Lance Armstrong expecting his fifth child with girlfriend Anna Hansen


That one ball had a lot of juice left in it, right? Ugh. Too much? My bad. Lance Armstrong is expecting his fifth child! Congratulations to him and his child minions. Lance has three children with his ex-wife Kristin, and this will be his second child with his current girlfriend Anna Hansen. Lance announced the news by starting a new Twitter account for the baby called “CincoArmstrong”. Which actually made me chuckle. Here’s more:

Congrats are in order for cycling champ Lance Armstrong: he’s expecting his fifth child!

The 38-year-old athlete and girlfriend Anna Hansen will welcome their second child together this October.

Armstrong announced the news in a novel way: by creating a Twitter account for the unborn kid, “Cincoarmstrong.”

The baby’s first entries: “I got 2 arms, 2 legs, a nickname, and [I’m] 2 inches long. See y’all in October…I’m now the size of a lemon, 3.5 inches long, and weigh 1.5 ounces. And oh yeah, I’m on Twitter.”

Added the child’s dad via his own Twitter. “What to say? Yet another blessing in our lives. I cannot wait!”

The athlete then confirmed the news to his hometown paper, the Austin-American Statesmen. The future child’s future name could be Jack or Olivia, the paper reports.

Armstrong and Hansen welcomed son Maxwell Edward 10 months ago. The Tour de France winner and cancer survivor has three kids with ex-wife Kristin: 8-year old twin girls Isabelle and Grace and son Luke, 11.

[From Us Weekly]

Correct me if I’m wrong, anybody, but wasn’t one of the biggest rumors regarding Lance’s split with Sheryl Crow that she wanted a baby and he wasn’t that interested? Right? I remember hearing that a lot, and it always struck me as weird that he jumps into another relationship and starts having babies. Strange. But whatever, he seems thrilled that he’s going to be a father for the fifth time, so God bless.

 Lance Armstrong and pregnant girlfriend Anna Hansen hold hands as they are driven home

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CYCLING - Murcia Tour 2010

Header photo: Lance & Anna at The Elysee Palace on March 22, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. JustMe says:

    I’m tired of all these people having babies out of wedlock… I’m tired of it.

    It’s so PC to say that the marriage doesn’t matter, only love matters, but as a kid who was raised in that kind of situation and who knows a lot of other people who were raised in that kind of situation… we all agree, it sucks, and these people who do it are immature, selfish, a**holes!

    Bottom line, if you are in a relationship you are so unsure of that you can’t get married, DON’T HAVE KIDS!!!

  2. maya says:

    Lance has a lot of kids.

  3. I should be working says:

    *cackling to myself* No, Kaiser, it wasn’t too much. You said what we all were thinking.

  4. Lisa says:

    “That one ball had a lot of juice left it in, right?”. Haha love it!

  5. Sumodo1 says:

    Good one, Kaiser. But, I thought that his ex-wife claimed ownership of his frozen sperm. What ever happened to that lawsuit?

    Is it true that he has swimmers again?

  6. nanster says:

    Kaiser, you only said what we all were thinking!

  7. Embee says:

    I read his book “It’s Not About the Bike” and in it he wrote that he wanted, like, 9 kids or something. He’s well on his way, it seems.

    Don’t know about the Sheryl Crow breakup but it does seem that the “she wanted a baby” rationale was very Anniston-esque (woman in her late 30’s or 40’s MUST have been hounding that young buck for his sperm!) and thus less than credible, IMO.

    In his book and in interviews he comes across as completely self-absorbed and childish; if I had to guess that was the problem between him and the apparently self-aware Ms. Crow.

  8. jeannified says:

    Man, I’ll bet Sheryl Crow hates his guts!!!

  9. LindyLou says:

    Men can be fickle creatures. I’ve heard this same story many times – man leaves longtime love for a new fling and suddenly starts having babies after not wanting to have them with first woman. I guess there was something about Sheryl that didn’t say baby mama to Lance. Maybe he didn’t want his offspring to inherit Sheryl’s poor fashion sense…

  10. Missmilly says:

    this guy makes me wanna puke

  11. SolitaryAngel says:

    HAHA Kaiser! I was thinking, goddamn! that one ball is really working OVERTIME… you cracked me up!

  12. mel says:

    Maybe that was his way of wanting out of the relationship with Cheryl Crowe…saying he didnt want kids and then turn around and have two with his current gf.

  13. anon says:

    I’m so there with you ‘Just Me’. Interesting to see the social ramifications of the critical mass we’ve reached with the one parent family…i mean it. It will have a great effect on society, just no idea exactly how yet..

    Lance is a tool, sorry for bursting Lance lover bubbles here. I LIVE in Austin, have seen Lance out and about, at ‘work’ trolling for the young co eds, sending his people over to pick them up, just gross and he’s cheesy. And yet heis lionized here like no other. I enjoy a leisurely bike ride here and there around Ladybird Lake and all over town but I cannot count how many times these Livestrong uber bike douches have almost run me over hahah.. They LOVE the Lance and he’s their god. He’s a great athlete but a tool personally from many sources (and I’ve overheard more amazing stories from service staff @ 6th street too on Lance trolling detail.. too funny)

    That said, meh. His account for his fetus is tacky. He had the dorkiest twitters for his other kid with this girlfriend (like ‘SUP! I’m CHILLIN’ on a private plane…type stuff. Just totally awkward and dorky not even funny) so skeevy. Lance’s ex wife seems like a sweetheart though. Other people @ Austin have commented she is darling.

  14. lucy2 says:

    Well, if that’s the case, Sheryl’s better off without him. Some people just aren’t meant to be together, and they both seem happy now, she has her son and he has these kids.
    Though the cynic in me wouldn’t be surprised if he eventually moved on from this woman too, he seems to like the ladies (and Matthew McConaughey).

  15. Shannon says:

    Having kids in a marriage is no guarantee that the marriage will last though. Half of all marriages end in divorce. So I don’t think “having babies out of wedlock” is the problem here.

  16. Lisa says:

    Anon: I live in Austin also and have heard some of the same things about Lance. I also have to note how amusing it is to me when I see someone here wearing a “LIVESTRONG” wrist band whilst smoking a cigarette.

  17. girl says:

    Maybe he and SC differed on whether babe should be bio or adopted? I don’t know.

    I kind of agree with Just Me. I think it is fair to ask what the long term ramifications will be for this trend of out of wedlock births. In the celebrity community, people are generally okay financially. For the rest of us, it seems to more often than not lead to poverty.

  18. Wow says:

    I’ve always got the feeling that when couples break up and then the guy has a kid with the next girlfriend – it usually boils down to the guy wanting kids but just not with the previous woman. That’s the vibe I got from the whole Sheryl & Lance thing. Sheryl adopted the cutest lil boy though back then.

    I’m surprise Kate Hudson didn’t have a kid with him.

  19. meme says:

    another twittering twat. some think it’s bad luck to have a baby shower before the baby comes. i wonder how they look at giving a fetus it’s own twitter account? lance is a one balled moron.

  20. whateva says:

    wrong. when dudes want out they dont know why, and dont care who they rebound to… they want a FRESH start cuz theyre unable to articulate what their hangups are… thus they cheat and f*ck things up as a way out & say ‘i dont know what i want’, etc. etc.
    Like clockwork they then jump headfirst into the next one and play house. its cuz they’re weak, actually

  21. Oenix says:

    #18 – My feelings exactly

    “When couples break up and the guy impregnates the next girlfriend – it often means he wanted kids but not with the ex”

    The sad part is that they’ve waisted the ex’ time because of the dishonesty. And she spends a lot of time questioning herself “what’s wrong with me?”. Nothing sweetie, you’re just not the one for ME.

    And instead of thanking God for dodging a bullet, she goes on wondering “What does she have than I don’t?”

    It can be a vicious cycle but Sheryl moved on fairly quickly. Good for HER!

  22. kili says:

    I Loathe this pig, lance Armstrong what a major d!ck head.

  23. nanster says:

    Anna Hansen looks like another member of the Swedish bikini team, along with Elin Nordegren and Princess Madeline. Does this mean that Lance is going to cheat, too? I hope not – I’ve had my fill of cheating stories!

  24. kili says:

    It is not like he is even around for the kids he allready has, why have more, yeah he pulls them out when he wins a race for pics, but the rest of the time his is playing with his girl toy of the yr and playing on his bike, what a loser dad.

  25. anon says:

    Also @ Lisa- in Austin you’ve probably noticed everyone and their cousin moving here lately (hello HELL TRAFFIC) and I swear these bike races and stuff they have downtown to block off traffic, etc drive me nuts. Ugh! Trek all ya want just not in the main part of the city? Please? I swear when a Livestrong jerseyed guy almost killed me (no exaggeration) by riding into my head as I bent to tie a shoe (my infant in a stroller next to me)all bets were off.

  26. lilred says:

    If you ask me I think Sheryl Crow dodged a HUGE bullet there.

  27. Crash2GO2 says:

    He definitely has a type, doesn’t he?

    I agree, Cheryl dodged a big bullet with him.

  28. Christine says:

    I don’t think he thought he was capable of fathering a kid without a procedure. When it happened naturally with Anna it was a happy accident and he just went with it. I’m sure his ego loved the fact his guys were still swimming after all that chemo and radiation.

    Love to hear the perspective from people in Austin, interesting!!!

  29. Wisteria says:

    Her smiles look fake and from the reports of what he acts like, I’m sure they’re fake for a good reason.

  30. JJ says:

    To #1 Just Me: I agree! I was raised by a single mom, and believe me, it sucks!!! People can say it’s not the issue and all that, but is IS an important issue that people should be more careful about.

    Yes, divorce sucks too, but from the kid’s perspective, it really does help knowing your parents at least cared enough to get married in the first place. And it’s a lot easier for the dads to be deadbeats when there’s no marriage certificate.

  31. Jeri says:

    another twitter twat

  32. GatsbyGal says:

    Austin is turning into a living hell thanks to this douche. Every biker thinks they’re Lance Armstrong. You’ll see them riding on the sides of the fucking freeway, down roads that have no bike lanes, grinding cars to a halt while they try to move over into the next lane to avoid hitting them. It’s a nightmare.

    And also, everyone in Austin knows that Lance Armstrong is a complete dick. He is NOT a nice man. He’s a elitist tool. I’ve heard countless stories of him treating waitstaff in Austin like crap…one specific incident of, when being told he’d have to wait for a table, telling the hostess he was going to get her fired. He’s an absolute jackass and nobody here likes him except for other jackasses.

  33. TG says:

    @mel and Oenix – I completely agree! And Cheryl is the lucky one to be out of that jerks life. I admire Lance for his perseverence but not for anything else.

    And I am offended by all these comments about one testicle. Cancer is a very serious thing and Lance nearly died from it and there are many other people in this situation. It doesn’t make you less of a man to have one testicle.

  34. Beth says:

    As far as Sheryl is concerned, the keyword is rumored. I don’t think either of them said why they brokeup so nobody knows what happened. Maybe I made an assumption but I thought Lance was sterile because of the cancer and surgery.

  35. L says:

    Yea, he’s a jerk-he’s been one for years. (ever since the Motorola days from before he had cancer), but man oh man could that man ride a bike. We are big pro cycling tour fans in our house, and watching him race in the Tour De France during his prime was just amazing. Have a good team helped of course, but man-he was good.

    Actually now that I think of it, with maybe the exception of George Hincapie and the some of upcoming generation-most pro cyclists are jerks. Alberto Contador, Fabian Cancelarra, Cadel Evans, Tom “I like to snort coke in the off-season” Boonen, Mark Cavendish etc all douchebags. Maybe it’s a pro cycling thing. My personal favorite right now? Thor Hushovd. Because his name kicks ass.

  36. Iggles says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, anybody, but wasn’t one of the biggest rumors regarding Lance’s split with Sheryl Crow that she wanted a baby and he wasn’t that interested? Right? I remember hearing that a lot, and it always struck me as weird that he jumps into another relationship and starts having babies.

    You’re right, that was the rumor.

    Because of that I will always hate him. She wasted precious time in early 40s with this loser. It’s unforgiveable, what a douche!

    Anyway, I’m so happen for Sheryl that she adopted a baby and is a mother.

  37. bellaluna says:

    I’ve always thought he was an asshole, and it sounds like I’m correct. I’ve never liked him, especially after what he did to Sheryl Crow. He was such a waste of her time.

    It’s nice to hear from those who agree that marriage before children is beneficial to the children. I think those who choose not to marry and still have children are just trying to fool themselves into thinking there’s no harm done to their children. It tends to make them feel better about themselves, thinking it’s not detrimental to their children that they chose not to marry. I wonder how many actually bother to ask their children how they feel…

    Having one ball doesn’t make you less of a man – abandoning your wife (#1) & children, who have stood by you through your career and cancer treatment, for someone else (#2); then abandoning HER (#2) for another someone else (#3), who you then have children with, after telling #2 you don’t want any more children – THAT makes you less of a man. (And I’m not even adding Kate Hudson to the equation.)

  38. Aitch says:

    wow his wife Kristin went through a major laborious process to get preggo.

    And yeah, Sheryl’s biological clock was running down and I Think he didn’t want to be a Dad with her.
    I guess this woman is a Swedish model or something.

  39. Anj says:

    I AM SICK!

    Of people having babies out of wedlock as a person above stated.

    and even more sicker when u have a child with gf while having ex wife and child ..let alone 2.

    Sheeeeeesh i cant such such weirdos.

    and isnt this that cyclist guy whose book some nerds used to read….hahaha he looks like a PERVERT Asshole.

  40. Sunnyjyl says:

    A friend on the biking circuit shared with me what an awful human being Lance is.
    Also, I thought I’d read somewhere that he had frozen his sperm before his cancer treatments, and that is what they were using to conceive.

  41. TG says:

    @bellaluna – I 100% agree with you and everyone else on this site and am glad others have similar family values too. I think the problem is people just marry for the wrong reasons or on a whim and don’t think it thru or want to make the committment to make it work. Because as we know there are a ton of divorces out there with children involved. I just wonder what goes thru somebody’s mind when they decide this is the one.

  42. Aspen says:

    and everyone just expects the kids to roll with the parental drama. They’re supposed to be “just great” with mom hopping from man to man or daddy hopping from woman to woman…and all the new kids made in all these relationships.

    The kids should really just shut up because mommy and daddy have a RIGHT to be happy.

  43. Aspen says:

    The fact that these two feel totally safe and self-satisfied posing in public shows how little our society values honorable behavior or the welfare of children.

  44. bellaluna says:

    @ TG – I honestly think people believe marriages/spouses are as disposable as almost everything else in our disposable society. People like to focus on the romantic side of marriage, not the laborious side. It takes hard work to make a marriage work, and if both sides don’t agree to put in the effort, it isn’t going to work. There is no shortcut to a good marriage.

    Before my husband and I got engaged, we agreed that we were not going to get divorced; we wanted to grow old together and watch our grandchildren play in our yard. If both parties don’t want the same things, it will not work. It’s also a good idea to discuss one another’s expectations of what marriage means, as well as what is acceptable in a marriage and what is not. It may save heartache later.

  45. Tru says:

    She’s gonna keep popping out illegitimate kids until he marries her, she is determined. WOW

    always kidSSS before marriage now, its sad!

  46. JustMe says:

    Hate him… that’s all.

  47. ziggy says:


  48. canadianchick says:

    Ole’ one ball. She looks like Carrie Prejean,no?

  49. tina says:

    she is even more boring and white-bread looking than jennifer aniston. eww. tastes stale.

  50. Shay says:

    As if being married will make any difference (to some of the above responses). This dude was married and he still was a jerk-off. Marriage isn’t instant coffee. It doesn’t instantly alter a person’s personality.
    The fake smile of his girlfriend in the main picture made me laugh. I wonder how long he’ll last with her.
    Professional athletes aren’t renowned for their intelligence.

  51. K McFarlane says:

    With him and Sheryl, I always got the impression that she wanted kids then, at that moment, before she got too old presumably. And maybe they were having issues and she thought a child would cement their relationship. If he had some doubts about the relationship or didn’t think they were at that point, it would be the sensible thing to hold off. I don’t hold that against him. You don’t know what happens between other people. I think hating him because of “what he did to Sheryl” is pretty silly when you don’t know what the true story is.

  52. GatsbyGal says:

    @ K McFarlane – Who hates him for only that reason, though? There’s like 50 reasons to hate this guy’s guts, just take your pick.

  53. Kitten says:

    The posts about Austin are pretty entertaining. I’m picturing armies of Lance lookalikes sweeping across the city of Austin like an infestation, speeding around and knocking people over, grid-locking traffic and tipping poorly at local eateries.

    Anyway, that sounds like a drag about Austin. I’ve heard it’s a great city so it’s a shame that One Ball is ruining everything.

  54. K McFarlane says:

    @GatsbyGal – see post #36. Some people, evidently.

    I think hating him is a bit strong anyway. Yes he’s an bona fide arrogant jerk, but he’s also inspired a lot of people to take up exercise and/or get through cancer treatment and he doesn’t act like half the prima donna some other cyclists do. There’s good and bad in most of us.

  55. Kelaa Khaa says:

    If LA is an elitist ass who is rude to waitstaff maybe his moniker should be douchestrong?

  56. crazydaisy says:

    puke puke puke on lance

  57. Kim says:

    What is it about him that just bugs everyone? his huge ego I guess.

  58. Kim says:

    Plenty of married people are horrendous, abusive parents. Being good parents has absolutely nothing to do with being married.

  59. greg says:

    Arrested development in my opinion. LA has never grown up and now that he’s a celebrity, he’s never going to.