Kate Gosselin fires back at brother for claiming kids are psychologically damaged

Kate Gosselin and Dancing With the Stars Partner Tony Dovolani Connect on Red Carpet
Yesterday there was a public hearing in Pennsylvania on whether they should extend child labor laws to shows filming children. It was all of course due to the Gosselins and the way they’ve allowed camera crews to film their children for years for profit. Kate’s estranged brother Kevin spoke in the hearing (video here) and described situations that he called potentially damaging to the children, including holding Christmas on a different day just for the cameras and potty training the children without either of their parents there. He also said that the potty training videos showed “skin exposed” and were available on the Internet for anyone to view. Kevin seemed all serious and concerned about the children, but he’s done the talkshow circuit with his wife, “Aunt Jodi,” and they even hired Gloria Allred to represent them. As much as Kate and Jon annoy me, Kevin and Jodi are not much better and seem to have made a career out of badmouthing their famous relatives.

Ultimately the state ruled that child labor laws were violated with Jon & Kate Plus 8, but decided that no charges will be filed. If the Gosselins want to keep using their kids for profit they’ll have to obtain the proper permits in the future.

Anyway Kate has predictably fired back at Kevin for daring to question her altruistic motives. She was on Joy Behar’s CNN show last night and said that Kevin has “made a lot of money out of saying things that are untrue about us.” She also repeated her broken record “I need to make money for my kids” line. No, you need to make money for your lifestyle. Kate also made the eyeroll inducing claim that Kevin and Jodi don’t have access to her kids and that “anybody who we allow into our house is nothing but mesmerized by how loving and wonderful my kids are and how well adjusted and smart and how well they do in school. I could go on and on.”

Kate’s kids are five and eight and it could be a while before they show signs of how they were affected by the show. I haven’t watched many episodes but in a clip montage I saw on YouTube one of the boys was crying because he was constipated. Kate refused to help him and told Jon to take him to the bathroom. (They were out shopping for furniture at the time.) How is that kid going to feel when he’s a teenager and that footage, along with so many other embarrassing moments from his childhood, is still available online? You also have to consider the effect of being filmed constantly on the children’s development. Do they feel like they have to be “on” all the time? Do they realize that mom pays more attention to them when there are cameras around? It’s just not fair to them.

Kate seems to be everywhere recently and there’s plenty of news about her. She told People that she’s still on Dancing with The Stars because the “moms and women” are voting for her and she snottily quipped to E! News that she doesn’t care as much about her hair as the public does. Kate’s lawyer also told TMZ that she’ll always expect to get child support from Jon no matter how much money she makes. I can’t blame her for that. The other stuff, well, she’s insufferable.

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  1. Team Bethenny says:

    Can we go back to a time when airing your family’s dirty laundry in public was a huge no-no?

  2. Holycow says:

    So sad when the people throwing you to the dogs are your own family.

  3. Linda says:

    Celebitchy – I think you have the facts a little confused here with the Aunt and Uncle – they were very, very close to those children and in fact Aunt Jodi had the kids for at least once a week in addition to her own kids and they would film at Kevin and Jodi’s house. Jodi got concerned when the older twins refused to be filmed – they disliked it and when Jodi voice her opinion and TLC wanted to pay her money for filming – some refer to it as “hush” money – things went wrong and Kate broke off communication and her relationship with her brother and sister-in-law. Those kids are no longer able to see their Aunt and Uncle because of Kate.

  4. Feebee says:

    Potty training with skin exposed? I haven’t seen that and assume pixels were used but it still sounds like a sicko pedophile’s dream episode to me.

    Kate “I could go on and on” LOL, and you DO.

    I don’t know the brother’s true motives but the concerns he raised, if true and as stated, are valid. It’s borderline psychological abuse. To tell them it’s Christmas Day only to turn around and ‘delete’ their Christmas is cruel. Whatever the kids are filmed doing, should be okay for the parents to be filmed doing. I highly doubt Kate wants to be filmed on the toilet.

  5. Huma says:

    A polished turd is still a turd. Hate.

  6. Taya says:

    Kevin and Jodi were the voices for the kids and the only ones looking out for them. Kate and Jon were in it for the money and Kevin and Jodi were trying to stop the exploitation of their nieces and nephews.

    It is well known in Kate’s family circle that she purposely got pregnant with sextuplets for the fame. After she was hospitalized with over stimulated ovaries, her doctor told her that he would not artificially inseminate her or for her not to have any sexual relations with Jon because of the fear of too many embryos being fertilized. Kate left the hospital knowing this and 5 weeks later, surprise; she was pregnant with 7 embryos. Kate’s doctor was not pleased at all. That is not a shock even though Kate and Jon claimed it was. Even Kate’s own mother was quoted saying that Kate went beyond twins because she so desperately wanted multiples. Kate saw dollar signs in her kids and how much SHE could make off of them. Jon was heard many times by his old coworkers that he and Kate were planning on selling out their sextuplets. Even when Kate was pregnant they were calling every TV network and company to tell their story to get free merchandise. Kate is a greedy famewhore that will do anything for money.

  7. princess pea says:

    I wish an interviewer would call her out on the money stuff, for once. Talk about the trust funds, the education money, the house, the books, the 75K per episode. I’d like to see how she’d explain it all away.

    Fun fact: there were 23 episodes in their last season, so they made $1.725 million for that alone, before you even look at their earnings from earlier seasons.

  8. Laurie says:

    What about the therapist the kids were seeing about a month or so ago. She mentioned it once or twice but never again. I guess she didn’t want us knowing her kids are NOT as well adjusted and happy as she claims.

  9. pebbles says:

    @princess pea: exactly!! Joy Behar was fawning…..blech. I know a local family – seven kids – yup, seven. And they aren’t looking at Dancing with the Stars, or million dollar portfolios. She should have more than enough to support the children if she manages the $ wisely and stops with the fake tans and extensions for herself.

  10. Paul E. Stanley says:

    How sick is it, that the courts said “child labor laws were violated with Jon & Kate Plus 8” but they say it’s ok to violate the laws if you “obtain the proper permits”? I didn’t know they gave out permits so that you can brake the law. Where do I get my permit so I came steal food to feed my family? Wow! What the heck is wrong with our leaders in government.

  11. Judy says:

    Sorry, CB, but Linda is right. You do not have your facts straight on this one. Kate says her brother “made hundreds of thousands of dollars by telling lies.” Kate has made MILLIONS by telling lies and living a lie. She is such a fraud, and I could go on and on and on myself, but I’m tired of people not doing their research before they post. The woman is a monster.

  12. Eileen Yover says:

    Waiting on than ban…waiting and hoping….even praying a little…

  13. gee says:

    It is almost standard that children see a therapist during a divorce. I did, and I am perfectly well adjusted.. to be honest, my siblings are fine too! How weird..

    Aunt Jodi and whoever are just as pathetic as Kate and Jon. Worse, because they’re badmouthing children.

  14. Judy says:

    @gee: They are not badmouthing the children–they are looking out for the children. They were a major part of those children’s lives; loved those children; and took care of them. Does it not say volumes that Kate has alienated every single person in her family and has no friends. People so need to get educated and stop falling for the Kate Crapola.

  15. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ Taya:
    If only there were a way to forward your post to all of those KHATE followers who are, most certainly, drinking the KHATE Kool-Aid in between voting phone calls to Dancing With the Stars.

    This is one of the ONLY times I have ever seen as much truth about the Gosselins. The KHATE lovers will say that we have no way of knowing the truth, and that we are all hating on KHATE because we are evil. KHATE, herself, has backed up these facts in one interview or another. (The ones she will own up to, anyways.)

    I applaud Kevin and Jodi for their courage to cross THE EVIL ONE. They certainly know what these kids have gone through, and no one could bring it to light better than them. So they are making money? Well, at least they are not exploiting those kids! I am so damned sick of seeing this fame-whore, money grubbing, attention seeking, bad-ass excuse of a mother who lies to the public and expects us all to swallow the Kool-Aid.

    None for me, thanks. I’ll PASS!

    Oh, and PS..I am not a fan of Jon, but I always thought that child support was based on BOTH parents’ income. (??)

  16. Feebee says:

    @ gee, how is her brother badmouthing the children by asking valid questions?

  17. GatsbyGal says:

    Every single one of their children is going to grow up and be just like Tila Tequila – a giant fame whore who only knows who she is when she’s in front of a camera.

  18. oxa says:

    I am psychologically damaged from watching her and why hasn’t the State of PA filed charges against TLC & the Go$$elins if they found them guilty.

  19. amanda says:

    I watched the clip in question yesterday, and several of the kids are walking around with bare bottoms- no pixels. You also see the kids with their pants down, going to the bathroom on their little poties. The worst part of the whole thing was that neither Jon nor Kate were in the bathroom with the camera crew when their children were taped going to the bathroom. The camera crews were allowed unsupervised access to their children’s potty time. Towards the end of the clip, you see Kate come into the bathroom through a door that was previously closed, and she helps Joel (I think) off one of the potties. They walk out towards the kitchen and he has no pants on, his little bottom exposed under his shirt. There were other exposed bottoms as well throughout the clip. Would you allow your children to be in a closed bathroom, using potties and undressing, with a reality tv camera crew?? It’s really troublesome and makes me questions Jon and Kate’s motives and good judgement even more.

  20. amanda says:

    Oh, and the segment in question was 9 minutes long. Not something brief. 9 full minutes of the kids undressing and going to the bathroom.

  21. nj says:

    Putting little children on a reality show should be a criminal offense. Those images are out there forever. The child cannot give consent and the parent who is supposed to protect the child, has traded their privacy for cash. Kate better enjoy her fun now, because in a few years those kids are going to be spilling EVERYTHING x EIGHT. That’s a LOT of dirt.

  22. H says:

    I went to youtube to watch the potty training videos you guys are talking about and they are unavailable now. It skips from potty training the boys to kate’s new wardrobe. Very Interesting.

  23. oxa says:

    Fantasist Kate Go$$elin is making Heather Mills look better.

  24. margo says:


    One very important fact here: Those “potty training” scenes were filmed when Neither Jon nor Kate were home. As a matter of fact Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin were watching them at the time and it was filmed in their home!!

    Hypocrite much??

  25. Jeri says:

    I’ve always been repulsed by Kate & Jon but this stuff is shocking. I don’t think most people are aware of the extent of these parents indifference to the mental health of their children.

  26. kellogg says:

    @GatsbyGal- let’s not compare the kiddos to Tila Tequila 🙂 the only famewhores in that family are Jon & Kate. + Kate is milking more $$ than Tila ever could-Tila is still getting paid-per-click from Radar.

    @princesspea- i also think it’s damn curious that no one in interviews will casually challenge the assertion that Kate has to “save up” for 8 college educations. college for the 6 (if not Mady & Cara too-but the sextuptlets were newsworthy) were guaranteed save as they go to a PA college or university. this is public record.

    & 75k x x-number of episodes = a craplot of $$ + royalties from “books,” appearances, donations etc.

    her bullsh-t stance of “all about the kids” makes me ill.

  27. d says:

    She’s what my grandmother, back in the day, would call a harridian or barracuda. An entirely unpleasant woman whose children everyone would feel sorry for. Blech. What’s worse is that those kids have a crappy father figure.

  28. amanda says:

    Actually, they were NOT filmed when Jodi and Kevin were there. Where did you get that piece of info??? You are totally wrong and must not have seen the scene in question. If you watch the scene, it cuts back and forth from the kids using the potties to Kate preparing dinner in the kitchen. Towards the end of the clip, Kate opens the door of the bathroom (where the camera crew was filming the half naked kids with no parental supervision) and helps one of the kids. She is wearing the same outfit the entire time, as are the kids, so this isn’t something that was spliced together.

  29. kellogg says:

    sorry-am posting twice…
    i stumbled upon the show 2 years back. TLC was having a marathon, i was cleaning & needed background noise.

    i thought the kids were adorable, the parents were predictably frazzled. some of these episodes were very church-focused–anyway, i thought it was a show about this family who is struggling to get by.

    i don’t think the Gosselins were savvy about the contracts they signed at the get-go.

    however, it doesn’t excuse their behavior. what is sad is that when both of them started having a LOT of disposable income, well:

    Jon: Ed Hardy, cigs, “diamond” studs, Vegas, ski trips, swag
    Kate: mani-pedi and spa sessions, tan/hair/nails, “helpers,” bodyguards

    since they’ve had freedom from being parents full-time they’ve acted like 14-year old kids with bad taste and no sense of responsibility.

  30. Judy says:

    Claude Yoola, if you are reading this, please go to the earlier article on Kate and read my apology to you. You touched my soul.

  31. westender says:

    Hopefully at some point the children will hire a lawyer to get them away from their family. All the adults sound very self serving and greedy!

  32. Laurie says:

    RadarOnline posted a big story about that yesterday claiming that all the potty training footage was taped while Jodi & Kevin had the kids (yeah, right!). Radar Online is a very pro-Kate site. Every day there are articles blatantly taking Kate’s side with no fact checking being done. Something fishy is going on over there…

  33. Laurie says:

    I even recall potty training scenes where Jon and Kate were at a Fourth of July party and had three potties set up in a driveway (NOT Jodi and Kevin’s) and had the three tup boys sitting on the potties being filmed going potty in the driveway in front of the entire camera crew. I’m sure the boys will appreciate that when they are older.

  34. Taya says:

    DoMaJoReMc..What the sickest part of Kate’s minions is that they want Kate’s life. Go on any parenting website and you have women ordering fertility drugs from Mexico, like Pergonal and other fertility drugs, simply to have a large multiple pregnany and become famous. Believe it or not when I had my ultrasound done the technician said that a former patient took fertility drugs that she bought over the internet and was pregnant with 9 embryos. The woman miscarried them, but the fact was, she wanted sextuplets like Kate had, simply for the publicity. People will go to any length to try to be her.Just like Octomom and the Stansel’s, who were calling TV netwoks and companies just like Kate and Jon. Unfortunately most of the Sansel’s babies died.

  35. Madisyn says:

    Is it me or has anyone else realized Kate has NO FRIENDS and does she even speak to ANY FAMILY MEMBERS?

  36. Anastasia says:

    I’d like Kate to explain exactly how her brother and sister-in-law have been making money saying these things.

    When you testify before a governmental committee (and by the way, they were ASKED to testify, they did not approach the PA government), you CANNOT be paid for doing so, that’s a huge no no!

    And I’m glad someone mentioned Radar Online. They are very very VERY pro Kate, no matter what she does. She could strangle a kitten on live TV and they’d find a way to say it was for her kids.

    I’m just saying: take anything you read there with a shakerful of salt. They pay her to grant exclusive interviews with them, same way they did Octomom.

  37. Anastasia says:

    By the way, I hope it’s ok to put this link here, but this is a site run by a family practice lawyer who became interested in the Jon and Kate thing and started a blog.


    Because the administrator is an attorney, she puts up a lot of articles and stuff you really don’t find elsewhere. The blog is only about the Gosselins, so no competition for Celebitchy! 🙂 (I heart CB.)

    But anyway, I’ve found out a lot of interesting things there. She’s very thorough and even-handed, I think.

  38. TG says:

    Kate said on People that no one will take her children from her because they are “my kids”. She seems to forget that they are also Jon’s kids like it or not.

  39. Lisa says:

    Why didn’t Joy ask Kate where and how her brother made hundreds of thousands of dollars off of them. With all the press “anything Gosselin” gets wouldn’t her brother’s money making gigs be well-covered in the media?
    Yes, they were on the Today Show and a few others when the Gosselins were breaking up, but since then not so much.
    Nobody really questions Kate’s comments.

  40. Whatever says:

    Kevin and Jodi are worse than Jon and Kate. Having a website that is full of people saying horrible things about the kids and getting themselves on television to air family crap in public is shameful. I’ve only seen a few episodes of the Jon and Kate show, but I’ve seen these two idiots several times. I’m glad they aren’t my family!

  41. amanda says:

    To see some of the potty training footage in question, go to youtube and search for Gosselin Webisode 9. It should come right up.

  42. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ Taya:
    I find it absolutely DEPLORABLE the lengths that some women would go through to be like this shrew. I have seen almost all of the episodes (I watched because of the kids), but finally had to stop when KHATE started with her sense of entitlement. They think they are deserving of freebies, and if she truly IS getting freebies, then why all this pouting about “I HAVE TO DO IT FOR MY KIDS, BECAUSE I AM A SINGLE WORKING MOTHER…” BLA-BLA! It makes me wonder if she even THINKS about the single moms out there that really DO work hard. So, in closing (for now) I am going to see what her excuses are going to be THIS week on DWtS. With all the publicity appearances she is making this week, when did she find time to practice????


  43. eternalcanadian says:

    I always thought Kate’s brother and sister-in-law were the only sane ones. They didn’t get any fame or money for their part in the show. It was like they were part of it, and Jodi baby sat the kids a lot. Then all of a sudden they weren’t on it anymore.

    There were many shows that I cringed at how the kids were treated. The way Kate spoke to them, even threatening to leave them behind or leave herself. I thought she treated the kids the same way she treated Jon. Like a big hassle. It was her that wanted more kids even though Jon was happy with the two older twins.

    There are so many embarassing and painful episodes I know all the kids are going to have severe psychological issues when they are older. I am surprised we aren’t hearing about teasing at school, especially with those potty-training shows (which by the way were way tmi!).

    I feel bad for the kids. Kate truly has gone fame-hungry and is no longer in it to look out for her kids. If she truly was looking out for the kids she wouldn’t be putting them on telly any more.