Swedish Princess Madeleine is living in NY after dumping cheating fiance

Princess Madeline and her cheating fiance

I haven’t heard much about this scandal among the Swedish royals, and in fact I didn’t even know there were Swedish royals until this scandal came out, but it’s still an interesting story. Apparently lovely Swedish Princess Madeline, 27, was publicly humiliated when it came out that her fiance, lawyer Jonas Bergstrom, had hooked up with some random 21 year-old coed who sold her story to the press. The other woman looks like a budget snaggle tooth version of the Princess with bad skin. I know that’s unkind but it’s true – just compare their pictures. It happened six months before Madeline and Jonas announced their engagement and the girl just got around to cashing it on it now, but they were together at the time and it was a huge embarassment. As a result, Princess Madeline called off her engagement and has since retreated to New York:

A shattered Swedish princess has caused a royal ruckus by bolting for New York – minus her engagement ring – after a bitter breakup with her cheating fiancé.

Brokenhearted Princess Madeleine left Stockholm and skirt-chasing lawyer Jonas Bergstrom after word of his one-night stand at a Swedish ski resort became public.

The 27-year-old blond princess touched down Saturday at Newark Airport, dodging a crowd of paparazzi before zipping into Manhattan.

Her official calendar says the princess has turned to charity work – toiling 40 hours a week at the World Childhood Foundation. The nonprofit organization was founded 11 years ago by Madeleine’s mother, Queen Silvia.

But there was no sign of the princess Wednesday at the charity’s midtown headquarters – as well as no extra security and no throngs of photographers.

A foundation spokeswoman declined to comment on Princess Madeleine, who is keeping an ultra-low profile.

The Swedish media have agreed to a request from the royal family to give the princess some “peace and quiet” after the sudden and scandalous separation.

Her split was announced in a dry statement over the weekend that ignored Bergstrom’s reported dalliance with a 21-year-old ski bunny at a Swedish resort.

But the Nordic naughtiness is captivating Europe.

“This Is Why Their Love Died,” read the headline in one Swedish newspaper detailing the hookup between Bergstrom, 31, and the much younger woman.

Tora Uppstrom Berg, an athletic blond college student, told a Norwegian magazine that Bergstrom followed her home last year in a taxi and bedded her without ever mentioning his royal girlfriend.

Berg discovered the Swedish meatball’s ties to the throne only after a postfling call to his cell phone tripped to voice mail.

“Had I known he had a girlfriend, I never would have done anything,” Berg said.

Princess Madeleine’s drama also threatens to overshadow her sister’s upcoming royal wedding. Princess Victoria is set for a June marriage to her fiancé, gym owner Daniel Westing – a $13 million extravaganza that will be Sweden’s first royal wedding since 1976.

The family was already rocked when her brother – Prince Carl – ditched his longtime girlfriend recently for a topless model.

Bergstrom, who met the princess when she was still a teen, became engaged to Madeleine last August. She is third in line to the Swedish throne, behind elder siblings Princess Victoria and Prince Carl.

[From The NY Daily News]

Kaiser schooled me that it’s a big deal in Sweden that Madeline’s sister, Princess Victoria, is engaged to a guy who owns a gym. Victoria is next in line for the throne and will succeed her father, Prince Carl. Potentially this gym owner guy could be either the King or the Royal Consort, depending on how Sweden does it. (Here are photos of Victoria and her fiance.) Victoria is getting married in June, so it’s a good thing that this cheating scandal came out now rather than in a few more weeks when it could potentially overshadow the big royal wedding. Oh well. At least Madeline found out her fiance was a cheater now and didn’t have to wait until after she married him. She really dodged a bullet with that one.

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  1. buckley says:

    “Saturday at Newark Airport, dodging a crowd of paparazzi before zipping into Manhattan”

    really? is she that well known?

  2. Squirrel says:

    Gym guy will never be king. They changed the laws when Victoria was born so that the first born gets the throne, no matter if male or female.

    Horrid thing to happen, not just to poor Madeleine but also to Victoria who always stands in the shadow of her prettier (assumed by many, not me) younger sister. Hope there’s a happy end for both of them, they seem very well brought up and nice.

    What is up with the world that swedish beauties are not able to keep their guys’ interest? What hope is there then for the rest of us? 🙂

  3. CandyKay says:

    Buckley, the European media love royals – German media in particular, since they got rid of their own in 1918. So I assume the paparazzi photos were for that market, and for the various Scandinavian gossip rags.

    By the way, it’s generally assumed that the Royals screw around freely after marriage. This guy was just a bit early off the mark.

  4. Miranda Ann says:

    Well, that lawyer fella seems like just a skirt-chaser because his ‘ho is FUGLY!! What man in his right mind would spend eight years with a beautiful princess and, out of nowhere, have a one night stand with such an ugly woman? This can’t be his first time doing this. Men are nuts!! It’s a good thing Maddie found out before she married the idiot because a broken heart now is not as bad as a broken heart would be if she were married and had little ones to worry about.

    As for Vicky . . . she is not in her sister’s shadow. They are both beautiful young women. She will be a beautiful Queen.

  5. Sumodo1 says:

    So, the men’s cheating scandal this year is GLOBAL now.

    It is globally ok, when out of your “zip code” to screw anything with a pulse.

    Men. Meh.

  6. lucy2 says:

    I didn’t know Sweden had royals either. Ah, the things I learn on celebitchy!

    Interesting that this other girl claims such morals that she wouldn’t have slept with him had she known he had a girl friend, but had NO problem selling her story to the press! Gross.

    Madeline is very pretty. I’m sure she must be devastated, but I agree, better to find out now.

  7. Rachel says:

    “Had I known that he had a girlfriend, I never would have done anything” … but now knowing who is girlfriend is, I’ll sell my story to a the highest bidder. Because I’m classy like that.

  8. nanster says:

    I think Princess Madeline resembles Elin Nordegren a little bit and they’re both gorgeous. Unfortunately, they also have something more in common than both being Swedish and pretty. Kick those cheating men to the curb, girls!

  9. Vingmuttern says:

    Wow, I never expected to see this story on an american blog. The world is small.
    Just a sidenote really, but I’ve never heard of swedish rags paying for stories, so fugly girl is simply a famewhore. If that makes it better or worse, I can’t say :p
    And the only ones who care about Victorias fiance being a gym owner are the tabloids. And possibly some snobs around the court.

  10. Iggles says:

    That sucks!

    On a side note, wouldn’t it be AWESOME if two Royals got married? That never happens nowadays. Royals can be sleazy too but at least both parties know what is expected of each other when married and royal duties, etc.

    Just saying, it would be WAY more interesting for Prince William to marry Madeleine than that boring Kate Middleton..

  11. Macheath says:

    “Toiling 40 hours a week”. Pffft! Yeah right! Royals don’t toil; they have serfs to toil for them.
    I feel sorry for her; it’s bad enough he cheated but now the affair is public.

  12. Lisa Turtle says:

    She is very pretty, can’t say the same for Victoria. I am surprised this family has such low tastes. A topless model? A gym owner? Eeks. I may not come from royalty, but my siblings married better than any of these supposed nobles.

  13. CandyKay says:

    What’s wrong with a gym owner? That’s a legitimate line of work. Queen Silvia, the princess’ mom, is a former flight attendant.

    Prince Frederik of Denmark married a travel agent, and seems happy, or happy on a royal scale at least.

    Frederik’s “work” involves being sent along as window dressing for a lot of business deals in Asia. Given the hierarchical nature of many Asian cultures, having a prince along apparently offers companies much greater access to the local dealmakers.

  14. Missmilly says:

    Stupid men.

  15. Hautie says:

    I may have the wrong girl, but did Victoria go through a rough patch with anorexia?

    And for the record, arranged marriages for the Royals never work out. Or forcing them into marrying within their “social” set.

    Just look at England. And how that all ended.

  16. malina says:

    I think Madeleine looks better with darker hair. And, yes Madeleine has always been the prettier one, yet again we see that doesn’t guarantee a thing, let alone love/ fidelity (e.g. Diana). And I hope the gym owner will show ppl that he’s worth much more than a lawyer or any noble by loving and respecting his Queen ;). Victoria seems to be such a nice and down to earth person, I wish the best for her!

  17. Vingmuttern says:

    Squirrel: We can’t keep them because us swedish women are not just pretty – we’re smart too. Men just hate that 😉

    Hautie: Bulimia. She was frighteningly thin for a while :/

  18. Sugar & Spice says:

    WHY do men get into relationships if they want to mess around with other women?! If you don’t want to be faithful, then don’t get married. Just let all the girls know up front that you only want to be an alley cat, though.

    @ Lucy2 –
    “Interesting that this other girl claims such morals that she wouldn’t have slept with him had she known he had a girl friend, but had NO problem selling her story to the press!”

    – Plus, she had no problem with having a one night stand with a guy she just met in the first place?!

  19. Kat says:

    She dodged a giant bullet. It would have been worse if she’d married the jerk and then the affair came to light.

  20. Obvious says:

    well i guess the only thing good coming out of the current “year of the cheating scumbags” is that we can now officially say last year was the “year of celeb deaths” since that’s seemed to slow down an bit.

    can we vote for what next year is going to be yet? i personally nominate it “the year of speidi/gosselin/ocotomom disappear entirely”

  21. Sugar & Spice says:

    Obvious, I second that motion! Here’s my vote!

  22. Whatever says:

    Great, another douche cheating on a beautiful woman and downgrading big time. Attention men: If you want to screw around with random girls, DON’T get married or engaged. Be honest. It’s not that hard!

  23. Orbit says:

    Why wouldn’t Berg have recognized the guy as the fiancé of the princess? The royal couple had to have been all over the Swedish media. And this cell-to-voicemail business sounds like crap. I’m callin’ her a zit-faced skank-ho for now (and Bergstrom is a smarmy lawdog ho).

  24. TG says:

    @Iggles – I’m with you. Let’s get rid of boring Waity Katie”. Although Princess Madeleine is too pretty for Prince William or whatever his name is. Now that young Prince Harry he is a cutey.

    @vingmuttern – If men are intimidated by smart women than why do they marry them? Just marry the skanks they love to sleep with.

  25. Lita says:

    Prince William was cute til he got older and the Charles in him came out. Now he’s a bit meh.

  26. Sarah says:

    @CB: Just for the record. The King’s name goes: King Karl XVI. Gustav.

    As for the rest… serioulsy, what’s wrong with men??? Madeleine is the most beautiful and kindest person on this planet!!! How stupid can this guy be??!??! I really don’t get it…

  27. nanster says:

    I don’t think the royals can marry because they’re all related. It would make for an interesting story, though…

  28. dollie says:

    @CandyKay: Frederik of Denmark didn’t marry a travel agent. He married a project manager/executive/who really knows what her job was, because the former Mary Donaldson, now Princess Mary of Denmark used to change jobs every couple of years, a serial “job-hopper” in her late 20s, and there are stories that she got the project manager job through Frederik’s connections. Same for her job in Navision in Denmark. She got that because she was Frederik’s girlfriend, and people in Navision claimed they only saw her once a month so who knows if that job was even “real”.

    I don’t think Frederik’s happy either. He hasn’t looked in love with his wife for a while now. There’s no more connection between them. They barely manage to look at each other, let alone hold hands and show affection. I think he’s fed up with Mary’s constant desire to pose for the cameras. She is so hungry for attention that she makes a fool out of herself most of the time, and disrespects Queen Margrethe in her own b-day celebration when Mary rushed up to Frederik and Mary made out with him in front of other royals and dignitaries. Frederik gave a grimace and looked embarrassed because of his wife.

    Something is off with him, he often looks like he’s dead tired or drunk. He’s only happy when he’s on holidays, sailing and away from Denmark…and spending time with his kids.

    Anyway, I think Jonas is a fool to cheat on Madeleine. He’s good-looking, and royal watchers always comment on how Victoria’s fiancé is not attractive and how he looks shady. I guess now Daniel is looking more like the good guy.

    I do think Madeleine’s a bit spoiled. There are rumors that she and Jonas had been engaged long before Princess Victoria, the future Queen, became engaged. But it is a rule that no sibling can marry unless Victoria herself has walked down the aisle. Victoria was also given a June wedding, and Madeleine was given a November wedding, and Madeleine threw a “tantrum” because she also wanted a June wedding, and her guest list was smaller since she isn’t the future Queen of Sweden.

    Still, it’s good that this has come out before they got married, although I don’t get how women (and men) crave attention and fame that much that they are willing to hurt someone else and destroy relationships in the process.

  29. eternalcanadian says:

    What I was more interested in is her brother dumped his long-time girlfriend for a topless model. Isn’t that typical of men? 😉

  30. piedlourde says:

    Crown princess Victoria will succeed her father, KING Carl XVI Gustav. Her little brother is prince Carl Philip. A bit of a mix up there, but I don’t blame you. As a Swede who is anti-monarchy (a monarchy is NOT a true democracy) I don’t care about our royals either. They’re borderline retarded (sorry for the derogatory term but it fits so well here) all of them. As Eddie Izzard once said, “because it’s a bad idea when cousins marry”.

  31. But indeed Madeline is beautiful !

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