Catherine Zeta-Jones’ 40-year-old ass gets naked & airbrushed for Allure


So I was just glancing through Allure online, and I found the slideshow for Catherine Zeta-Jones’ cover shoot. Last week I mentioned the Allure cover as being so airbrushed and Photoshopped, it looked like they were using a photo of Catherine circa The Mask of Zorro. So, once I came to the slideshow, I was happily browsing, seeing how bad the entire shoot was. And then I came to this one:


Jesus. That’s the ass Michael Douglas gets to mount whenever his blue pills are working. She looks amazing. Airbrushed, of course. But still amazing. I wish I had her skin.

Anyway, Allure hasn’t released much from the cover interview, but there are a couple of interesting quotes:

On her plans for the future: The actress’s plan for her family, which includes husband Michael Douglas and their two young children: living on a boat and sailing around the world. “I wouldn’t be surprised if [we do] that,” she says.

Going naked for the photo shoot: When it was time for the nude portion of the shoot, Zeta-Jones promptly dropped her robe. “That’s when your dancing days and being in theater pay off,” she said. “When you’re doing a quick change, you don’t give a sh-t who sees you.”

On being in the trenches with Michael: “The only person I want to be in the trenches with is Michael. You know he’s got your back.” And does her husband want to be in the trenches with anyone else? “Probably not,” she says, with a sudden peal of laughter. “Probably Kathleen Turner.”

On having a hard knock life: “I left school at 15,” Zeta-Jones says of her life experiences. “I’ve been on the road all my life. I’ve seen a lot; I’ve heard a lot. And you grow up really kind of quick.”

[From Allure]

Is it wrong that I love her answer to the question “Do you think Michael Douglas wants to be in the trenches with you?” He and Kathleen Turner did love each other quite a bit. I think he’s kind of in love with Glenn Close too. I think he and Sharon Stone get along well too. But these days, I think he would pick Catherine for his trenches. I mean, look at that ass!

Oh, this one is a favorite too – Catherine looks like she’s about to shank that makeup lady:



Allure photos courtesy of the online slideshow.

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  1. ogechi says:


  2. canadianchick says:

    She looks great. I think after Sandy B’s schlamozzle women should stop announcing their husbands ‘have my back’. Just in case.

  3. annaloo says:

    Catherine the Great.Love her.

  4. bite me says:

    her hair looks great

  5. Lori Lynn says:

    Look how skinny they made her left leg. If that airbrushed version of her were to stand up, she’d fall over!

  6. cara says:

    i saw her on the view not too long ago and she looked so freakin beautiful,and she wasn’t airbrushed either.

  7. Just a Poster says:

    Doesn’t she have a ‘no cheating or I will take you to the cleaners’ clause in her prenup?

  8. scout says:

    Always thought she was gorgeous! Here’s proof – airburshing or not. I think she is a classy lady from what I can tell…and down to earth…well, as much as possible for a celebrity. Some people think she got with Michael D. for the money and fame, but I have always read her differently than that. I think she loves her husband very much. I think they have a good marriage – hey, I could be wrong, but I am giving my gut instincts from what I have seen and heard.

  9. Isabel says:

    Makeup lady? I think that’s a makeup man 🙂

    Catherine is so beautiful and really seems so classy. Michael D. is getting pretty far past “silver fox” and is solidly into “geriatric case”. Props to her for sticking with him despite that…he sort of gives me the creeps!

  10. amused says:

    She looks nice but I agree its heavily airbrushed….

  11. Suzie says:

    Airbrushed or not, she’s still great and an inspiration. I love how funny she can be in these interviews.

    – S

  12. Eileen Yover says:

    She looks great and its so nice to see an actress who isn’t all over the place all the time.

  13. EMV says:

    she is a beautiful woman that should not be airbrushed into oblivion

  14. Tia C says:

    @ canadianchic: You are absolutely right. After Sandy B’s debacle, you’d think no one would want to take the chance of “jinxing” themselves by making statements about their husband’s fidelity, etc. I sure wouldn’t! LOL

    She really is a beautiful woman. I just recently realized I enjoy her acting, as well. I caught “No Reservations” on TV the other day. Even though I don’t usually care for romantic movies, I really enjoyed it.

  15. Missmilly says:

    how appropriate. The things people do…laying naked–face down on a bed for the world to see…you must really think your something special to do this. Wow

  16. Heaven-bound says:

    I think we could have done with out the naked pic, it does not surprise me that she has a great body. While the rest of the female population around the world takes off in the morning to work/take care of children.
    She can leave kids with nannies and go to the gym or the spa and has access to the best beauty products and organic foods. So who would not look good if they had all that at there fingertips? She has always been pretty and she does look great for her age air brushed and all.

  17. freckles says:

    Man, she looks great! I mean look at her left leg in that nude picture… I wish my shin bent backwards like that! Mine just stays straight :'(

  18. pooky says:

    “She can leave kids with nannies and go to the gym or the spa and has access to the best beauty products and organic foods.”

    Granted. However, no matter how rich you are, you still have to put the effort in. If, instead of paying for a personal trainer, I could pay someone else to exercise FOR ME, I’d consider it money well spent!!

  19. Kitty2000 says:

    She’s got one of those mouths that looks like she’s always smiling. She always looks so warm and friendly and seems so normal.

  20. Heaven-bound says:

    Pooky, “effort” is free for the rest you need your platinum Amex 🙂

  21. Mouse says:

    Ugh, the photo of her on the bed looks completely disproportionate. Her leg looks too small and her head looks too big. Nice job on that, photoshopper. Yuck Hollywood, stop it already with all the plastic and airbrushing! Natural beauty is the hottest and lasts the longest!

  22. Exiled says:

    Is she really admitting to 40? Last time I read something she was almost 10 yrs younger than me, and now she’s only 1 yr younger…

  23. british bitch says:

    I wouldn´t want to be jumping up and down on
    MD´s viagara´d old todger that´s been more places than my cat. But that picture of her on the bed – she looks like she had polio.

  24. Gistine says:

    Not bad for a 50 something year-old. I don’t buy the 40 year-old bit.

  25. Anj says:

    why did she waste her beautiful self on that douglas fag?

  26. moo says:

    But if she’s being airbrushed, wouldn’t her skin be “fake”?

  27. Anti-icon says:

    Careful Catherine (who’s 50 at least) the last time a star said “he’s got my back” two minutes later we discovered that he also had every tat’d ho in Hollywood’s back too. Not much difference, I suspect.

  28. Paula says:

    “Look how skinny they made her left leg. If that airbrushed version of her were to stand up, she’d fall over! “

    If they whittled her legs, they didn’t take off much. Her legs really are scrawny these days.

    CZJ has a classically beautiful face that will always look good, but her body is unbalanced between top and bottom. She would look much better if she ditched the implants and got back the great dancer’s legs she had in Chicago.

  29. Red Folder says:

    On having a hard knock life: “I left school at 15,” Zeta-Jones says of her life experiences. “I’ve been on the road all my life. I’ve seen a lot; I’ve heard a lot;*I’VE DONE A LOT*. And you grow up really kind of quick.”

    There fixed it.

  30. Sally says:

    50? I know very few 50 year olds who look as good as that, including my relatives – and I’m Asian!

    She looks entirely like a 40 year old, bed shot not withstanding..

  31. Emily says:

    She should divorce MD and then come find me. Hey, a girl can dream!

  32. Amoosed says:

    That naked shot is just totally bizarre, and the legs are out of proportion, just wrong. the left leg is shopped to near nothingness, and the right leg below the knee looks too short!

    I reckon it will appear on any day now!

  33. Rianna says:

    Where do you liv cause i need to check to the damb you out