Rebecca Gayheart & Eric Dane reveal their baby in the funniest cover ever (update)


Okay, CB and I cannot stop laughing. This is, like, the BEST BABY COVER EVER. Best reveal of a celebrity baby, period, full stop. CB asks “Who thought this was a good idea?” I mean, Eric Dane, shirtless. Holding his baby. With Rebecca Gayheart’s head popping out from behind, like it’s so obvious that Us Weekly’s readership don’t give a sh-t about her. Eric showed up at the photo shoot and was like “Let me take off my shirt, my pants and hold this baby.” And Rebecca was like “WTF?” CB also thinks they ‘Shopped his chest and his happy trail, writing “There’s something sketchy about that and it’s hard to tell from this small image but it doesn’t look like it matches the rest of his coloring.” I can’t really tell. I just think we, as a society, should demand that when celebrities pose with their newborn babies, they shouldn’t have to pose in their underwear like they were doing a cheesecake “Firefighters of Ladder 21” calendar to raise money for a new hose. Speaking of hoses, do we really need to see Dane pube? Really?

Anyway, here’s Us Weekly’s excerpt from their cover story:

First-time parents Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart debut the first photos of their precious 2-month-old daughter Billie Beatrice Dane in the new Us Weekly (on newsstands now).

“She’s beautiful,” the Grey’s Anatomy star, 37, tells Us Weekly. “When she came out, she was really alert and her eyes were open. The doctor gave her to her mom, and I was so … you know, I was obviously very emotional.”

Giving birth March 3 at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center “was an overwhelming moment — probably the greatest moment in my life thus far,” adds Gayheart, 38. “We felt so blessed. The moment we’ve been waiting for finally came.”

Dane tells Us Weekly fatherhood has been “life changing. It changes how you look at things and how you feel about things. I like to think of myself as an artist — but now I’m working for my kid. Now I’m a father. I’ve got a lunch pail, I go to work and I come home and I make sure my kid is taken care of, and I make sure my wife is take care of.

“Childbirth is a miracle,” he adds, “and we’ve created this life.”

For more – including additional exclusive photos of Billie, how many hours Gayheart’s “difficult” labor lasted, why they named their daughter Billie, how their baby has taken their marriage “to the next level” and their plans for another little one — pick up the new Us Weekly today!

[From Us Weekly]

Well, I’m glad the baby was healthy, even though Rebecca was smoking throughout her pregnancy – and was perhaps doing drugs too, allegedly. I’m sure both Eric and Rebecca are thrilled beyond belief. That’s all I can really say, though, because I’m still crying from laughter.

Update by Celebitchy: I must mention that in the version of this cover available on US Weekly’s website, you can see Eric Dane’s supposed belly button clearly, and it really ads to the freaky factor of this image. (That’s below.) In the actual cover that Kaiser found on Cover Awards, the belly button is covered by the UPC symbol and the image doesn’t look as strange and inappropriate for a baby cover. Here’s US’ version, which is even more hysterical: [via Celebrity Baby Scoop]


Us Weekly cover courtesy of CoverAwards.

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  1. Larissa says:

    omg, that reminds me of the “PREGNANT MAN” photos!hahahaha

  2. Lem says:

    Billie Bea?

  3. Chelly says:

    I like the photo…w the belly button covered. For whatever reason it does seem a lot less inappropriate & the name does suck.

  4. Lem says:

    his ink makes me sad, that shot IS a little low for a supermarket shelf, what there was a baby? random. this cover is random

  5. Lady Nightshade says:

    I have no idea who either of these people are. I am guessing from the article that he is/was in Grey’s Anatomy but what else have they done?

  6. Morning Glory says:

    Okey dokey then…That is random.

  7. ViktoryGin says:

    All that body photoshopping and the face isn’t even 100%? Fail.

    (I love how I didn’t even mention the baby. ‘Cuz the kid is obviously top priority *side eye*)

  8. Team Bethenny says:

    Is Kari Ann Peniche lurking somewhere off-camera?

  9. LolaBella says:

    He sounds so happy and proud to be a papa!

    This cover is all sorts of weird. She is completely hidden except for her head and her hand on his side.

    Is his bird tattoo about to eat the heart tattoo on his shoulder?? Random.

    @meme: Did you see the blurb on the left of the cover about Jessica Simpson and YOUR IMAGINARY BOYFRIEND JEREMY RENNER??? You so called this!! Uh Oh, Pimpa Joe strikes again!

  10. EMV says:

    this reminds me of an picture…

  11. QQ says:

    How Long is this Man?

    Also Is NO one going to cackle bout how the baby is all Like: “EWW get away from me you creepy sexy Man”???!

  12. Just a Poster says:

    ahh it isn’t that bad.

  13. GatsbyGal says:

    You can’t even really SEE the baby’s face. What a fail of a baby reveal photo.

    Also, who the hell are they?

  14. lin234 says:

    So that’s the publicity baby that’s supposed to clear them of their nude druggie tapes. They are both disgusting.

    Lets not forget the kid she killed with her car.

  15. Eileen Yover says:

    Great baby reveal when you can’t see the baby’s front! This cover should be called DUDE FROM GREY’S (and a kid and chick somewhere…)

  16. Bee says:

    @lin234 I certainly have not forgotten about the little boy she ran over. I hope now that Rebecca’s brought a life into this world, she doesn’t forget about the one she took out of it.

  17. meme says:

    @LolaBella – FUCK!!!!!! If this is true and my imaginary boyfriend JEREMY RENNER grinding all over Jessica, he’s DEAD to me. D E A D. serious dead. and i’ll start calling him a shrimp too! LOL

  18. freckles says:

    The name totally sucks, and this picture makes Eric look like he has 2 heads.. one of which is his wife. Hysterical!

  19. lin234 says:


    I doubt she cares about anyone but herself. Otherwise she wouldn’t be smoking while she was pregnant. In this day and age with all the studies; it’s common knowledge that smoking is bad for you and what you put in your body goes to your baby. It’s a selfish act.

    Even their magazine cover is all about them and the baby is just a prop.

  20. Bee says:

    @lin234 I think it’s strange that no one ever asks her about the little boy she killed. I would like to hear her thoughts on what happen. Everytime I see her smiling blissful face it just rubs me the wrong way. And if she was smoking while pregnant, that’s just another reason she should be ashamed of herself.

  21. Joan says:

    Yeah, the cover is definitely weird! This is one for Awkward Family Photos for sure! 🙂
    I was actually surprised that things went so well for Rebecca seeing as she smoked and had a history of drug-use (hopefully only) prior to her pregnancy. I still can’t get over the fact that she killed a little boy with her car … I wonder if she thinks about that everyday?

  22. amanda says:

    For people who don’t seem to lead that healthy of a lifestyle (drugs binges with Kariann Peniche for example), they both look GREAT for their ages. I can’t believe she is 38!

  23. Ruati says:

    wtf is going on with that belly-button..

  24. guesty says:


  25. lucy2 says:

    The cover is just…weird.
    These two give off a kind of creepy/trashy vibe to me.

  26. WTF?!? says:

    Why is that any different from unclothed chicks holding their babies on mag covers? I don’t see anything funny or odd about it. I guess some people are just more easily amused.


    And to continue to vilify Gayheart for accidentally striking an unsupervised boy too young to be walking by himself (as evidenced by the fact that he was jaywalking way far from the intersection) just shows that you all lead charmed lives and expect that nothing bad will ever, ever happen on your watch.

  27. Gracie says:

    Michael K. asked where Rebecca’s other hand is….

    It really is a very strange choice for a cover of a magazine. When you look at his belly button and your eyes wander down further…how can you help but wonder if he’s naked????

  28. cara says:

    sh*t…see what happens when humdrums try to be edgy…..Billie Beatrice, like that kid wasn’t going to have enough probs with the two of ’em as p.rents. Jeez

  29. Big Mama says:

    Oh my I think he looks exhausted and the baby is pushing away from him like,”get me away from this 2-headed monster…”

    His belly button is gross.

  30. anon says:

    I’m going to be totally honest here.. you cannot tell what a baby looks like when they are new born. Hell, I walked to the nursery during one night and even thought the wrong baby was mine (no sleep, yeah.. and one day old baby..) and the nurse gently steered me to my son lol. All newborns look so similar to me, and yes even my own did until @ a month! haha.

  31. Juice in LA says:

    Funniest baby cover- Sure, Funniest description? “do we need to see Dane happy trail”- GAH!! Indeed we do not. But it was hilarious.

  32. L says:


  33. filthycute says:

    So we need Dane and Child Killer to remind us of the “miracle” of childbirth? It’s not a miracle at all. It’s standard process by now. Let’s get over it and admit it’s really just a gross alien thing coming out of your oonie.

    Also, does he know about Rebecca having undone one of said “miracles” a few years ago?

    These two make me sick.

  34. Maritza says:

    There’s nothing funny about it, he doesn’t look that photoshopped to me. The baby is adorable, congratulations to them.

  35. Anj says:

    *snort* mwaaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaahahahaha

  36. kili says:

    I am with you filthy cute, and I feel bad for saying but all I think of when i see this pic is hopefully no one will run over the poor child and kill it while playing with their cell phone.

  37. kim says:


    The headline should read “when crackheads conceive”

    that couple is damn ugly

    they were hot when they were younger and before they put shit up their noses and drank like girls gone wild whores.

    wondering who’s dick their publicist sucked to get them on the cover, because even on a slow celeb week these 2 are not even remotely B-listers.

  38. Shawna says:

    Hasn’t anyone mentioned that this is a clear gender reversal? Usually it’s the mother who’s been stripped to reveal the natural intimacy of birth blah blah blah, and the man who’s popping over the shoulder as if he’s just a random addition. That’s what makes it epic, right? It’s brilliant, really.

  39. MamaB says:

    Pretty lame. My guess is that they undressed him and put him front and center because nobody knows who she is and why she’s famous. He was at least on a popular show at some point. Or maybe she’s still carrying a little baby pudge so she decided to hide out behind her hubby. Either way, the picture is just awkward and pointless. The belly button actually nauseates me, blech.