Angelina Jolie tries to concentrate as Johnny Depp gets handcuffed


I’ve mentioned before that Johnny Depp doesn’t make me hot. I like him a lot, I think he’s a great actor, I think he’s very, very pretty. But he just doesn’t make me sit up and cross my legs like, say, Clive Owen. Something about these new photos of Johnny, half in shadow, handcuffed… well, I’m starting to warm to Johnny. Before handcuffs = what a good actor. After handcuffs = Where are my pants? They seem to have exploded.


So, yes, Johnny and Angelina Jolie were filming scenes for The Tourist last night in Venice. And Johnny’s character got cuffed. And Angelina wore a hoodie and looked intense.


Do you think Angelina was thinking, “Damn, I didn’t know he looked like that when he was handcuffed”? That seems to be her face. Like she’s thinking, “Concentrate on the script. What are my… handcuffs… LINES. Keep it together, keep it together.” LaineyGossip does a great spoof article on how the tabloids are going to report this – go here.


Angelina and Johnny in Venice on April 12, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. bite me says:

    i think, shes thinking about how to get away from brad folks

  2. R2D2 says:

    yep, Im sure that did it for her, she’s always been open about her thing for bondage and S&M toys… just a matter of time folks.

  3. moo says:

    I’m beginning to think this entire movie will be in little boats on the rivers in Italy.


  4. Miranda Ann says:

    Venice has CANALS, not rivers!! And, Angelina is probably looking intense because the scene calls for intensity since she is the one who helps the police catch her former lover, i.e., Johnny.

  5. Melanie says:

    She looks like a trout from the side.

  6. Anak says:

    I think he is beautiful, but I was disappointed when he agreed to work with such a terrible actor.

  7. nycmom10024 says:

    Great title! I am going to just let the movie play in my mind…

  8. JuiceinLA says:

    @melanie…that made my day!!!!!!

    ps- I am on team Johnny all the time, any time, in handcuffs and in the buff, with green eggs, but not with ham, I’m on team Johnny yesh I am.

  9. jane says:

    melanie, love your funny comments!

  10. maggie says:

    Is he playing Eddie Vedder in this movie? I don’t get his appeal? Not attractive in the least.

  11. Melanie says:

    Thanks Juice and Jane! Once Cheyenne gets here, though, my ass will get handed to me. LOL!

  12. Morgs says:

    is it bear baiting time?

  13. Jeri says:

    Have always loved Johnny, he’s still got it.

    The Eddie Vedder comments have been coming out ever since this movie started filming.

  14. Melanie says:

    Morgs, I am giving it my all. I am even rolled up in a ball.

  15. DD says:

    Melanie, I think her trout lips suit her and are her best feature. Keep in mind God loves Santa Angelina, trout lips and all. I look forward to the cheesy rebuttals awaiting you.

  16. becka says:

    Can’t wait for this movie Tourist to come out. But first I’ll be seeing SALT.

  17. becka says:

    I love her trout pout, sexy.

  18. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I think your caption was pretty funny Kaiser. That’s what I was thinking when I saw him shackled to that boat…he looks mighty doable…and Depp hasn’t made “sweat” in awhile. Ahhh Angelina looks hawt, they look so hawt together right? They seem to be filming the action scenes first but I hope there is tons of make outs and love scenes in the film.

  19. Sookie says:

    Captain Jack can sail my seas any day!

  20. Rita says:

    Angelina is an Interpol agent in this film, you know a policewoman who uses Johnny to catch a criminal. Or maybe Johnny is the criminal. Whatever, this is one film I will definitely see as it has 2 of my favorite actors in it.

  21. buckley says:

    After handcuffs=where are my pants
    Kaiser…you fucking crack me up.

  22. Rita says:

    LA, I don’t think that there are tons of make outs or love scenes in this film. Some are present but this is really an intense action and suspense who done it type drama.

  23. tooey says:

    Am I the only one that thinks he looks a little Benjamin Bratt-y here? Not that that’s a bad thing. No, not at all….

  24. Moocow says:

    Again, you have terrible taste in men (in my reality). I wish more people had your taste in dudes and then I could have my pick :D! wo0t

  25. Solveig says:

    I know he’s not tall at all, but I wonder why in this movie, in every picture from the set, he looks so damn short and stocky.
    I’m starting to miss his “Chocolat” days.

  26. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Rita, I imagine it won’t be heavy on the love making, LOL, I just think they would make a super sexy on screen couple, and you have no idea how long I wanted these two in a movie together. OMG I can see the fanfiction now.

  27. nic says:


    What do you mean “terrible actor”?!
    Fugly Aniston (that still seems to be your problem) can act?! Obviously! lol
    Angelina is only 34 and already has an Oscar, 3 GG Awards, 3 SAG Awards, 3 CC Awards and about sixty others, and a truckload of nominations!
    Johnny, that I think is sexy, still doesn’t have any as far as I know.
    Even Brad Pitt, 12 years Angelina’s senior, has only a GG Award.

    Use your head, don’t be a tool.

  28. ogechi says:

    Hahaha @Kaiser

  29. kili says:

    actresses should never take parts with the leading man being prettier than the actress, just makes the actress look that much uglier.

  30. teri says:

    Nic ITA with your post. Angelina has already proven she’s a great actress. Some don’t agree and never will, no pleasing everyone.

  31. SammyHammy says:

    No one who has seen Changeling can honestly say that AJ is a bad actress. Like her or not, she is very, very talented.

    Funny, though, that the role she won the oscar for is, IMHO, one of her worst acting jobs ever.

  32. Crash2GO2 says:

    Oooh, I think she looks gorgeous here. Gotta love those lips.

    Johnny? Eh.

  33. Francesca says:

    Something about him in those handcuffs -Baciami, baby!

    JD’s altered his appearance for this role – his character’s supposed to be just an average Joe, and kind of scruffy. Jolie’s supposed to be superglam and mysterious.

  34. lolo says:

    I love Eddie Vedder. He’s hot. So is Johnny.

  35. Slymm27 says:

    He looks oh so hot!

  36. LoveP says:

    Ever since he split with Winona he looks dirter,miserable than ever.But now he’s also with a Frenchy that’s not into showering or bathing yuck.There is however a shower scene on this film that’s the only shower he’ll have this year or century!