Heidi Montag’s mom tells her to get psychological help

The new, and hopefully last, season of The Hills premieres on Tuesday and it marks the first season with Heidi Montag’s new face and “upgraded” body. US Weekly has a clip from the first episode in which Heidi and her family discuss her plastic surgery. We’ve already heard that Heidi’s mom was “horrified” when first confronted with the extent of her 23 year-old daughter’s surgical alterations. In this clip, Heidi and her family are having dinner while they ask her about her motivation for getting so much work done. Heidi explains that she just wanted to be happy and her mother asked her if she ever considered going to a psychologist instead of a plastic surgeon. A little later, Heidi tries to take a bite of a hamburger and admits that her jaw is so sore that she can barely chew it. I don’t think US Weekly’s recap does justice to the exchange between Heidi and her family, so here’s what they said, which is actually juicier than US makes it out to be.

Heidi’s sister: You were always so outgoing and so confident… I was envious of the confidence you had. I don’t know what happened.

Heidi: I just wanted to be happier and couldn’t fix who I was being upset with how I looked on the outside.

Heidi’s mom: I would like to see the choice made to deal with the insecurity on a psychological level.

Heidi: That’s great for you. You live in the mountains. You don’t live where I live.

Heidi’s Mom: Does that make a difference?

Heidi: Of course it does.

Heidi’s mom: So should you not live in that area?

Heidi: I don’t want to get into this right now.

Heidi’s mom: I’m just having a mature, adult conversation with a brilliant, articulate woman. With a very sore jaw.

[Heidi’s eating]

Heidi’s sister: How’s that burger?

Heidi: I can’t really chew it.

Heidi’s mom: You want me to put it in a blender for you?

[From clip from The Hills’ premiere, airing 4-27-10]

It’s really amusing that Heidi can’t chew at all, but I think the real take away from this brief clip is how Heidi’s mom nails the problem by telling her daughter to deal with the issue psychologically, not superficially. It’s too late now, though. Heidi will have to live with that new face for the rest of her life while her unhappiness may have only lasted a few months.

Although we’ve heard that this is the final season of The Hills it may not be. Heidi’s costar Kristin Cavallari said the show might be renewed and that she would be on board if that happened. “There’s a possibility of them ordering 12 more episodes. I would like to do it.” I doubt Heidi will be back. She’s already (allegedly) threatening to sue the series’ creator for sexual harassment and her husband is off. Cavallari confirmed that “Spencer got kicked off the show like a month and a half ago” and added that “he’s done.” Now Heidi can concentrate on that career as a female action star she’s been tweeting about.

Heidi Montag At Liquid Pool Opening

Heidi Montag shows off her new beach body in a self-designed bikini

Heidi Montag shows off her new beach body in a self-designed bikini

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  1. YT says:

    Bimbos and boobs:
    Heidi = bimbo
    Spencer = boob

    I doubt a psychologist could help Heidi. She is simply dumb and easily manipulated by her snake-oil-salesman husband.

  2. Jess says:

    She still has a horse face. Now it is just an expensive, manicured horse face. She has a very sad life.

  3. Trillion says:

    She’s almost life-like!

  4. Alarmjaguar says:

    That is so sad — especially what her younger sister said…I can’t even snark. And her mom is spot on, you wonder how Heidi completely lost her way, from this clip it sounds like her mom and sister have their heads on straight (although who knows).

  5. Me says:

    Haha… I absolutely love the “You want me to put it in blender for you?” bit! Absolutely brilliant! BTW this conversation shows that even an intelligent woman with a great sense of humour can give birth to the daftest human being on this planet.

  6. Huma says:

    If she shaved her chin she needed to shave her jaw, too, because she still looks mannish.

    And gross.

    Also, I like her mom. But that ‘articulate, brilliant young woman stuff’ is crap only a mom would say.


  7. L says:

    I actually caught a early episode on MTV this weekend (like season 2 I think), and Heidi was having her birthday party. And I didn’t even recognize her til they put ‘heidi’ at the bottom of the screen. It was just amazing what a cute and normal girl she used to look like. She totally looked better before.

  8. Wow says:

    This show should have ended when LC left. Actually it could have ended even when LC was still on, after the second season.

    Heidi is so full of poo. And it is such a cop out for her to blame her obvious issues on living in LA. The people can be superficial, but there are still a lot of normal people who live there without falling into the Hollywood trap. It all comes down to knowing yourself and what you are about. Heidi doesn’t seem to really “know” who she is and that is why she is swallowed up by that place. Heidi’s Mom has a valid point.

    You have to truly know yourself to live in a place like LA or any major city, I feel. Otherwise you become susceptible to the lifestyle of other broken and insecure people who flock there. It’s not the “place” but the mentality of the “people” that is the problem. Heidi looks a mess. Not even a hot mess, just a mess. She use to be a cute young woman. It’s sad.

  9. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Heidi and Octomom should do a show together – HM’s expression in the last pic reminds me of Octo. And I also think that Heidi should donate some $$$ to smile train, by the looks in their eyes those little ones are really suffering.

  10. Ophelia says:

    She probably shouldn’t be in the sun like that. I am almost positive she would melt. She just needs a wick on her head and she’s done.

  11. TaylorB says:

    She really was quite attractive before. I wonder if she wishes she could turn back time (so to speak, no Cher pun intended) and get her real face back. She looks like she is wearing a mask now. We all try to ‘change’ our looks/style etc. I have had multiple bad haircuts, but at least I knew the hair would grow back eventually; she is stuck with this face for the rest of her life. How sad.

  12. ogechi says:


  13. abbizmal says:

    She had this surgery a while ago. Why is her jaw still hurting? I’d bet those boobs hurt, too. Why would anyone want such big funbags that don’t even move. Do folks like playing with unmovable, hard boobies? Motorboating on the rocks can’t be much fun. 😀 This poor child, bless her heart.

  14. Chris says:

    Its so easy to make fun of this pathetic woman with her narcissistic, jerk of a boyfriend and ridiculous plastic surgery. But this interview makes me feel so sorry for her.
    She obviously felt her looks were not enough for the Hollywood ‘starlet’ standards and was not unaware of the ‘horse-face’ descriptions. But she went so far overboard with her make-over that, although she has less of the ‘horse-face’ comments to read, she now has ten-times the negative comments. Tragic, and I don’t see this having a good end. I think we have all gotten enough laughs at her expense. Now just click on past any mention of her or Spencer, and maybe they will both go away.

  15. gg says:

    I still cannot believe she wanted to look like a full on Hustler sex doll. Those boobs look completely nasty yet pitiful and sad.

  16. nanster says:

    gg – what you said made me realize something…I think Heidi was intentionally trying to make herself look exactly like a blow up doll. But if that wasn’t her intention, it’s really, really sad.

  17. thepickle says:

    Just wondering how many people posting here live in the Los Angeles area. Because it is really difficult to live here and be immune to cosmetic self improvement. Heidi seems very competitive. She seems to be the kind of girl who pushes boundaries. She took things ‘all the way’, for our viewing/snarking pleasure. She didn’t get little nips and tucks along the way to stardom while nobody was noticing(Demi that liar), she did it full frontal on a reality show. She’s just playing the entertainment narsiccistic game the best way she knows how. She’s performance art.

  18. mockey says:

    that’s really sad. I can’t mock her

  19. archiepelago says:

    “You have to truly know yourself to live in a place like LA or any major city, I feel. Otherwise you become susceptible to the lifestyle of other broken and insecure people who flock there. It’s not the “place” but the mentality of the “people” that is the problem”

    @ Wow: That is one of the best observations I have ever read about Los Angeles. Spot on. Could be used to describe many of the celebs gracing this site.

  20. Eye Opener says:

    Maybe America should trade her w/ Osama!
    Cuz am sure they could use a unsinkable Camel!!

    She has now f’ed her life up forever – what an idiot and what a TERRIBLE BOOB JOB!

  21. CiCi says:

    that clip was really sad. i think heidi was very cute before all the work but WHAT’S DONE IS DONE and quit picking on the girl! my god – that is her OWN FAMILY who should be loving her no matter what, not publically critisizing her. Her mother should be ashamed of herself for letting that be filmed and televised.

  22. Dingles says:

    This girl is my age and looks 20 years older than me and all my friends. 23 is supposed to look youthful, vibrant and healthy, not stretched, puffy and plastic.

    Eww. Just eww. Also, her mom wins at life for the “blender” comment.

  23. original kate says:

    i’ve seen mannequins with more personality.

  24. Maritza says:

    When a person has low self esteem no amount of plastic surgery will be enough, she needs to go to therapy to find out the root of her problem.

  25. Mentok the Mind Taker says:

    I feel bad for her parents.

    We all make fun of the train wreck. How does it feel when it’s your kid? Her mom doesn’t strike me as the Hollywood Mom.

    It’s got to be heart-wrenching.

  26. Shannon says:

    Ok, she clearly needs to move the hell out of Hollywood. Her mom was right about that one. Actually her mom was right about everything. I feel bad for her family, because it’s pretty clear that they did their best raising her. Maybe if she hadn’t moved in the first place, she’d be more like her sister – happy, confident, secure with herself.

  27. bellaluna says:

    I’m just gonna throw this out there:

    If I faint at the sight of blood, I’m not going to stubbornly persist in pursuing a career in phlebotomy or surgery or nursing.

    Conversely, since Heidi isn’t a talented actress, singer, or dancer, and truly possesses no discernible talent – other than shameless self promotion – she should just shut up and either go back to her home planet or pursue modelling. That way, she could still have herself all over the place, but we wouldn’t have to hear her. It’s a win/win!

  28. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I think that’s actually her older sister.

  29. Jeri says:

    She would have an entirely different life if she had not got with Spencer. I think he feeds her insecurity although even he may have been surprised at her reaction.

  30. Belle Epoch says:

    Ophelia – BRILLIANT! May I quote you?

  31. WTF?!? says:

    Her body was much better when she was working out to get it in shape. Now it’s carved and has no energy to it. She can barely stand/move. She looks so uncomfortable in those photos it’s painful to see.
    And the face– fuggedabowdit. Her eyes look very sad, the sparkle is gone. Spencer destroyed her, and he’ll dump her in a year for the next one. I bet they’re not even really married.

    Ophelia– rofl.

    abbizmal– these eppys were taped months ago.

  32. Lala11_7 says:

    Man…I have SO been there when my Mama has pushed the wrong button too much…and you don’t want to cry…but you sure are going to if that button is pushed…one….more…time…at least Heidi’s Mama knew to say…”enough”…

    After seeing this however, I will NEVA think a bad thought about this chile again…

    I put her on the same list next to Lindsay…I just can’t…

  33. Anti-icon says:

    Her family is so normal, and it’s not like where they’re from is hicktown—it’s a beautiful Colorado resort town. With attractive people who are much more holistic in their approach to living. Heidi wanted a fake plastic LIFE and that is what she’s got. Complete with a fake, plastic husband. There are times when families have to distance themselves from their own child because her values are so warped. I hope they do not have children.

  34. MingMing says:

    Plastic surgery can be an addiction like any other substance.

    Obviously a victim of addiction, Heidi will eventually morph into Joan Rivers just like Kim Kardasian is starting to do.

    Once the eye slanting starts, it’s a short slippery ride into ‘Joan Land’.

  35. Lin95 says:

    I’ve watched The Hills from episode one…..most people think that Heidi became this horrible shallow person once she got with Spencer….the truth is she was a terrible friend from day one….she almost got LC fired season one and was only interested in partying and getting herself more screen time. Once Spencer came along she found her famewhore soul mate and it just went down from there. I have never felt sorry for this girl and could never figure out why anyone liked her…..she does have a wonderful family….but I’m always curious why they didn’t try to intervene before it came to this point….mom tried but where were her step dad, real dad and stepmom??
    Many people in LA get “touched up” but not to this extent….more coverage when you get 10 in one day

  36. Mouse says:

    @ Bellaluna-spot on! =)

  37. GatsbyGal says:

    What Heidi really meant to say was, “I know that I’m basically a blackhole of a human being with nothing that makes me interesting, so instead of actually working on this, I decided to make myself crazy retarded fake-hot in the hopes that my giant tits will substitute for the personality I lack.”

  38. malina says:

    That’s just sad.

    And she seems so dumb comparing to her mom…

  39. Ophelia says:

    @belle epoch
    but of course! 😀

  40. Stephy2485 says:

    She looks like a contestant on The Swan (that EXTREME makeover show on fox a few years back)..
    And I would say, honestly, she looks way prettier now than before…Yes, she’s too young for that much surgery but she also looks WAY hotter now.

    She just needs to bring her boobs down a couple cup sizes and she’d be fine.

    It’s her Jessica Rabbit-like breastisis…

  41. Luci says:

    I think heidi’s the best ad for the anti-plastic surgery movement.

  42. Shona says:

    okay I used to live in L.A. and I know the pressures it has to be “perfect” looking. Because I used to want to be an actress so I was constantly starving myself, botox, etc…BUT they didn’t want a FREAK! And that is what Heidi looks like. So she can’t blame that on L.A. that is BS. This girl has some serious self image issues. She looked so much better before. This last round of surgeries did her in. She needs a psychiatrist not a surgeon.

  43. saintdevil says:

    If there’s one woman who deserves looking like a plastic tranny after heaps of surgery it’s Heidi!

    Now her looks fit her nature.

  44. t-rae says:

    Peeking pubic hair. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

  45. Kim says:

    You have to feel bad for her because her own mother can see she is psychologically wrecked. I feel bad for her mom – if my daughter did that I woudl be mortified and wonder what the heck I did worng as a mother. You do not get that much plastic surgery at that young of an age regardless of where you live (plenty of 21 plus girls in Hollywood dont have tons of plastic surgery) unless you have serious mental issues. Trying to justify it by where she lives or that she is on tv (again hundreds of celeb women havent gone to these extremes) is makes me sad for her. Any girl with self esteem this far in the gutter should be treaded lightly with. She is not stable – She needs help.

  46. Kim says:

    Heidi is self obsessed and doesnt realize what an insult all the surgery is to her mother. Its basically saying you gave me crappy ass genes and you are ugly and made me ugly.

    Moderation is fine but an overhaul like she did at such a young age is sign of mental instability. Is She addicted to the pain pills or something?

  47. Kim says:

    Yeah someone said it above I think the new addiction alot of women need help for is to much plastic surgery or botox. Minor tweaks are ok but anyone, male or efmale, wh goes to such extremes to change their entire face/body needs psychiatric help. Its an underlying major issue making them want to look different not just oh i want to look better.

  48. AC says:

    I liked her moms comment but I also liked that she apologized and said “okay thats enough”. She needed to get it out and wants to tell heidi what a mistake she made but she’s still her mom and loves her. etc. sweet. also thats the only clip of this show i’ve ever watched… or ever will.

  49. CB Rawks says:

    Yeah t-rae, and that’s not the first photo assault I’ve seen of her peeking pubes.
    It’s helping me not want a snack though. It might be a weight-loss tool.

  50. Julia says:

    Good luck being a female action star when you can’t even run or chew. Moron.

  51. Anti-icon says:

    I really dislike anything that alters what the creator gave you to work with. I’m old skool that way. I think our faces are what gives us our identity. To learn to love the mug that’s mine has been hard, because I am slim and have good style, but my face is average. I don’t ever want to succumb to botox or restilene or any of it. I really like growing old naturally, and my wrinkles and age spots are part of my personal history as a woman. I wish I wasn’t so alone. And I choose NOT to live in LA, even though my career would be better, because that city has a sick beauty/wealth value system that allows little tolerance for GREATER value systems in women. Please young women, don’t mangle your faces or bodies for beauty. Acceptance is king!!!