Ryan Seacrest may have a girlfriend. Who knew?

The open animosity between “American Idol” co-stars Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell every week on the show suddenly makes a lot more sense. I have been speculating for years that these two had an under the radar romance going on, and now that word is out that Ryan is dating Holly Huddleston, Simon’s feelings are hurt.

Who the hell is Holly Huddleston, you say? Yeah, I said the same thing. Holly is on one of the world’s most useless reality shows, E! Network’s “Sunset Tan.” If you’ve been dying to see all the drama and behind the scenes action at a tanning salon, this is your show! And also, take your meds. The rest of us find this show absolutely abysmal– and Holly is the most vapid, boring person on the show.

Is there love a brewing backstage with Holly “Olly” Huddleston and Ryan Seacrest over in Hollywood at American idol? According to reports scheduled for this week’s In Touch Weekly, the magazine will dish that a little E! Entertainment romance may have crossed over from cable show to the Fox network and Ryan Seacrest and one of the blondes from E!’s Sunset Tan are hooking up in secret.

According to a report from Perez Hilton, Holly Huddleston and Ryan will make the weekly entertainment magazine this week with what will be a surprise romance for many. The scoop according to the report is that they have worked very hard to keep the relationship a secret.

Quick question, why would anyone even worry about it? The reason it is spilling out now is because American idol is so popular and folks have notoced that Holly has been hanging around backstage, reportedly checking out Ryan as he works and spars with his pal and British bad boy judge Simon Cowell.

While many might believe Cowell and Seacrest are dating before they would believe that Holly and Ryan are a hot item that is the way it will be reported according to Hilton.

[From National Ledger]

There’s no way Seacrest is dating this chick, but I’d be willing to bet that they are friends. They have so much in common: they both love tanning, bleaching their hair, getting manicures and pedicures, and staring at their own reflection. She really is the perfect beard for Ryan.

Ryan Seacrest is shown at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show on 11/15/07. Holly Huddleston is shown at JET Nightclub on 7/27/07, thanks to PRPhotos.

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  1. Kolby says:

    At first glance, I thought that was a picture of Emmylou Harris. How the hell can you bleach your heair to the point that it’s no longer blonde, but completely white? Or even grey?

  2. JayBird says:

    That is not a girlfriend. That is a blowup doll.

  3. journey says:

    vapid and boring, you say? sounds like they’re the perfect couple! besides, there are always things like strap-ons to add that little “sparkle” to really-i’m-not-gay-relationships. (i can’t believe i wrote that!)

  4. geronimo says:

    That hair colouring works really well with the tangerine complexion and the vacant look. A match made in heaven. Simon wouldn’t touch him with a 100ft barge pole.

  5. iheartlasagne says:

    Now that’s a beard if I ever saw one! Nice look there, chick.

  6. cc says:

    Note to Holly: There is such a thing as overprocessed hair and skin. BTW, you look like a clown with all your makeup.

    You know, I hope she doesn’t smoke or her skin has no chance for survival with all that tanning.

  7. headache says:

    The last time I saw someone rocking that hair color was Betty White. Thank you for being a friend!!

  8. Anastasia says:

    Dear God, how old IS she? Granny needs to wash that gray right out of her hair.

  9. mollination says:

    Ryan would date this kind of chick! He has no clue about women and thinks this chick is like Playmate of the year when she’s really more like Miss ORANGE County Fair 2008!

    He’s such a perfectionist that I’m suprised he wouldn’t go for a gorgeous brazilian supermodel type. He can’t be upstaged though. That’s why he got this accessory chick.

  10. urgh says:

    holy crack, he looks positively pale next to her. what is it with these tanning freaks who coloured in everyone with the neon orange crayons when they were 6 and never quite got over that as an ideal?

  11. chamalla says:

    omdg, it’s atomic fallout Barbie.

  12. Herman B says:

    please she does not look like his type. the kooky spiritualist type is more his type of gal.

    hi ryan. yeah, its me. its ashamed things between me and halle berry didn’t work out. boy would that have been a story.

  13. LANETTE says:

    he is dating her bother right?

  14. gg says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    Silver Bells! Eewwwwww! That’s wrong………
    Cake & Bake! I can’t take it!

  16. Lucy says:

    Msat, I don’t know why this story has made me laugh so much. She looks strange. Poor Ryan, why do people pick on him?

  17. countrybabe says:

    He looks like he would beard up.

  18. Gary says:

    Thats a few things i study out of your publish.

  19. Rocky says:

    I think e book user someday are definitely more famous all over the world on the planet.