Angelina Jolie refused invitations to meet Pres. Obama


This is the strangest story. According to PopEater’s gossip guy, Angelina Jolie was invited to this weekend’s Correspondents’ dinner in Washington, but she refused to come. That in an of itself isn’t strange – after all, Angelina is still filming in Venice, and who really wants to leave Brad Pitt, your kids and Johnny Depp to sit in a crowded Washington ballroom and listen to Justin Bieber jokes? No, what’s strange is that PopEater claims Angelina has been invited to the annual dinner many times, and she always refuses because “she would rather spend her time helping those who really need it rather than sitting, drinking champagne and laughing at bad jokes in a fancy DC ballroom.” Eh… I mean, sure. I guess I believe that could be her thought process. Here’s more:

While it seemed that most of Hollywood and Washington mingled together this weekend at the White House Correspondents Dinner headlined by President Obama, sources tell me that the world’s biggest movie starlet, Angelina Jolie, once again passed on attending.

“Angelina is always invited by several media outlets to sit at their table, but she always refuses,” a friend of the actress told me. “Angie is filming in Europe at the moment, but that isn’t the reason she didn’t attend. She didn’t go because on her weekends off she would rather spend her time helping those who really need it rather than sitting, drinking champagne and laughing at bad jokes in a fancy DC ballroom.”

Jolie, who is a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) ambassador, recently traveled to Bosnia with partner Brad Pitt to meet with those displaced by the Bosnian war that ended 15 years ago.

“Angie doesn’t judge other celebrities for wanting to rub shoulders with President Obama,” who she slammed in an open letter for “It’s just she is just someone who thinks your actions are more important than words,” reports a close friend.

Point taken, Angelina. But aren’t we all allowed one night off to laugh?

[From PopEater]

So…yes, I could see how Angelina would get on her high horse and be like “I’m not going to go to a social occasion with these people, I would rather be in a refugee camp.” But these are people who actually do the voting and the allocating and the signing for a lot of junk Angelina really cares about. She’s done the Washington glad-handing tour before, always for refugees or some kind of international children’s issue. So why would she refuse the Correspondents’ dinner invite? It would be a great opportunity for her to talk to senators and representatives who need a better a better education on the issues she cares about.

The other theory I have about this – if it’s true – is that Angelina has never endorsed any candidate for office, and maybe she thinks that she’ll be seen as a Hollywood party hack if she goes? That could be it.

By the way, these are photos of Angelina filming in Venice over the weekend. The dude who is staring at her with so much affection (love? desire? attraction?) is her director, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. Awesome ‘fro, Florian.



Angelina and Florian in Venice on May 1, 2010. Also, some older photos of Angelina in Washington in November 2005, with Senator Richard Luger (R- Indiana). Credit: WENN.

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  1. irishserra says:

    Did she refuse or did she decline? There is a difference.

  2. jeannified says:

    Hmmm…I wonder if that is it…that she fears she’d been seen as a Hollywood party hack. She didn’t go with Brad, when he went to see Obama’s acceptance speech. Maybe she was a Hillary supporter. I’m sure her father is happy that she didn’t go!

  3. nenasiek says:

    i think youre right, she problably doesnt want to #endorse” someone publicly. i like her hair(=

  4. jen says:

    this story is bullsh .

  5. meme says:

    For this, even I who cannot stand her, gives Angelina credit. Kim Kardassian was invited!!!!!! WTF for? And Angelina doesn’t like Obama, for which I also begrudgingly give her HUGE KUDOS!

  6. Sudini says:

    Ugh, she just takes herself entirely too seriously (whether or not this story is true).

  7. LindyLou says:

    Flying back and forth from Europe and killing most of the weekend? Meh. I don’t blame her for passing on the party. Maybe she wanted to hang out with her kids instead.

  8. lisa says:

    Why is this even news. Is she the ONLY person who didn’t go that was invited. SHE has never gone to these events. NEVER and she has never publicize or endorsed any candidate.. her right.. her choice..

    gosh everything she does or in this case does not do is made into some big non story.. Damn I am a fan.. but the obsession over her is just unreal..

    Plus she knows enought high power people that if she wanted to see or talk to Obama it would happen. Yes she does roll like that..

  9. lin234 says:

    Meh people like Speidi and Kim Kardashian have been the type of people invited to the White House Correspondents’ dinner. They’ll take any pseudo-celebrity willing to boost their name in public.

  10. canadianchick says:

    I read she is anti-Obama, didn’t she recently write an article criticizing his foreign policy?

  11. kelbear says:

    I don’t blame her. I wouldn’t go either if I was invited.

  12. Kaiser says:

    Seth – She didn’t make any contributions. She doesn’t endorse candidates, she doesn’t donate money to campaigns.

    Now, Brad does.

  13. candi says:

    Firstly, he’s not staring at her at all.
    He’s looking past the nose of the boat and slightly down and in the third one, completely past her head…off into space. Possibly listening to someone or musing to himself.
    ‘Looking at her with love and affection’ !


    Also, isn’t she, if not Republican than Libertarian? She has never made a public statement about her political affiliations but would you in liberal Hollywood?

    ‘looking at her with love and affection’ Seriously. That kills me.


  14. Wow! She has serious forehead vein!

  15. the other mel says:

    I think it’s to her credit that there is at least one major star in Hollywood that isn’t trying to force their politcal agenda down our throats and who refuses to rub elbows with politicians or try to gain influence or power by doing so. She’s right. Actions speak louder than words.

  16. Lauren says:

    wasn’t there an article a while back about how she doesn’t like (I think the article used stronger words) Obama? I mean, that seemed at that time kind of extreme but maybe she just doesn’t like the guy.

  17. bellaluna says:

    So what…

  18. simplicity says:

    It doesn’t serve her career and media image, she doesn’t attend.

    No hesitation on party’s during awards season.

  19. JLM says:

    @Lauren: If the story is true, it says she’s declined multiple years, so I doubt it has something specifically to do with Obama.

    But, why is not wanting to go to this “getting on your high horse?” It’s a silly event, and everyone knows it. Hell, the media even calls it “nerdprom.” If she doesn’t want to go, why should she, just to be seen? It’s not like she NEEDS more publicity…

  20. Scout says:

    I believe this for sure. It is so like the woman she appears to be – or at least wants us to think she is. (I am never sure with her, ya know?)

    Regarding her taking herself too seriously, I sort of agree but then again, if I had every move I make, every facial expression, every thing I do examined under a microscope by the world, I have to wonder if I would not have the same problem. Is that her fault or the media and the public? Just thinking out loud…

    Now, what really anoys the hell out of me is to learn that Kim K. was invited to the freakin’ white house – WTF!!!!??? ( and I try not to use vulgarities, even in code, but this warrants it!)

  21. Chico says:

    Maybe, it’s also b/c her dad is VERY anti-Obama, and she wants to keep the crazy to a minimum w/in the family. As someone who has die-hard Republicans in the family, I ALSO avoid politics at all costs. Otherwise, it’s an hour-long, drawn-out grudge match with everyone’s feelings getting hurt. UGH

  22. voiceover says:

    If she really believes the mantra “actions speak louder than words”, then there are a few things in her personal/professional life she should probably reconsider. I call bull on this story. The only reason she’d dislike obama is probably because she sees herself as more important than obama. They’re all narcissists. Just my opinion.

  23. voiceover says:

    @chico–I’m sorry! The same thing happens to me, so I also avoid politics in all dinner conversation!

  24. YT says:

    I go along with she declined. Why should she fly from Venice for an opportunity to mingle with C-list and D-list Hollywood types mixed with media types and politicians? She is busy with work and family. Besides, she is invited every year, and no one expects her to accept. There must be many other A-listers who decline an invitation to this dinner.

  25. Missfit says:

    Well who knows what the real story is to behind as to why she wouldn’t go. It doesn’t automatically mean she’s “full of herself” before people insinuate and make assumptions in what they don’t know. Maybe she doesn’t feel like she should go just to gain more “publicity” or “popularity” for meeting him. She is known for her humanitarian work and good for her, she’s truly a good soul and good person. So if her ambassador shown, people will say it’s just “for show” but if she doesn’t show it, people will say she isn’t “doing enough.” Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t, there’s no win win for her. Then if people like the Kardashian and Heidi were invited (as some people said), then it’s pointless for her to go. She literally deserves to meet a president, but not after other talentless people were invited. What’s there to show? What’s she’s done already speaks for itself instead of going to the white house.

  26. Kim says:

    Oprah gets invited every year and never attends too. If she has been invited several times I guess she is anti-Bush too

  27. RonPaul2012 says:

    I am soooo sick of all these celebrities always making point of their political views. Maybe she doesn’t care about supporting Obama? and just because she has a famous face doesn’t mean she should support Obama. her father is John Voight and he probably did influence her political opinions in some fashion.
    Plus her and I share the same birthday, June 4th and I can’t stand Obama. As a business and PS major, I have studied politics enough to know this man is far worse than BUSH. He is running this country into the ground with all his spending.

  28. Seth says:


    Kim you just broke new -Oprah is anti-Obama, SHE REFUSED TO MEET WITH OBAMA!!!

  29. Seth says:


    I noticed you removed my posts, so I a’m thinking that you wanted me to post an actual link that proves Angelina Jolie contributed the maximum to Obama campaign, so here it is:

  30. Dallas says:

    I wouldn’t sit in the same room with BO so, as much as I loathe this woman, I have to say kudos!

  31. Kaiser says:

    Seth, That’s not Angelina Jolie. That’s some person who lives in San Francisco named Angie Jolie who donated.

    I have no idea what point you’ve been trying to make, but if you continue, you will be banned.

  32. Kim says:

    She doesnt like Obama. Especially when it comes to foreign policy. Angelina doesnt like his foeign policies in the Sudan & other places. He is all talk and no action and she gets this.

  33. lucy2 says:

    I would assume she declined due to her filming schedule, they’d hardly shut down a big production because just she wanted to go to DC.
    Plus who knows what “media outlets” invited her? I wouldn’t be too eager to be affiliated with some of them. After all, these media outlets are the same ones inviting morons like Kim K!
    I do not like most things about Angelina, but even someone who does not like her can see that this is blown out of proportion to make a story where there is none.

  34. carrie says:

    he’s not enough famous for her!

  35. Kim says:

    This is not a state dinner this is pure fluff.Spedie was invited one year

  36. di butler says:

    The WHCD is NOT a place where people who make laws and policies hang out. It is where a bunch of newsies and pseudo-“celebrities” get together to try and show (journos) the (stars) how hip and cool they are. It’s not called NerdProm for nothing. My sister has gone to several with her job, she is a nobody as far as name recognition goes, and she even thinks it’s pretty lame. AngJo is correct in thinking it is a waste of her time.

  37. lolo says:

    I hate her hair. It’s not a good look for her.

  38. anon says:

    CONGRATS to her for not wanting to sit around and titter at lame jokes when serious shit is happening. Gulf burning? Arizona protests and horrendous tension over there? Etc, etc. No bullshit for her, this makes me like her more. Bravo for going against the La la land lemming grain. And seeing Leno’s speech- GAG. So fake. The whole thing was onanism. She does her own thing and good for her.

  39. lisa says:

    She has said she is registered as an Independent..

    regarding her father. he has been out of her life more than in.. so I really doubt if he has or does have any influence on her political views. She has been doing her UN work for almost 10 years. So she has come in contact with a few political leaders.

    She has NEVER spoken against Any President.. something I remember Anderson Cooper noting in an interivew she did sometime in 2007.

    And she is working in VENICE.. that movie has a schedule. Why in the world would she need to travel back to the US to dress up and listen to stupid jokes.

    Especially when you have NEVER attended in the past anyway. Where is the headline on Oprah not going.. Why is it a big deal about Angie.

  40. bros says:

    there were barely any A-listers at the correspondent’s party. they were all c or B-. im not surprised she didnt show.

  41. TG says:

    @YT – I’m with you. I saw a list and pictures of all those C-Listers attending, I wouldn’t attend either if I was a big time celeb. Why do they let those nobodies even come? Why didn’t I get an invitation then? I am a nobody too. LOL

  42. Kelly says:

    Why should she have to go?

  43. jc126 says:

    I like Obama, and I still wouldn’t want to go to that Correspondents dinner, not with Jay Leno as the comedian. Maybe Stephen Colbert or somebody really funny, but Leno bombed, as I expected he would.

  44. Miranda Ann says:

    bros,I was about to ask the same thing; were there any A-listers at this thing at all? I don’t remember seeing any listed. I’ve always thought this thing was just another boring night in D.C. and most real celebrities avoided it and the only reason it got any PR at all was because every media outlet is there. If Obama wants to see Angelina he can invite her to a state dinner. She might go to one of those.

  45. Miranda Ann says:

    jc126, didn’t Colbert bomb last year, or the year before? I remember seeing a youtube thing and how embarrassing he was. But Leno was probably even more unfunny.

  46. Melanie says:

    She was probably too seductive for Obama. If I were Michelle I would not want her sucking the hot out of my man!

  47. jc126 says:

    The consensus on Colbert, as I recall, was that the conservatives were mortified at his humor, and the liberals were cracking up. Jon Stewart congratulated him on his massive cojones. So I guess it depended on which side of the political aisle you’re on, lol.
    BTW, I always cringe at the thought of this dinner. It’s bound to tick off somebody, unless you do a safe routine, and that’s usually unfunny, like how they’re criticizing Leno for his “edgy as a Bob Hope USO routine” (can’t recall where I read that.)
    Plus, usually when non-comedians try to do jokes, it’s cringe-worthy. We have a local St. Pat’s day breakfast where local pols crack jokes, and it’s deathly to watch.

  48. Lilias says:

    Who really cares? I mean, she didn’t go.

    Has the world stopped turning?

    She doesn’t like Obama-I doubt she’s liked ANY president, she seems rather apolitical. I think she doesn’t trust politicians as a whole because they tend to be just empty suits gunning for what will get them reelected i.e. money for their state/district. They don’t think about anyone but themselves and I believe are very very selfish.

    Anyway, why is this non-story being repeated? A bunch of other A-listers probably didn’t show up as well. How is she more important than the others?

  49. Julie says:

    I get the feeling that AJ is more conservative than people think. When she made the movie with Clint Eastwood a few years back, I seem to recall someone asking her how they could get along with differing political views. Eastwood is well known to be a Republican. In fact I believe he was elected Mayor of Carmel, CA as a Republican. Angie replied that she and Clint agreed on more than people thought. I also recall her making other negative comments about the President. Perhaps she is more in tuned with her father, politically at least, than people think as well.

    BTW-Colbert didn’t bomb. He was brilliant.

  50. Trillion says:

    Colbert was sort of a hidden gem before the dinner. After that, he became giant. I think A.J. thinks she’ll have better influence if she endorses ideas/projects rather than politicians. Good call.

  51. Bella Mosley says:

    And in doing so she always gets a little extra press, right?

  52. Scout says:

    @ melanie – funny – that thought crossed my mind, as well! 🙂

  53. Beth says:

    Shocker, another story for the sole purpose of bashing Angelina. This story is probably fake. First of all she didn’t refuse to meet with the President, she refused an invitation from a media outlet to attend a dinner. People who go to the correspondent’s dinner don’t meet with him. They’re just in the same room as him. Also I don’t recall Angelina showing up at random events. She usually goes to these type of events only if somebody she knows is being honored or as Brad’s date. Also this isn’t a major event. If you look at the guestlist for the last few years it’s almost all c and d-listers. Angelina would look really out of place showing up. Also saying that Angelina could talk about policies and make connections is laughable. This dinner is so politicians can say they met celebrities and celebrities can say they met the President. Angelina is A-list enough that she could meet any politician anytime she wants. Why is Angelina attacked when other A-listers like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Bono, etc didn’t attend. I’m sure they were invited too.

  54. becky says:

    I knew I liked her….

  55. Kim says:

    I know she is pro capital punishment she mentioned it in an interview during the the press for Wanted. She said she and Brad differ on that issue. It was an interview when she mentioned she would kill an intruder

  56. Trillion says:

    I totally believe she’d kill an intruder. But first she’d play with them, like my cat does before she offs the poor mouse.

  57. e-non says:

    her ‘high horse’ … oh please — point out where she declined an invitation to meet the president.

    she declined invitations to one of the lamest circle jerk events this side of hollywood awards shows. jay leno … rich little … and the hissyfit following steven colbert’s appearance.

  58. jc126 says:

    I could only hazard a guess at her political beliefs. I would guess that *possibly* based on her work with refugees, she may favor more military “humanitarian” missions. On the other hand, maybe she thinks that would be futile – it’s such an impossible thing to go around doing these rescue missions all the time, militarily. Or at least it’s nearly impossible to rebuild somebody else’s nation, and they’re always going to need the help if (for example) a country was to go in and bomb the crap out of some faction.

  59. Leticia says:

    If this report is true, then I have tremendous respect for her, for using her money and time to actually accomplish things, instead of just giving lip service and taking credit, like some of the celebrities who show up to these events.

  60. EB says:

    I just want to let folks know that this WHCD has NOTHING to do with the White House. The party is thrown by the White House Correspondents and it is held at the Hilton (I believe). So it’s not a state function. It’s just a party for journalists to hob nob with celebs – and that’s why the guest list was so schizo.

    I can’t say that I care what Jolie does with her time, per se so no comment on this article. Just wanted to shed some light.

  61. Balcanian girl says:

    When she was in Montenegro month ago, she and Brad for 1(!!!)night spent 50 000 dolars, because they rent the whole hotel for themselves, next day they rent 5 big mercedes jeeps because they wanted in privacy see Montenegro, all after she visit refugees in Bosnia where Brad gives them 50 euros (hahaha).
    So please, tell this bitch that she and her stupid husband are soooo patetic and hypocrit

  62. Balcanian girl says:

    I said this to show how hypocritical she is when she or some of her friends(?) said: “…She didn’t go because on her weekends off she would rather spend her time helping those who really need it rather than sitting, drinking champagne and laughing at bad jokes in a fancy DC ballroom.”

  63. teri says:

    Angelina’s heart is in the right place, that’s what really matters to me.

  64. Maritza says:

    I guess she is a republican like her dad, or not.

  65. Isobel says:

    Good lord, she’s a bore. So much better that she express her disfunction by dragging her posse of children around the world.

    Does anyone actually pay to see this woman’s movies, to watch her make her two facial expressions?

  66. lolol says:

    That guys hair is cracking me up. Btw, is it just me or has Jolie been looking a bit healthier lately. I mean, like she’s gained weight.

  67. lolol says:

    Damn, Balc, how do you know all that? ERR, scratch that… I forget how Jolie’s haters know more about her than her fans do at times. lol

  68. Kelaa Khaa says:

    I think AJ looks great with bangs.

  69. Catherine says:

    I wouldn’t go either if I had to laugh at lame jokes and be phony all night to please others. Good for her for not going.

  70. teri says:

    I for one love Angelina’s movies, your simply missing out if you refuse to go see her. Such a beautiful and sweet woman.

  71. Shay says:

    I don’t think she cares about schmoozing with all those people, including Obama, just to be photographed. It is an elitist event and I personally think that President Obama could use his time more efficiently rather than be an elitist. These are elitist activities. I’m certainly not a communist, but it’s ridiculous to pay so much to cater one event.

  72. Kera says:

    I lost respect for Obama for inviting the likes of Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce (who took money from a terrorist’s family to perform) and the whole guest list at this thing.

    You’d think he’d want to invite some War on Terrorism veterans, teachers, police officers etc. People who actually should be celebrated for what they contribute to society.

    More props to Angelina for seeing through it.

  73. Bob says:

    She’s probably thinking of the thousands of African children that could have been saved from starvation for the cost of that one dinner party.

  74. ~A says:

    It isn’t a White House function. Obama didn’t invite anyone. It isn’t his party.

  75. Amy B says:

    Is it just me, or is every single photo we’ve seen of Ange in this movie so far taken of her in that boat? how much of the movie is going to be “Angelina in a Cream Coat in Speedboat with Broken Windscreen”?

  76. Cheyenne says:

    If this came from a creditable source, I might believe it. Seeing as it came from PopEater, I’m calling bullshit.

  77. Spogmai says:

    There must a strong reason, because Obama doesn’t invite anyone for dinner, she must have gone

  78. g says:

    Maybe she’s so naive’ & goddess like she probably thinks he’ll want her to come up with new policies aimed at healing the worlds global problems an she just has better things to do. -like get herself some more babies from darfur or somewhere!

    Still sexy sweet though.

  79. Jay says:

    I’m kinda glad that she doesn’t publically endorse any canidates b/c frankly celebs endorsements don’t mean anything to me. I have my own mind that I can make up for my own self thank you very much. I can see where a little elbow rubbing is needed in certain situations, but there are some people who just like to remain behind the scenes. To be honest, I’m not a huge AJ fan when it comes to movies, which is the only reason I’m a fan of any celeb, (their work), but I can see not wanting to go sit in some stuffy room making small talk all night when I could be home with my hubby and kids. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t see a big celeb like AJ mixing with reality tv stars anytime soon. It’s not that I think she’s stuck up. I just think she’s become a person who makes careful decisions about what she endorses, her career, who she mingles with and so forth b/c there is such a big spotlight on her all the time.

  80. Luci says:

    I would also prefer to spend time with johnny depp 😀

  81. Jojo says:

    What’s the difference ? She was never relevant.

    I never thought her actions relevant. She only visits refugees and this doesn’t solve the problem.

  82. Wiley says:

    Can anyone tell me what she has accomplished as a UNHCR ambassador? She generated considerable negative publicity for Americans with her “Children of the World” baby collection and strutting herself and her babies around the world with her nannies and keepers while claiming to be concerned about dirty starving refugees(children)but what has she actually done for them? Her use of money and privilage to manipulate and get custody of children that weren’t completely free to be adopted yet or who could easily be adopted out locally, led to many countries stiffening their adoption policies and, in many cases, made it considerably harder or impossible for other Americans to adopt. Remember the old phrase “Ugly American”? There are many legitimate reasons for adopting children but creating a collection is not one of them. The UN cosiders the US a giant cash cow and we pay much of their budget while they nominate terrorists to monitor human rights around the world and work against US interests whenever possible. If she really cared she would have rejected the offer to be on that commission and brought some scrutiny to UN activities around the world but I doubt she even cares enough to educate herself to what’s going on.

  83. cee says:

    What a ridiculous assumption. Angelina has never gone to this dinner and she is always invited. Was Oprah or Gail there? Was George Clooney there? Why is it they are always looking to bash Angie? I am really tired of it. Angie does her good work along with Brad. Oh and by the way I am sure Brad was invited and did he attend? So Angie didn’t go but what A lister did?????

  84. daisy424 says:

    On Human Rights Day in December of last year, Jolie wrote a piece for Newsweek in which she spoke out against the Obama administration’s new policy of engagement with Sudan and argued that the President’s plans for working to bring peace to Darfur are vague, at best.
    btw, She looks beautiful!

  85. daisy424 says:

    On Human Rights Day in December of last year, Jolie wrote a piece for Newsweek in which she spoke out against the Obama administration’s new policy of engagement with Sudan and argued that the President’s plans for working to bring peace to D a r f u r are vague, at best.

  86. Brianna says:

    Well, if you look into the issue, Angelina doesn’t support Barack Obama. And she is very smart not to. Shes above the hype that everyone else is so starry eyed about that has proven itself to be incredibly false over the past year. I think its become completely evident why anyone would choose to not support the Obama agenda. He makes all his decisions based on special interest and masks these choices with good-will, I could imagine that something like that would be quite annoying to a person who is actually DOING good. Not just claiming to be.