David Boreanaz admits cheating on wife, was it with Rachel Uchitel?


Way back in the day (circa October 2009), a little-known woman named Rachel Uchitel was rumored to be having an affair with the very married David Boreanaz, star of Bones. The original story has David cheating on his wife Jamie while she was pregnant with their daughter, and I believe Rachel may have dumped David when she hooked a bigger fish – Tiger Woods. It was only five weeks later that Rachel became the first publicized mistress of Tiger Woods. Ah, memories.

Anyway, People Magazine released an exclusive interview with David late Monday, in which he confirmed that yes, he had cheated on his wife. He doesn’t name his mistress, but he does say that he feared his mistress was trying to blackmail him or extort him:

Bones star David Boreanaz is opening up about reports that he has been unfaithful to his wife of nearly nine years, Jaime Bergman.

“Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities,” the actor admits to PEOPLE. “I just want to be open and honest. I was irresponsible.”

The actor, 40, is coming forward, he says, because a former mistress, whom he declines to name, contacted an attorney and threatened to contact media outlets.

“I was associated with a woman who I was involved with and had a relationship with,” he says. “She asked for money. I felt as though I was being blackmailed or there was some sort of extortion.”

Now, with the news of his infidelities out in the open, Boreanaz is getting down to the difficult task of salvaging his relationship with his wife.

“We’re working on our marriage,” he says. “We’re working on repairing what has been damaged so badly.”

[From People]

TMZ says David is not referring to Rachel, but an unknown woman that he hooked up “2 or 3 times”. Radar, however, says that the woman is Rachel. Also, whoever this woman may be, she’s being represented by Gloria Allred. So… yikes. As far as David’ confession of infidelity, I always believed he was doing Uchitel (even though many of you did not), so I’m only surprised by the strange p.r. strategy at play. Rumor was that Uchitel got a multi-million dollar pay-off from Tiger, so was she still trying to get money from David? If she was, she is one dumb hooker. Of course, it turns out that David’s no prize either. I hope his wife has already forgiven him, and is prepared to ride the sh-tstorm out.



Header: Star’s exclusive photo of David and Rachel, courtesy of Star Magazine online. Uchitel in LA on March 27, 2010. David and Jamie on April 22, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. YT says:

    Is Gloria Allred negotiating extortion demands? Sounds like it. If this is what Allred is up to, I hope David’s lawyer does some major damage to her and her client.

  2. lin234 says:

    What else can be said? Guy has beautiful wife at home… then goes and screws some ugly whore.

    Bones is no longer as great especially when he’s playing the straight and narrow FBI agent hopelessly in love.

  3. Beth says:

    I think it’s another woman and not Rachel. Tiger has a lot more money so it would make more sense to go after him. Gloria will just say it’s a settlement not extortion. Why on Earth does she want to be the go-to lawyer for prostitutes and mistresses?

  4. rkintn says:

    Pretty gutsy of him to cut the gold digging ho off at the pass and fess up to the affair. Personally, I hope he and his wife are able to salvage the marriage. It would be cool to see his wife go all old school and give the gold digger a beat down. After she kicks his butt, too. Now THAT would be worth writing about:)

  5. Jag says:

    He used to be my “Angel,” but not any more. His wife needs to take him for all he’s got, then divorce him, imo.

  6. justme says:

    I recall so many people doubting this story when the rumors first came around. Lets see how many of those people comment now…haha!

    I had no doubt that it was true. This guys is no better then Tiger’s dirty @ss. Just another A-hole to the collection of A-holes.

  7. DoMaJoReMc says:

    I may be blonde, but why are these women entitled to money at all? I agree that it is extortion money and I am not sure why Allred thinks it is not illegal?

    These hos knew these men were married. Unless there is written agreement that these guys would financially take care of these fancy-dressed-streetwalkers, there should be no issue, and NO MONEY.

    I am glad he beat the ho to the punch. What more can she do? Humiliate him and his family? That’s already been done.

  8. maya says:

    Gloria Allred’s legacy as an attorney will be that she represented mistresses.

  9. margie says:

    since when do people get settlements for boning a married dude? What happened to keeping it under lock and key and trying to keep up appearances? I guess a ho stroll just ain’t what it used to be…sigh. People always want something.

  10. lucy2 says:

    Smart of him to get the story out there so whoever it is can’t try to blackmail him. But really, really dumb of him to cheat on his wife, the mother of his kids. A-hole!

    This all sounds like extortion to me. How could it be called a settlement – settlement for what? They broke up, that’s not a crime.

    I bet it is Rachel, and I bet she did move on once she found someone with deeper pockets and figured she’d still try to squeeze some cash from David at the same time. These women who do stuff like this are straight up whores, if you ask me.

  11. Hautie says:

    It was very wise of him to just say it and cut off that crazy Allred. It is extortion what she was doing. And I am glad he used that exact word when speaking about it.

    Now, had Tiger only fessed up to his cr*p early on, maybe all the tabloid nonsense would be over with.

    I am sooooo tired of hearing about men who cheat. As if it is some kind of rare behavior.

  12. Bella Mosley says:

    Why do women who knowlingly sleep with married men need an attorney or deserve a settlement?

    Why not just ask for the money upfront like a prostitute?

    Oh yea, they are in it for a big pay off and their chance at fame. And they can’t get that unless they destroy the marriage and traumatize the wife and children. I say put them in jail like the prostitutes they pick up on the street in stings.

    Why is it illegal to sell sex for money as a prostitute but it’s ok to have sex with a married man then blackmail him to not tell or come out to the public and then accept a settlement not to tell all?

  13. Dorothy says:

    Well he left his first wife for this wife back when he was on Buffy, so this doesn’t surprise me!

  14. Jackson says:

    I’m with everyone who has already posted questioning how this is not lawyer-mediated extortion? But, the fact remains, yet another man who can’t keep it in his pants.

  15. Lenore says:

    Sorry, but hooking up with some chick 2 or 3 times just doesn’t sound that bad to me. Based on this, his dick ran away with him and he came to his senses. Sorry to depart from the judgementfest but, you know, people have lapses in judgement and they make dumb mistakes.

    I hope they work it out.

  16. Whatever says:

    Shouldn’t Allred be in jail? Extortion is illegal, no? This is absurd and well played by this couple. No money, sorry. I love how they whine about being called whores. Sleeping with someone and then taking money is the definition of whore!

  17. viper says:


    ..ahem his ‘wife’ of today; people seem to forget, was actually ‘the other woman’ too. David has NEVER been a guy without a wandering eye. I even think he and Sarah ‘ buffy’ had somthing going on before she met Freddy and HE cheated on her or she left him.


    I could careless…unless it was Christian Bale…I swear I’d cry if he ended up cheating. Whether his marriage lasts ( AND IT WILL ) or if it fails I dont want the reson to be adultery.

    But seriously I think men are swine and deservers ever.

  18. Taya says:

    When this story came out I posted that it was true. Boreanaz has been a notorious cheater for years. His first wife left him because he was cheating on her with every girl at the Playboy Mansion and he was even screwing around with ‘Buffy”. This guy is a complete dirtbag and Jamie should leave his ass. What kind of a scuzball cheats on his pregnant wife/gf? Any man who screws around while his wife is pregnant, is the lowest type of crap there is and is not a real man.
    David was married to his first wife when he starting seeing Jamie, so “what goes around comes around”. I am not saying that she deserves to be cheated on;however, she knew what kind of guy he was.
    And to think I actually used to think he was sexy…gross.

  19. MsTriste says:

    What a sleazy, greedy ho she is. The payout she got from Tiger (I read it was multimillion dollar) wasn’t enough, so she has to go ruin someone else’s marriage?

    I hope she becomes the most hated woman in America. She and Jesse James should get together – they should both disappear and never show their faces again.

  20. kelbear says:

    I have said this once and I will say it again…Anyone with mistress attached to their name is trashy.

  21. Tazina says:

    He’d still have the ho if he wasn’t under the gun. This guy needs to be divorced. Move on – he had a taste of it and will cheat again just like he did on his last wife to marry this one. What goes around comes around – never marry a man who is cheating on his wife to be with you.

  22. Schnauzers!!!! says:

    Once a cheater….
    It’s depressing isn’t it? The wives are so beautiful…you just wonder what the heck these guys are thinking!!!

  23. Obvious says:

    i believe TMZ already said is wasn’t Rachel. but isn’t extortion illegal? if so why is ms allred doing it???

    i may be disappointed in David (this truly is the year of the cheaters), but i hope things work out for him one way or another.

    why is it i’m willing to forgive him and not tiger or jesse? is it because David doesn’t flaunt his family at ever opportunity? i don’t know.

  24. moe says:

    How does Gloria Allred get away with this without it being considered extortion/blackmail? I thought they were both illegal?
    I sympathize with the wives in these situations but I find the mistresses blackmail attempts sickening. Maybe this will be a lesson to the celebs that do this shit on the regular. Seems to be the thing to sleep with these guys, keep evidence such as texts and shits, and then blackmail them.
    Its taking gold digging to a whole new level.

  25. bellaluna says:

    @ DoMa and all the others who agree this is extortion – ITA. It is money for nothing and absolutely undeserved. Get some dignity and skills, sluts! Then get a job that involves your brain, not opening your legs.

  26. Lady D says:

    Gloria’s reputation is now Ms Hollywood Madame. She gets money for whores. Does that not make her a madam? At least she has a profession to fall back on when she gets the boot as a lawyer. And how is what she did different than what David Letterman’s extortionist did. Pay up or I go public. Blackmail anyone? How does Gloria get away with this…..and please, can someone tell me why these ho’s think they are entitled to money. I really don’t see how they are entitled to money. What they are entitled to is a scarlet letter W on their foreheads.

  27. Blaster says:


    I just remember the Bones/Buffy fanatics on the last thread about this saying how he was a “family man” and wouldn’t do this horrible thing. Well, it seems he has a case of wandering d-ck too. IS anyone really surprised?

  28. buellblaster says:

    Spike should hunt him down and stake his a$$…

  29. hmm says:

    Anyone who believes that the extortionist is the only woman involved should reread his statement. He said his marriage has been affected by his
    “infidelities” meaning more than one woman. But I guess he’s going to get a measure of sympathy because he’s being ‘extorted’. Funny because the same thing happened to Tiger but he was just considered a dog.

  30. Jeri says:

    Bones is my favorite show. I hate that he did this but I believed it when it first came out.

    Gloria Allred should be disbarred. Mistresses do not deserve settlements, let alone 6 figures (Rachel/Tiger)!

  31. Cindy says:

    Men like this should never get married. David is a scumbag who wants it both ways, the wife and kids at home and the skanky ho mistress. His current marriage won’t last and I don’t doubt he’ll go back to his old ways I can seeing him chasing 20 year olds when he’s 50, he’s that type of man.

  32. Mistral says:

    I’m sick of these stories. I don’t want to hear anymore cheating stories.

    Looks like the “David” in Tiger’s dream really was this one…

  33. Anj says:

    What a bloody son of a bitch!

  34. wildflower says:

    Well, I was one of the commenters that doubted the original story and I stand by that. There wasn’t really any proof, just an odd photo, can’t condemn a man based on that (some could!) And now that he has admitted it? What a prat! Are there no decent men left?! It really makes you wonder, is the temptation just too much or is it because it is all so easy for them to cheat?

  35. Slymm27 says:

    Ha! Told you all men cheat. ALL of them. There is not a single faithfull man alive.

  36. Jay says:

    Gosh. Don’t get it. The wife is so much prettier. I say take him for all he’s worth and don’t look back. Anyone who cheats on their spouse puts their spouse’s life in danger. He could’ve contracted and gave her some kind of disease. You think these guys would learn after Tiger and Jesse. What’s worse is if the mistress hadn’t threatened to tell, he would still be cheating.

  37. Jamie Lynn says:

    viper, Sarah left David. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if he DID cheat on her. It would explain a lot. However, that wasn’t what I was told went down with them. Could be true, though. It could have been a combination of both – him cheating on her and thus, her leaving him. It’s definitely possible.

    Taya, he actually didn’t meet Jaime until AFTER he was divorced from Ingrid. David divorced Ingrid in October 1999 and didn’t meet Jaime until February 2001. But, you ARE right about him being known as a notorious cheater, his having an affair with Sarah while married to Ingrid and Jaime knowing what David was like when she married him. She doesn’t deserve to be cheated on under ANY circumstances, but she knew what she was getting herself into. As for the whole Sarah thing, THAT was the affair that really blew David’s first marriage to shreds and ended it. The relationship pretty much went sour afterwards, which was why there were rarely any crossovers during season 5 of BTVS and season 2 of ATS. David distanced himself from her after their relationship ended, essentially placing all of the blame on Sarah without actually saying it directly.

  38. Wresa says:

    As much as I think Allred is an extortionist, it makes me feel warm n’ fuzzy inside when I see a cheater get his comeuppance…

  39. Wresa says:

    As much as I think Allred is an extortionist, it makes me feel warm n’ fuzzy inside when I see a cheater get his comeuppance…

  40. Lindsay says:

    I hated to read that he was happily married (because of course, he should have been with me)now I hate that he’s a cheater.

    He is the most handsome man in the universe though – can one woman own that?

  41. Madisyn says:

    Love the bracelets, hate the watch.

  42. Cil says:

    I have to say that I’m sorry for the ones who distrust the whole Urkitel thing before. I didn’t. Joss was right when she made Faith say “All men are beasts”. I can’t understand why men like him want to marry. I can’t understand less yet why he wants to save a marriage in which he teached the wife for 9 years. I just wonder how many more mistress he had? I mean he decided to come clean because the mistress of this time decided to black mail him and now he wants some sort of concellment!! That is a laugh, right!!?? Is he turning a Michael Douglas? I can’t also understand why Jaime wants to be with him. I mean… can I say.. Ewww Stray with a man who called his mistress while I was giving birth to his son.. is gross!!!!

    I mean. Stay single and go playing around, bed one woman every night and don’t compromise with anyone.

  43. Jamie Lynn says:

    She was giving birth to his daughter, not his son. His son was born in May of 2002. Well, let’s see. David married Jaime because she was pregnant. So maybe, he didn’t REALLY want to get married in the first place. He wants to save his marriage probably because of the kids, because it’ll look bad to his fans if he gets divorced and because he’ll have to pay up. There have been MANY women over the years he’s cheated on his wife with. It’s just that he’s only been busted for 2 of them publicly. As for why Jaime is staying with him, probably because of the kids (although, I also think money has to do with it too – but, that’s my personal opinion).

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