In Touch: Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband calls her a “famewhore”


A few weeks ago, Star Magazine did a cover story about Kim Kardashian’s first marriage, to music producer Damon Thomas. Star had gotten their hands on the court papers, and had basically claimed, through extensive unnamed sourcing, that Damon was physically and emotionally abusive towards Kim. Shortly after that cover story, Damon made a few public statements basically calling Kim a liar, and defending himself against the abuse allegations. Now, in this week’s In Touch Weekly, Damon tells his “side” of the story, and it’s not pretty. It is a tale of famehwhoring, jealousy, lies, infidelity, money, greed and grossness. And that’s just on Kim’s side. Here’s more from the cover story:

“She can’t write or sing or dance, so she does harmful things in order to validate herself in the media,” Kim’s ex-husband, Damon Thomas tells In Touch exclusively. “That’s a fame-whore to me. It’s just not cool at all.”

Kim Kardashian wants the world to think that she’s the perfect, supportive sister who would do anything for her family. But in an exclusive interview with In Touch, Kim’s ex-husband says that behind closed doors, Kim has a very different — and troubling — set of priorities.

“Kim is obsessed with fame,” Kim’s ex, music producer Damon Thomas, reveals, adding that even when he was in love with her, Kim struck him as the type of person who would step on anyone in order to get where she wanted — including her sisters, Khloé and Kourtney.

“She’s jealous and competitive with her sisters,” he shares. Desperate to be famous, Damon says, Kim doesn’t seem to care whom she hurts — whether it’s friends, lovers or even her own family.

“She can’t write or sing or dance, so she does harmful things in order to validate herself in the media,” he says. “That’s a fame-whore to me. It’s just not cool at all.” And while a rep for the Kardashian sisters says they’re “best friends and very supportive of one another,” Damon disagrees.

“Jealousy is a big thing” with Kim, he says, revealing that when he knew her, Kim would “do whatever it takes” in order to get ahead.

If Kim’s sisters feel wronged by her, Damon says, they aren’t the only ones. In fact, he believes Kim was behind the recent release of court papers, filed during their 2003 divorce, in which she claimed he beat her — a claim he emphatically denies.

“It’s just absolutely not true,” he says, adding that Kim never filed for a restraining order or a protective order throughout their marriage, and simply accused him of abuse in order to get “a lot of money” out of him. Damon says, he was the one who filed for divorce first. And he did it because Kim was cheating on him with “multiple guys.” Kim has denied this claim. Still, Kim managed to lure Damon back into the relationship for a brief time, during which, he says, she convinced him to finance extravagant shopping sprees and extensive plastic surgery — including a boob job and liposuction.

“She wanted to have that lifestyle,” he explains. “She wanted to be what she ultimately became.” And Damon was willing to finance it — until he saw her on the cover of a magazine on a date with Jennifer Lopez’s ex, Cris Judd.

“I saw my wife with another man, wearing the clothes that we had just bought after her lipo,” he says. “It was not something as a husband you ever wanted to see.”

[From In Touch Weekly]

Eh. I mean, sure, I kind of believe some of Damon’s story. I think Kim probably used him for his money and connections, and I also think he probably paid for Kim’s earliest plastic surgery. I also believe that Kim is living her particular dream – to be famous. Since she didn’t have talent, she just willed herself into fame through her ass and a sex tape. However… I do tend to think the marriage was abusive. I mean, he was so much older, and the way Kim and her family have spoken about the marriage… it just seems like there’s something there. I understand that Damon is trying to pass off the abuse claims as Kim just wanting money, but why would Kim go into such specifics about “he beat me just before we hung out with Justin Timberlake” stuff? I don’t know, Damon’s story doesn’t make any sense there.

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55 Responses to “In Touch: Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband calls her a “famewhore””

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  1. Eileen Yover says:

    NO! I for one am shocked and appalled at these accusations! *rolls eyes*

  2. Marjalane says:

    Perfunctory, “Blech”. She’s gross.

  3. canadianchick says:

    They both sounds like jerks in this story. Next!

  4. Persistent Cat says:

    Because he’s “older,” you tend to believe she was abused? My dad is 14 years older than my mom, is he abusive?

    Unless she can back it up, it’s her word against his and let’s face it, nothing about her screams honesty. If she was abused and had evidence to prove it, she would’ve leaked it long ago, especially during the Rhianna/Chris Brown incident. She has no shame and nothing seems to embarrass her.

  5. justme says:

    This chick is a fame-whore. She has no talent what so ever! And she is a freaking liar. She always says that she is all natural which I knew was BS. So all you ladies that talk about how beautiful her body is and la la la… yeah, you can purchase it to.

  6. YT says:

    She is an obvious famewhore, but that is her profession, and it provides her with a great income. Of course she is using her family to advance her celebrity, but at the same time they are benefiting. As far as his being abusive, I don’t know, though I always question it when it suddenly appears as a reason for divorce and money is involved.

  7. jessica says:

    Her forehead is a different color than the rest of her face.. lol

  8. snowball says:

    I don’t believe either one of them.

  9. maya says:

    Damon is trying to clear his name because of the Star Magazine article. The divorce papers from Star Magazine had his signature on them. Did Damon not read what Kim had said?

  10. ogechi says:

    Do i smell jealousy here? I don’t even know Damon but at least 99% of people in the whole wide world knows Kim Kardashian. Whether she is jealous of her sisters or not, it doesn’t matter. Siblings compete amongst themselves [yes i still do that with mine]. Competition makes you work harder and leads you to success. Kim as i always say, inspires so many women including myself.

    Hardworking doesn’t only come from writing, singing and dancing, it can also come in various ways. She is doing what she does best and she is succeeding. I love her for that.

    Even if she undergone all the exaggerated plastic surgeries, it makes no sense because she is still a beauty.

  11. krissy_kitty says:

    Hahahaha, look at Scot Brown posing like Kim….(sorry off topic)

  12. angie says:

    In this pic she has a lot of lashes!! what ever happend to the more natural look

  13. NayNay says:

    I do agree with her ex husband that Kim is most certainly a famewhore. Her big old butt is everwhere, and I knew without a doubt that she had some work done. As for everything else he is claiming, who knows. That is between the two of them.

  14. kai says:

    Thanks, Captain Obvious! Now, what other !!SHOCKING REVELATIONS!! can we expect from you? The sky is blue, water is wet? Travolta is gay? LOL!

  15. Mentok the Mind Taker says:

    Now boarding the Plane of Doom:

    -Miley Cyrus
    -The Entire Kardashian Clan
    -The Pratts (could a name fit any better?)
    -The Gosselins, but not the children — yet. They do carry the genes of those two. Some may be booked on a future flight.
    -The Lohans
    -Justin Bieber (sorry, but fans will feel stupid about liking him later. He’s a sweetie, but still a major dork)
    -Renee Zellwegger
    -Madonna (since she starting dating The Jesus — gross!)
    -Charlie Sheen
    -Tom Cruise and his spawn (yes, I’m evil. That has been established before. I just fear what we’re in store for when the Most Spoiled Child in the Universe grows up. So maybe I’m not evil and I’m protecting humanity.)
    -John Mayer
    -Perez Hilton
    -Sarah Palin (For the record, I tend to be more conservative so my motives are not political, but she’s beyond repugnant.)

    ***I’m not boarding Tiger or Jesse. We need some around to abuse. Their actions have volunteered them for that duty.

    The other annoying celebs we’ll keep around for amusement, but the fifteen minutes are up for those on board.

    Did I miss anyone?

  16. Lynne says:

    Who cares what an abuser has to say? Why post this?

  17. Bella Mosley says:

    What has she done on her own? Where would she be if her parents/step-parents hadn’t been rich & famous? Nothing, nada, zip, zero . . . . . .

  18. jc126 says:

    I have no doubt that Kim K is tense right now, she’s the only one of the sisters without a guy right now. I bet she’s pining for Reggie Bush.

  19. maya says:

    All of the Kardashian’s are fame hungry: Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Mama Kris. Being in the spotlight keeps them relevant. However, I don’t believe half of what Kim’s ex-husband Damon has said. That Star Magazine cover about him abusing Kim made him look really bad and he knows it.

  20. Alarmjaguar says:

    @ Mentok — I’ll collect the boarding passes if it helps things move faster!

  21. Mentok the Mind Taker says:

    @Alarmjaguar —

    Great! And since it’s the Plane of Doom, security scans will not be necessary and will speed that process along even faster!

  22. Eileen Yover says:

    Mentok-is there room for the Hogans?? Baggage compartment maybe?

  23. Harmony says:

    …i wouldnt trust what a wife-beater has to say about his ex wife. I must say, as well, she looks freakishly beautiful on the cover.

  24. Alison E says:

    I am continually amazed by these men who marry young model/debutante style women, and then act all surprised that they were only into it for the money and the fame, or won’t change the cat litter or something. Dude, you knew what she was when you married her. Don’t act like

  25. dj says:

    Let me get this straight. She got peed on in a sex tape; accused of spending thousands of $$$ on Brandy & RJ’s mom credit card for her personal spending when working as their “stylist;” and now this. I believe this speaks about her moral compass. She has no talent whatsoever and we reward her for this behavior and make her rich & famous! Gosh I wasted alot of time in college getting 3 degrees. I guess I should have taken the sex tape shortcut. LOL. Our culture is pathetic!

  26. JC says:

    Damon Thomas is a jealous little man who definately abused Kim in their marriage. And further more he was not cool with the family at the time because he tried to keep Kim away from them and her friends. So why would he know anything about the relationship with her sisters. He is just trying to cover up the court papers that told about his physical abuse to Kim,and yes he signed them so he must have read them. He’s an ABUSER so just go away you has been, you are not relevant!

  27. lucy2 says:

    LOL, kai – thanks, Captain Obvious was the first thing I thought when I saw this too!

  28. ogechi says:

    @dj: you always say in all your post about Kim that She got peed on in a sex tape. And so? At least people get excited watching that tape but am sure nobody would want to watch any sex tape I make, you see, because she is better than most of us.

    Peed or no peed, cast the first stone if you know you are without sin.

  29. Katie says:

    Our culture is indeed pathetic!

    Aside from the kardashians and the hiltons, ect. we are the only ones who make all those skanks who slept with Tiger Woods famous too. It’s so gross.

  30. Katie says:

    It’s funny to me that some people get all defensive about kim kardashian. She has not done anything relevant that i’ve seen. The only difference between kim and spencer and heidi is that specer and heidi seem to be totally open about thier fame whoreishness

  31. nanster says:

    As others have said, please add these to the “Flight of Doom”:

    Paris Hilton
    The Hogans and their “hangers-on”
    Elisabeth Hasselbeck – and maybe the entire cast of “The View”
    Chris Brown
    Lindsay and the Lohan clan

  32. Kim says:

    She really is trash. Ive never seen such a fame whoreish family. The Hiltons etc dont hold a candle to how desperately this family wants to be infamous. I hope the 2 youngest girls dont grow up like their older fame whore sisters.

  33. Kim says:

    At least The Hogan daughter hasnt sold a sex tape unlike Paris and Kim who did to get famous. How can they sleep at night knowing the world views them as whores?

  34. Lisa says:

    I watch the show but I mostly watch it because of everyone else in it because they crack me up….Kim on the other hand I can belive his side of she’s a famewhore and would do anything to get ahead and that she will say and do anything even if it is about her family and will hurt them. How many times did she repeat something her sisters told her and was told not to tell ANYONE and what did she do???? She blabbed to anyone and everyone. I also believe she lies a lot considering they had a full episode based on her lies to everyone and much worse her little sisters who she hurt very deeply….all because she wanted to go shopping instead of going to the beach with them which she had been promising them. She IS a famewhore and a brat in top of that with her blabber mouth…and her poor mom is her manager and gets yelled at everytime she screws up something for kim!!!!

  35. Wildangelz says:

    Kim is the one who brought him into the spotlight…she tried to gain sympathy and attention by releasing a story 7 years old…claiming she was abused. All he’s doing is defending himself and every single thing he said about her is true. She even admitted on her show that she is a compulsive liar so how the media beleives anything she says is beyond me.

  36. chi chi says:

    Her nose job goes with her immovable, puffy, over injected, airbrushed with the thickest, industrial made-up face. Most over rated, useless trash, the mother is the worst of them.

  37. Camille says:

    I believe him.
    And anyone who utterly idolizes and is ‘inspired by’ anyone in the Kartrashian family -is a complete wackjob and needs to get a life.

  38. Aussie Mama says:

    She is as classy as Paris Hilton, famous for spreading her legs on camera. Yuk!
    Something to brag to the kiddies about.

  39. Dhavy says:

    He’s probably a douche bag but I believe him for the most part

    @Krissy Kitty-LOL you’re right about the pose

    @Mentok_I’m with you all the way and I think the Duggars should be there too, how many kids is that woman going to spit out!

  40. dj says:

    Wow Ogechi thanks for counting the few posts I have made. How strange? Don’t hate on me because I’m only stating that KK became famous due to a sex tape and the behavior that is reported to be in the sex tape. Uh, that is not my opinion that is a fact. And no…she is not better than most of us.

  41. Slymm27 says:

    @Ogechi, sweetie you need to get a life. That woman is better than you, and only you. Hope you hold her as a role model for your daughters. Don’t you ever say she is better than most of us. Your comments are so strange and ridiculous.

  42. Annabelle says:

    ogechi: you’re mentally ill hunny, can see it in your writing.
    “but am sure nobody would want to watch any sex tape I make, you see, because she is better than most of us” <– you have low self esteem & its manifesting into an obsession with a trash can.

  43. Scout says:

    @ Mentok – love your list – in full agreement! @ Nanster – I was going to add Paris Hilton, the Hogans and for sure Elizabeth H. – probably all of them, as you suggest!

  44. ogechi says:

    People are entitled to their opinions and nobody has a right to judge anybody. I can not be stereotyped or forced to hate or like anybody because you don’t like the person. KIM INSPIRE ME. And whatever inspires me, is nobody’s business! Hating or liking any celebrity because of minority opinion is not my thing. I choose whom to like, and I love Kim so much that I have already bought her Perfume. Nobody forced me to be a celebitchy fan, I was not forced to join. Therefore, my opinion should be respected without being insulted.
    I have never insulted anybody here. Even when i told somebody to get a life sometime ago, my post was deleted. It also shows a lot of bias! Am not sure any of u has the right to tell me what is right and what is not. Before you judge people, take a closer look at yourself! Thanx.

  45. Scout says:

    Let’s get Elizabeth Andrews a boarding pass, too. Just saw something about her on the news and I am so over her now.

  46. I Choose Me says:

    Yeah, I’m a file this one under – No Shit Sherlock. In other breaking news a little known phenomenon called gravity is responsible for objects falling. [and my no longer perky breasts] :D

    Now I do believe that Damon’s an abusing scumbag and while I don’t ordinarily condone violence (I make an exception for men who abuse women). I think somebody needs to ‘talk to him up close.’

  47. Slymm27 says:

    @Ogechi, fine you are entitled to your opinion, and yes just because you bought her perfume and worship her doesn’t mean she is better than most of us. How? Why? Because your sex tape won’t sell as hers did? Maybe you need to find a better way to send your point across. Kim inspires you? Seriously?

  48. ogechi says:


    Yes Kim inspires me- seriously! Are u satisfied now? Besides, I do not worship her but I love her, including her sisters! Same way I love Jlo, Aniston, Bullock etc. I worship My Lord Jesus Christ ONLY.

    I mentioned the sex tape because it became a parameter to judge her all the time. So many people might have done worst things, yet they are quick to judge others. I learned not judge anybody, I also learned to give people another chance, I finally learned to always look at people’s positive sides than the negative all the time. I love smart, successful and hardworking women. Kim is one of them. There are people with bad past, that does not mean that they will end bad. That is why as a Christain, I always believe that God’s grace is always sufficient in our lives, to forgive and accept His children even when the worldly people sees them differently.

  49. Slymm27 says:

    @Ogechi, whatever floats your boat honey! And seriously? What has God got to do with this? Lol!

  50. Gwen says:

    @Ogechi: “99% of people in the whole wide world knows Kim Kardashian”?? Wow. There are people on this planet who have never used a telephone, never seen a TV, and you seriously believe they know who this woman is? I think your therapist is calling…

  51. Camille says:

    For all the crazy crap that ogechi is spouting here about ‘not judging people because of their pasts’ etc, yet she continues to slam a certain celeb for that exact thing. Her thought processes seem…off, to put it nicely.

    And how on earth is KimK an inspiration? If I had a daughter who ‘loved’ any member of that family I would be horrified to wonder where I had gone wrong in bringing my child up.

  52. dj says:

    Camille and others you are correct which is why I have withdrawn from this discussion.

  53. Araxie says:

    Really I believe both of them! She probaly used him and cheated because she was looking for the next best thing to launch her fame but she needed him until then! He started to feel used and catch on she was cheating so he got insecure and started acting controlling and slapping her around!! Hmm wonder what his divorce papers say!

  54. Necro says:

    For the lady Ogechi, The bible says to love th eLORD ONLY NOT famewhores

  55. says:

    im trying hard to make it as a writer but im in class atm studying math as a back up. I also adore Kim Kardashian!