Lewis Black talks about Angelina Jolie

Comedian Lewis Black has a new television show coming on Comedy Central called “Lewis Black’s The Root of All Evil.” It premieres next Wednesday, March 12 at 10:30 p.m. As part of the promotion for the show, he recorded a couple of clips that are on YouTube.

The first one below where he rants on Angelina Jolie made me laugh so hard. I’m not agreeing with what he says, and I know this will open up a comment shitstorm as does any post that even mentions her name, but this was too funny to pass up. His delivery is the best.

Lewis Black on Angelina Jolie

Here’s the transcript in case you can’t listen at work:
“I guess I was the last to hear. Angelina Jolie’s gonna have twins. How exciting is that? You know where? France, she’s gonna have her babies in France. The last baby, she had in Namibia Africa, and as you all know, she grabbed babies from everywhere. She’s like the Johnny Appleseed of maternity. You know if she’s not squirting out a baby in some country, she’s stealing one from another one.” [Transcribed from video above]

I read the “Angelina is delivering in France” story somewhere in last week’s tabloids and it struck me as total bullshit. Then the British press picked it up and didn’t source it. I never bought the news that she was going to Africa until it actually happened, though, so who knows what’s true. Either way, Black is quite talented at summing up many people’s assessment of Jolie. (Again, not that we agree with him or that he’s being serious. It doesn’t matter though because the people who are going to comment with vitriol aren’t going to read this shit anyway.)

Black also recorded another clip that’s a parody of Chris Crocker’s “Leave Britney Alone” tearfest. It’s called “Leave Mike Huckabee Alone!” (Mike Huckabee is the former governor of Arkansas and ran as a Republican candidate for the US presidential election. He ended his campaign yesterday after losing most primaries to John McCain. He believes in creationism, and has made a lot of controversial statements that have drawn criticism, including equating gay marriage with pedophilia and bestiality.)

And here are some older clips from Black’s comedy routines.

On Starbucks proliferation:

On candy corn. It’s funny as hell. I love candy corn, but it’s one of those things you either love or hate:

Black doesn’t shy away from heated political topics as well as hysterical commentary on mundane things. In his HBO special last year, “Red, White, and Screwed,” he talked about how inappropriate it was that Bush told veterans who were amputees about a minor injury he sustained while cutting down a tree, saying “I believe that if you are the president, you should know where you are in the time space continuum.” He also covered religion, and lambasted Bush’s belief in creationism. His rant on hunting is hysterical. He said that “going quail hunting is like saying ‘I’m going fishing’ and going to a goldfish bowl.”

(Note: The PR people for this show sent me the clip, but have not sponsored us in any way. I just love Lewis Black.)

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