‘Kick-Ass’ star Aaron Johnson, 19, has pregnant 43-year-old fiancé


If you’ve been reading LaineyGossip or the British tabloids recently, you know that this story isn’t new, but it’s interesting that it’s just now coming into the mainstream American press. Aaron Johnson, the 19-year-old English boy-man who just hit it big with Kick-Ass, has a 43-year-old pregnant fiancé named Sam Taylor Wood. Taylor-Wood is described as a “British artist” – but she’s also a director – and she’s already got two kids from a previous 11-year marriage. They met in early 2009, when Johnson was 18 years old and when Sam directed Johnson in Nowhere Boy. So… yeah. What they’re doing is legal, technically, but it still feels creepy, doesn’t it? And yes, I would totally say that if the genders were reversed. A 24-year age difference is epic and newsworthy no matter which gender is the older one. Anyway, People Magazine is just now getting around to this story after the British press has been all over it for the better part of a year:

Newcomer Aaron Johnson has a lot of reasons to smile. His superhero film Kick-Ass was the number one movie at the box office last weekend, and off screen he’s engaged to be married to his seven-months-pregnant fiancée, British artist Sam Taylor-Wood.

Life could not be any better – if only his relationship with his onetime director wasn’t raising so many eyebrows.

At 43, Taylor-Wood is 24 years older than Johnson and already a mother of two from an 11-year marriage to art dealer Jay Jopling. Despite the age difference and existing family, Johnson is madly in love. “I’ve got a wonderful woman,” says the 19-year-old says. “She’s lovely and she’s a fantastic mother.”

The two met in 2009 on the set of her directorial debut, Nowhere Boy. In it Johnson played a young John Lennon and the two immediately hit it off. Engaged months after meeting and already living together, Johnson brushes off critics about their whirlwind romance saying, “I’m an old soul and she’s a young soul.”

As the couple prepare for the arrival of their baby this summer, Johnson say he’s “excited” and insists that he is undaunted by the challenges of fatherhood. “It’s not scary,” he says. “I’m already a stepdad to [Taylor-Wood’s kids Angelica, 13, and Jessie, 3] anyway. So the nerves have sort of gone.”

[From People]

Oh, Lord, one of Sam’s kids is a 13-year-old daughter? That child might have some issues in the future, I’m just saying. Once again, I’ll say it: legally, they are fine. As long as no one is breaking any laws, God bless and I hope everyone is happy and healthy. But he’s a teenager! And she’s in her 40s! Are they the British Demi and Ashton? Well, Ashton wasn’t a teenager when he began dating Demi, so not really.

Is anyone else getting a Rielle Hunter vibe from Sam? Just as far as looks go. It’s like she’s Rielle Hunter mixed with Janel Moloney.



Sam and Aaron on April 13, 2010, March 28, 2010 and February 21, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. omondieu says:

    What 19 year old male is ready and willing to settle down and start a family with ANY woman?

  2. Team Bethenny says:

    If “a 24-year age difference is epic and newsworthy no matter which gender is the older one,” and the reverse is just as creepy, then also note that her ex, Jay Jopling, was dating Lily Allen last year.

    Sounds like a stable group, all around.

  3. Pont Neuf says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with this. Everyone is different and it is possible for such a young man to be mature enough to handle building a family with a middle aged woman… Who could easily be his mother, ahem…

    Anyway, it is not my place to judge. They seem happy enough as to have decided to make the lifelong commitment of having a child together, and that is all that matters.

    Good for them! 🙂

  4. happymom says:

    I’m 44 and I cannot imagine in a billion years having a child with a 19 year old. Sleeping with the guy, okay-no problem. But actually marrying and having a family life with a teenager-ewwwwwwwww.

  5. Richi says:

    I have no idea how one could fall for a guy who’s 24yrs younger & feel equally mature!! anyways wish them all the best!!!

  6. Sally says:

    As a 41-year-old with an almost-19 year old son, this bothers me on many levels. I can’t imagine being sexually attracted to anyone my son’s age, let alone wanting to raise a child with him. A good rule should be never sleep with anyone you could have given birth to. Maybe if he was in his mid 20’s it wouldn’t be so bad, but someone my age having sex with a teenager is just wrong.

  7. ViktoryGin says:

    Knew of the coupling. Totally didn’t know he knocked her up. I honestly don’t know how I feel about this. Not that how I feel matters. I just hope he doesn’t reach 30, and comes to the conclusion that he’s outgrown her.

  8. Lady Jane says:

    I know I should write something enlightened and accepting but let me say what I feel: ker-eeeepy.

  9. carrie says:

    old news!
    it’s the same story than Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher love story!
    Eric Roth/Peaches Geldof story is a creepy love story!

  10. mojoman says:

    hmm, true..if the roles are reversed people wont be so weirded out. My husband is 13 years older than me (we met when I was 25 and he was 38) but no one commented on the age difference. Of course, women tend to be more mature than men anyway so it wasnt a big deal for us but for these 2, WOW..he must be extraordinarily mature for his age.

  11. lem says:

    the age of consent in england and wales is 16. so it hasn’t been “illegal” for these two for a while. they aren’t as strict about this as we are in the states. i think this is a cultural difference more than anything– we find it disturbing but in a lot of other countries, no one would think twice.

  12. Schnauzers!!!! says:

    Wow. I can’t imagine being a parent to my teen boyfriend and his baby.

    I think I would just feel skeevy if I dated an 18 or 19 year old. In their pictures, he looks like he’s with his Mommy.

    I hope the baby is healthy and happy, and that her other children come through this unscathed.

  13. Bella says:

    It is not just their age difference that is bothering, it’s the fact that she is also very unattractive. He is quite cute, he could have done so much better. Maybe (most probable) the pregnancy was an accident and he was forced to take responsibility and marry her.

  14. Kaye says:

    They don’t look that weird together to me, but she should be prepared that he still has a lot of growing and changing to do and the relationship probably won’t last. I’m in my 40s and I was a completely different person when I was 19.

  15. canadianchick says:

    Just ewww

  16. viper says:

    He’s screwing his mother!

    How do you people not see something wrong with this?!

    Had this been reversed you all would call the dude a child molester and lable the girl with having daddy issues.

    19 year old screwing a 43 year old and EXPECTING. If a 12 year old has a kid with a 16 year old, or a teacher screws around with her student then all the guns are out; but this gets nothing??? OH THE HYPOCRACY! Where has sanity gone?

  17. Johnthing says:

    Does he call her ‘Mom’ by mistake?

  18. Amelia says:

    Ummmm. Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford? 34 year age difference. You creeped out about that?

    Sorry I DO think there is a double standard. No matter what is said, people still think the Aston and Demi pairing is strange. Reversed not so much. It’s not child molestation in England, as legal age is 16.

    And what about the comment that it’s disturbing because he’s so cute and she’s not so attractive. I see. A woman should only be allowed to be in a relationship if she’s attractive and the man is age appropriate. Is that it? How terrible.

    To each his own, I say.

  19. Kaiser says:

    Amelia – Yup.

  20. viper says:

    Amelia- it ABSOLUTELY creeps us out.

    You thinking that is has anything to do with looks is asinine.

  21. Kayla says:

    I’m actually going to go ahead and say no, I am not creeped out by Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart, but that something about this is a little weird to me. I think it’s less about the genders and more about the ages- after a certain age, it starts becoming less and less a “big deal”. I mean yeah, there’s a 34 year age difference, but Calista is 45. But this guy still has “teen” after his age, so it’s a little weirder to me.

    However, they look happy, they’re not hurting anybody, whatever. I do very much enjoy his face, he seems a little proud of himself up there, no?

  22. Amelia says:

    I was commenting on what Kessler said and Bella’s comment Viper. Why don’t you read all the comments before you get nasty and call people names.

  23. scotchy says:

    calista flockhart was in her 30’s when she started with Ford.
    This kid is still a bloody teenager so yes it is creepy, very creepy.
    if the roles were reversed it would be just as creepy.
    How awkward is it going to be when his 13 year old step daughter realizes he is attractive and close to her in age? oh this is a dysfunctional time bomb…

  24. viper says:

    If this isnt such a big deal then why do teachers go to prison after having student lovers?

    He must have dated her when he was 17 there is no way this relationship happened over-night and so convienantly. Fine 16 is legal in England but a woman who IS the age of his mother and has a kid 5-6 years younger than her lover IS JUST SO WRONG.

    Thats equivilant to finding your best friend in the same grade as you sleeping with your mother or father and getting pregnant!

  25. viper says:

    I did not call you a name I implied the logic behind your argument was asinine.

  26. Ann says:

    A lot of women are brainwashed and browbeaten from a very early age on to embrace, accept & even defend sexist double standards even to their own detriment.

    And that’s why we have these posts on here saying his relationship is “creepy” and she’s not even “hot”. Whereas if it’s an old ugly man dating a cute chick it’s not.

    The old men “dating” women young enough to be their daughters or granddaughters, generally aren’t hot, and it’s always “creepy”.

    Most women age better than men because they look after themselves. So a younger man/older woman coupling makes more sense. They are also more sexually compatible than an old man/young woman combo.

  27. Steeze says:

    i think its wrong. at 19 people are just figuring out who they are. to be tied down to an older woman and a baby sounds scary. what happens in 20 years when hes 40 and shes 65? and by the looks of her, she wont age well (sorry mean, i know, but very true). she trapped him and hes too innocent to know any better. if i was his mom i would be pretty heartbroken over this mess.

  28. Ponytail says:

    I had NO idea Sam Taylor-Wood’s boyfriend was well-known in any way. In the UK, she’s definitely the better-known – I assumed her young boyfriend was another artist though nowhere near as successful as herself. I love reading US sites, it gives me such a different way to view stories.
    But I think “Euww!” is pretty international…Like the above commentator said – once you’re old enough to have given birth to them, you’re too old to date them !

  29. a says:

    i remember reading an article about her years ago in an art magazine… she talked about her return to the art world after two bouts of cancer (advanced colon cancer and later breast cancer). the article went on about how her (famous art dealer) husband was supportive and how symbiotic they were… i thought she was horribly lucky to have a man like that!

    now, this is the first i’ve heard of the relationship with the younger guy. it’s sort of sad. i guess she’s playing the “art dealer” now…

    hopefully she evaluated the possible cancer risks to her baby before getting pregnant.

  30. lin234 says:

    This pairing does feel creepy. In 7 years when she hits 50, he’ll only be 26. I just don’t see it lasting no matter how much of an “old soul” he is and the worst part is that they are bringing an innocent life into whatever it is they have.

    (Steeze- I agree she won’t age well.)

    As for Ashton and Demi, I feel like people are wondering how it’s going to work in ten years when she’s 57 and he’s 42. By society standards, he’d still be in his prime but by Hollywood years, Demi might as well be decrypt. Demi looks very well preserved right now but no matter how pricey her plastic surgeons, nutritionist, and personal trainer are, gravity and nature is going to take its course. Not to mention, Ashton may want a biological kid of his one day.

  31. juicyjackie says:

    (what about the 16 year age gap between Tom Cruise and katie Holmes?)

    Its legal

    They look happy

    Its not really about us, the general public

    I doubt they care what anyone thinks

    So Good luck to them, hope they remain happy and the child comes out healthy

  32. CC says:

    OK, what bugs me is not the age difference…it’s just that NO ONE at 19 should be getting married. My uncle married at 19, and it was a complete disaster for everyone involved (he remarried in his 30s and now has two beautiful children) At 44, she should know MUCH better than to be getting into this

  33. Samantha says:

    This is hypocrisy at its finest. If they made a show called “Chicken Hawk Central” everyone would be all over it. But because its women in the role that is supposed to make it okay? Like, “Hey, we are constantly objectified, we’ve seen it a million times where a man leaves his older wife for a younger woman, well we love the kiddies too!” Its just gross. Seriously, any woman who wants to be a with a guy who is 20+ her junior should really seek counseling because there is something wrong there. No way to justify it. You are getting old, deal with it. Dating a MUCH younger man just makes you look disgusting on top of the obvious desperate attempt to hang on to youth.

  34. nycmom10024 says:

    Naveen Andrews from Lost was 16 when he hooked up with his teacher who was in her 30’sor 40’s at the time. Their child is now in his 20’s.

    He is now with Barbara Hershey 21 years his senior.

    Ralph Fiennes famously left his “age appropriate” wife Alex Kingston for Francesca Annis 18 yrs his senior.

    I think it is less of a big deal among artist in Europe.

  35. fabgrrl says:

    What is creepy here is that 19 is a ridiculously young age for someone to be married and a parent at. Even more so for a man than a woman. Any woman in her 40s (with kids!) knows this and should not be sniffing around 18 year old boys for husband/father material.

  36. Phie says:

    Women generally reach their sexual peak in their 40s. ‘Nuff said.

  37. Maritimer says:

    I am on the ‘creepy’ adjective bandwagon as well.

    I have no problem with the age difference, I have a specific problem with the age itself.

    He is 19…19 for god sake. Your teens and early twenties are when you really come in to yourself, change as a person…blah, blah, blah. To have created a life long commitment (baby, regardless of the divorce that is inevitable) at such an early age is devastating.

    This would not be the same creepy story if he was 6-7 years older (Him 26, her 49), as he would be more apt to know what he wants out of life at that point. I am in my early thirties and I would have no problem marrying someone in their late 40’s or early 50’s at this stage. But at 19? My god.

    As for her, I am almost disgusted. As others have said – sure, if you are single and can’t fight the attraction, just go for it, have a little fling…but to be so irresponsible, and get pregnant? She is the 43 year old in this relationship, the onus is on her to be level headed, realize this guy is just a kid, with so much life ahead of him…

    Sorry, rant will end here. This story is just so disturbing to me. And, although many of you won’t agree, I solely blame her for how far this has gone. She is suppose to be the adult.

  38. ViktoryGin says:

    I think that some of you are missing the point. It’s not so much the age difference that has people concerned as it’s HIS AGE. It’s really faulty logic to apply the Ashton Demi comparison, because Ashton was a grown ass man when they hooked up. As was Calista Flockhart when she got with Harrison Ford, as another poster commented. I don’t care how spirtually evolved you are. There is a growth arc that occurs in the process of life that’s intrinsic to a person’s growth. Who he now is not likely who he will be in the next decade. ESPECIALLY AT THAT AGE.

    I was 18 when I met my first love. He was 30. Though I was exceptionally mature for my age (I couldn’t relate to boys my age) and though our connection was one in which I experienced a lot of growth, I realize now that there were some things that I had to learn on my own without him. He served his purpose for the lessons that I had to learn at the time, but ultimately I had to move on because I was changing.

    I suspect that the same will occur for this kid. Old soul he may be, the process of transformation is NEVER finished snd sometimes you have to leave people and situations behind.

  39. imo says:

    I have to be honest, I’m creeped out by the perverted older men dating women way to young for them and I am creeped out by this. I have a brother his age and I cannot imagine something like this being acceptable. The difference between Ashton and Demi or Calista and Harrison is they were already adults when they entered into their respective relationships, they had prior experiences and a chance to mature at their own pace. At 19, I don’t care how mature you THINK you are, you are not equipped to deal with so much responsibility. My views may be old fashioned but its my opinion. Its funny how people are always quick to label the “dirty old man” well she’s the female counterpart.

  40. Meimei says:

    And Bruce Willis married a chick who’s 23 years his junior. I don’t see the difference.

    I might be alone with my opinion, but I think she’s quite pretty. A bit horse-y, sure, but nowhere near unattractive.

    Edit: Life would be a lot easier if teenagers would actually think things through. No such luck.

  41. cedar falls says:

    Firstly, Harrison Ford is not 80, people!! It’s a 25-year age difference at best.

    Secondly, messing about with a teenager young enough to be your own child is one thing – what’s good enough for her ex is good enough for her – trapping him with a baby is quite another. They may have a long and happy life together, but the more likely scenario is that one day she’s going to stop being an “older” woman, and just be an “old” woman and he’s going to be stuck changing nappies when he should be out living his life. It’s not a gender issue – if George Clooney knocked up Miley Cyrus I’d feel exactly the same.

  42. padiddle says:

    It’s not so much the age difference that creeps me out, but that she seems to have little to no concern of the effect this will have on her older children. At 13 I was sexually confused enough – to have a “hot” step dad only 6 yrs older than me? I don’t think I would have survived puberty.

  43. Iggles says:


    That was my initially reaction. Total Mrs Robinson going on there! But congrats to both of them. If they waited it wouldn’t be possible for them to have a child together naturally.

    Still, it’s creepy. The kid can’t even grow in a full beard! And he has a 13 year old step daughter! My head is exploding..

  44. malina says:

    “She’s lovely and she’s a fantastic mother.” – to him, that is???

    Sorry, but as hard as I try, I cannot believe this is love (and it hasn’t anything to do with the genders reverse).

    The guy looks a little (very little I know) like Jude Law, doesn’t he?

  45. Oenix says:

    Quite frankly, in the pictures, it looks like a mother & her son. Not lovers. It’s hard enuff being in a PARTNERSHIP with someone closer to your own age – their difference is HUGE. And I’d say the same if the gender/age was reversed. She should let him go out of love for him. Several years ago I was madly in love with a man old enuff to be my dad, after much argument, HE was the one to end it (for my sake). We’re still friends and I’ll always have feelings for him. As painful as it was at the time to break up with him, I came to agree with the decision we made then.

  46. MM says:

    OMG I’m 45 and my son is 20. There’s something so wrong here. I don’t understand how she could be even remotely attracted to a kid.

  47. Lala11_7 says:

    All I have to say is I know this boy’s mother…AND I DO MEAN BOY…isn’t one bit happy about ANYTHING that’s gone down in that situation…

    Not one bit at all…

  48. Sassy says:

    Yeah, so it’s legal but to me, it’s creepy.


  49. Lenore says:

    🙂 No need to put that Sam Taylor-Wood is a “British Artist” in those killer quote marks – she really is, she’s been well-known and respected for a long time.

    As for their relationship – meh. Sure, he’s young, especially young to be starting a family; sure, it’s weird that when she’s retirement age, he won’t even be forty. And yes, it would be equally weird to think that, were the genders reversed. But you only get one life, and if they’re happy with one another even for a short time, good luck to them both. Being young doesn’t mean you’re immature, an age gap doesn’t doom your relationship, and if he’s happy to have fathered a child at 19 and be stepdaddy to children just a few years younger than he is; if she’s happy with a partner who is barely out of secondary school… good luck to them.

    As to the “double standard / what if it was a man with a much younger girl?” thing…?

    I think people react differently because when we see an older guy with a much younger girl, we basically go “Oh, yeah, I bet that’s an intellectual relationship; he’s only interested in her brains”. We look at a young woman who is probably pretty hot and an older man who is probably wealthy or well-known and we conclude that those are the only reasons they could possibly be together; she’s a gold digger, he’s a sugar daddy. It’s not uncommon and it’s not really shocking and basically, we can see what they see in each other, because hotness and money are basically universally desirable.

    When it’s a young man and an older woman, though, the stereotypes don’t fit. We don’t think of older women, generally, as being sexy; we don’t think of young men has having brains or gravitas (or money). We look at them and wonder what the hell they see in each other because older women and teenage boys are not universally regarded as desirable. (Well, I’m thirty and I wouldn’t date a 19-year-old boy for anything. I just imagine a lot of very spitty kisses.)

    So while we look at the older guy/younger woman thing and disapprove, because we assume it’s shallow, we don’t find it gross or weird. We get it. The other way around, not so much. It creeps us out. We don’t get it. And it’s going to take a long long time and a lot of Demi/Ashtons, a lot of Sam/Aarons, before we can look at age-gap relationships and be equally creeped out or equally blase about all of them…

    Okay, ramble over.

  50. Huma says:

    There’s a big difference between being 18 (legal age, for argument’s sake, even though it’s less in the UK) and dating a 40 year old (22 year difference), than being say, 38 and dating a 60 year old (same difference).

    Just like back when we were in high school and we gave our 16 year old friend the side-eye when she said she was dating a 19 year old college boy, because, um, weird, but if our 20 year old friend was dating a 23 year old it wouldn’t be a big deal.

    I think the gender-double-standard stuff is crap in this case. Yes, it exists, with Demi/Ashton, Harrison/Calista. But those couples are older.

    This guy is a TEENAGER. Dating someone who could EASILY be his legit mom, not even a teen mom. And what 19 year old guy is honestly ready to settle down and get married? Really? Most guys in their twenties aren’t even ready to do that.

    Not to be a stupid callous bitch, but I do not see this lasting. I sincerely hope it does, mostly because there’s a kid involved, but I really don’t see it lasting.

    That being said, like they would give two shits about what I thought. 😛 Haha.

  51. ligeia says:

    ah yes, always nice to see people defying the double standard. so many sheep just bleat meekly when they see an old man with a young girl, but when the situation is reversed they suddenly become a kind of enraged morality police. “oooh so CREEPY, like oh mai gawddddd like totalleee. but only because the person with the vagina is the older one!111”

    A lot of women are brainwashed and browbeaten from a very early age on to embrace, accept & even defend sexist double standards even to their own detriment -amen to than, ann

  52. coucou says:

    She’s one lucky bitch, that guy is cuuuute! I know, I know…totally impractical, impossible, and all that…remember Ralph Fiennes and his older chick? I don’t know how Demi does it, but this couple actually gives me hope for them. But he is cute, I am her age and I would definitely have a secret, candle-lit (you know why) one-to-three time romp with him, you know, hey hey, but taking it to the extreme with marriage and a baby? WTF?

  53. twisty says:

    That is one of the ugliest women I have ever seen, it actually hurts to look at her goggle eyes, huge nose (you could fit an ear of corn up those nostrils!) and jacked up teeth…and it’s breeding. How unfortunate for the gene pool, and I don’t CARE how mean that seems, so please Celebitchy outrage morality police, don’t even start with me. The age difference is creepy but really how could he stand to look at that face long enough to get her pregnant? Must be why doggy style was invented, or she’s definitely a double-bagger. Maybe even triple bagger because OOOOHWEEE LAWD THAT IS UGLY!

    And I don’t care about the double standard and all the whining, I still think old women dating young guys is repulsive but it’s ok for old guys to date young women. I mean, do what you want and all but I’ll still give you the “Eww WTF look at that!!” side eye so whatever.

  54. lucy2 says:

    I think once you’re in your mid to late 20s, you’ve (hopefully) matured to the point where you can be in a relationship with an older person. When you’re only 19 there’s still way too much growing up left to do, and most people would probably look back and say they’re a different person now as compared to then. The other celeb couples mentioned were adults who are on more level playing fields with regards to maturity, emotional needs, stability etc. Sorry, but I feel like 19 is still kind of a kid in a lot of those ways.
    If it were just a relationship that would be one thing, but this is now going to be a marriage with a child, and that really complicates things. I will be very surprised if this lasts.

  55. gg says:

    Gross, stupid, and creepy as hell. He’s a teenager and she will be 50 in 7 years!

  56. Cinderella says:

    We’ll see where this one goes in five years.

    And yes, when a 40-something guy goes after a 19 year-old girl, it’s creepy, too.

  57. Patrice says:

    This is digusting (what is wrong with that woman?) And if the tables were turned, you bet your a** people would be OUTRAGED.
    Now I know that some (and maybe unfortunately many) will claim “age is just a number” or “love is blind” blah blah blah, but I can’t help but to beg the queston, what is any 43 year old adult doing even allowing themselevs to be in a position or place where they are open to even flirting with a person so much younger??? It’s innapropriate at best and really unhealthy psychologically at worst. I mean, if they are “compatable” does that mean the child will have a 43 year old mother with the emotional maturity of a 19 year old (what’s that about?) or that the father is looking for a mother figure (?).

    NO 19 year old is a mature as someone in their 40’s. It’s just basic logic. He hasn’t lived half as long as her, so what’s going on here?

  58. Patrice says:

    Viper: You could not have said it better my friend!! Makes me sad for society when this is accepted in any form (tables turned or not).

  59. nanster says:

    FYI – Harrison Ford was born in 1942, Calista Flockhart in 1964…that makes a 22 year difference, not 34 years.

  60. Ann says:

    “And I don’t care about the double standard and all the whining, I still think old women dating young guys is repulsive but it’s ok for old guys to date young women.”

    In other words, you’re a sexist and ok with sexism.

  61. candi says:

    Haha LMAO!

    I give them a few more months…
    Then.. when he sees the first tight pussy… oh yeaah he will be the new tiger woods

  62. Red Folder says:

    Lust I get, okay, it’s hot to bang a 19 year old dude, but why a “relationship”? What do they even talk about??? Why would she have his baby?

    I dunno…it just seems like a relationship that is doooomed to fail.

  63. julie says:

    When I was first divorced at 40, I had a long term (18 months) relationship with a 21 year old. He was a virgin, and we had a lot of hot times. I met his mother a couple of times, she was only 5 years older than me, and I dont think he told her how old I was. He got too serious and wanted to move in with me. My oldest son at the time was 15, and I knew it was just too weird, so we broke up. I cant imagine if I would have gotten pregnant – being a GROWN WOMAN – I know all about birth control – its not hard.

  64. Iggles says:

    The dude is only 19.

    5 years older? No problem! 10 years older? Eh, ok. 15 years older? Um, now way. 24 years older? No, just NO!

    If the dude was 23.

    5 years older? No problem! 10 years older? Fine! 15 years older? Eh, ok. 24 years older? Whoa — can’t see that lasting!

    So you see, age differences are relative. And when it comes to being a teenager, mere 4 years can make a huge different in maturity!

  65. Wow says:

    This will probably go the way of Eddie Furlong (the former Terminator kid) and his girlfriend/wife who was much older and Patrick Demsey (McDreamy) and his way older girlfriend before he met and married his current wife.

    As long as they are both legal and consenting adults their relationship has a right to be explored to see where it goes. If they’re right, it’ll last. If it’s meant for just the moment then it will eventually fade.

    If she were one of those female teachers having sex with an underage school kid or wanting the kid to kill off her husband, then I’d be concerned because those teachers are just glorified pedophiles in my opinion.

    I’ve never heard of this couple, but their situation doesn’t bother me. They’re not cheating on anyone, and it’s not predatory or illegal so— eh, live and let live. Hope it works out for them.

  66. jeannified says:

    This kid still hase baby hair growing. Look at the hair on his chinny, chin, chin!

  67. k says:

    Amelia, the Calista-Harrison coupling acutally does creep me out.

    However, your analogy is off. A May-December romance when both parites are mature, experienced adults is MUCH different when one of the parties is still technically a child. He hasn’t even stopped physically growing yet.

  68. N.D. says:

    You all make such a big deal out of him being 19 like he’s gonna stay 19 forever. Don’t get so worked up, he’s going to turn 20 soon and and then 21 and so on and pretty soon he’ll reach that age you deem as approppriate for dating an older woman. Although I’m puzzled that there is such an age limit, I always thought becoming legal does the trick.

    And that “most people ain’t this or that at his\her age” – yes, maybe most people ain’t but it’s still possible for any given individual to be different from those “most people”. You don’t seem to care to know who they really are and how it is between them, such a rush you have to judge them and condemn them.

  69. MsTriste says:

    She’s a nut, obviously. At her age, she should know better. 43 is a normal age for perimenopause, not pregnancies. I feel sorry for all the kids – hers and the fetus.

  70. Iggles says:

    @ Wow:
    As long as they are both legal and consenting adults their relationship has a right to be explored to see where it goes. If they’re right, it’ll last. If it’s meant for just the moment then it will eventually fade.

    This reminded me of Mary Kay Laturno! Oddly enough, after 2 stints in jail and 2 babies, they’re still together! They got married and everything. I think the dude was like 12 or 14 when they first hooked up.

  71. Lilias says:

    It’s gross be it an older guy looking for teen girls or an older woman looking for teen guys.

    If you are old enough to have birthed the guy/gal in question, you need to have your head examined. Period.

    None of this new agey-“we’re stuck in gender boxes” bs is going to change the fact that his step daughter is 6 years younger than him and will probably find him sexually appealing within the next few years.

    EDIT: I think this bears repeating-

    If you are old enough to have spit your boyfriend out of your vagina at some point in your life, he’s too young for you. If you are old enough to have impregnated some chick and raised a child who would be the same age as your girlfriend, she’s too young for you.

    What on earth does someone with that much life experience have in common with someone so young?

    By the way, for those screaming “double standard” and “we shouldn’t be thinking this way” and “it’s a societal gender stereotype heteronormative blar blar blar”, there are pretty clear cut biological reasons why most of us are disgusted by the very idea of this.

  72. Aitch says:

    More power to them, if they are in love and committed to the child.
    Very strange and difficult for this young man to walk into a situation where he is a step-father.
    What will happen with the teenage daughter in a few years?
    I don’t think this relaysh will last more than a few years.
    I love her dress!

  73. nycmom10024 says:

    Looked her up, she is actually a very interesting woman who has had a tough 13 years. She has had two bouts of cancer, colon at 30 and breast at 33.

    Interestingly they were engaged BEFORE she became pregnant?!?!

    I really can’t judge the much younger thing,both of my parents have dated folks the same age as their children. Believe it or not I was actually more disturbed by my dad dating someone my age than when my mom. But of course I was already a woman when that happened.

    19 seems young to me, but then again I am older than she is I would and have dated men 15 years younger than me. But I guess that is the difference they were men, not teenagers.

  74. sauvage says:

    Off topic: IMDB tells me that the age difference between Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford is actually 22 years (he was born in 1942, she was born in 1964), not 34 years as previously reported.

  75. Ka says:

    I wonder what a 43-year-old woman talks to a 19-year-old boy… What kind of conversation they have? They live in two completely different worlds. It can be fun, sexy, exciting in the beginning, but after a while… I’d feel totally bored.

  76. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    @Lilias: hilarious, I agree entirely.

    Dang. When I was nineteen I was doing my homework. That was enough.

  77. clairexbaxter says:

    I thought she was Toni Colette!

  78. EMV says:

    If they really love each other I don’t understand the big deal. He’s 19, some people are posting here like he’s 13 years old or something. As for maturing, everyone matures differently, not to mention at several stages in their life. I guess I am someone who doesn’t look at age the same way as others since my grand parents are 18 years apart and have been married for almost 60 years. Using people is wrong,but they both ARE adults and they seem to be in love. If it works out fine, if it doesn’t it still doesn’t affect me.

  79. Katija says:

    I was in a relationship with a 15 year age difference briefly in college.

    It was gross when I did it, and it’s gross when other people do it too. Age IS more than just a number.

  80. nycmom10024 says:

    I forgot all about Maxwell Caufield and Juliet Mills. He married her at 21, I was a teenager at the time and I remember it was big news back then, I think they also got together when he was 19. They are married 30 years now, you just never know. Juliet is 18 years older than him.

  81. Scout says:

    I agree that what makes this weird is how YOUNG he is – moreso than the actual age difference. (Although, personally, I think that is ridiculous – but that’s me.) If a 30 something (or whatever) wants to be with a 60 something (either gender) at least they have a level of maturity to make that choice. But a 19 year old – no way! He may be in love and all gaga – but she should know better for goodness’ sake!

    Besides all that, I could never be attracted in that way to someone that young. I’d be like, “Oh, you are so cute!” and pinch his cheeks and all! LOL!

    I’ll take a man over a boy anyday!

  82. I Choose Me says:

    I don’t find it creepy. He may be a young man who happens to be more mature than his peers, who simply fell in love and doesn’t feel he’s giving up or missing out on anything by settling down so soon. If they love each other and they’re happy – more power to them. We don’t know them and have no right to judge.

  83. celandine says:

    “We don’t know them and have no right to judge.”

    They’re people who’ve chosen to live their lives in the public eye. Ergo, we have EVERY right to judge!

  84. N.D. says:

    we have EVERY right to judge

    But do you really feel you know enough to judge? How can you rule out someone’s chance at happiness without even bothering to dig deeper than looking at one random pic?

  85. Leek says:

    They’re in love and giving it a go. Good for them.

    HOWEVER, haha, who is seriously going to feel bad for her when she is 50 years old with a toddler and her 22 yr. old husband cheats on her?? Hopefully, no one. As a 34 year old woman with a son, I can say, I would not want to date a 20 year old because I know how life works and I think it would be taking advantage of a young dumb boy. No offense to men, but they really aren’t very developed beings.

    And if my baby boy brought home someone’s grandmother, she would be ejected out of my house by her naturally gray roots.

  86. Mairead says:

    People are everybit as uncomfortable with large age gaps where the man is older than the woman. I remember at uni when I used to hang around with a friend who was twice my age we would get some right stares and people nudging each other when we walked down the street or into a bar. And we weren’t even going out with each other!

    As for this relationship – I think 19 is too young to be settling down and having kids. But I also know that Sam Taylor-Wood is a veteran of the YBA (Young British Artists) movement and is likely every bit as bonkers as her colleagues Damian Hirst and Tracey Emin et al. And like it or not, artists have always been known for having bohemian lifestyles.

  87. Tia C says:

    43? She looks more like 53. But I am not going to be a small minded provincial twit about their relationship, I wish them the best!

  88. Patrice says:

    nycmom100: I just a few minutes ago I read about her two bouts with cancer, and before more people like you begin to jump on the “well she’s been through alot and therefore somehow ‘deserves’ this”…let me just say:

    While having any sort of illness is tragic, coming out on the other side of it does NOT entitle you to anything except living a good life, and it particularly does NOT ENTITLE YOU TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SOMEONE SO SIGNIFICANTLY YOUNGER. Sure maybe she feels like she got a second chance, but I always wonder when I see stories like this “what’s wrong that she/he (in some cases) can’t she hold the interest of a person their own age???”

  89. bb says:

    ummm….she’s his beard.

  90. nycmom10024 says:

    Patrice (you share the name of my college roomate!) All I said was she was an interesting woman who has had a tough 13 years. I wanted to understand how a forty-something ends up engaged to a 19 year old, so I did a little digging on her. She has lived a very interesting life.

    For the record, I do not believe anybody is entitled to anything. So you read something in my note that I surely did not intend.

  91. MingMing says:


  92. GatsbyGal says:

    What woman with grown children could have sex with a boy who’s probably the same age as one of her kids? That’s just SO creepy.

  93. Bored@Work says:

    He’s hot.. Lucky cougar!

  94. nycmom10024 says:

    Gatsby Gal her children are 3 and 13.

  95. Carena says:

    I admit I raised an eyebrow when I first heard about this. She is a little younger than my mom and I’m about 10 years older than him and if my mom told me she was dating someone his age I would probably question it.

    But look at him? Can you blame her for jumping all over that? To me it isn’t the age difference that shocks me, it’s that she is his type. I mean, certainly with his looks he could get better…perhaps someone with less baggage and fewer wrinkles. But apparently he is attracted to her and their personalities mesh so good for them.

  96. viper says:

    NINETEEN when you are that age you’ve only lived 37 percent of your life and even less because from ages 1 to at least 8 you are not really alive and making decisions! He is inno way an old soul- jus the typical ‘ I think Im older, wiser, and more mature for my age ‘ thinker. When there is nothing mature about his logic at all.

  97. onyx says:

    if my son hooked up with an old ugly hag like that at 19, I would hold her accountable for wrecking his life and robbing him of his youth (and give her the beating that she deserved) she should have used better judgement with her life experience and common sense.
    I wonder how old his mom is and how she feels about her new daughter in law.

  98. freckles says:

    Wow.. this is nasty. Enough said.

  99. Ruffian9 says:

    Maritimer:April 26th, 2010 at 9:29 am


  100. OMSS says:

    i have no problem with the age gap…. but to become a parent in your teens- or even in your early twenties- sucks to me!

    well, depends on him- some people adore the idea of having children and see it as an ultimate and only goal. For me it is a goal but a career and some me time fun first, please!!!

    lol, if they are happy congrats to both of them.

  101. Raven says:

    I don’t really have a problem with it. I hope her career stays strong because their relationship could end up like the Patrick Dempsey one with his much older wife/manager.

    I probably couldn’t do this myself because I’d feel uncomfortable. I think about talking to young people that age and having references go way over their heads. After awhile it is just boring for me.

  102. I Choose Me says:

    I’m remembering an episode of the Golden Girls where Dorothy’s son brings home the love of his life – a woman just a few years younger than Dorothy’s age and she was pregnant as well as African American. If I remember correctly Dorothy had a hard time accepting it too and a lot of the points some of you are making – he’s too young to know what he really wants, what’s wrong with her that she should want someone so much younger who couldn’t possibly be her equal in experience and maturity etc., were made in that episode. In the end Dorothy decided that his happiness was more important than her reservations. Bottom line, Golden Girls rules! and er maybe they are a mismatch, maybe he is making a mistake but like I said before it’s theirs to make. Oh and to those commenting on her looks or lack thereof vs his hotness or whatever, give me a freaking break. If looks were everything half of us wouldn’t be here.

  103. Tru says:

    YUCK!!!! I am all for younger man, older woman thing but she didn’t even wait until he was 21.

    she looks like a hag, for face looks 50.


  104. Rosanna says:

    It’s a fact that he is going to have a kid so young that I find to be creepy.

  105. Crash2GO2 says:

    I think he looks like a simp! yuk!

    No comment about the age difference. Who give a flying poo?

  106. YeahTOAST says:

    Ha…I think it’s weird that Hugh Hefner shacks up with women who are about as old as his two youngest children (born in 1990 and 1991) and a good 30-40 years younger than his two oldest children (born in 1952 and 1955).

    Now that is some crazy shenanigans! But I guess when you’re a man who is about 125 years old and you wear a silk smoking jacket 24 hours a day, yeah…I guess it works.

  107. Confuzzle says:

    He’s straight?

  108. Em says:

    Just a note… I think these two and a teacher dating a student is totally different.

    I guess because at school teachers are your superiors and “the law” basically. It is easier to take advantage in this situation because the whole “if I don’t do this I will get an F…” etc.

    I guess I don’t really have some eloquent argument, it’s just how I feel.

    Anyway, the age difference itself doesn’t bother me. The ages they are now does. If they were 30 and 53 it would be different because they are both adults. At 19 you are barely the person you are going to be at 25.

    Good luck to them, I guess. I don’t really foresee this working out though.

  109. Moops says:

    Seems weird and gross to me. Sure, H’wood men do it all the time (hook up with girls 24 years their junior)…and I find it weird and gross when they do it, too. No hypocrisy on my part, just some good, old-fashioned judgmental voyeurism.

    Who are these people again?

  110. Laura says:

    At 43 she’s too damn old to be pregnant (yes, she is).
    Other than that, who cares?

  111. Laura says:

    BTW I dated a 30 year old when I was 17. He was not taking advantage of me, despite what my parents thought. Anyways, he went to jail for me. But because my parents lied about what happened to him, I was with someone else when he got out, excited that I was of legal age to marry him. Suckage.

  112. DrM says:

    I say let them do their thing and spare the judgement please. Sam Taylor Wood is very respected as a director…the movie Nowhere man is getting excellent reviews and Johnson’s performance is so good in it BECAUSE she is such a good director. He is a lucky young man to have such a creative, insightful partner.

    I think two bouts of cancer in 3 years would change your perspective on life just a tad. I’m 44..would I date a 19 year old? No. Have I looked my own mortality in the face? No. Do I care what other’s think? Not a bit. Good on the both of them and God Bless.

  113. twisty says:


    Yep, I am sexist and I make no apologies for that fact nor do I ever plan to change. I’m also a misogynist, and my husband is 12 years older than me too!

    And to whoever said that there is a biological reason that older men/younger women pairings aren’t so gross is right, thank you. Genes/biology trump whiny feminist BS rhetoric every day, despite what the shrill harpies want you to believe 🙂

  114. nycmom10024 says:

    twisty- my Dad is 12 years older than my mom. Dad has always dated younger woman and quite are few were close in age to his children.

    Mom in dated a man 2 years younger than me in her 60’s for 5 years and she was the one to end the realtionship.

    All this to say, while your sexy older husband does it for you now, you never know what will happen in your future.

  115. twisty says:


    I personally am grossed out by the idea of dating anyone younger than me, I dated a guy once who was a few DAYS younger than me and it bothered me so much we broke up. It’s just something I am repulsed by, old women and young guys, but I’m weird like that! And my mom dated a guy 10 years younger than her, I didn’t understand it (still don’t but he was totally cool) but I respected her right to do so since everyone is legal and consenting and all. I just personally find it nasty, and even worse because that is the UGLIEST WOMAN! Good God she is abominable!

    Oh, and when i was little, my crushes were on old ass men like Gene Wilder and Bert Convy so maybe it’s a fetish? LOL!!

  116. anon says:

    Ok so im just gonna try and wrap my head around this. If me son dated a women 24 years older then him she would be older than me. Makes me wonder how old his parents are. Can you imagine the weirdness of having your daughter in law be older than you? What about when that kid gets older and discover that grandpa and grandma are younger than mommy? I need to go lay down.

  117. Anj says:


    I Know Its a Modern World Baby But This is Simply……..GROSS. and yes if a 19 year old girl would have been Pregnant by a 43 year old man I Would have said same thing.

  118. Izzi says:

    Okay, seriously, what the hell? He was so attractive until he grew the fluff on his face. (Trying to look older/more mature is my guess.) Hah, he looks like a douche. Anyway, I don’t see how this would ever last. Think about this, his stepdaughter is roughly 6-7 years younger than him, sooo, in a few years she’s 18 he’ll be 24? Hmm, I don’t see how in the hell a 24 year old guy can be a fatherly like role model to an 18 year old. What’s he going to say to her, mmm? “Make sure you’re having safe sex, and do not get pregnant.” Please… Coming from the guy who knocked up her nearly 50 year old mother when he himself was only 18. I feel bad for them both though because he’ll stray after a short time. I’m the same age as him, don’t know when his birthday is, I’ll be 20 this summer, and if anyone knows 19 year old guys, especially rich ones, all they think about is partying and girls,and I think it’d be hilarious to hear someone say a 19 year old boy is ready to become a father and stepfather to 3 kids, with any woman, let alone a woman twice his age, i mean, think about it, he’s barely old enough to legally drink champagne at their wedding. (in U.K. of course)

  119. melina says:

    Everyone’s entitled to an opinion but some posts here are so ignorant! I mean we are living in the 21st century and still there are people who make creepy comments that a 43 year old woman shouldn’t have a child or that she must be menopausal therefore should stay at home knitting or something like that!

  120. Laura says:

    Melina-My comments that she’s too old to have a child are based on facts I learned in biology and human development. SO many risks to mother and baby after 40. I wish it wasn’t so, but it is.

  121. melina says:

    Laura – While it is true that women over 40 run more risks to have complications in their pregnancy, especially Down Syndrome, this doesn’t mean that these women should just give up because they no longer are spring chickens! That’s what I was talking about! Nowadays, women all over the world are educated, have succesful carriers and have stopped being baby making machines for their husbands. I think they’ve earned the right to try for a baby, whenever they want!

  122. Kilic Lyndon says:

    I will no not fall for a 43 year old (ugly, wrinkly, probably psychologically unwell grandma)… :p she looks like she’s 53! dude, were you drunk when you banged her, and now she threatens you to marry her? rofl …ahhh all the YOUNG hotties out there to choose from, and yet.. nuff said.

  123. Young says:

    She’s a badass… wooing a teenage boy.. or even letting a teenage boy wooing her & impregnate her… yep.. a shameless, rule breaker.. 😛 just like her ex hubby..

  124. hahahowridiculous says:

    well, when she is in a nursing home and he’s what-like 50 something?- then he’ll definitely realize how strange this whole relationship is. i like how he’s trying to grow a beard to make himself look older too. nice. maybe then people will think you’re 25, but yet…the relationship is still creepy. and sam taylor-wood? does she not think about her own kids?? wow, great role modeling for your them. let’s hope they can get through this without therapy. doubt it. well that’s what i have to say. i used to love aaron, but i can’t look at him the same….haha

  125. Alana says:

    He should call me when he finds out the baby is NOT his. Im 20years old, and im a student at Bristol university. I’m into drinking and playing- like what someone your age should enjoy. aaron if you are reading, my number is 07654789764. Cheerio lover

  126. lesley says:

    I am 55 year old woman and the man who wants to marry me is 25..anything wrong with that?

  127. Becky says:

    ewww he looks like a paedo with curly hairr … i thought he was soo fitt in Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging but now that he is marrying a 42 year old he’s creepy…why aaron??

  128. mmhm says:

    okay the age gap is weird and the whole “my stepdad is 7 years older than me” is also freaky and he said on Friday Night with Jonathon Ross that when he drops her kids off at school, some people think he is a student there but thats strangely irrellevant. I haven’t read all the comments but i think its weird that this 19 year old doesn;t possess the hormone to wanna bang every girl in sight, especially as girls were drooling over him and some still are. Get some BALLS!

  129. AliciaK says:

    Oh my Goodness, Doesn’t Aaron see how gorgeous he is? She must be stellar in bed or something because this is just odd. Aaron’s career is just blossoming, and well Sam… is not. She is kinda cute though. I’m 19 and my Dad is 47 so this is just unsettling. I wonder how her children feel about this considering they are closer in age, must be difficult.

  130. rmm says:

    It is their business and nobody elses.

  131. Jay says:

    I’ve just watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (yeah i’m late…) and me and my girlfriends were going crazy over him.. now we feel sick :S
    Which 19 year old would even fancy a 44 year old?! I thought she was his mum at first, then found this article..
    God, that’s creepy.
    Yeah, yeah, we shouldn’t judge.. how can you NOT?! 24 YEARS..

  132. DISGUSTING says:

    Very disgusting!

    Their child will live in shame!

  133. Lily says:

    this is wrong.
    she has messed his life up already, he is a young guy, just turned 20 and she is bloddy 43 year old bag. unless he’s in it for the money, there is something wrong here. i don’t believe that this is ‘love’. and he is not and ‘old soul’ before he met her, he was just a young teenager having a laugh, check out some of his videos on youtube, near the movie of ‘angus thongs and perfect snogging’.
    and yet, to make it worse, she has just came out of a 11 year marriage from her husband, i feel like this is just her ‘rebound’.
    get out there quick, aaron!

  134. mehmehbollo. says:

    Just think, when he was born, she was 23. creepy.

  135. Skooper_34 says:

    i honestly don’t see how it will last, and i find it unsettling that his step-daughter is only 6 years younger than him.. and does this woman really think she is setting a good example??
    i wonder how she would feel if her 19 year old daughter bought home a 43 year old fiance!
    i think people have the right to judge whatever, and whoever they want, its immorale to tell someone what they can and cannot think, if this kid is serious about their relationship, then great, and i’m sure that they deserve to be happy together, i just feel as though he is far too young to be making such a big commitment!

  136. Bobbi Jo says:

    Why can society accept gay marriages,but
    when it comes to age differences,(where
    the woman is older)its not accepted by
    society? I think an older woman in a
    relationship with a younger man is fine if its legal and their happy.Its not my life and i’ts not your life. who are any of us to judge?He’s an adult who doesn’t need mommy!He’s old enough to make his own decisions,so everyone else should mind their own lives.

  137. Bobbi Jo says:

    You must not have a life or are bored of
    your own life if you need to keep track
    of other peoples lives.I think if people
    want to worry about something like this,
    they need to make a complete turn-around
    and do something good that would help
    our problems on this planet.Look at
    where you live,are there any home-less
    people,are their starving children?
    learn to look at real problems and make
    a difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. Bobbi Jo says:

    Oh, and by the way,i’m not bored of my
    life.I came across this just after seeing the movie for the first time.

  139. Barbie says:

    As a 43 year old woman with a 21 year old significant other, I feel I have the right to judge this. When I met him, he was also 19. I waited until he was 21 to make it “official”. However, I didnt even sleep with him for a YEAR. When I look into his eyes, I don’t see age, not his, not mine. I see the soul there, the supportive, loving individual who calls just to see if I’m feeling good, who has just the right solution for a little problem in the day, whose talent in music is something I admire, it equals mine and eclipses it sometimes 🙂

    He’s reminded me about what it’s like to enjoy things people his age do, I ground him and help him react more maturely to a situation he might otherwise handle awkwardly without my advice.

    We are true soulmates, we finish each other’s sentences, and even always have our phones ring after just having thought about each other, “conjuring your lover’s call” I believe is the term.

    It has always been ok for MEN to have much MUCH younger wives, why not women? By the time I am ready to let go of him, perhaps pass on, He will know what it is like to love, and be loved, and make a great husband. I am terminally ill, so I’m not holding him back, I can’t have children, and he doesn’t want any til at least 30, and by then I will have passed on and will wish him the best.

    I root for this couple, I know that it is possible to have a deep connection that transends age and brings 2 people into each other’s lives for a long time.

    Yes, these 2 can make it, I wish them well.

  140. suzy oliver says:

    i am 42 years old and my fiance is 22 years old..we are 20 years of gap. is sound so horrible for most people but not for us..we have receive so many rubbish words from friends and family..but thats doesnt makes us in such depression.. when u are in our place then u understand how is d feeling…

  141. suzy says:

    my name is suzy oliver. i am 42 years old and my fiance is 22 years old.our wedding will be in january 2011..i will try to upload our photos later on. its really sound creepy but we juz loves eachother…

  142. anonymous. says:

    this is horrible!
    i know that people who are 13 might be attracted to him. and he has a 13 year old step daughter? gosh. this woman is obviously careless of what her children think.

  143. Stascs says:

    weird and gross in so many ways

  144. annette says:

    I am 41 and just married my 26 year old boyfriend of three years. Its the best relationship I have ever had and couldn’t be happier.Its what is inside a person that counts.All these people that leave hurtful comments or talk about how she is not attractive enough for him sound like they have issues but that is what happens when you are allowed to rant …all the wierdos come out to leave comments of hate.live and let live the heart wants what the heart wants.

  145. Sarah E says:

    I have to be honest, this did make me worry for a minute. It is kind of strange for someone so young to be married to and have a child with someone so much older. But after hearing the thing about him saying “I am an old soul and she is a young soul” I fell in love with him all over again. And let me just add this, you people think this is wrong yet you find it perfectly fine to criticize and invade on the people’s lives as much as you want. I will admit I have fangirl’d over this man quite a bit but I am not going to criticize what is going on here. None of us know either of them so you do not know what their feeling are. How would you feel if you went on the Internet and saw all sorts of people calling you and the person you love all sorts of name and saying all sorts of rubbish?