Kristen Stewart shows kids that smoking is cool in Flaunt Mag


Here are the new photos of Kristen Stewart’s appearance in the latest issue of Flaunt Magazine. Why do they do this to her? She is constantly styled in this grungy, trashy way in magazine photo shoots. That is, unless they’re trying (and failing) to make her look like a fairytale princess, like Harper’s Bazaar did. That was a failure too. I get that Kristen doesn’t want to do “sexy” but can we perhaps aim for “basic cleanliness and not tarted up in the back of a trailer”? The header photo was the one that caught my attention – I know Kristen is a doob smoker, but I didn’t know she smoked cigarettes. Or is she just smoking because she (or someone else) thought it would look cool? It doesn’t.

By the way, last week there was a fake interview with Kristen floating around. CB and I decided not to publish anything about it, just because there was no question in our minds that it was total horsesh-t. But that one fake story is the gift that keeps giving, because those fake quotes keep popping up. For example:

ROBERT Pattinson has proposed to Kristen Stewart “countless times” — insiders say.

A source close to the couple told American tabloid the National Enquirer that Rob, 23, is desperate to marry his 2–year-old Twilight costar.

“Rob is so love with Kristen, he has proposed to her countless times already,” said the mole. He’s just waiting for her to say yes.”

And the pal reckons it won’t be long until Kristen finally caves in and says yes.

“They believe they’re soul mates and want to be together forever,” said the source. “They’re just really happy they’ve found each other.”

Stewart has previously revealed that Pattinson popped the question — but she thought he was joking.

“He asked me to marry him,” she told a British newspaper earlier this month. “As a joke, though. Well, at least I think so!”

[From Showbiz Spy]

Bullsh-t. Now, I’ll believe that Sparkles loves her, and she probably loves him right back. But get married? Nope. Not happening.



Flaunt photos courtesy of K-Stew’s fansite.

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  1. imo says:

    I didn’t know flaunt magazine was popular with the kiddies. How about parents take personal responsibility for their OWN children and stop looking to Hollyweird to mold their children? Just a thought.

  2. e says:

    If she smokes in real life then I don’t see why she can’t smoke in a photo.

  3. Jd says:

    “A source close to the couple told American tabloid the National Enquirer that Rob, 23, is desperate to marry his 2–year-old Twilight costar.”

    Er… This seem very wrong to me. Also, she looks a lot older than her age if this is true!

  4. JulieNewmar says:

    Wonky eye a la Paris Hilton in the last pic.

  5. CandyKay says:

    I tried smoking when I saw Stewart Copeland of the Police smoking in the video for “Don’t Stand So Close To Me.” Fortunately I chose Camel unfiltered, so that didn’t last long.

  6. JulieNewmar says:

    @ Candy Kay

    omg.. stewart copeland.. now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a donkey’s age. Loved, loved, loved him back in the day.

  7. GatsbyGal says:

    This magazine looks totally obnoxious and her hair is crazy stupid.

    Maybe all the Twihards will think smoking is cool, become chainsmokers, get cancer and die. A girl can dream, can’t she?

  8. suz says:

    I can’t stand her, but she seems natural and comfortable posing in these pictures, smoking or not, so that’s nice to see. She seems like she doesn’t care much about being a role model à la Taylor Momsen so I wouldn’t expect as much of her.

  9. Jag says:

    I believe she does smoke in real life. Those pictures are awful, imo. One wonders if she gives input as to what she’d like to wear. If so, the clothes are her own doing, but to think that those are the best photos of the bunch is just wrong. What’s with photographers nowadays? Everyone has a weird, dead, bitchy or dumb look on their face, if not also weird posture.

  10. stephiespoons says:

    I’ve read on a few gossip sites that pretty most of the whole Twilight cast are smokers. Apparently they all chains-smoke together.

    I wish I didn’t know this much about these kids, but I do.

  11. Ann says:

    The tabloids project their TWilight characters onto the actors.
    This supposed relationship isn’t real only for promotional purposes.
    She sets off everyone’s gaydar and he seems to ignore her most of the time.
    There are still no photos of any PDA with them.
    Just another HW fake couple that keeps the crazy TWi-hards happy til the next crappy film comes out.

  12. WTF?!? says:

    Smoking is a legal activity, cigarette taxes pay for everything in this country.
    When the kid’s 18, s/he can decide. Until then, it is the parents’ responsibility to teach them, not Ms. Stewart’s, Hollywood’s or Phillip Morris’s.

  13. fizXgirl314 says:

    I used to smoke… nothing wrong with it as long as you plan to quit… I always knew I would quit so I didn’t worry to much about it.

    Not everyone eats kale, practices yoga and zen buddhism… I like her.

  14. JC126 says:

    How does anyone not notice that RP is gay? At least, he sets off my gaydar.
    Kristen Stewart has got to be the most boring, pedestrian young actress around. DULL.

  15. Miss Thang says:

    Why on earth would someone agree to be photographed in such a trashy way? OH MY GOSH. I can’t believe these photos.
    Of course, she probably thinks it’s “edgy”. HA!

    This does not say to me “Smoking is cool” it says to me “smoking is white trash.” *shrug*

    My husband always says that gaydar doesn’t work on British men because they’re half out half in anyway. :)

    Also, LOL @ GatsbyGal

  16. Chris says:

    Kristen’s a chainsmoker. It’s really strange that everyone doesn’t know this since there are so many candids of her smoking. I’m sure that’s one of the things she and RPattz connected over.

  17. kelbear says:

    Those photos are just plain trashy with or without the smoking.

  18. lali says:

    this chick is so average

  19. hoodiegirl says:

    Except for wolf boy, the entire cast of Twilight smokes.

  20. Lola says:

    I think one of the most appealing and intriguing things about Kristen stewart is that she looks plain and doesn’t try tart it up to please Hollywood.

    Unlike her peers she’s fine with being herself and i bet most of us would have more in common with her than the rest of the pop tarts.

  21. viper says:

    If I had to choose between a stimulant such as nicotine or a hullucingen like Marujana I would go for the pot. Illegalize nicotene which kills more people than aids, and legalize marujana all the smoking companies would simply convert from one plant for another and if anything it would give legal profiteering jobs to struggling economies from mexico to afghanistan. That is the case if I was FORCED to choose. Both do impossiblly to repair damage to the body and mind but pot doesn’t kill you. It kills brains cells which once gone can never be replaced; and we lose brains cells naturally to begin with. So if anything you loose more brain cells than normal. You run the risk of dimentia but you’re not dea. You’ll just be wishing you were when you’re an old fart liying in your own excrement. So personally I would keep both illegal and start the old dry states law enforcing again; anything that impairs judgment and risks lives should be illegal. That goes for gun holders too, unless you’re a certified hunter there should be no reason to carry a sniper rifle or a shot gun let alone a desert eagle in an urban jungle. Not to mention the use of depleted uranium used to manufaction all weapons/shells. Oh and def suspend any international military and economic support to zionist supporters and zionist states.

    If you havent gotten the clue yet I’ll make it really plain.

    KIDS SMOKING isn’t the most significant issue to tackle. But it is one of the many many roots of the many problems we face. Like any weed start pulling them out one at a time…and light up.

  22. Vi says:

    i get the magazine is not a teen mag and i get that kstew is an adult who can legally smoke but she is a teen idol so i still think it’s a bit retarded of her. still what can you expect from ol’ deadeyes

  23. Ben says:

    Viper I smoke both cigarettes and weed so I have nothing against either substance and I agree that mary-jane should be legal but it’s a common misconception that Marijuana doesn’t cause cancer, etc. It very much does.

  24. malina says:

    her ears are so funny!

    and so is her nose :)

    and of course, the faces she makes!

    but she seems to be a nice girl and I know that some call her pretty so whatever, let it be!

  25. sallie says:

    She smokes, they smoke, we smoke, who cares? Whatever? I was taught by my parents not to smoke and guess what? i am slowly inclining toward smoking; not because i see other people do it but because i want to and i always had this feeling at the age of 8. Anyways, she is a role model and role model also have flaws. I also think that it is really hypocritical for the media or the role model hhimself to hide them ( the flaws) people should know for who you are not some fake product of society. she puts her soul out there in order for her to have the life she chooses and if you or your kids are not happy about it, butt out it’s that simple.

  26. Aitch says:

    But her face is so unusually beautiful and different somehow.

  27. lola lola says:

    JC126: funny you say that because KStew totally sets off my gaydar. What if they’re both gay. That would be such a great story. Oh well, wait 25 years for the autobiography…

  28. CC says:

    Are they trying to turn her into Adam Lambert in these photos??????

  29. Bella says:

    I am sick of this girl and her boring droopy eyes that can put anyone to sleep. She can be cute if she did not pull those “I am so badass and too cool for school” faces. To me she will always be that ugly pale boy from Panic Room.

  30. Emily says:

    All the people I know who smoke pot also smoke cigarettes. One of them doesn’t smoke cigs regularly, but everyone else does. So I just assumed that with her looking stoned all the time, she was into at least the occasional cigarette, too.

  31. Trillion says:

    That’s a switch, Emily. I know tons of burners and hardly any smokers. Oh well. Different strokes. I personally love the way she looks on the cover.

  32. Camille says:

    Very gorgeous girl, but that smoking pic is not cool.

  33. Emily says:

    @Trillion, maybe my friends and I have it the wrong way around! But I only have one friend who doesn’t smoke fags who also has pot occasionally. Quite amusing actually, since she fails at smoking it, but doesn’t know how to cook it.

  34. justathought says:

    Does it take years of practice for a makeup artist to transform a pretty girl into an ugly tramp for a photo shoot?

  35. Shay says:

    There is no need for the cigarette to even appear in the spread. This is just a plain example of the fashion industry being in cahoots with Big Tobacco.
    This is just a cigarette advert without the cigarette packet and byline.
    Imagine the stench that the smoke in the photo contributed to. Stewart and Pattinson must reek of stale tobacco.
    People who think marijuana is a ‘healthier’ alternative to tobacco are dreaming (yet another example of anecdotal ‘my friend does and it’s fine’ view); there is a link between marijuana and schizophrenia for those who are biologically/genetically predisposed to it and the thing is most teenagers don’t even know if they are.

  36. NicoleAM says:

    I happen to like KS and I think she looks hot on the cover. Trashy? Let’s compare the shoots she’s done to all the other celebs who feel the need to shove their tits and asses in our collective faces all the time. Don’t get the hate towards her. She seems very down to earth and not into the hollywood scene.
    And Jesus, what’s w/ all the outrage over smoking? If you don’t like it, then don’t smoke. Sick of ppl acting as though their vices (and everyone has them) are superior over another.

  37. smilelover says:

    I like her and she looks good. What’s wrong with a little trashy look and some fun in trailer park? Not everybody can be a boring house wife reading gossip mags and wanting a “queen” look

  38. Pooky says:

    “People who think marijuana is a ‘healthier’ alternative to tobacco are dreaming”.

    I went to school with a girl called Hannah Saaf. She ended up smoking so much cannabis she completely lost her mind and killed a 11-year old boy whilst driving at double the speed limit. Then, even if it doesn’t completely fry your brain, all the regular users I’ve known have become incredibly “slow” and boring. Just say “No”, kids!!

  39. Mrs. Darcy says:

    lol Bella! I totally thought she was a boy for the whole of Panic Room – actually probably her best performance to date imo. I don’t know, part of me thinks she’s an adult, she obviously doesn’t want to be defined by the Twilight thing – at the same time that is her fan base and it is a bit irresponsible towards the impressionable young Twi-hards. Agree with Kaiser, they have done the trailer park thing to death, it’s almost stereotypical and complete b.s. She must think it’s cool though, which I get, she’s young and wants to be rebellious/edgy, still is getting a bit old.

  40. kili says:

    she has been photographed smoking a joint, so why would being photographed with a legal cigg bother her.

  41. k says:

    I don’t do drugs, but they should probably be legalized.

    However, no one has mentioned that smoking marijuana can increase your risk for lung cancer.

    I just think it’s depressing that younger people who have all of the facts re: smoking still choose that path. I disagree with those who say there’s nothing wrong with it, for the simple reason that smoke, the particles from smoke, etc. harm other people.

  42. Zoe says:

    First off, Flaunt isn’t a teeny-bop magazine and isn’t read by a very young audience. Secondly, she is of the legal age to smoke in her state. No one is more opposed to cigarettes than I am, I lost half my family to smoking-related deaths. However, I don’t think someone is going to pick up a cigarette just because they saw K-Stew do it. She’s not exactly the pinnacle of glamour. I hate that these young stars are made to sacrifice their own individuality to please the conforming public. She is who she is, and she happens to be a smoker. I may not personally find it attractive, but it’s not my place to tell everyone else how to live their lives or to try to mold them to my liking. I don’t think she’s trying to make any sort of grand statement, she’s just being Kristen Stewart.

  43. Anne says:

    I think it’s a fun / off the wall photo shoot. So what she smokes. It’s not a healthy habit but people do it. People started smoking at a young age long before tv, movies magazines.
    I wish kids would never start but I don’t really think that is going to happen unless they stop making cigarettes. In regards to someone smoking too much pot and killing someone. I am pretty sure she had a lot of mental problems and it wasn’t just due to pot smoking. Otherwise you would here more stories like that in the papers. Like you do with harder substances.

  44. GatsbyGal says:

    @Pooky – “I went to school with a girl called Hannah Saaf. She ended up smoking so much cannabis she completely lost her mind and killed a 11-year old boy whilst driving at double the speed limit.”

    She either a) already had some mental problems, or b) had pot that was laced with something else. Pot itself will not drive you mad and make you mow people down. There’s no such thing as “Reefer Madness” despite what the 1930s propaganda tells you.

  45. Emily says:

    If people start smoking, or start anything, really, just from seeing a celebrity doing it, then honestly, I think they’re a lost cause. And, even if people are this susceptible, shouldn’t we be worried that all the kids obsessed with vampires are going to go out and start biting people on the neck?

  46. Trashaddict says:

    Zoe, nobody’s trying to limit her freedom to choose her vices, but there’s no reason the magazine has to photograph her smoking. They don’t show her shoving coke up her nose or sucking on a bottle of Jack Daniels, now, do they?

  47. Cheyenne says:

    When I was coming up, everybody smoked. It was like a rite of passage. By the time I was in college I was smoking two packs a day and continued until I was 30, when I quit cold turkey. I haven’t had a cigarette since (that was a couple of decades ago) and don’t miss them at all.

    There were vague warnings about cigarettes being “unhealthy” back then but nothing like the evidence connecting cigarettes and cancer that they have now. The results are all too evident. Four of my former co-workers who used to be heavy smokers have died from lung cancer. It’s a very ugly way to die.

    At any rate, most people can’t afford a two-pack-a-day habit any more. Cigarettes in NYC are up to $10 a pack. I wish they would tax the things out of existence and save a lot more lives.

  48. milan says:

    She’s an adult.

    When I was in high school we had a smoking zone for teenagers at the school teachers and parents all knew it!!!

    If kids want to smoke they will she wasn’t on a magazine cover back when I was in high school but tons of kids smoked.

    Parents need to be parents and quit blaming the world for their lack of skills!

    I wonder if it were a guy on the cover like say Johnny Depp would any one have cared if he was smoking…hmmmm….

    I think Johnny is an amazingly talented actor but we all know he smokes so what’s the difference??? Isn’t he in movies that kids watch? Double standard yep.

    Grow up be a parent and quit blaming hollywood.

  49. Wiley says:

    I wish that people who are anti-something would at least get their facts straight before lambasting others. Nicotine doesn’t cause cancer, it’s the tar and added ingredients. Most people who die of lung cancer never smoked. Most people who die of lung cancer do so because the cancer spread from some other part of the body, such as the skin, and there is no cure for it once it gets into the lungs. Added ingredients are introduced into the tobacco by gov. regulations that stipulate that a certain brand of cigs always have the same levels of nicotine. Nicotine content in tobacco varies due to climate etc. so they have to use chemicals to wash the nicotine out and then put it back at the prescribed level. Reports of manufacturers increasing nicotine to “addict” unsuspecting smokers are lies. Several different agencies regulate and monitor cigs and a new brand has to be established if they want to change the nicotine levels. Smoking in this country peaked back in the 50′s and 60′s when 75% of the adults smoked. Why is the cancer rate increasing now? Susceptability to cancer is inherited. Look to your blood relatives to determine your own risks. Virtually everyone in my family smoked 2-4 packs of unfiltered cigs a day and not one died from it. When you force someone to quit smoking you just might be killing him because smokers don’t get prostate cancer. And nicotine retards the onslaught of collitis, a rather devastating condition. There’s a whole list of ailments that have increased risk for a smoker that quits but no one cares about them.

  50. ... says:

    Isn’t she lesbian? She always acts like a boy. And when she’s wearing dresses, it looks like she feels very uncomfortable. Maybe that’s why her favourite actress is Jodie Foster…

  51. Heather says:

    You guys sound like you’re old enough to be my age (Copeland, hello?)…yeah, it’s an ‘edgy’ thing. I agree, pedestrian is a good word. I actually suffered through the film with my daughter and was shocked when she brought home and read me a book that was vibrant and cool and catchy. I do not understand the hype about this young lady – she is rather plainish and did not seem to portray much of ‘anything’ in her Bella character, or Panic Room (except that she needed insulin). I can think of a million other young ladies who are more charistmatic, emotive, captivating and beautiful. I do commend her for her work with JDRF, however. Nice of her. If she hates all this attention – why is she in Hollywood, somebody explain? It’s ALL about the attention. Otherwise, do theatre in NYC or London – where you can walk down the street without being mauled.