Robbie Williams sees aliens

Robbie Williams is planning on ditching his pop music career, and becoming a ufologist. I’m not sure that ufologist is actually a job title, and I suspect that Robbie wasn’t being entirely serious. Particularly since he made the statement while appearing on a radio show, to promote his pop career.

He said, “Seriously, I want to go out and investigate these things. I’m stopping being a pop star and becoming a full-time ufologist. We could be like Mulder and Scully (The X Files FBI agents) in real life. You’re always mega-busy but I’ve got nothing on at the minute.”

Williams also claims he has been visited by aliens on at least three occasions, and witnessed a “big strip of black light” during recording in a studio in Los Angeles.

However, the 34-year-old insists he can understand if the public views his latest obsession with concern.

He added, “People will think, ‘This geezer’s been in rehab, he’s off his head.’ How mental are they going to make me out in the papers.”


Yes, I can see how some people might make a connection between drug and alcohol abuse and U.F.O. sightings. I’m not sure if I’m a believer, but I am pretty sure things you see when drunk are usually not Unidentified Flying Objects.

In addition to the ‘black strip of light’ he describes, Robbie added that he had seen a ball of gold light that responded to a song he was playing about, you guessed it, UFOs. It appeared four times. Another object appeared over his head before zooming off into the night. Robbie also says he saw aliens as a child, but all of his recent encounters have happened in Los Angeles.

Robbie makes no mention of being anal probed. Thank goodness.

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