Rielle Hunter tells Oprah: “I don’t think of myself as a homewrecker”

Oh, we’ve finally gotten the first teeny-tiny clip from Oprah’s must-see interview with Rielle Hunter. The clip above is from Good Morning America, and they only show little snippets of the interview as part of a larger news story about what a f-cking lying douchebag John Edwards is. You can here several things, though. First, Oprah has her “judgy journalist” voice happening, like you can tell she’s thinking “this white bitch is crazy.” Second, Rielle’s voice is terrible. She’s all nasal, and she sounds like a Valley Girl. As for what Rielle is actually saying…

In a new clip from Oprah Winfrey’s tell-all interview with Rielle Hunter, the ex mistress to John Edwards reveals when the former Senator came clean to his wife Elizabeth Edwards about having a child out of wedlock.

Hunter tells Oprah that everyone who knew “the truth” advised Edwards against sitting down with Bob Woodruff of “Dateline” in August, 2008. It was in this interview that Edwards admitted to having an affair but denied being the father of Hunter’s baby. He later disclosed that he was in fact the biological father of the child.

“Elizabeth really wanted him to do that interview,” Hunter recalls, saying that Edwards’ wife did not know the entire truth at the time. “He came clean with her after the interview.”

Oprah says what was most surprising about her talk with Hunter was that “she doesn’t think of herself as a homewrecker.” The talk show host’s interview with Edwards’ ex mistress will air Thursday, April 29, on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

[From The Insider]

Oh, I must remember this. The show comes on tomorrow. I thought Oprah would wait for May sweeps? Guess not. As far as Rielle’s revelation that John Edwards was still lying to Elizabeth (about the baby) even as he was admitting the affair with Rielle… ugh. But it makes some kind of sense, that it went down like that. Of course, Rielle is just eager to bash Elizabeth. In the psychodrama playing in Rielle’s mind, Elizabeth is the Bad Guy.



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  1. YT says:

    If she is not a homewrecker, then she is just an average ho who got pregnant accidentally on purpose. Now she is also a fameho who is trying to justify and elevate her existence. *yawn*

  2. Celebitchy says:

    What a delusional bitch this woman is. And you’re right, Kaiser, her voice is just as awful as her personality. You know who this reminds me of – that really creepy girl who had an affair with ESPN anchor Steve Phillips and then did interviews acting like the wronged party and attacking his wife.

    The Daily Beast had a great article about mistresses attacking the women they’ve helped wrong:

  3. Jackie says:

    Does she think of herself as a whore? Because that is what she is. And she looks it too. Pure trash.

  4. Jess says:

    She should have left out the ‘of myself as a homewrecker’ part to make the statement more accurate.

  5. MaiGirl says:

    @ Jess: Ha! Perfect!

    I am a feminist and hate calling women out, but a ho is a ho is a ho. And this woman is a homewrecking ho, or a ho-ho, if you will :) As much as I hate to admit it, some women really are about nothing other than sexually manipulating men to get what they want and hurting other women. And they NEVER think they are doing anything wrong, or want to admit that they are morally bankrupt.

  6. meme says:

    I hope Doprah calls her out on that one.

  7. Whatever says:

    She’s not just a homewrecking ho, she is a complete famewhore. Go away or just become the official gold digging tramp poster girl.

  8. voiceover says:

    A homewrecker never thinks she’s a homewrecker. There’s always some excuse:
    “he wasn’t happy anymore”
    “he didn’t have what he needed”
    “we fell in love”
    “his wife’s a bitch”.
    Seriously. What narcissism. As if they’d be happy to have some other woman turn around and do the same to them. It’s ludicrous to me that people don’t understand that. The golden rule: do unto others as you’d have done unto you. It’s that simple, really.

  9. anon says:

    She is SO FUCKING UGLY. And usually everyone has something attractive, different to offer but her FACE. MY GOD she’s foul. And She dated JEFF GOLDBLUM? Does she have a golden vagina or what? I cannot understand!

  10. nicole says:

    I think its trashy that she would be with a man that she knew was married, but who knows what that creep edwards was telling her all these years. I’m sure he convinced her that elizabeth was the bad guy and the reason they couldnt be together, so of course she hates her. She’s trashy and made a poor choice and is now exploiting the whole thing. (though im sure the media is thrilled and helping in every way possible!!) But the real bad guy is John edwards. He’s the one who was married. He’s the one who lied and cheated. and he’s the one who didnt bag his junk before he plowed this ho. He’s the real home-wrecker.

  11. annaloo says:

    Whores don’t THINK– that’s how and why they get themselves into trouble all the time!

  12. Skipper says:

    Trash. Just as bad as Boobshit McGee but without the tats. At least Vanilla Gorrilla’s mistresses don’t blame Sandy, unlike this piece o’ crap. I agree with the first poster who said *yawn*.

  13. Jeri says:

    Wow, I hope he does marry her someday – that would be giving each of them what they deserve. And that is not meant in a nice way.

  14. connie says:

    i really cannot comprehend the type of woman that goes after a taken man. there really are some vindictive, manipulative bitches out there. with all of the stories that come out and less than stellar characters i meet as i get older (im 24) im slowly begining to lose faith in humanity. sads

  15. Wow says:

    I can’t bash only her as a homewrecker when it was Johnny who also made the decision to step out on his wife. The movie “closer” got it right, there is always a “moment” when both parties make a choice to either cheat or not to cheat. Rielle and her Johnny both choose to have an affair together, so I can’t think she’s the only homewrecker in that scenario. He’s just as much to blame. If she’s a ho then he’s an even bigger one. They both suck.

    And for the love of Scavullo, why did you guys have to repost those pictures of her on the bed in the white shirt? My eyes, Kaiser. My eyes! You’re trying to hurt them so that they can no longer roam over Gerard’s body. I’m “on” to you

    @ cb – will definitely make it a point to read that article.

  16. Kayleigh says:

    Well that’s one person who doesn’t think she’s a homewrecker I guess.

  17. daisyfly says:

    I told my husband if he ever cheated on me, I’d tell his mistress to keep him. If you want a man who’s going to cheat on his wife of umpteen years, and his children, then you DESERVE him, honey.

  18. Ashley says:

    Seriously? Is she serious or does she sniff glue and permanent markers? Is the aqua net getting to your brain along with the peroxide?
    You delusional homewrecking whore. That is what you are.

  19. lucy2 says:

    She may not think of herself that way, but the rest of us do!
    The only person I think less of is Edwards. Both are disgusting, and yes, probably deserve each other.

    Gah, those pictures again.

  20. Ron says:

    Voiceovers comment is perfect. One other thing to add. It always amazes me that these women think that these men will either pick them or stay with them after they do. If they did it once, the first time is the hardest……

  21. original kate says:

    daisyfly, i feel the same way. if he’s he’s such a catch then let the skank who caught him keep him. rielle and edwards deserve one another.

  22. twisty says:

    Well I don’t care HOW she thinks of herself, she is a homewrecker. Possibly the most disgusting homewrecker of all time, even!! I mean, screwing a married man while his wife is dying of cancer, then getting knocked up with the little bundle of child support payments is pretty much the blue-ribbon all-time winner in my book! I just cannot wait to see how karma bites her in the ass, nothing will be too good for this delusional POS (or Edwards himself, that despicable sleazeball scum)!

  23. April says:

    She’s a pig; he is a pig..She knew he was married; she knew his wife had cancer and still she did him..she just wanted the money/fame and to steal another woman’s husband..if he really wanted that slut he would have left his wife…he didn’t, wouldn’t admit her kid, blamed it on another guy, and she was o.k. with that you sick, nasty, delusional ho..I’d think more of you if you said it was wrong; I’m a horrible person, and their is no excuse for what I did you are just another Monica Lewinsky..no morals, no manner, an opportunistic slut that no man will ever take seriously, or wants she is a nasty ass..gutter hog…I feel bad for her daughter when she finds out how she was conceived and how everyone treated her like a dirty secret..you’re all sick…

  24. valerie says:

    i feel so bad 4 her daughter..none of this is her fault but she’ll be the one to suffer..its not right

  25. Feebee says:

    I’m waiting for the whole interview to make a call on this but I think she could infact legitimately be called a homewrecker. However, you gotta wonder if not her, then would have been someone else? This actually makes John Edwards the homewrecker but the guys never get landed with that label.

  26. Eye Opener says:

    She is correct.She is NOT a homewrecker! She is a JUMP OFF who like Mel Gibson’s new baby momma,found a great way to secure rent for 18 years!!!

  27. jane says:

    This is what he destroyed his marriage and career for??? Yuck.

  28. MSat says:

    God, when will this twat shut up? No one cares about her side of the story. Does she think she won some big prize now, because John and Elizabeth are divorcing? She thought she was spreading her legs for a future president. In reality, she was spreading them for a lowlife who screwed around on his dying wife. I can’t wait for him to do the same to her. It’s gonna happen.

  29. Anti-icon says:

    There’s a giant difference in the way young feminists and old feminists think about homewrecking. Old feminists (I’m 49) UNDERSTAND the power of female sexuality. We also understand how dumb men are when confronted with it; particularly men in long term marriages, where it has been years since INFATUATION and its chemical addiction, kick in. Yes, John Edward is guilty, but SO is this sick, manipulative woman-child. Wise up young feminists, you are RESPONSIBLE for your choices. It is WRONG to fish in married waters. DUH. I just can’t believe she is now a mother, and how to you think this young girl will turn out with a delusional, morally bankrupt mother? Shame.

  30. judyjudy says:

    Who wears denim capris to meet Oprah? Seriously.

  31. traci says:

    I will not watch this interview,they deserve no more exposure.When she said I didnt want to demasculate Johnny by doing a interview was all she needed to say;honey HE DEMASCULATED HIMSELF THE MINUTE HE HAD a illegimate child by u when his wife was dying of cancer and denied he was the real father,that demasculated him not u by talking.U just gave proof by opening ur mouth to what everyone already knows u are,now take ur 15 minutes and baby dadddy and go away

  32. Tru says:

    I can’t!! her voice is so damn annoying!! she is rather unpleasant to look at too, yuck, John Edwards, wow just anyone huh??

    I wonder how many others there were?

  33. lola lola says:

    This woman is filth. Hilariously stupid filth, but just filth all the same.

  34. DD says:

    It is beyond me why these mistresses seek out the public to detail their dirty laundry. They seem proud of their lack of character and want the world to know it.

  35. Rielle Hunter is significantly worse-looking now that I can see her completely. If John Edwards was going to flame out his entire career/marriage/everything, then he at least should have done it Tiger-style (with one or more extremely good-looking women). I call his choice of Rielle a FAIL.

  36. Ruffian9 says:

    Ah, yes, the must-not-see interview…

  37. Kim says:

    Oprah must have slim pikings for show topics putting this story on. I dont think anyone cares.

  38. Kimi says:

    I can’t stand whores who sit there and deny that they were ‘wrongly betrayed’. She opened her legs, she knew he was married, she knew a lot of things. All she is, is a money grabbing slag who tried to get some from a rich man, then tried to trap him with falling pregant (accidentally on purpose!) and all the while hoping to pocket some cash!

  39. westender says:

    I would wager that Joh Edwards was also stepping out on this woman as well. Don’t be surprised if Rielle’s daughter has other siblings out there besides Edwards children with his current wife

  40. Dirty Martini says:

    I’m going to get in trouble for this one.

    This woman is a skank, no doubt, but why the hate on her as a “homewrecker”? The real deal here is she doesnt owe Elizabeth Edwards anything. She didn’t marry EE, she didn’t make a vow to God in front of friends and family.

    She’s a skank pure and simple, but beyond that …. trashing her as a homewrecker is illogical.

    It wasnt her home to wreck.

    Blame John Edwards. He wrecked his home by sleeping with another woman.

    Pure and simple.

    Whining about this Rielle chick is just plain dumb in my opinion. You want to defend Elizabeth Edward and play all “oh pitifil ELiziabeth.”
    Yep I’m OK with that.
    But place your anger on the person who did her wrong — John Edwards.

    Because this Rielle chick didn’t make her vows, didnt owe her anything, and isn’t the problem in Elizabeth Edwards’ life.

  41. Feebee says:

    @ midlife bachelor…. Tiger-style? You found those hard looking skanks attractive? Ha ha ha, fuck I will never understand some men.

  42. Laney says:

    Mai – I’ve got news for you: You’re not a feminist.

  43. mojoman says:

    Ok, first the Octomom, then this despicable Wh*re, what’s next, Jessie’s Nazi partner in crime? Oy vey, Oprah’s rating is sinking faster like a flushed turd in the can.

  44. Leticia says:

    She and john edwards live for attention, therefore they should be denied attention. I hope that she and john edwards will be publicly shunned from now on. That people completely ignore them.

  45. Alexa says:

    Two posters have shared my sentiments and said it so well:

    The first poster, Nicole #12 –

    “But the real bad guy is John edwards. He’s the one who was married. He’s the one who lied and cheated. And he’s the one who didnt bag his junk before he plowed this ho. He’s the real home-wrecker.”

    And the 2nd poster, Dirty Martini #43 –

    “This woman [Reille] is a skank, no doubt, but why the hate on her as a ‘homewrecker’ …it wasnt her home to wreck . . . blame John Edwards. He wrecked his home by sleeping with another woman . . . place your anger on the person who did her [Elizabeth] wrong — John Edwards.”

    Let’s remember to hold THE MAN in these situations accountable as well! We never forget to ostracize women by calling them out as whores, homewreckers, sluts. NEVER! Even when a woman dates several different SINGLE/AVAILABLE men – she’s likely to be called derogatory names and even to be bullied by her fellow human beings. (What’s up with THAT?!)

  46. twisty says:

    Dirty Martini-

    You say that Rielle owes Elizabeth “nothing”, huh? You don’t think that other people’s marriages are owed respect? How would you feel if you were in that position, wouldn’t you want other people to respect YOUR marriage? This shit makes me sick…so if a woman wants to f*ck a married man, it’s OK because she doesn’t “owe” that marriage or the wife or children anything. No f*cking WONDER society is falling apart when we have people justifying despicable behavior like this. Is this REALLY the type of society you people want? One where nothing is sacred, where “if it feels good, do it, and to hell with everyone else”? You really see no problem with a woman chasing a married man, screwing him, getting knocked up, all while the wife is dying of cancer? Well, I certainly hope that it doesn’t happen to you, because I’m sure you’d change your tune with a quickness. Hell, I guarantee that you demand respect in your life for yourself, but you don’t think others deserve it? What? Are you married? I should come to your town and screw your significant other, then when you get all upset I’ll just say “Well I don’t OWE you ANYTHING!” and go on my merry way. I bet you’d be thrilled, huh?

  47. jc126 says:

    That VOICE – pure torture.
    She sounds like someone else famous, or sort-of famous – can’t think who.
    She’s full of crap.

  48. Angel says:

    She is not a spiritual or truthful person. Yes, John Edwards should be blamed the most. However, she entered into the affair the first night she met him knowing who he was and knowing he was married to a wife dying of cancer. She did not use birth control, so it wasn’t just for love. She wanted the Edwards moneytrain.

  49. Liz Singletary says:

    I tried to watch the interview…for a few seconds, but that…woman…is just so unattractive, both inside and out, I thought I was going to lose my lunch. (She really is a dog, both facially and morally.) I’m with the folks that are waiting for the Karma part to kick in. Also I wish she would just go away and never, ever, return.

  50. Mingo says:

    Well let’s see, a schizophrenic doesn’t think of themselves as a nut either Rielle.

  51. Anti-icon says:

    Dirty Martini and Alexa: I can speak to this personally as I was married for 17 years; and have been single now for 9 years. It is perfectly A-OK for single available women to have as much sex as they want with single available men under any mutually agreed upon circumstances. Marriages are indeed sacred and off limits to anyone who is moral. YES, the man deserves to be scorned. But this isn’t predominately a man’s forum here, it is predominately a place where women come to gossip. To me gossip is about dissecting human behavior, particularly among the rich and famous. But these are Universal Values we are discussing, and it is disturbing to me that you hold cheaters unaccountable–and yes, you are engaging in cheating when you engage with a married person. Didn’t you lean this in primary school?

  52. Dirty Martini says:

    Sorry to those who I offended with my comments but I stand by them. Only people who take marriage vows are bound to them. I had nothing to do with marriage vows of anyone else other than my own, and I have no moral or ethical obligation to withhold someone elses wedding vows.

    Maybe I dont even BELIEVE in marriage. (Not true but I’m just saying.)

    You are attempting to apply your value system to other people and it is YOUR value system–not theirs.

    Sorry, I stand by what I said. In my opinion, RH is indeed a skank and I don’t go who she sleeps with. But if she sleeps with Mr Dirty Martini…..then that is a broken marriage vow by Mr Dirty Martini and that is who I hold responsible….not the Skank.

    Because she now vowed anything to me.

    Sorry I call them as I see them.

  53. nj says:

    We are just going to have to agree to disagree on this one. (The homewrecker issue).

    I don’t think anyone here has given any kind of a pass to John Edwards. Rielle is the one who did the interview and is therefore being discussed. I have not met anyone, male or female, who is not disgusted with the man in this scenario.
    You know what I don’t understand? These men have so much money and no cares. Can’t they find something to do other than carry on affairs with these awful women? Get a hobby! Get some real friends and do guy things like fish, play horseshoes, have a few beers, play cards.
    As for my stance on the homewrecker/ respecting vows/ respecting another marriage, I say that if you willingly engage in an affair that you know will cause another woman and possibly her children pain and heartbreak, then you are LOW. The “I don’t owe her anything” excuse is the most pathetic nonsense I have ever heard and Rielle made herself look even MORE stupid than I dreamed possible with that line of reasoning. How old is she again? I’ve met brighter 12 year olds. That’s her problem- she’s 40 with the mentality of a snotty, entitled teenage girl who stole someone else’s boyfriend and secretly thinks its because she’s SO much prettier! WRONG.

  54. twisty says:

    Dirty Martini-

    You are just as disgusting as Rielle. How are people like you even created? What happened to you in your life that you have such a lack of respect for your fellow human beings? If this is what you find acceptable, then I certainly hope you will be able to live the Elizabeth Edwards experience yourself, and I hope the wh*re who f*cks your man laughs in your face at your pain because she doesn’t OWE you anything.

    Oh, and that whole “objective morality” value system BS is such a f*cking cop-out. If you cannot show your fellow human beings respect, then you have no place in society, period. But I don’t even know why I bother, I just want horrid people like you to stay as far away from me as possible. I certainly don’t want my child being infected with whatever mental illness you and your ilk have. Disgusting.

  55. Dirty Martini says:

    Dear Twisty,
    With all that judgement and hate, you must be a republican.

    Your friend,
    Dirty Martini