Sandra Bullock in People: most moving celebrity interview ever

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We’ve seen advance quotes from Sandra Bullock’s interview in People, and when I say that they don’t do the interview even a smidgen of justice I’m not exaggerating. There’s little context given in the story for the interview, and it’s just a series of questions and answers. You can tell from the format that it was at least heavily edited, or maybe that it was even all written out ahead of time. Sandra could have had a whole team of people helping her come up with questions and change her answers until they came across precisely just as they wanted. Even with my cynical assessment of how the interview was conducted, I have to say that it was truly the most moving celebrity interview I have ever read. In fact I was sitting in my son’s karate class struggling not to bawl as I read it, and at one point I had to put it down because I was afraid the other parents would see me crying. Sandra has gone through some truly awful sh*t, but this strong, beautiful successful woman now has an amazing baby that she cherishes more than anything. The way she describes her life and makes sense of what she went through is truly awe-inspiring.

There’s no hint of false hope or that Sandra is putting on some kind of brave face to the world. She tells us that things were hard and she doesn’t blame or get into the details. She also tells us that her life has been changed so much by the love she has for her new son that she can’t get bogged down in those details. Everything was altered when that baby came into her life, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time for her. Just as the advance quotes could in no way capture this interview, neither can I. Here are some of the more moving things Sandra said/wrote that I haven’t yet read online.

When did you decide to adopt?
I don’t recall the big “aha” moment of when we decided. We spent so much time in New Orleans after Katrina, and one day it was just a feeling that came that instead of bringing another life into this world, that we wanted to reach out and find our child in New Orleans. There were so many children alone after Katrina, and for some reason we knew that someone would want to come into our lives. So we began the process of adoption about four years ago, never thinking about what [the child] would look like, whether it was a girl or a boy, what background – it didn’t matter. We somehow knew the right little person would come.

And out of the blue one day, Sunny proclaimed to me that we shouldn’t have another baby, that we should adopt. I froze. I had no idea where she got this, so I asked her why, and she said, “Because there are so many little babies that have no home, and we can share our things with them.” Profound for a [then] 4-year-old, but I didn’t want to get her hopes up, so I just diverted the conversation…

When did you first meet your son? What was that experience like?
To be totally honest, when we got the call that there was a placement possibility, I panicked. It came right in the middle of all the media craziness of awards season. I just didn’t understand why the universe was deciding a child needed to be with us now. Of all times! I was so afraid I would be bringing a child into this insanity, and I didn’t know how we could keep him safe and quiet. But Jesse told me to remember why I felt our child was in New Orleans, and why we started the process to begin with. The first time I met Louis it was like the whole outside world just got quiet. He was so small, so still. All the trivial things that I had allowed to take up so much of my time just didn’t have room in life anymore. All I said when I met him was, “Oh there you are.” It was like he had always been a part of our lives.

Life just shifted to be about Louis and what we needed for him. No hiccup. It just fit, and I never had another moment of worry again.

How did you tell your loves ones?
All that mattered was that the kids were okay with it, and I couldn’t have imagined a sweeter and happier response. They knew this had to be kept quiet, and I knew how hard it was going to be, especially when you are just bursting at the seams with pride and you want to scream it at everyone you see and meet.

We told only a handful of family and friends, and it then became their mission to make sure Louis was safe and happy and had everything he needed. You have no idea how many contraptions exist that supposedly keep your baby safe and entertained so you can just get a five-minute shower. We have them all. And he couldn’t ask for better siblings who love him with all their heart.

How did you decide on his name?
It was one of those first names that came to mind. Louis Armstrong’s song “What a Wonderful World” kept playing in my head when I looked at him, so Louis just seemed to stick…

Why did you keep it a secret?
So, so, so many reasons. The biggest being that the outside world was a little crazy then. Photographers waiting outside 24/7, people everywhere. We didn’t want this to be in his life. I also didn’t want Louis pulled into the awards season energy. I wanted him all to myself. But I had to smile at the parallels. Here I was promoting a story about a family who adopted a son, and here we were having done the same thing. If you had told me that this would happen, I would have thought you were insane. I never imagined I would say the words “my son.” People that I had worked with for years couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t let them into my house for fittings. I would have them meet me at random hotels down the street from the house, claiming work was being done…

On the red carpet at awards shows, we usually were working on two to three hours of sleep and I could not tell you what I said in interviews or onstage. All we were thinking about was getting home to Louis…

How hard was it to have a new baby and keep it all hidden?
It was only hard when I walked out the door. I never though anyone we shared the info with would tell anyone, and they didn’t. I never thought anyone we shared the info with would tell anyone, and they didn’t. It was hard, however, to not be able to just tell anyone and everyone how much I loved this little man. And how happy I was when he drank 3 oz. How we found the perfect diaper trash can that didn’t let the smell leak out. These were the most important things in my life, and I had to zip it once I walked out the door. And of course praying that the doctor’s visit was not trailed by seven dark SUVs with tinted windows. But on Oscar night, in my purse all I brought was a picture of my mom and dad at their wedding, pictures of the kids and a little lime green sock of Louis’ that kept falling out. No one figured it out when they would pick it up and hand it back to me.

After the Oscars, you learned that Jesse had cheated. To set the record straight, you had no idea about his infidelity until you were told a tabloid was printing a story about it?
Ah, the inevitable question. I had no idea about anything until the day when I got the call. It seems like a thousand years ago when this happened. All I remember is thinking I need to get Louis out of here before the vultures descend. But never in a million years did I foresee something like this happening. I wish it hadn’t, and it still doesn’t seem real.

How did you react to the news?
I did the only thing I could do, and that was pack enough clothes to live on, get all of Louis’ things and get out of town. My main concern was Louis. I wasn’t sure if I could go into deeper hiding than I had already been in, but again, that small group of friends and family made it their life to make sure we all had what we needed to heal and be safe and make sense out of all of it. These beautiful people in my life made sure I had the safety to grieve and feel everything I needed to, away from the outside world. And I had hoped my being away would help keep the media away from the kids while I tried to sort things out.

Are you filing for divorce?
Yes, I have filed for divorce. I don’t know what else to say. I’m sad, and I am scared.

Are you going forward as a single parent? Will Jesse have any formal parenting role?
I will be adopting as a single parent. Anything else will be taken day by day.

How would you characterize your relationship with Jesse now?
A different one. A bittersweet one. One of new understanding. One of forgiveness. One of support for his recovery. One that changed my life. I really don’t know how our paths will intersect in the future, but the father I have known Jesse to be with all the kids is one I hope Louis can experience one day, no matter how Jesse and I go on with our lives.

You’ve been a devoted stepmother to Jesse’s kids. Do you plan for them to stay a part of your life?
I don’t want to know what life is like without those kids. Jesse and I both know these kids are all that matter. Whatever we need to do, in the healthiest way, we are going to be co-parenting. I know my role is not one that exists on paper, but Louis is their brother, and Jesse and I will do whatever it takes for them to know that their world will not change and still be protected and safe and full of love. It will just have a slightly different dynamic now…

Now that you’ve gone public, how will you balance motherhood with your career?
I don’t know. All I know is that I want to be able to enjoy being a mom. Doing all the things moms get to do, outside in the sun, in the world. The career will have to wait for a bit. I don’t want to step into that world until I can find what room I left my armor in. You need tough skin to be in this business…

Any plans for the near future?
Feeling the sun on our face when we go for a walk, not having to lie or hide anymore. Not having my friends and family lie anymore. Telling everyone I meet about the most beautiful man I know, including his poop schedule…

Is there a positive lessen you have taken away from the last months?
To say that I am changed is an understatement. But that might not be a bad thing. I have learned a lot about what I am and what I am not. But the most important thing to me was to protect and know my truth. And the truth is simple. The things I hold most dear are things that could not have happened without Jesse.

Maybe I needed this rug yanked out from under me so publicly so that I had no choice but to look at what I needed to look at, both inside and out. And maybe [her late mother] Helga had some hand in this. She knows how stubborn I am. Maybe I needed this to happen so that I could be the very best mother to Louis. We wouldn’t know the sweet mooments in life unless we had the pain. And painfully, I’m going to miss so much.

[From People Magazine, print edition, May 10, 2010]

If you haven’t read People yet, at least thumb through it at the grocery store. There’s so much more in the interview, and I know I’ve typed up a lot of it, but it’s even longer. I run a gossip blog yet I haven’t bought a People Magazine in months. They’ve been running really dumb covers featuring faux controversial headlines and people like Kate Gosselin, Heidi Montag, and The Duggars. The past few weeks they’ve had more human interest stories, though, with Elin Woods, Elizabeth Edwards and other women who are facing infidelity and life changing events. I’d love to see more covers with stories like Sandra’s, about women who go through the toughest times of their life and come out a little worse for wear but having gained things that will forever enrich their lives. No one is quite like Sandra, though, and it will be a long time, if ever, before People or any other outlet will be able to come up with a story this perfect.

This issue, and this interview, will go down in history as one of the most genuinely triumphant and touching entertainment stories of all time. Woman wins Oscar, she gets massively betrayed, she goes into hiding and comes out with a baby. If this was as a screenplay it would have felt false and too “Chicken Soup for The Soul” schmaltzy. With Sandra as the real life star it comes across as bitter sweet and true. She’s known as America’s Sweetheart for a very good reason.

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  1. Lisa says:

    The expressions on that little boy’s face are priceless, lol….I’ve always thought of Sandra as “America’s Sweetheart” but now I like her even more…And that baby is so incredibly cute, makes me feel all broody and itching to just pinch those cute cheeks! Just love the glare on his sweet little face when he’s looking at the camera. Like he’s saying, “Dude get up outta my face!” LOL

  2. Vi says:

    that baby is so freaking cute. i’m still surprised at how calm and classy sandra can be. i don’t doubt that those are thought out answers but i don’t know if i could be so forgiving in her situation

  3. bite me says:

    only in hollyweird

  4. meme says:

    Sandra’s the epitome of class and grace under fire. She must be an awesome mom.

  5. Kolby says:

    Dear me, I am crying at my desk, and I don’t even care. Hers are the first words I’ve read that so perfectly and eloquently decribe what it’s like to be a mother. Nothing else matters, truly.

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    oh noes! More cuteness overload!

    very nice interview and the pic of him with the huffy face is PRICELESS. reminds me of the looks that we see Empress Z giving to the paps.

    EDIT: after hearing how loyal her friends are to her…makes it pretty clear what type of person SHE is to HER friends…only reinforces how I already feel about her…what a classy lady.

  7. lucy2 says:

    That first photo is so cute!

    I haven’t bought a People in YEARS, as I’ve come to despise their publicist driven features, their “everything’s perfect!” approach to many celebs, and their fixation with non-talents like Gosselin. But I’m seriously considering picking this one up.

  8. Icecat says:

    Louis is A-Freaken-Dorable!

    Sandra is one class act. THIS is how it’s done. People should take note!

  9. Kaboom says:

    He sure looks grumpy in that middle photo.

  10. GrnMtGirl says:

    I’ve been waiting all week for the magazine to hit the stands. I can’t wait to read it.

  11. gloaming says:

    Oh man……. I remember counting the ounces too.

    It seems like all the cr*p Jesse put her through didn’t take away from the wonderful experience you go through when you meet your new baby..

  12. Tess says:

    Reminds me of Warren Beatty’s comment about Madonna during filming of Truth or Dare.

    His point was that for Madonna, if something wasn’t on film, or photographed for public consumption, it wasn’t worth experiencing.

    This entire melodrama is just too much for me to quite buy as sold. The need for her to publicize the baby and adoption, the bris and mohel, her thoughts and feelings, and all the rest reduces it to rank exploitation.

  13. simplicity says:

    This new little guy was a gift in more than one way. Going through the divorce, separation from Jesse’s children would have been even more difficult had she been completely alone.

    I would not be at all surprised if Sandra adopted again in the next few years. She’s just loving the experience of being a mom.

  14. Lilias says:

    I’m about to die from the cuteness. He is so adorably puffy and squidgy I just wanna pick him up and squeeze him. Can you tell I want kids one day? :)

    She’s truly a class act and a smart woman to put this out right now to dampen all the negative stuff that happened to her. I’m glad she has little Louie to be cute and a welcome distraction from the mayhem.

  15. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    I am not a baby person, but that baby is CUTE! I love his face! What a little sweetheart!

  16. YT says:

    Thanks for the lovely post.

    The article sounds very thoughtful and sweet, though I’m sure JJ got a few loud earfuls from Sandy. Her baby is adorable, and I love the way he cuts his eyes to the side. Babies are not easy to photograph, but they managed some excellent ones.

  17. K-MAC says:

    I NEVER buy People Magazine and I bought this one and I cried. I have been carrying it around with me and read the article over and over. This story is pure joy! I am very happy for her and her son :)

    Another fantastic blog Celebitchy!

  18. Victoria says:

    That baby always has the cutest expressions on his little face! So cute! His eyes are expressive and wise.

  19. Feebee says:

    I love her positivity, her outlook on life despite what’s happened and the pain that caused. She obviously has a great relationship with her self-kids, this will only magnified with Louis.

  20. Victoria says:

    I think People magazine is going to sell the crap out of this issue. They gonna be counting their money!

  21. may says:

    UGH. please

  22. Stephie says:

    Wonderful article Celebitchy. Can’t wait to see this issue. Those photos are adorable.

  23. Team Bethenny says:

    Tess, I’m with you.

    “Sharing a quiet moment”…with a photographer standing on the bed and sticking a huge honking camera lens up their left nostrils.

    Right. That’s what all of our “quiet moments” look like.

  24. Roma says:

    I was adopted as a baby (as was my brother) and my parents recount the total shock that happens when they got the placement calls. You go from hoping, to suddenly having a child.

    My mother read the article and called me crying. I don’t care how carefully PR crafted it was, you can still feel the sincerity.

  25. nona says:

    I can’t believe most people are falling for this operation:cleaning public image bullshit.

  26. whateva says:

    sounds like for ONCE ‘People’ magazine offers an article w/ something the public at large didnt already know. seriously. it’s a sucky, sucky magazine. now then – all the best to Ms. Bullock! enjoy…. breathe… you will survive!

  27. ,,,, says:

    I don’t get it! So many people on here were demanding that she give a statement when the whole scandal broke. Her silence became a testimony of her guilt.

    Now she is talking and while many people are happy, there are some people who are still unhappy. What is good enough for you? Should she have never talked?

    I mean how does one give an interview and not talk about the most important thing in your life. It seems like in order to move on and start acting like a normal person, she needed to tell the world about Louis. I am sure that if she had just started stepping out with a baby people would have demanded some answers. But since she did it on her own terms she’s bad?

    I would hate to be so so cynical all the time.

  28. Lala11_7 says:

    A few comments on this board remind me…

    That haters…hate…

    I’m happy for Ms. Sandra…

  29. guilty pleasures says:

    I want me some Louis!!!
    I am a black woman adopted by a white family, 47 years ago. I am so gratified that no one is pulling out the old complaint that adoption should be segregationist. Children need love, affection, attention and clean diapers, not melatonin or lack thereof.
    My girl-crush on Miss Bullock just intensified 10-fold. She has always exuded both class and fun, and has managed to make a catastrophe a life lesson for many people.

  30. Tess says:

    @ Lalla11_7

    So far, the only comment that shows any “hate” is yours.

    Skepticism about the rollout of a glossy, saccharine magazine cover story is not hate.

  31. Prissa says:

    Beautiful, heart wrenching yet wonderfully triumphant. God bless Sandra and Louis.
    That lil munchkins’ side-eyes take the cake. LOL!

  32. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Children need love, affection, attention and clean diapers, not melatonin or lack thereof.”

    so well said.

    I knew a girl in high school whose family fostered children from time to time. They had one baby (who happened to be black) that they wanted to adopt but weren’t “allowed” to by the fostering agency because they were a white family. the absolute despair the family went through when they had to give up that child was horrible.

    her mother had brought the little cutie to lacrosse practice one day, and while the whole team was cooing over how adorable he was, the girl on my team, the “sister”, was just bawling because she knew that his departure was inevitable, and imminent.

    It’s really sad when a family wants a child to take care of and the child is refused a good home because of someone’s bigotry.

  33. Naye in VA says:

    @ Tess

    Its hate when instead of finding the good in someones situations you only find the the bad. Its when instead of being happy with the choices someone made that benifited thier lives and someones else’s you’re dubious about their motivations that arent any of your business. Its plenty of hate from posters on this article, but i’m happy to see its plenty of people that understand that actresses are a part of the hollywood machine and have to play the part, but are also real people as well. she would have been hounded and bombarded had she stepped outside one day with a black 3mth old, instead of giving the magazine a chance to make it old news.

  34. guesty says:

    definitely not a ‘baby person’ but that baby seems to just love the camera already!!! what a little cutie.

  35. anon says:

    As someone with a less than maternal mom.. she seems AWESOME. I have never heard ONE bad story about her and know some people who have worked in LA and would know that stuff.. she’s awesome. I liked her before all this and like her more now if that’s possible. And call me corny but this kid ended up with her b/c he was supposed to..
    yep. I dare say their bond will be even stronger now given her recent turn of events in life. She’s fabulous. And she did not show any bitterness towards JJ like I would have. Her calm approach is admirable..I know I would not have that maturity

  36. Harmony says:

    That is the sweetest interview ever! :) I am so happy for her <3 what a precious baby!

  37. Tess says:

    @Naye in VA

    I appreciate the sincerity that comes through in your commment.

    And you’re right, some of us who have left comments on this thread may be skeptical, even cynical, hardhearted, etc.

    But what we’re talking about is a movie star’s publicity blitz.

    And that is not being a “hater.” Hate is a huge and ugly thing. And I think it’s a bad, even dangerous thing to accuse anyone of being a hater without any evidence except their doubts about a PR campaign.

  38. ,,,, says:

    Praise St. Angie! – I love you and your posts! I hope that’s not creepy…

  39. d says:

    Baby snorgle!!!! Makes me feel like that Human Proximity to Kitty Statement chart! Oy! Cute babeh! Love his expressions … *sigh*

  40. Naye in VA says:

    @ Tess

    I really think you took Lalla11_7′s hate comment to literally. Hate by defenition is an all consuming dislike for a person in which you would wish nothing but bad upon them.
    Conversley my generation defines “hate” or “hating” as being a person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.

    this may really just be a difference in jargon

  41. thepickle says:

    I’m having a Bruno moment….

  42. CIdee says:

    I find it ironic that those who express disgust in response to this awesome and moving story are logged on to a blog that covers primarily film/TV and music celebrities. If you are so disappointed by the “exploitation” (please) maybe your time would be better spent elsewhere. Go Sandy!

  43. Team Bethenny says:

    “It seems like in order to move on and start acting like a normal person, she needed to tell the world about Louis.”

    So “normal” people have their press reps work elaborate deals with People magazine when they have major life announcements to make? “Normal” people need to explain their every decision to the world?

    Please. This is not “normal”; attempts to make it appear so are ludicrous, and beliefs that it is so are naive.

  44. malachais says:

    I’m glad she decided to adopt. Children help you move past so many emotional issues and bring so much strength. I just really hope she moves past being with Jesse and finds true happiness with motherhood.

  45. ,,,, says:

    You’re forgetting that celebrities aren’t entirely “normal,” no matter how hard they may try to be. They DO have a public persona. It’s part of the job. And I didn’t say that what she was doing was normal. So I don’t know where you got that from.

    I didn’t phrase what I meant correctly. When I said “normal person,” I meant normal for Sandy which would probably include coming out of hiding and letting her child out of hiding too.

    And no she doesn’t need to explain her every decision to the world. And from what I understand, this is the first time she’s ever done this and it’s because of the whole cheating scandal. I believe that if Jesse had been faithful, then she wouldn’t have been on the cover of People like this.

    But the situation changed and she was suddenly thrust in to the spotlight because of her scumbag husband’s inability to keep it in his pants. Thus if she were to come out of hiding with a baby, it would have been rumor city! She’s protecting herself and her child because she is a celebrity and thus more attention is paid to her.

    It’s silly to think that celebrities can live their lives exactly like us non-celebrities and that’s hardly what I meant when I said “normal person.” But I think compared to most celebs nowadays, Sandy comes as close to normal as she can.

  46. Relli says:

    @ Kolby. Yes. She put in words that i could not describe. If you have never been a parent it is hard to describe. But it is true, as soon as you meet them all that petty stuff (rumors, lies, stupid people) do not matter. You all can knock it however you want but it is true. Even pregnant woman do not understand it until they give birth.

  47. Praise St. Angie! says:

    argh, I’m so totally creeped out!

    just kidding, #38 ,,,,…not creeped out at all, that was a nice thing to say, so…


  48. I should be working says:

    The top picture makes me happy.

  49. hmm says:

    It was a beautiful article and I’m glad that she was able to do it in her own way and in her own time. I’ll piggyback someone else’s comment and say that I have never heard a person utter a negative word about Sandra, and that is unheard of in Hollywood. She has always come across as a genuinely nice person and it sucks that at the same time that she reaches a career milestone and becomes a mother has to be marred by someone else’s bad behavior. Lastly, I bet that she handles the situation without anonymous leaks to the press and copious interviews talking about her ex. She comes across as a strong woman who has her priorities in check and I love that about her.

  50. My partner is really unhappy with this story because I had put the “Let’s have another baby.” Campaign to rest, and then these pictures and I am all back to it! I’m like – come on!

  51. Missfit says:

    What a great way for a come back. She just needed some time away and alone to mope and recuperate from her broken heart, it’s only normal. Many people go through what she did. I agree, this little dude is a cutie and what a great way to lift her up, to bring her out of the dark storm she was in. She’s a beautiful person, I’ve always loved her personality and her corky dorkyness. Jesse, he’s missing out, and that’s only his loss, not hers, he obviously didn’t realize what a good woman he had. He likes trashy porn star looking hoes, that’s what he should stick with, he doesn’t deserve such a classy good person.

  52. jeannified says:

    Jesse James is FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He lost the most amazing woman, and that baby…I am at a loss for words where he is concerned! Yea to Sandy for having received this little blessing in her life at the right time!!!

  53. TaylorB says:

    I loved the ’3 oz’ comment. That is a parent, you monitor the input and output… It is exciting to see a solid, brown poo. It is exciting to see a smile, have a snuggle, a nap toghther, having them grip your pinky with their little fingers. Every minute is a blessing, be they your bio child or your adopted child and to take away that or trivialize it, put a stigma based on the race of the child/parent is so sad. ‘

    Like her or not, she has a new child and she seems to be a very proud and happy mother and that is wonderful. I suspect that much like any other parent she is going to eff up from time to time, be too harsh or too lax, not handle things exactly ‘right’ and lose her patience which seems pretty normal to me. Louis is a beautiful little fella and has a mother who loves him, that is the most important thing.

  54. Missmilly says:

    thank you for this story….

  55. Shannon says:

    Louis’s face is SO full of personality for such a young baby! He’s just so clearly a little man, like Sandra describes him, it’s adorable. I can tell already that he’s going to be a really fun and interesting person.

    Sandra Bullock has always weirdly been a part of my life because we have the same uncommon last name, and people always ask me if I’m related to her (I’m not, unless it’s verrrry distantly). And I can’t count how many times someone I’ve just met has slipped up and called me Sandra instead of Shannon.

    Anyway, I’ve always known what’s going on with her because people always mention her to me. I’m just so happy that she is healing and growing, and has this beautiful baby to focus on. Clearly she is happy, even if she’s also hurt. This is a lovely story and I wish her and Louis the best. I also hope they are given privacy.

    I do have a question, is his name supposed to be pronounced the French way (“Louie”) or the American way (“Louiss”)? Anybody know? I’ve been saying it as “Louie” in my mind because he’s named after Louis Armstrong and that’s how most people pronounce it when they talk about him.

    As far as the white lady adopting a black baby thing – Sandra has stated that New Orleans is his city, and he will grow up knowing it. This means she understands that African American culture is hugely important to the experience of a black child, and she’s going to make sure Louis has it available to him. Knowing that, I don’t think anyone has a place to criticize her for adopting a child from another race. A baby is a baby. Love is love. This kid will be well provided for his entire life, and never want for anything. His mother loves him unconditionally, so who are any of us to judge?

    I am open to adopting children some day, of any race. A child in need is a child in need. And I will make sure that child grows up knowing and having pride in his or her culture if it’s different from mine.

  56. jeannified says:

    She is quite a woman!

  57. Kim2 says:

    She was pd for cover

  58. dj says:

    I love her! I feel her authenticity. What comes across to me is that she still has love and appreciation for Jesse. She can see that he brought out positive things in her that she values even though she has been hurt by him. The baby is adorable and I am sure she will be a fierce mother. Congratulations and much love and joy.

  59. Red Folder says:

    All I can say is “awwwww”. That is one cute baby! And he does have so much personality all ready! He’s going to be one fun kiddo!

  60. Samantha says:

    Why do people keep saying she needs to clean her public image? She didn’t do anything wrong. Her husband was a sorry excuse for a human being, and she was sucked into his lies. Its happened to the best of us, that doesn’t mean she is like him. There is nothing to clean up. Only address the obvious since she doesn’t want to be hounded about it for 20 years. Now its out there and done, so lets move forward.

  61. Praise St. Angie! says:

    to Shannon #55…I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Bullock pronounces it “Louie” like Louis Armstrong.

    to TaylorB #53…

    “It is exciting to see a solid, brown poo.”

    that made me laugh SO hard!

  62. dubdub2000 says:

    @ Tess: well put.

    This is sooooo scripted, she probably got some of her screen writer friends to pair up with her PR peeps and handed the story over to People for publishing.

    Now of course she would have to explain why she’s suddenly gonna be out and about with a 3 month old baby who is on top of that black, but you know what, she could have gone the facebook or twitter route and just posted a picture, explained the situation and that was that.

    This over effort to appear sincere is just as obnoxious as when twathead Chris Brown was reading his scripted material apologizing. Except she’s a much better actress and can afford some much better writers. But anyway you look at it, it’s manipulative. A bris, really? why? If it weren’t manipulative they would have called that a circumcision.

    Not to say that she won’t be a great Mom. But this stinks of PRness. Plus really if the best male role model you got for your child is Jesse James and you insist on having him in your kids life + be a step mom to his kids once you’ve divorced (weird! yes I know they were close but those kids have mothers of their own), then maybe you haven’t learned much after all.

    To me she’s using Louis as a diversion, it’s: I’m gonna shock them with this kid so they concentrate their questions on that instead of on what a creep my husband was and how come I didn’t know about it. Allegedly.

    I used to really like her but all of this has really mad me loose a lot of respect for her.

  63. Chico says:

    I really admire her. She took the high road w/out badmouthing James, or poor-me pity parties for public sympathy. Her statements seem honest.

    Of course, her number one concern was for her kid, given the media vultures sitting outside her door when she had two big movies out, and an Oscar nomination. After the cheating scandal and racial pics, the world wanted an answer from her, and now, she gave it to them. But some people want to make her actions seem deceptive. Why?

    She has never been a media ho, so why accuse her of it now? I’ve never seen Bullock milk her relationships, break-ups or anything to the press. And she dated Mathew McCoughney (sorry can’t spell it)! She could have used him for all he was worth, but she didn’t. I’ve never seen Bullock pose nude, show up cuddling on the red carpet with co-stars, or talk about her exs, love, or sex life for PR. She’s a TRUE CLASS ACT and always has been. I give her the benefit of the doubt, unlike all those other Hollywood media hos out there.

  64. Dingles says:

    The “oh there you are” comment made me tear up. This is such an amazing woman.

  65. Ruffian9 says:

    dubdub2000: All this has made you like her LESS? Just, wow. I can’t possibly fathom who you might actually admire…nobody who’s in the public eye, clearly.

  66. daisyfly says:

    That “oh there you are” comment made me flash back to the scene in Hook, where the little boy takes Robin William’s face in his hands and searches his eyes for a minute, and then says those exact same words. That scene kills me every time, and to know that finding that person you’ve been searching for is always, always a joy.

    Kudos to Sandra for finding Louis, and kudos to Louis’ birth mother for letting him find Sandra.

  67. may says:

    What is up with here kissing JJ’s butt
    i think that there’s something she wants to keep private and they have a deal – he’s got something on her, she is not squeaky clean

    something is up ppl, come on, do’nt let them pull one over on u

  68. Mave says:

    I have always adored her and she has been the one actress I have ever said I loved. I don’t get into the hollywood obsession, but she always came across so real. I just know her life will continue to be blessed and what an amazing example of a human being all those kids are lucky and by the sounds of it so is she.

  69. Cindy says:

    Sandra is just like Angelina or JLo playing the hollywood PR game and if you want to be a star that’s just the way it is. I’ve never seen anything wrong with any celebrity selling their baby photos, it’s their child, their life and their right to do what they think is best. Sandra though has this I can do no wrong image, she gets nowhere near the criticism that Angelina or JLo got then they did the same thing in selling their baby photos to People or OK.

  70. gg says:

    I think events have honestly just worked out like this, which makes it that much more amazing. To minimize everything that’s happened to her since January as just a “melodrama”, is really … well, let’s just say maybe there’s a corncob stuck up in there somewhere tricky.

    She has a sterling, girl next door personality and everyone I’ve talked to in the business about her that has either worked directly with her or knows of people who have, absolutely loves her, and I’m nowhere remotely near LA.

    How anybody can pooh-pooh this story is beyond me. Learn to find some joy in your lives, nay-sayers. Good things happen, and not everybody has a dastardly angle they’re working.

  71. lin234 says:

    The interview is so perfectly worded that I can see why some people think it smells too much like a pr ploy. But Sandra didn’t adopt a baby overnight nor did she predict she’d be in the mist of a major scandal concerning her husband so soon after an Oscar win. She applied years ago and this adorable baby came into her life before any whiff of a scandal. While this was a complete surprise to everyone, this baby is her silver lining and she deserves have this happiness in her life despite everything else that came crashing down around her.

    Any interview Sandra did she knew millions of people around the world would read and analyze her every word. I don’t blame her if she consulted her PR people, friends, family to come up with the perfect answers to each question. This is the biggest gossip right now and it only makes sense that anyone in her position would want to make sure she comes off alright. And quite frankly, she doesn’t need to work another day in her life she chooses not to so I don’t see how this interview really impacts her life in a big way. It’s just her way of telling people she’s going to be ok and not to feel sorry for her. I have a feeling she’s going to take a few years off to raise her kid and then come back when she finds a role worth taking.

    The interview was a perfect balance of love, hope, and kindness towards everyone involved. I’m going to choose to see the positive in this story. Go Sandra!

  72. Scout says:

    @lin234 – well said! I’m in your camp!

  73. Chico says:

    I LOVE the comments about this child. AS IF Sandra knew this scandal would break, and presto!, she just happened to have a CUTE BABY on-hold to create the perfect PR diversion. Do they have a “BUY-A-Baby/It’s PR GOLD!” business? Yes, everything that’s happened is strange, but I seriously doubt, Sandra pulled a cute baby out of a hat for this occasion. ;-) Seriously . . .

  74. Sonya says:

    I’ve always admired Sandy B (especially since her line in While You Were Sleeping re: flat chestedness). I love that she’s so modest about her beauty. Even with the financial means, she’s not given into altering herself physically. Someone loved her enough to tell her she was fine just as she is.
    We admire celebrites too much and our expections are just as absurd yet… here is someone with talent and true honesty who seems to be thankful for her luck.

    Good luck to you Sandra. God bless you for adopting an American child. He is lucky to have a mother who will love him so. Love him with the same security you were given & he’ll avoid that “altering” madness.

  75. ogechi says:

    I learnt a lot reading this interview.I LOVE THIS WOMAN not just becos she is classy but becos again she is a pillar and a role model…But u know, all bad ends well.

  76. Kelaa Khaa says:

    I think Tess and Dubdub2000 make good points and maybe dubdub is admiring of someone wholesomely good who is not in the public eye? I am skeptical because the good people I know are under the radar and some of the rottenest ones I have known tout their goodness via attention or “fame.”

  77. K McFarlane says:

    For the most part I think it’s a classy interview and she sounds like she’s loving motherhood. But I hated that line about supporting Jesse’s “recovery”. Being an unfaithful jerk is not a disease and it’s not something you “recover” from.

    I still don’t quite get why the baby had to be a secret in the first place but maybe she thought that otherwise it would look like she’d done it for the publicity and to improve her Oscar chances – in that context, I get it.

  78. JB says:

    May Jesse James regret his infidelity for the rest of his life. May Sandra find happiness with a real man.

  79. nancy says:

    I person who does what Jesse did doesn’t have regrets, and he’ll never change.
    As for Sandra Good luck! I wish you all the happiness, enjoy your special bundle,

  80. jen says:

    Most people are concerned