Pamela Anderson owes nearly $500 K in back taxes

Pamela Anderson Celebrates Her All-Vegan Shake At Millions Of Milkshakes in LA

Pamela Anderson is one wacky broad, but I never thought she was hurting for money. Between the Playboy stuff, child support from ex Tommy Lee, and the syndication royalties from her stint on Baywatch, she should be set for life, right? Well, even with all that income and whatever she is getting paid to shimmy her pasties on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” it’s apparently not enough for poor Pammie to pay her taxes. The blond bombshell has been added to a list of “delinquent taxpayers.”

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California officials say former “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson has failed to pay $493,000 in personal income tax. Anderson is on the annual list of delinquent taxpayers released Monday by the California Franchise Tax Board.

The 42-year-old actress is currently competing on the television show “Dancing With the Stars.”

Anderson is among 250 individual and business taxpayers that owe more than $100,000 in back taxes. State records show a tax lien for $493,144 was filed against Anderson in April 2009.

Her attorney, Robert T. Leonard of Woodland Hills, says he is representing Anderson in the matter but declined to comment further.

[From NY Daily News]

I never knew that this kind of information could be made public. How embarrassing! That seems like an astronomical amount to me, but then again, I’m no Hollywood actress. Maybe Pammie should start playing the victim card on “DWTS” like fellow contestant Kate Gosselin, who keeps trying to justify her presence on the show by saying her kids need to eat, blah blah blah. At this point, it seems to me that Pam is the one who is having a harder time financially as a single mom. I wonder who manages Pam’s money? She doesn’t seem like the type who keeps track of that sort of thing, and now it looks like it’s biting her in the ass. Whatever is going on, not paying your taxes can wreak some serious havoc-don’t do it!

Pamela Anderson, sporting some strange marks on her left arm, leaves Guys & Dolls night club with a mystery man

Pamela Anderson Celebrates Her All-Vegan Shake At Millions Of Milkshakes

Pamela Anderson's All Natural Rehearsal Run!

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  1. Constance says:

    No surprise there. She’s been reportedly broke for years.

  2. GatsbyGal says:

    Her eyebrows look so terrible. They’re like drag queen eyebrows or those drawn-on sharpie eyebrows that latino girls like to have for some ungodly reason.

  3. lucy2 says:

    I doubt she’s hurting for money, she’s just foolish with it. She owes all those taxes, yet has been renovating her mansion for a while now. There were stories about all the ridiculous things she had done (and now doesn’t want to pay for).
    She may be in a bind, but it’s one she caused for herself and could have easily avoided, totally different from most struggling single moms.
    If your whole career is only based on how you looked at 25, you’d better sock some of that cash away from when you’re not 25 anymore. Time to sell the mansion and live within her means.

  4. Marjalane says:

    Hey, those stained, skeevy dresses aren’t going to buy themselves you know! Pam Anderson is by far one of the more entertaining acts on DWTS this season, but nasty! She even looks like she smells bad, too. For some reason I get the impression her dance partner is straight and I wonder if they’re hitting it. I hope he’s had his shots.

  5. Jeri says:

    CA announces delinquent taxpayers every year (at least celebs) and the state is way in the red. I think they hope the embarassement will get some to pay up.

    Pam looks like she might have some bad habits but that’s just a nasty rumor.

  6. Miranda Ann says:

    I never knew that this kind of information could be made public.

    Every state in the union publishes a list of delinquent taxpayers. It’s what they do. I owed my state about $500.00 and didn’t know it. (Bad year with loads of family sh!t.) A friend saw my name on a list and told me just before the State sent me a letter demanding the money. I was a little embarrassed but not very. I mean, really, $500??? I paid some and they took the rest out of my Federal tax refund so we’re friends again.

    Anyway, yes, all states have a right to publish anything about you they want to publish: are you behind in child support? The State will let everybody know; did you die and leave a Will? The State will let everybody know who you left money to and how much; do you have unpaid traffic tickets? The State will let everybody know. Anybody can get this information from their trusty computer. Nothing is sacred these days, kiddies!!

  7. Constance says:

    If her drinking is still a problem, that Hep C will ensure they collect through her estate sale.

  8. Popcorny says:

    I can’t muster up a shred of sympathy for this burned out druggie mess.

  9. Melinda says:

    Good god that woman looks rough!

  10. Claude Yoola says:

    I think she looks better without all the clown paint, even in that shot where she’s pulling a face. She just looks a little younger, a little more normal without the tranny makeup. Anyone would, really.

  11. Ramona says:

    Did anyone noticed how she looked like a strung out junkie last night on Dancing With The Stars…Her eyes were so dilated all you could see was her black pupils…The whole time she was leaning on her partner as he attempted to prop her up…She kept trying to sling her hair in her eyes so as to cover them I’m sure…Reminded me of Anna Nicole…I didn’t know she was a drug headed stoner..

  12. Bryan says:

    No worries, she’ll just get someone to pay it for her, in exchange for sexual favors. It’s not the first time she’s whored herself out. Remember her $250,000 poker debt?

  13. Liz says:

    Am I the only one that thinks she appears dirty? I just want to shove her in the shower and have her scrubbed from head to toe!

  14. Jay says:

    Her nose looks weird. Like it’s melting lol

  15. freckles says:

    She looks like she smells like cigarettes and tanning oil.

  16. Jag says:

    Yeah, the renovations on her house were insanely expensive things.

    My county publishes the name of everyone who hasn’t paid their taxes, whether it’s five cents or $500k, individual or business. It’s a ploy to get people to pay, so they won’t be embarrassed by being published in the list as deliquent.

  17. ogechi says:


  18. Laura says:

    Oh, dear. Things are starting to go downhill..

  19. Jillian says:


  20. Katie from Boston says:

    I guess I’m the only one who’s going to say something nice here, but I think she’s doing exceptionally well on DWTS. She’s graceful and seems to know her routines. I’ve been quite impressed with her. You go, Pam!