Demi Moore is insane, won’t even admit to dyeing her hair

Demi Moore at Late Night with David Letterman Show New York City..

Oh, Demi. You fraud. I work hard to keep my feelings about Demi at an even keel, just because I don’t want to believe she’s the devil, but she keeps doing and saying things that drive me up the wall. Demi gave an interview to this week’s Hello Magazine and this bitch wouldn’t even admit to… get this… DYEING HER HAIR. Are you kidding me? Demi denying the plastic surgery is one thing, but to deny dyeing your hair?!? Here are the highlights from one of Demi’s most delusional interviews (and that’s saying something):

When asked how Demi stays looking so young, she answers “Fun time with my husband… I think it’s also sharing a quality life with someone where I know that I have someone who loves me not just for who I am, but all the things that I’m not. He embraces my imperfections and that gives me a greater sense of courage and ability to be a great risk-taker.”

Demi on her hair: “I don’t dye my hair, but I do have a few grey hairs that I pluck out.”

On Twitter: “There is a direct contact and there’s comfort, because you’r in control of what’s being put out there. If I’m going to have a humiliating or unattractive photo, I would rather be in on the joke and post it myself.”

How did Demi look so “amazing” at the Oscars? “Trust me, it’s a team. That particular day is really kind of a magical effort of a great group coming together to make it all work to its highest good.

Is there a secret to your eternal youth? “Well, you know, the reality of it is I’ve aged. I certainly don’t look the same as I did in my 20s or 30s. I think that it’s important to come from the inside out and that we wear our joy and our happiness and our beauty when the inside is radiating that. And then, of course, you have to take care of yourself. You can’t abuse yourself, you eat well – all of those things that we all know. There really isn’t any particular secret and, trust me, I obsess and look in the mirror and occasionally say, “Where’s that little strap that I can hang around my neck that says, ‘Help my face is falling and I can’t get up’?”

[From Hello Magazine, print edition]

Barf. How much longer will Demi be trying to sell this bullsh-t? Seriously? On some level, I understand why Demi lies, lies, lies away about her plastic surgery. I’m sure she’s embarrassed, maybe, and she overcompensates by selling us this happy horsesh-t about how we can have a new face too if only we just believe. But to be so f-cking delusional that she thinks we’ll buy that she doesn’t dye her hair? Granted, she doesn’t dye it funky colors, and she sticks with the jet black dye very consistently, so it’s not like she has monster roots or something. But still, I know her hair is a dye job, and who really gives a crap? Why even lie about something so idiotic?

Demi Moore on ' The Late Night Show with David Letterman Show'

Demi Moore on ' The Late Night Show with David Letterman Show'

Demi Moore Leaves Letterman With A Smile!

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  1. Lala11_7 says:

    Demi might not “dye” her hair…she might use a “rinse” which isn’t a “dye”…but still…CHILE PLEASE WITH ALL THAT NONSENSE!!!

  2. Ophelia says:

    It’s so obviously dyed in the header. At the top of her hair it’s blue-black. I have yet to see a natural blue-black haired person. She looks great, she should just be honest, it’s no big deal! Be honest or say nothing at all, but for the love of god, don’t blatantly lie!

  3. Fire says:

    I would have worn gold shoes with that dress – not silver.

    And, yes, she has had plastic surgery and she more than likely dyes her hair. She should come clean, or at least not continue to lie about it. Just don’t answer the question, Demi, then you don’t have to lie…

  4. Sassy says:

    As if. She must think we’re all as delusional as she is!

  5. coucou says:

    I don’t particularly like her, but bitch looks good.

  6. Bored@Work says:

    She is beautiful…Even if she does plastic surgery at least she don’t go overboard like many other celebs and that’s good. A little nip and tuck won’t hurt!

  7. Iggles says:

    She should just stop. Demi and Ashton are right behind TomKat as the most annoying Hollywood couple.

    Just like TomKat their romance generated tabloid interest but DID NOT revive their careers.

  8. bite me says:

    so delusional, poor poor thing

  9. YT says:

    She doesn’t have to admit to anything. It’s personal business.

    Since I have a 60-year-old aunt with black hair who is just beginning to have a strand or two of grey, I’ll go along with hair not being dyed. I have seen dark, dyed hair, though, that can be spotted from a mile away.

  10. Snarf says:

    I think she needs to fire her grey hair plucker. I can spot a few in these photos.

  11. kate says:

    RIGHT…she’s all natural and HER CHILDREN ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! LMAO. Her children look like Demi would if NOT FOR ALL HER PLASTIC!

  12. ligeia says:

    well i know a guy in his 40es with jet black hair who doesn’t have a single gray. my aunt is pushing 50 and she doesn’t dye her hair either and it doesn’t look gray though i’m sure she has a couple stray hairs here and there. some people just lucked out on the gene pool.

  13. Praise St. Angie! says:


    re: the “blue black” hair…

    the ONLY person I’ve ever seen with hair like that was a Puerto Rican friend of mine.

    GORGEOUS thick blue black hair that he wore long, and I wanted to cut off his head and make a wig from it.

  14. Jackson says:

    Ahh. The devil is in the details. Demi says “I don’t dye my hair…” Of course *she* doesn’t dye her hair – someone does it for her. A team of well-paid professionals, I’m sure.

  15. Lady Jane says:

    She has a really, really long neck. I think this makes her look very attractive, put together with the rest of her. But her neck is really unusually long.

  16. Jazz says:

    She looks good and could of had an amazing career after her Charlie’s Angels “comeback”. But she hasn’t done anything huge since then, except marry a guy younger than her, go on Twatter and deny plastic surgery.

  17. Leek says:

    She is a JERK. She purposefully makes women feel insecure by trying to make them think that you can be 50 with no surgery, dye, or whatever else we have to do to look like a 50 year old with flawless skin and body. yet, she doesn’t do shit career-wise so all she does to stay relevant is release a statement/article every few weeks saying how natural she is.

    If she is so beautiful and perfect then why wouldn’t I screw her with Kate Gosselin’s dick?? Answer me that, Ms. Moore you old ass phony.

  18. Cinderella says:

    Dye or either put color in your hair or you don’t. I think Demi does. I’m on the “Chile please” wagon myself.

  19. Riley says:

    Read a while back that she had said this and couldn’t believe it. People with hair that dark usually have very grey hair that they have to dye regularly. I was thinking about her saying this just yesterday as I was looking at the greys popping up at the top of my head (and I am good 20 years younger than Demi)… To be fair though, I don’t think her hair is really hers. It is most likely very expensive extensions, which quite frankly, need to be cut. I think she would look prettier with her hair cut like Meryl Streep’s.

  20. lucy2 says:

    I really don’t get her. If she doesn’t want to admit to the surgery and all the upkeep and stuff, then don’t discuss it! The more she tries to convince everyone she naturally looks like that, the more ridiculous it seems.
    I’d be surprised if any actress had her truly natural hair color, I don’t know what the big deal is.

  21. Bella Mosley says:

    As a mother I think her denials, which are obvious lies (she was reportedly having plastic surgery before her 1996 movie Striptease!), are cruel. Many girls/women with poor body imagine will always feel a failure because of women like her. And some boys/men will have unrealistic expectations. To me she is extremely narcissistic as it would take someone extremely selfish to lie to make herself appear superior at the expense of so many by setting unrealistic standards. She has children and I find her words reprehensible. But karma is biting her. Everything I hear and read from the public – instead of looking good – she looks like a fool and a liar.

  22. ogechi says:

    Love her.

  23. Ophelia says:

    @ Praise St Angie
    I’m so jealous!
    Methinks DM is definitely not Puerto Rican..

  24. CandyKay says:

    Not to be a bore, but I am Demi’s age and don’t dye my hair. I also have just a few grey strands I get rid of here and there. I’m a blonde and she’s a brunette, but it is indeed possible to make it to 47 with minimal grey hair.

  25. Schnauzers!!!! says:

    I had a teacher when I was in middle school *years and years ago* who had the most beautiful natural blue black hair. She was of Portugese descent. Of course, she had some obvious gray hairs, but wow, her hair was so beautiful,even with the gray.

  26. operaghost says:

    Indigo and henna mixture. It’s not dye — it’s plant based — and it colors each strand individually based on the original color of the strand, giving you a very natural looking effect. It’s also healthy for your hair, as opposed to dye.

    Henna has come a long way, baby. If it’s all natural and not mixed with metals, it is a wonder solution for those of us with rough hair cuticles who need color but don’t want to break our hair off at the roots.

  27. hhhmmmmm says:

    Obviously she take care of herself, and if that includes ‘coloring’ her hair, no matter the method, the good for her. I commend her…wish I had more carefully done that.

  28. Praise St. Angie! says:

    believe me, Ophelia, I was jealous too, and I let him know almost every day.

    the kicker?

    though today he’d still have a full head of it, he now SHAVES HIS HEAD BALD.

    is that a sin, or what?!

    (and agree, don’t think Demi is PRican! LOL!)

  29. michele says:

    Playing the Devil’s advocate here … I heard her mention the “plucking the grays” comment on Chelsea Lately and laughed because I do the same thing! I am 42 and have dark, dark hair like hers. I’ve never colored my hair and only recently started to notice a few grays coming in. I just yank ’em! She takes good care of herself and she’s happy, and I think that’s the reason (plus lucky genes) that she’s not gray. So I believe her.

  30. lena says:

    well it is possible for some people to not to gray, good diet, good genes, and there are vitamins out there to combat grey hairs, i don’t think this is a stretch

  31. amanda says:

    I think some stars don’t like to admit to plastic surgery (or err… dying their hair) because then they can’t be used as product endorsers for beauty or anti-aging products. Because if there is a celeb that you *KNOW* has had surgery, and she is staring in a wrinkle-fighting facial cream add– it kind of makes you go hmmmmm. I think it’s bs that she doesn’t dye her hair. I am 33 and I have a TON of gray hair that I have to dye. I know different people go gray at different times, but a woman in her mid or late 40’s with no gray hair? It’s just not true.

  32. Miss Bitch says:

    I’m almost 42 and I don’t have a grey hair on my head (although some are popping up in other places. Plus my hair is healthy and lustrous. I know it’s a matter of time, but I’m hoping that I’ll be like my mother and not have to start coloring until I’m 50.

    That said, there’s no way this woman has not had any work done (I consider botox, fillers and lipo to be “work”)

  33. skibunny says:

    She looks good for her age but still looks her age. And she definately dyes her hair with “something”. The lady’s full of shit.

  34. Rachel says:

    @ Jackson. You read my mind. I don’t dye my hair either. I have a professional dye it!

  35. bros says:

    she is so phony I can’t stand it. she claims she doesnt exercise much either, because it was only after she stopped that she got the body she had always wanted. BITCH PLEASE! how did she get so freaking delusional? why must she keep talking solely about her body and what she HASNT had done to keep it well preserved? I used to read about her washing her hair only in evian water. this delusional thing has been at the diva upkeep for YEARS and everyone knows about it and now she is doing her tour de denial and I can’t figure out why in gods name she is so stuck on it!

  36. Jen says:

    Any woman over the age of 30 who has fabulous color dyes it. Trust. It’s not just about the greys ladies. It’s the nuances of color — shine, highlights, lowlights….for some reason, sometime in our 30s, our hair stops being so multi-dimensional. Your color becoms flat unless you tweak it.

    Before those of you who have never dyed your hair jump on me, most people may not be able to tell but those who know what they are looking at can tell. You can pride yourself on not dyeing and that’s fine, but your color is significantly flatter than those who dye.

    Back to Demi, she dyes it. Waaaayy too much depth to her color. Pluck a few greys, whatever, but that color is not flat.

  37. Missmilly says:


  38. Roma says:

    If she doesn’t dye her hair, then how did it go from being a dark brown to jet black? If you look at pictures of her from years ago, her hair today is much darker than it used to be.

  39. Elle says:

    If anybody remembers way back, Demi’s hair was NOT this black back when she was younger. Much more dark brown than this black she now sports.
    And, since these are extensions…they truly might NOT be dyed, but then’s not her real hair either.

  40. Shannon says:

    My dad is 56 years old and only just started getting a few grey hairs. His hair is jet black now, and it was blonde when he was younger. I’m just saying, it’s possible.

  41. Jaxx says:

    The most obvious tip off is her having the same color from roots to top. Hair that long has lighter ends naturally. I am so sick of her selling her BS like we are all too stupid to know the difference. It makes me lose any respect for her whatsoever.

    And she also does not exercise? Give me a very large break. A woman doesn’t look like that without LOTS of work.

    On some level I do understand her wanting us all to believe that this is just how she looks naturally. But she needs to face reality, we aren’t stupid.

  42. Ana says:

    I have black hair and when I was younger it used to be much darker. In my pictures it looked blue/green. It lightened as I got older and oddly enough, I’ve always wanted blonde hair.

  43. Jeri says:

    If she is/was so insecure she had to get all the surgery and she lies about all of it, what sort of example is she setting for her girls. Although I don’t think they’ve had surgery yet.

  44. Cheyenne says:

    Early 40’s? It’s entirely possible. My dad had jet-black hair without a single gray in it when he was 50. He went salt-and-pepper gray practically overnight in his early fifties. Some people get gray hairs early and others go gray later in life; the latter, like my dad, tend to go gray all at once.

    I’ve seen Asians and Indians with naturally blue-black hair but no Caucasians.

  45. linda leblanc says:

    In a word. Narcissistic. She should be on the shopping channel selling her inside-out beauty treatments. Seriously? She believes that a younger husband, security, self-loving, happiness and and completely believing in oneself not only tones, shapes, tans, de-wrinkles, her perfect body it also keeps her hair color perfect? Wow. I’d buy some of that. I also read when an interviewer asked Demi about the suicidal person that she saved on Twitter Demi corrected her and said “actually I saved two people”. But of course she did. And I bet she did that just by thinking about. With all that power she has going on in there. Jeez.

  46. bellaluna says:

    “He embraces my imperfections…” Perhaps she could start embracing her own imperfections and stop trying to prove she doesn’t have any. Not all of us are perfect, and we don’t enjoy those “natural beauties” *cough* like Demi *cough* pointing out how perfect they are.

  47. WTF?!? says:

    She is an insanely beautiful woman. Whatever work she’s had (and yes, she has had work) is amazingly well done, and she looks great for her (or a 32 yr old’s) age.

    Now, Demi, please do STFU, stop lying, STOP the embarrassing Tweets and go raise your children and have jungle monkey sex with your hot but dull husband. She sure traded down from Bruce Willis. He’s nummy.

  48. Sue says:

    I am 62 years old and stopped coloring my hair a year ago. My sister hates it that I don’t have that much gray as I told her for years that I didn’t have gray hair and of course she didn’t beleive me. I went from blond back to my natural brown. My son is 39 with black hair and no gray hair. We got this from my Grandfather on my Dad’s side. The man died at 90 with still some of his black hair.

  49. linda leblanc says:

    Are her teeth real? I’m sure Demi thinks they are but they look capped to me. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Like WTF said..stop lying about it. It’s okay to want to look your best and if you are into cosmetic surgeries and hair extenions so be it. Just stop trying to sell us your inner beauty crap.

  50. Mairead says:

    It IS possible to be middle-aged with few grey hairs – I was at an event last year with a nonagenarian veteran who still had a thick head of nearly black hair. Grey hair is odd – I started to get greys when I was 12, then nothing throughout my 20s and as soon as I hit 31 they started coming back.

    On the blue-black hair, I’m from the west of Ireland and went to school with some girls (not directly related to each other) who had blue-black hair. A couple of them managed to “cure” it with perms 🙄

    Oh, and Demi is full of it – always has been.

  51. Tia C says:

    Yes, people, of course it’s “possible” to not have gray hair at her age. However, whether she has gray or not, she is definitely lying about not dyeing her hair. Anyone with any experience working with hair can tell that, it’s very obvious. She is full of caca.

  52. westender says:

    Does she act anymore?

  53. linda leblanc says:

    What do you mean “anymore” ;P

  54. Lady D says:

    @ Ana,
    I have about 14 shades of blonde in my hair. I did start life as a platinum blonde, but it’s more golds than platinum now. I have always admired and secretly wanted blue-black hair.
    @ linda leblanc, when it comes to her acting, we think alike and we make me laugh.

  55. Cheyenne says:

    @Mairead: why would anybody want to “cure” naturally blue-black hair? I think it’s the most gorgeous color in the hair spectrum, much prettier than blonde.

  56. MingMing says:

    Demi-at her age!-definitely has some gray to cover.
    She’s deep in denial about getting older. Delusional!

  57. Anti-icon says:

    I am really beginning to think she’s stupid. Of course she dyes her hair. Does she think WE are stupid. Yes. Go away Demi, you are vacuous and have no talent. Attempting to be an all-natural beauty icon is NOT gonna be working out either.

  58. linda leblanc says:

    I remember when she did that striptease movie and the intense look on her face while she was dancing was crazy. Dancers do not look like they are constipated! And then she played the exact opposite as GI Jane. All bulked up with a crewcut. It was almost as if she was telling the world..look how diversifed I am. Stripper. Soldier. Very impressive indeed.

  59. GatsbyGal says:

    I can see where Rumer gets her delusional personality from.

    Mom: I’m not getting surgery or dying my hair, I really do look this good for my age.

    Daughter: I’m not debilitatingly hideous, and my famous parents have played no part in my getting movie roles.

  60. Mouse says:

    Like most of Hollywood, she’s scared to death to admit to signs of aging and does a lot to cover it up. At least she waited until she was really aging to go under the knife and not in her early twenties, a la Heidi Montag and Megan Fox.

  61. for real??? says:

    Ya know, I think women get thrown under the bus a lot……so when she wanted a dimwit, little piece of ass like Ashton, I thought “good for her, men do it all the time…….” Thing is the men are usually not stupid enough to descend to the level of the bimbo they’re screwing and they generally have an air of confidence to a fault (pot belly, receding hairline….and they still think they’re the shit,) unlike Demi who’s pathetically tossed any dignity or self respect she might have been clinging to, by first going overboard with plastic surgery and then lying about it………nothing wrong with keeping your looks up as you age, but have some dignity woman!!! The more she opens her mouth, the more desperate and pathetic she seems.

  62. what do you expect says:

    Actually, she’s always been a pretty mediocre actor who lucked into some fame and it was mostly based on sex appeal….she’ll never be sexy for intelligence or talent, I guess for women like that, aging most be horrible……so sad.

  63. what do you expect says:

    I think women are frequently thrown under the bus, so when she got herself that dimwit, little himbo, Ashton, I thought “good for her!” Because men do it all the time…..difference is, men usually do not usually descend to the mental level of their bimbos and they have confidence (pot belly, receding hairline? so what?) -Confidence enough to not mutilate themselves with plastic surgery. Nothing is wrong with keeping yourself beautiful as you age, but there’s a difference between beauty with dignity versus pathetic, desperation. Good grief lady, where is your dignity?

  64. Toni says:

    She is full of CRAP, that’s why her hair stays so dark!

  65. birdgherl says:

    i am sure she works like crazy to look this good and she does look young for her age…but let’s be real…she has a forehead full of botox.

  66. Ashley says:

    The “team” is called Rachel Zoe. That woman can make even an old, lying hag like Demi look good.

    I can’t even with this article. I’ve hated Demi since Charlie’s Angels when she came back on the scene talking like she never had anything done, and then it was revealed she had like $50,000 worth of stuff done. She just digs herself a deeper hole and I have yet to find anyone that likes her. No wonder she’s a hasbeen married to an idiot. Both need to disappear already.

  67. Carena says:

    @operaghost – That is exactly what I was thinking! To me her hair in the first picture looks just like an indigo and henna job. I’ve been starting to notice a few grays in my own hair so I’ve been researching indigo/henna for months and I’ve seen hundreds of pictures. That’s exactly what it looks like. Her hair is always so shiny too which indigo & henna will do. She needs to up the henna a bit to tone down the blue.

  68. Ron says:

    Her hair is darker now that when she was 20. That does not occur in nature, much like her breasts.

    I don’t understand not being honest about it. It makes you so much more appealing when you tell people that it’s not natural and you have had help.

  69. Barbara says:

    I don’t know anything about Demi Moore and she does bug me with the “I look this great because I am so gosh darn happy and in love” garbage BUT, I have to say that I am 41 with that same ridiculously dark shiny hair and I only have this ONE gray hair. It grows in the same spot and I always seem to find it when it gets to be about 3 inches long an dI pluck it out of my head. Unless the gray is going to start some sort of fast track growth patern, I could totally see getting to 45 – 50 just plucking here and there….just sayin’

  70. Crash2GO2 says:

    @MingMing: Not necessarily. I am almost her age (less one year) and don’t yet even have any grays to plug out of my head. I do have one that keeps popping out in my eyebrow though. 🙂 It’s purely genetic when you start to gray. My father is over 70 and still has a great deal of black hair.

    Not that she ISN’T coloring her hair. But to say that she has to have gray hair by now is just not true.

  71. Ricochet says:

    My ex-wife is 48 and still has jet black hair. And of course she gets the few gray stragglers that she plucks out as soon as she finds them. She also looks 32. Does this mean my child support has been going to plastic surgery. NO, I would know because a)I would have to take care of our daughters if she took that kind of time off, and b)She simply doesn’t have the money. Finally, if Demi had a tummy tuck or breast lift big deal. I certainly don’t see any of the telltale signs of surgery in her face. All you haters(especially you women)need to get over yourselves.

  72. Raven says:

    I never assume someone has dyed her hair from photos. I have a close friend who is 60 years old and still has her natural brown hair–long just like Demi’s. And she doesn’t dye it. She pulls out her grays also. Some folks just have good genes.

  73. Ashley says:

    I am 27, I have some gray, I color my hair not because of the gray, but because I hate being a blonde and love being a redhead. Demi take your head out of your butt please!

  74. Aussie Mama says:

    What a dickhead. and i suppose her teeth are all hers too!

  75. GatsbyGal says:

    @Raven: “Some folks just have good genes.”

    Which Demi doesn’t have, as evidenced by Rumer. Demi only looks good because she’s had work done.

  76. kim says:



  77. lola lola says:

    Demi is a beautiful woman and does indeed look young in photos but my sister worked on a photo shoot with her and said that in person she does look her age. She had the face of a 47 year old woman. I’d believe that. Everything in magazines is so damn airbrushed anyway. You can’t believe anyone actually looks like that.

  78. Rosanna says:

    Like it or not, some people get grey hairs VERY late. For example, I got my FIRST grey hair at 26. I’m 39 now and I have 15-20 white hair that I pluck (like Demi), and that’s about it. Some people are born like that… my maternal granny was like that too, and so is my mom (her hair is 30% grey and she is about to turn 68). Or do you have any proof that Demi is lying???

  79. JM says:

    She looks good, but lose the “it’s the joy inside that’s making me beautiful” crap.

    We all get that it’s necessary in Hollywood to work hard on yourself. W/o getting specific about “beauty secrets”, it’s ok to admit that looking good does take work.

    BTW her fake teeth offend me worse than anything else. You can see where the gums are discolored.

  80. archiepelago says:

    I think the blue hair at the top is either heavy handed photo shop to try to prove the point that it’s dyed, or else it’s just they way the photo captured it (ie it’s not a true color but a digital wash). It’s not even the same color as the next 3 photos in the set! That should be a clue.

    Demi has said in the past that she had horrendous self-image issues and that was why her posing naked while pregnant was a big deal for herself. Explains why she is delusional about her ‘surgeries’. If Nicole Wax Face can claim ‘no sun, lots of water and rest’ for her unmoving face and has the balls to try to pass the fish lips off as real, then Demi gets a pass from me on the hair thing.

  81. true says:

    It’s an illusion. I saw a pic of her recently where it was close-up and you could see a lot of grays. She puts some kind of shine spray or something which blends the gray into the dark color. Thus the appearance of blueish hues.

  82. Luci says:

    the dress she’s wearing-oscar de la renta- is ah-mah-zing!
    i wonder if it was styled by R.Zoe

    yeah, demi is desillusional, I remember the interview she gave saying she didn’t want to be considered an icon yet -yeah, demi, whatever

  83. bbgemini says:

    Her forehead is naturally that line-free, too… UH-HUH…

  84. DrM says:

    She is a beautiful looking woman, who looks in her forties. There’s a lot more to a person then their appearance. I wonder if she ever gets shat off with the constant emphasis on what she looks like…

  85. Kelly says:


  86. Kelly says:

    And yes I totally agree that the lead pic has had the blue pumped up 200%. But I’ve seen her hair looking super-dyed plenty o times. She’s a nana now, she dyes her freakin hair, end of story.

  87. K says:

    I just read that she is a former Scientologist. Is this possible? Former? They “let” you go?

    I do think she looks beautiful (but uses all the plastic surgery, dyes, etc possible!!!).

  88. beardreader says:

    DEMI, We know Bill Clinton had sexual relations with that woman, We know Tom Cruise is gay, and we know you’ve had surgery – The world keeps turning, it’s O-K!

  89. kili says:

    when celebs lie like this it just makes them look like fools. Wish someone would post her pre lipo pics with her huge celulite covered legs to remind her what she looked like before plastic surgey, tummy tucks and lip.

  90. erika says:

    that’s silly ppl can have naturally blue black hair. i know a girl from ecuador had it and spanish, portuguese, italian etc anyone of them can have blue black hair.

  91. Scout says:

    My grandfather had naturally blue black hair – but it did NOT hang around this long! No way! BTW, after awhile that dark hair will not even take the hair dye – it will turn purple! When that happens, she will have to go lighter – eventually alot lighter. How is she going to explain that!? LOL!

    Acutally, lighter is better as you get older – oh, but that is for those of us who are allowed to age! 🙂

  92. kili says:

    Funny she says she doesn’t die it it used to be plain brown not blue/black, interesting how hair can change like that all by itself, she must have some great genes. lol

  93. linda leblanc says:

    I think her hair is darker because all the bullsh@t inside her “beautiful” self is leaking out of her head and into her hair. I wonder what color her eyes are now?

    @ashley: I believe it was a $350,000. makeover. Demi must have selective memory cause she has completely forgotten about all that work.

    I have seen pics of her on other sites when she is at home on Twitter..btw that is her full time job now…and she is always wearing sunglasses…indoors. I wonder why that is.

  94. KG says:

    And that’s all the questions people can ask her. What do you do to stay so amazing looking? What’s your secret? Blah, Blah, Blah. She has absolutely nothing going on in her life worth talking about.

  95. Kim says:

    I truly feel sorry for men and women who simply can not accept their aging. Demi is so afraid of aging. She has had so much done, we all know it, yet she denies even the obvious – dyeing her hair. Hello its the most obvious dye job ever. No one with natural black/dark brown hair has a purple/blue tint in it! Its sad she feels the need to stay young via multiple surgeries, etc and even sadder that she pretends its all natural.

  96. MayBelle says:

    My dad has that exact same hair color as Demi does in these pictures and he’s never once dyed (or is it died?) his hair even though most men his age are at least partially gray or bald (late 50s). He doesn’t have a gray hair on his head. His dark hair sometimes has a slight blue cast in a picture and I know for a fact the only thing he DOES dye is his beard were he has trace amounts of gray. My dad is very healthy and drinks raw veggie juice daily. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that he looks a good 20 years younger than he actually is. I’m the same way, but I have light brown hair. I easily past for an 18 or 20 year old even though I’m nearly 31 and have a child. Some people just don’t age the same and it doesn’t mean plastic surgery and dye jobs. My poor mom is exactly the opposite of my dad and I. So I’ve seen it both ways. I think while Demi might be stretching the truth sometimes I doubt she’d feel she had to lie about her hair and its perfectly possible that is her natural color.

    I don’t personal care for Demi as an actress since I don’t really like the movies she’s in so I’m not defending her because I like her. 🙂 I’m just saying it might not be a lie.

  97. LUCI LIU says:


  98. Au Naturale Demi says:

    Does the carpet match the drapes on Demi Moore? What does she do about the gray ‘downstairs’?