have it to lose.

    That aside… pleased Phil won, though he’s not the Mr Perfect you’re touting. He’s a bit of a prick by all accounts, however that doesn’t extend to his family life and he’s handled his wife’s and mom’s cancer with dignity, respect and care and deserves all good things coming back to him.

    A solo vacation is the least that Elin deserves and probably just what she needs.

  15. Me says:

    @Hatsumomo: I have a weird feeling you should apologize for your stupid comment. Common, you are clever and inteligent human being. I really hope you realize you crossed the line with this one. His wife was so sick she almost did not make it, for godness sake!

  16. kate says:


  17. Popcorny says:

    I won’t be happy until Tiger and Jon Gosselin are chillin together in cots at a men’s shelter.
    The real winner this weekend was actually the dude who streaked over the golf course in a plane trailing banners.
    Nike musta gagged on their own feces seeing that (so much so that “someone” saw to it that the plane got grounded (before the 3rd run) over a stupid inconsequential “mattress tag” like tag removal.

  18. GMAB says:

    Be really careful praising Phil I can remember people praising John Edwards after he and Elizabeth announced he would continue campaigning and her cancer had returned in March 2007. Lets not forget a month ago Sandy was prasing Jesse as her backbone.I read Tiki Barbers’ s wife was praising him as a husband and father late last year.

  19. Zelda says:

    Tiger looks like a very tired lesbian in that banner pic.

  20. Tia C says:

    @ MSat: ITA!!

    Total snoozefest. Could not care ANY less. The best thing about the Masters was that stupid plane! I still want to know who did that… lol

  21. Camille says:

    I’m just glad Cheetah didn’t win, other than that meh.

  22. Beth says:

    Hatsumomo was being sarcastic not saying Phil does those things. People are saying that he’s perfect and the anti-Tiger. What the Tiger and Sandra Bullock mess shows is nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors.

  23. Alist says:

    Tiger’s losing streak will continue! Long may it last.

  24. strappyyungster says:

    Just wish he would stop insulting Buddhism!
    He’s a disgrace because he’s simply an immoral jerk-not because he ‘lost’ Buddhism. He doesn’t want to take responsibility for his own actions. Religion has nothing to do with it, so he should stop slapping his dirt around!

  25. Carol says:

    Great post, RobN! Every negative thing I hear about Phil comes from bloggers who have never met him but claim “everyone” knows he’s whatever bad thing they say he is. The stories I hear from the reporters who cover him is that he’s a nice guy who is happy to sign autographs and acknowledge the fans, even *gasp* when he’s had a bad round. They even noted yesterday as he walked up the 18th fairway and was nodding and tipping his cap to the crowd that his being considerate of the fans was almost a detriment to his golf game. And Amy and Phil are swingers?!?! Man, some Tiger apologists are getting desperate!

  26. Vega says:

    Tiger should not be married. Marriage is for the ones that need a lap to cry in when the camera turns off. If Tiger was not married, he would not have this cloud over his head. From his hard work, he has to support so many parasites. Men should abandon the concept of marriage. There is nothing in it for them. They can get everything they need without it. Want children, have them and pay your HALF of their care. — She gets too old or is not your taste anymore wish her luck and find another. Women have an equal opportunity to be successful. I see no special treatment of males from kindergarten through college. It’s hard to watch each time a male is attacked by a giant blood sucking parasitic mosquito. Legalize prostitution; a good quality prostitute goes a long way. At least they are honest about what they do. Is marriage a parasites pension plan? Hmmm!. How do you spell parasite! E**&#^%$&@*

  27. holly gunther says:

    I agree with Vega….Men should not be married. They’re not mature enough – it takes a MAN to be a husband. Parasites come in both sexes; there are plenty of men sucking off their ladies paychecks. I feel it would be to both sexes advantage not to marry; more so a woman’s.

  28. kim chao says:

    I agree with Gunther! Why do people try to force a false normalcy on themselves. Cheaters that marry; priests that cannot be celibate….and on and on. If everybody would just be there true self; it would spare a lot of pain. I could be wrong, but I do think Woods married to enhance his own image. I think he was the parasite on his wife really.

  29. Parker says:

    Here are some words the human race does not need. WIFE, HUSBAND, IMAGE , MARRIGE — etcetera. Image is what got Tiger Woods in trouble, he did not need it, he already had it. He has beaten the best . A man is mature only when his club no longer works and even then there is meds (4 hours, WOW!!!!).. Guys, get your $$$$ and get a minimum of three if you can afford it. Keep them apart though, they will fight. That way when one is out of commission during the month you can play the other plus one spare . We are built for this. Who needs marriage?. She will love getting paid. Girls you can do the same if you don’t mind getting nailed by three guys in the same day several times a week. But that will probably make you a F****ing Wh***. Guys, if you can’t get $$ in whatever class you are then do without until you get $$$. Pay your half for the children though. If you both have $$$ then the same principle applies, you just don’t have to feed them. Tiger has the right idea. Once he is done making his money, he will tell you all to go F*** yourselves. He had a nice henhouse. Who needs marriage, Hmmm? I agree with Vega.

  30. SeeYa says:

    Tiger was free to leave anytime. He wanted it all. There was no need to hurt Elin and why have kids if this is how you treat them! Men like Tiger will always want wife/mother of my kids and mistresses as if that is ok. No Moral compass. Elin loved Tiger and if she did not she would have left before now. Lied to keep her! Weak selfish jerk!